tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 20

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 20


That Very Naughty Thing

The large bolster is on my bed again. You put it there. It's about 18 inches in diameter. It's covered in deep red velvet. You are naked, on your knees. I am watching you from slightly behind.

You are ravishingly beautiful. Dark skinned, slender, softly and subtly voluptuous. You look at me back over your left shoulder. Your face is lovely. You are smiling. You are trembling in anticipation. You are taking your time. You deeply enjoy this ritual. It is your invention -- your ritual -- and you only perform it with me -- it is for you and your "Daddy" alone. Daddy -- your pet name for me.

You turn your face away. You can feel me watching you -- adoring you -- drinking in the vision of your seductive curves. Your perfect buttocks. You know I want to take you. You know I will take you. Your pussy moistens with the thought.

You slowly and gracefully drape yourself over the velvet. Your butt is high and accessible. I can see your cunnie lips between your legs. You know I am watching. You spread your legs slowly giving me a delicious view of your lips, now slightly parted, and you clitoris swelling, wet, protruding, waiting for my caress.

You squirm slowly in your growing excitement. You turn your head to the side again and I move so you can watch me undress. I loosen my tie. I untie the knot slowly and drape the patterned silk over the bedside high--backed chair. I unbutton my collar and then the six buttons of my linen shirt. I unfasten my belt and slide it through the finders. I unbutton the fine wool trousers and slide them down my legs -- off my already bare feet.

You can see my erect cock in my briefs and, as I slide the waistband down, you see it spring free and stand out. It is the only one you've ever had stretching you pussy open -- filling your mouth and throat, thrusting into your ass.

I leave my shirt on as I walk to the hearth. The fire is crackling. The room is dark except for the candles on the mantle and tables and the flickering of the fire. You smile and turn your head down. You want to wait for it. You want to bask in the luxury of anticipation; slow, steady -- growing in your excitement.

You feel the bed shift as I climb on beside you. You feel my hand gently, lovingly, stroking your back and hips. I am touching the backs of your legs. You squirm -- you can't help it -- you have become urgently excited. But you relax into it. You savor it. You know what's coming. You want it so badly.

As I touch your pussy lips, you moan softly.

"You are my beautiful little girl and I love you so much."

"I love you too, Sir. With all my heart. I want to be your very special little girl tonight."

"Yes, my sweet thing. You are my very own."

"I want to be your plaything. I want you to play with me very hard. Please, Sir -- pretty please."

"Yes, my darling. I promise. I will make you glad to be mine. I will make you submit."

And it catches you with no warning. Whack!

Very hard. That paddle you love. You scream in surprise and in the wonderful sting -- hot, wicked.

"Thank you, Daddy."

But tonight I'm going to truly take charge of this thing you love -- this naughty invention of yours. Tonight I will take you over the edge completely.


"Oh! Oh!"

Whack, Whack, Whack!

You squeal and squirm. It feels so good. But Then I strike you very hard.

Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack!

"Oh, oh, my! Daddy!"

Very, very hard. Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack!

You are dazed and slightly disoriented. It is just what you've wanted, but 'till now, I've been reluctant to push you this hard. But tonight -- tonight I've decided to push your limits just as you've been begging me to do.

The paddling and this stunned state is translating into intense sexual pleasure -- you are rising -- it is beginning to get you off.

I roughly spread your legs further open. You feel me wrapping strips of cloth around your ankles. I am tying your legs wide open. As I tie your arms above your head, your heart is beating fast. You are so thrilled you feel slightly dizzy.

You feel my hands caressing your soft flesh. Your buttocks are on fire. I dip my fingers between your sopping pussy lips. I pinch your clitoris. You nearly come, but I know you well -- I'm not going to give you release yet.

I pause, I let you catch your breath.


Your legs are spread so wide that the paddle nearly touches you pussy lips. The danger is fantastically exciting.

Whack, Whack, Whack!

You pussy is beginning to throb with every heartbeat. You are nearly there.

Whack, Whack!

You yell. "Oh my God! Oh, Daddy/"

But now, I strike you even harder.


You cry out my name.


You scream my name.


You are ready to come.


"Oh Goddddd!"

I'm timing the single stroke so is not enough to allow you to orgasm.


"Oh Goddddd, Daddy!"


"Oh Goddddd, Daddy, Pleease!"


"Daddy, Pleease! Please, Daddy. Make me come/"


"Daddy, Pleease!, Please!"

Whack, -- -- -- Whack!

"Yesssss. Yesssssss."

Whack, -- -- -- Whack!

And you begin to come -- you begin a long, beautiful, ecstatic wail -- viscerally orgasmic.

Whack, -- -- -- Whack!

And you scream -- you shriek -- you are straining against the bonds, writhing in your pleasure. You are coming so hard there are no words... there is only pleasure... there is only your submission and your love.

Whack, -- -- -- Whack, -- -- -- Whack, -- -- -- Whack!!

And with the last stroke, you are suddenly still -- you are in a dream. It is serenely blissful. You are throbbing, but it is absolutely divine -- truly heavenly.

You feel me behind you -- gentle now, but firm. You feel my hard, hot cock enter your slick pussy. You are completely relaxed. You are completely conscious, but it is as if you have no will to move -- you are completely at my whim -- like a lovely rag doll.

And I fuck you slowly and strongly. And you respond, your body finding its own rhythm. You are rising again, but from deep inside. You are going to come, but stronger and deeper and longer than ever.

You hover on the brink.

And it crashes in -- wave after wave in the rising tide of passion, lust, and, again, all--consuming love. You scream again. You call my name over and over. You burst into tears. You weep -- and you feel my hot seed pump into you -- a willing vessel. I push hard.

You hear me shouting your name and it snaps you back from your minutes of reverie -- or was it a hour -- you say my name softly.

"Oh, Daddy -- Oh I love you. My Daddy. My lovely Daddy. Thank you. Thank you."

I collapse down against you. Our sweat mixes. You squirm against me, my cock still deep in your pussy.

I lie against you for a long time. You are bent over the bolster and I am bent over you. Your legs are held open by the cords. Your arms are stretched over your head. My cock is still throbbing, but slowly becoming soft.

"I love, you soooooo much, Daddy."

Your voice gently wakes me from my rest.

"I love you sooooo much."

I rise, I untie you, I lift you off the bolster. I lie down, pulling you against me. You tuck your nose into my neck -- just there -- like you always do. You are throbbing.

"Thank you, Daddy. Thank you."

"I love you, little girl."

"My Daddy. I love you sooo much."

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