Diana was about seven months gone when we finally got the wedding arranged. Dr. Thor gave the bride away. Diana looked so gorgeous as she waddled down the aisle on Lexlu Thor 's arm. They say all brides are beautiful and that all pregnant women glow. Diana's beauty was incandescent!

The honeymoon, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired, from my point of view. Diana was very sorry, but at that late stage in her pregnancy she just didn't feel like doing it with me. I could have understood that, but she DID feel like doing it with the resort's bell boys, lifeguards, and assorted beach bums. The only saving grace was that she didn't let them see her in costume. They never dreamed that the horny pregnant bride they were f _ _ _ ing was the superheroine they'd been masturbating over for years.

Diana went into labor only days after we returned. She seemed happy enough when they brought in a pink, very healthy looking boy, but kept looking at him intently, as if searching for something. She had no sooner plugged one of those amazing breasts into the infant's mouth than she let out a whoop of joy. "Oh, Steve, darling, look. Look!" At first I didn't see what she was talking about. Them I did, and my heart sank. From the middle of his chest had sprung two small, but active tentacles that were wrapped around Diana's breast. "Isn't that wonderful, Steve? He can morph! He can morph just like his fa ... Oh, darling, aren't those the cutest little suckers you've ever SEEN? Our boy is going to be sooo popular in High School with the cheerleaders. You have no IDEA what it's like being kissed while having your titties tickled, your clit licked, your, er, feminine parts filled, and your bum hole rogered simultaneously!"

Admittedly I did not. Still I was miffed.

"OK, Steve, I can understand you are unhappy not to be the father, darling, but you'll be his DADDY. You'll teach little Stevie to hunt and fish and play baseball. And I'll teach him to feel up the little girls on the school bus and get into his teachers' panties." I was not really mollified, wondering how I'd feel about him fielding an infield fly with gloves on each of four upper tentacles. I guess my unhappiness showed.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, Steve Jr. was just an accident. It happens to lots of couples, the wife gets pregnant a little sooner than they were expecting. We'll just have to be more careful in the future." I could have pointed out that it was SHE who needed to be more careful, but I said nothing.

"I don't believe it! He's so little!" Diana exclaimed. "Look, already a little drop!" I looked to see what she was talking about. Sure enough, at the tip of Stevie's little third leg, a drop of green goo had formed. Even as Stevie continued to nurse from Diana's bloated tits like there was no tomorrow, Diana reached down and took the drop and brought it to her lips. "Oh, it's so good! Just like his fa... Oh, oh,ohhhhhh!" she suddenly exclaimed. I had heard that women sometimes became excited when nursing, but this wasn't excitement, it was a f _ _ _ ing come! The air reeked of sex and I immediately knew my duty. Even as the aftershocks were dying away, I had my mouth onto Diana's, er, feminine parts, sucking as vigorously as Stevie was upstairs.

Once Diana was home from the hospital she promised to be faithful from then on and to let me make her pregnant next time, but before I got the chance she was off on another superheroine adventure. I was left to give little Stevie his formula every three hours (God how that kid could bawl!), change his diapers (God how that kid could s _ _ t!), and take care of the house.

When Diana got back - battered but beautiful - I was eager to at last f _ _ _ my sexy wife, but it was not to be. "Not, yet, darling, I'm still sore from that mean old android. Who'd have thought that a machine could f _ _ _ so well!"

Certainly not I. His metallic phallic goo tasted worse than Thugurian swillseed!

By the time she was fully recovered from her adventure, she had another surprise. "Looks like I've had another little 'accident,' darling," she tittered.

"How can you call this an 'accident,'" I demanded

"Well, I'm sorry, but how was I to know that yummy thick goo it squirted in my twat was Joker's GM semen?"


"Well, of course I had to taste it before I could let some out-of-control machine fill my, er, feminine parts with who knows what. What kind of and easy lay do you think I am?"

I didn't know what to say, then or since. All I know is that except for that first time (?), I've not managed to get my prick into Diana's well-used twat. Nevertheless, she had made me the daddy to quite a menagerie of offspring, human and otherwise, one accident after another.

The End

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