Aces High


(Many thanks to I'll Eat Wince for his help in editing this little story.)

This is a work of fiction. I was not sure in which category to best submit it under. It is a silly story meant only to entertain. Suspension of disbelief is definitely required.


"That bitch!" Diane snorted as she read the news report. It had been a nasty campaign wrought with name-calling, mudslinging, and backstabbing.

Diane and Pamela were locked in a heated race for Mayor and it was the closing days of the campaign. Pamela had somehow dug into Diane's past and found an incident in college in which she was arrested for swimming nude in the fountain at the college entrance. There were also hints of a lesbian lover in the article.

Normally, this would have been given little attention by the local media; however, Diane had been running on a morals platform, preaching family values and campaign reform. Her camp was now thrown into damage control just days before the election and she was infuriated.

The day of the election finally arrived and everyone was huddled around the TV awaiting the results. To the shock and dismay of all involved the election produced a tie. Both candidates had received the exact number of votes. There were threats of law suits and recounts from both camps. As neither candidate was willing to concede the race, there appeared to be no end in sight.

One evening Diane and Bob, her campaign manager, were setting in the office discussing the situation.

"I have a possible solution if you care to listen to it," Bob announced.

Diane leaned back in her chair rubbing her eyes to ward off the glare of the computer screen.

"I'm listening," she replied halfheartedly.

"You and Pamela have to meet face to face, that is the only solution to this thing. We need a situation in which only one clear winner can emerge," He went on to explain.

"It's called an election Bob, and in case you were asleep, it ended in a tie," she sarcastically remarked.

"My plan is that you both meet in a private place with several members of each campaign in attendance and face off in some contest. The loser will agree to concede the election and the winner will be free to accept the nomination," he instructed.

"Brilliant Bob, what are we going to do, meet in some alley and beat the shit out of each other?" she huffed.

"No, a simple game of cards," he replied. "The loser will concede the election and the winner can claim victory. The taxpayers will be spared excessive fees and delays due to legal wrangling, and this nightmare will finally be over."

She found his words comical as she thought about the irony of the entire campaign coming down to a game of cards.

"Oh, and what kind of cards should we play Bob?" she questioned. "Do we play Euchre, Gin Rummy, or Pinochle...what?"

"Strip poker," He replied in a curt voice.

"Have you completely lost your mind?" She grumbled.

"I am very serious. You both meet in a private location. There will be an even number of witnesses from each campaign present. The game will be played until one of you loses everything. To ensure fairness, each of you must stand in clear view of the group to remove your clothing. Winner takes all," He went on to say.

To her surprise the absurd suggestion actually had some validity to it. This would produce a clear winner and the loser would be spared the scrutiny of the media. They could simply concede the election without having to give a detailed explanation.

She snapped back to reality.

"Nice try Bob, but Pamela would never go for it," She remarked.

"Well, what if she did?" he questioned.

Diane thought on his words. She was the champion of her Bridge club three years running. She was confident she could defeat Pamela, and the thought of Pamela having to strip naked while the room looked on was delightful. She not only liked the idea, it was making her wet! The added bonus of Pamela conceding the election would be icing on the cake.

"Well, if she will, I will," Diane replied as she turned back to her computer.

Bob left and Diane finished the tasks at hand and went home for the night confident that Pamela would never agree to such an outlandish proposal. She took a hot shower and was relaxing in her favorite satin pajamas when she heard her computer sound that a new e-mail had arrived.

Scanning the computer she was surprised to see that it came from Pamela herself. She clicked on it and read the contents:

I accept. Pick time and place. One exception demanded. Loser must be a slave to winner for 24 hours. Anything goes. Get ready to kiss my ass.....literally.

The words infuriated Diane. Could she really be serious about the slave thing? Diane again let her mind wander as she pictured Pamela groveling naked at her feet while being made to do degrading things. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. She picked up the phone and called Bob telling him to set it all up. She then went to the bedroom, stripped naked, and with the help of her favorite vibrator, had three orgasms before drifting to sleep.

Both camps agreed to the details and the game was set for Friday evening. When Friday arrived Diane could barely contain her excitement. The game was being held in an abandon building once used by the mob to run the rackets. Diane took a shower and picked out an outfit for the evening. She dressed casually, selecting a loose top, jeans and matching bra and panties. Slipping on a pair of sneakers and low cut socks she headed out.

The game was to begin at 10 pm. and she arrived about 15 minutes early. Pamela was already there and the two were shown to the table. Four members from each camp were there to witness the game and everyone took their places. The cards were cut and the game began. For the first two hours the game echoed the campaign. Both women were evenly matched.


Shortly before midnight Diane had gained a slight edge and Pamela had lost her shoes and socks. Like Diane, Pamela had worn jeans and a t-shirt. Diane carefully chose her next hand and played it. She grinned as Pamela played a losing hand, and watched with glee as she stood and removed her shirt. She was clad now in only her jeans, bra, and panties.

2 a.m.

A couple of good rounds by Pamela had evened out the game once more. Both women were down to only their bra and panties. A bathroom break was called and some refreshments were served. When the game commenced both women played furiously. Diane again got the upper hand and Pamela stood to nervously unhook her bra. Letting the bra fall to the ground, her shapely breasts jiggled as everyone looked on. The men were especially enjoying the game, and nearly every eye was on Pamela's naked breasts. Diane needed one more good hand and the bitch was hers!


The moment of victory arrived as Pamela played her hand. Flushed with embarrassment, she cautiously rose from the table. With every eye on her she slipped her trembling hands into the elastic bands of her panties and slid them down her legs. Her neatly trimmed bush seemed to glisten in the glare of the neon lights as she stood before them naked and defeated.

Diane walked over to Pamela who was trying to cover her nudity with her arms.

"No use trying to cover up bitch. You are going to be my slave for 24 hours, and I can promise you that you will not see one stitch of your clothes that entire time," she whispered threateningly into Pamela's ear.

Pamela agreed to concede the election Monday morning via a news conference. Diane instructed her to be at her house by six the next evening to begin her 24 hour servitude. She was told she could wear a light jacket or outer coat, but was to be completely naked underneath. Pamela agreed and left with the members of her campaign. Diane had been single for some time now, and as she was currently not dating she would have the house to herself the entire weekend.

Saturday Morning

Diane woke early to do some shopping before Pamela arrived to begin her ordeal. As she was driving down the road she was deep in thought about the many degrading things she was going to do to Pamela. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by flashing red and blue lights in her rear view mirror.

"What the hell?" Diane whispered as pulled the car over to the side of the road.

She watched as a male and female cop approached her car.

"Please exit the vehicle ma'am," the male cop instructed.

"What is this about?" Diane nervously asked as she opened her door to climb out.

The male police instructed Diane to turn facing the car and put her hands on the top of it. The female cop then took her place behind Diane and began to pat her down.

"Do you know who I am?" Diane shouted out in anger. "I demand to know what this is all about."

"We have had an anonymous tip regarding the possibility of narcotics being in your vehicle," the female cop told her.

"What?" Diane yelled in disbelief. "I have never taken drugs in my life. Unhand me this instant," She fumed.

While she was struggling with the female officer, the male officer searched her car. Diane's face flushed with embarrassment and anger as he removed a rather large shopping bag from the car. Inside were handcuffs, anal lube, a leather prod, and various adult toys that Diane had purchased for her evening with Pamela.

The two cops looked at each other as they examined the contents. Diane began acting very nervous and agitated. This prompted the cops to further search the vehicle.

"Open your trunk please," the cop instructed. Diane reached inside the car and flipped a button that opened the trunk. The male cop then proceeded to inspect it while the female cop stood with Diane.

He returned carrying two small plastic bags containing a powdery substance. Both cops looked at each other as Diane's face turned ashen.

"This is bull shit!" She cried. "Those are not mine."

The female cop walked to the patrol car and returned with a field case in her arm.

"Please follow me to the wooded area ma'am" she instructed.

"What the hell for?" Diane inquired nervously.

"We need to do an immediate search of your person, it is standard procedure," the female remarked.

Diane was becoming more furious by the moment as she walked into the woods by the road with the female cop directly behind her. Coming to a place that provided some privacy from the passing cars the officer spoke.

"Strip," she ordered.

"I will do no such thing! I demand my attorney," Diane shouted back.

"We have had a high number of females that have been apprehended in this area that have been found to be hiding contraband in their private areas. We have been instructed to do on the spot strip searches when we feel the situation calls for strip," The female cop demanded.

In a fit of rage Diane snapped and began struggling with the officer. The female called the male for backup and a call was made for permission to do a joint strip search. The commanding officer authorized it and a report was made.

Diane was held down by the male as the female stripped her naked right there in the woods. Once naked, Diane's hands were cuffed behind her back and she was forced to stand against a tree while the female officer forced he legs apart for a vaginal check.

Sobbing and babbling incoherently Diane still tried to struggle. When the female begin inspecting her vagina she lost all control and began peeing on the officers hands.

"Dammit, the bitch pissed on me!" the female officer snorted.

She quickly spun Diane around and forced her to bend over a large log that was nearby where she proceeded to do a cavity check.

Content that no drugs were hid inside her, the female cop was ready to let Diane get dressed when they received word that the local media was on the way. The pressure of a public scandal and fearing repercussions from the election committee caused Diane to have a complete mental break down.

Diving for the officer's gun an all-out struggle ensued. Back up was called for and Diane was placed into a strait jacket and driven to the county mental hospital for assessment.

Dr. Franklin entered the room and tried to calm Diane down to do an initial exam. Unable to speak to her due to her violent rages, he called a "Code Red" over the address system.

That was the code name given to patients that show severe signs of aggression and hostility. During this phase the patents often attempt suicide or bodily harm. For their own protection the patient is stripped naked and bound hand and feet to the bedposts. Nurses assisted the doctor and Diane was soon bound naked, spread eagle on the bed.

"We will check on you later sweetie", a nurse advised as she gave Diane her medication by injection to the buttocks. Diane soon drifted to sleep.

The next morning a full mental evaluation was performed and it was determined that Diane had suffered from an acute form of Panic Disorder leading to complete Schizophrenia. The doctors ordered her confined until further notice.

The phone in Pamela's living room rang and the entire ordeal was relayed to her. She began laughing hysterically as she leaned back in her chair listening to the details. On their way from the card game Pamela and her advisers concocted a last minute scheme. Waiting until almost dawn, one of her advisers snuck two bags of powdered sugar into her trunk and made an anonymous call to the police. The arrest would make the newspaper and Diane would be publicly humiliated on her first day as Mayor. Of course, once the substance was discovered to be common household sugar her name would be cleared, but there would still be the media scrutiny. It was Pamela's hope that the distraction of the arrest would throw Diane into frenzy and she would forget the 24 hour servitude agreement. Now Diane was tied naked to a bed in a mental ward. It was too good to be true.

The election committee held a special session and due to Diane's unfortunate meltdown a runoff election was held between Pamela and another party seeking the position. Pamela won by a landslide.

Using her newfound influence she gained entrance to the institution and made her way into Diane's room late at night, to avoid detection from the media. The sight of Diane spread eagle on the bed was wickedly delicious.

Shortly after Pamela arrived Diane awoke to see her standing over the bed with a shit eating grin.

"Well, well I didn't know you were into bondage Diane," Pamela sneered as she scanned Diane's bound body.

"Get me out of this fucking place," Diane remarked, her voice still groggy from the medication.

"Oh can't do that sweetie, but I did bring something to help you get through these long nights," Pamela remarked.

Reaching into her purse she pulled out a small vibrator. Diane watched in horror as Pamela approached the bed and placed duct tape over her mouth. She then felt Pamela prying the lips of her pussy apart. Taping the vibrator so that it would massage her clit she turned it on, grinning wickedly as it began humming away.

"Shame we can't bet on how many times you cum before passing out dearie," Pamela remarked as she turned to walk out the door. Just before walking out the door she turned to Diane.

"If you are going to play the game, you need an ace in the hole bitch," and walked out leaving Diane moaning into her gag and cumming like crazy.

Pamela was soon busy in her new position as Mayor, but made a point to visit Diane every Thursday at the mental institution when Diane was taken to do her crafts. Pamela filed her application to run for state governor the next election. Her opponent will be Shirley. They expect a nasty campaign.

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