tagBDSMAckerman Street Ch. 04

Ackerman Street Ch. 04


Melanie Intended to be careful to keep her relationship with Mart indiscreet in respect of her other tenants knowledge of her enjoyment; Mart was ordered to leave by the rear door and go and change into some suitable clothing for his first excursion with his new mistress. As he left and re-entered by the rear door, climbing the stairs to his flat, the trouser-suited woman left her plush apartment and smiled knowingly at him as he moved to pass her; with her door still open he could not fail to see a picture which hung in the lounge beyond. The depiction was of a slender woman in neo-classical style, a whip hanging, even at this distance and in the half-light of the lounge, the haughty superiority of the face in the picture was explicit. The woman's high cheek bones seemed to rise even further as she smiled on noting Mart's eyes glance at the picture; she pretended not to notice as she closed the door behind her.

"I hope your gardening went well; it's good to know there's someone available close at hand to perform such tasks willingly." Mart was a little amazed at the fact that she'd even noticed, his time tidying the garden itself had been quite brief; his balls tingled as it dawned on him that she may have guessed he'd been with Melanie all night.

"Oh yes, it was nothing... I was glad to have the opportunity to do something." She smirked and looked him up and down as though imagining him in some other guise.

"My name's Chloe by the way; Melanie said there was a handyman in the offing, l'll see if I can't find a task or two for you." Mart's heart pounded as he watched her firm arse walk away.

"Oh... I'm Mart by the way." Chloe continued without turning and smiled to herself.

"I know." As Mart turned to continue himself, she made a parting comment which made his cock swell.

"If things ever get too intense with Melanie, you just knock on my door." Mart stopped dead in his tracks as Chloe's giggle disappeared down the stairs with her.

Mart walked to the end of Ackerman Street as instructed by Melanie, she grinned through the windscreen as she pulled up in her car, and Mart took a deep breath as he pulled the door open and got in. She immediately put her hand on his crotch and felt his cock erect as he looked at her with mouth agape, she pursed her bright red lips and squirmed in her seat, making the tight black leather pencil skirt she wore squeak; his cock firmed as she waggled a thigh length shiny patent leather boot at him before driving off. She looked at the loose clothing he wore, as instructed.

"Good boy! We want you to be able to slip in and out of your things quickly; l am going to have so much fun choosing things for you at one of my favourite little shops; I've dreamed of taking my very own male with me, each time I've been, the girls there will be so happy to see you." Mart's balls tingled with a strange anticipation, here he was with a woman who had appeared so straight-laced on first impressions, who had now dominated him, and looked sexier than ever; driving through the seedier part of town where the tattoo parlours and sex shops prevailed. She parked the car and grinned as she led him around a corner to a shop which had blue velvet curtains across the inside of both plate glass windows, no indication of what lay within was on display; 'Madam Rousseau's Boutique' was the legend above the premises, a name which somehow meant nothing, and yet everything. Melanie ushered him through the door and the transformation astounded him; the interior was like the drawing room of some palatial mansion, two crystal chandeliers hung from a high ceiling, lavish wallpaper adorned the walls, and velvety chairs sat on an expensive carpet. A buxom woman dressed smartly in black, smiled warmly at Melanie from behind severe looking glasses; she stood behind an oak panelled counter next to a further set of doors.

"Madam Hart, how wonderful to see you again!" She strutted over, revealing boots similar to Melanie's, smiled wistfully, and then looked Mart up and down with a look of studied contempt which was no doubt routine when inspecting male customers accompanied by women.

"Is he yours?" Melanie smiled proudly, Mart twisting awkwardly on the spot as he stood, aware of the bulge which betrayed the erecting of his cock in the loose leggings; he felt more owned than ever before, and Melanie did nothing to quell his excitement.

"Oh yes Tara, he's mine in more ways than one; I'm so excited at seeing him try on some things which will make it apparent to all who see us in those special places." Tara touched the bulge in Mart's leggings, making his cock pulse and poke more prominently, both women smiling with satisfaction at his obvious sexual excitement.

"I do so enjoy seeing submissive males brought here for the first time, I never tire of the novelty; follow me, we'll soon have him wearing something which will make him realise he is now the property of a firm woman." Mart's cock rose to a full erection as Tara first went to the entrance door, changing the sign to 'closed' and bolting the door; he was to receive the full and individual attention of the buxom shop mistress, and his anus tingled to match his balls. His eyes followed the delightfully rounded arses of the two mature women as they opened the second set of doors.

The inner room was equally plush, and Mart gasped at the array of whips, canes, and costumes which filled the room. A younger woman with closely cropped blonde hair sat cross-legged on a chair beside a counter on a raised platform; she wore a black collar studded with diamonds and a chiffon top, through which her pert breasts displayed nipples which stiffened as she saw Mart. She stood and licked her lips, welcoming her mistress and Melanie; she smiled wickedly and pointed to a floor cushion in the far corner. Tara smiled with equally wicked pleasure and turned to Mart.

"Clothes off and kneel on the cushion in the corner. My assistant Lydia will keep you in check while your mistress and I choose some suitable items." Lydia crossed her arms in dominant fashion as she watched Mart undress and expose his rude excitement to the three women, before meekly kneeling as ordered. Tara smiled at her assistant.

"Lydia, ensure he is kept in the mood while the choices are made." Mart's cock bobbed as he watched Lydia lift her short skirt and slide her panties down her long legs, stepping one foot out, then lifting them with the other spiky stiletto; her cunt tingled with pleasure as she put one hand behind his head, and held the gusset over his nose and mouth, careful not to obstruct his eyes as she wanted him to see everything. Mart's cock dribbled as he sniffed at the delicious scent of cunt and arsehole, he was already desperate to come. Lydia sneered and rubbed the gusset softly up and down, ensuring his nose was treated to the spice of both holes as she spoke.

"You'll see what your mistress will own you with now; they may look and sound very very harsh at first, but you will learn to love them, you'll cry like a baby to begin with, and then you'll beg to be caned and whipped; I know that many men have been broken with our little toys, it is so pleasing." Lydia rubbed the toe of her stiletto on Mart's bell-end, making him buck with pleasure and snort through the spicy gusset; she was very pleased with the shiny trail of pre-cum it left on her shoe, she then held his head firm as Tara picked an evil looking whip from the display.

"This is our 'Dominator', it makes a delicious sound to enhance the pleasure of both mistress and submissive, and can be used freely even when mistress is angry; it is cleverly made and will not cut your slave, but will inflict the most exquisite pain. I've had the pleasure of seeing many a male's spirit broken completely with this one." Lydia held the panties tight against Mart's face as the buxom Tara demonstrated the action of the whip to Melanie, smiling and emphasising the curves of her body with one hand on her hip, she looped the whip through the air and brought it back with a vicious yet appealing crack. Mart's cock boned and Lydia giggled as the whip was handed to Melanie, who also expressed her dominant feminine shape as she practiced with the whip for the first time, smiling with pleasure at its pleasing application. The two picked various items of punishment and clothing to add to those items Melanie already had secreted at home, but most significant were the items that would bring Mart into line, and show that he was well and truly owned. Happy with her selection, the two now strutted back to Mart. Tara sneered down at his erect cock.

"I see you've enjoyed Lydia's panties; I expect your mistress will have something to say about that when she gets you home. Now we'll see what you look like when properly prepared for presentation with your owner." Melanie had already worked herself into a state of wild excitement, her cunt in full arousal at this seemingly natural progression; Mart kneeling naked and obedient in complete acceptance of the collar she had now selected for him. It was all so routine for the smiling Tara and Lydia, how else could it be? These were simply another happy couple who had realised the true order of life; the two haughty bitches smiled with approval as the inferior male was made to know his place with this undeniable symbol of ownership, their cunts tingling too as they noted Mart's cock stiffen with submissive pleasure as his mistress gleefully buckled the collar about his neck. Like any other domestic pet, he would know and recognise the discipline of his mistress; the whip she had demonstrated her agility with would be used at her pleasure, Tara and Lydia knew her male would free his semen to the sheets when chastised with it; confirming his natural and absolute submission. Mart was close to coming as all three women treated him like a toy while first a body harness was fitted, and then his cock and balls were fitted with tight rings; Melanie teasing the underside of his bell-end with a sharp nail, making his rampant cock perk and dribble and ensuring he felt the full benefit of a restricting ring directly behind his glans. The feel of the cold metal behind the flange of his bell-end made Mart feel truly enslaved, but the wicked Tara had a surprise gift for her latest customer, one which would truly put him in his place. Tara winked at Lydia and the two sneered with pleasure as they showed the item to a delighted Melanie, whose eyes lit up at the cruel device in Tara's palm.

"This is a Kali Ring, you must put this on him after he has been allowed relief and his cock is flaccid; these spikes will teach him that he must erect only when under your command." Mart looked upon the evil device open mouthed as Tara took great pleasure in showing him the wicked spikes which would girth his cock. She grinned contentedly as she saw the fear on his face.

"The beauty of it is that the submissive will enjoy the pain it brings; the more the enjoyment, the harder the erection, the greater the pain. Lydia And I have seen many customer's slaves with pock-marked bell-ends, permanently marked by their enslavement to the ring, their mistresses come here for smaller, more restrictive versions to keep them in check. It is so pleasing to tease a slave wearing one, and watch his pain as his cock swells and the teeth bite." Melanie closed the two halves of the menacing spiked ring together and held it to the tip of Mart's throbbing bell-end, smIling with satisfaction as his cock pulsed on him noting it's diminutive circumference; yes, it would cause him exquisite pain and let him know she was in charge of even his erections. She laughed as she witnessed his expression at the thought of having it command his cock nearly made him shoot, then showed him another article which would prevent him from doing just that. Lydia sneered and pulled on his new leash to ensure he felt completely under feminine control as his mistress showed him a shiny steel cock cage.

"Oh yes, you'll not come unless I allow it. Your cock belongs to me now, and this is the design I've always desired for my male; it holds your cock in a downward position, symbolically showing it's obedience." Mart was speechless as he looked at the downward curve of the steel cage and the padlock which would stop him masturbating; the women's laughter was cruel and had his presently liberated cock dribbling pre-cum. Tara pointed to a large mirror.

"I think you should let him see how he looks, and how other women will see him when you're out at those special functions." Melanie led him by his leash for the first time, and Mart willingly followed, posing before the mirror with the whip which he would shortly enjoy; Tara and Lydia stood proudly behind as Mart saw himself owned and under the complete control of his mistress for the first time; he yearned to feel that whip.

Wendy rubbed her bulbous cunt as she stood naked with cane, ready to administer the coup de grace to the equally bulbous middle-aged male who squirmed expectantly on her bed, trussed and gagged with her panties, his plugged arse striped by her feminine ire. The chubby landlady panted to regain her breath, her cunt oozing as she found solace in chastising one of her regular acquantancies from the club, but oh how she wished it were Mart; she'd show him the error of his ways as soon as she had the opportunity, how dare he ignore her for so long. She placed the cane firmly on the hairy arse below her, and smiled as it rose obediently, before the torso which owned it began to hump the bed impatiently; her slave of the moment was eager to surrender his cream under the dominant woman's cane. She tensed her arm and grimaced menacingly.

"I shall now have your full tribute in honour of the punishment awarded. I will accept nothing less than your complete submission." With Mart still in her mind, she vented her anger on the submissive cur below her, and the strength of her venom was not lost on him. She rained down stroke after stroke, her large breasts wobbling excited nipples as she enjoyed hearing the slave whine in pain through the panties, bucking on the sheets and bringing his stiff cock ever closer to a delicious surrender as the smiling bitch cut and striped his bound are with her final salvo. Her cunt came close to the orgasm it would shortly enjoy by her slave's tongue as he moaned and stiffened, announcing his complete surrender. Wendy savoured her dominance, lifting her head back majestically and taking in the enjoyment of seeing the dominated male moan in pleasure and pain, spurting the contents of his punished balls generously and in complete submission to the superior woman; he was hers and both knew it, Wendy grinning in triumph with tingling cunt as she thoroughly enjoyed the ecstasy of her slave's admission of surrender to her; she continuing to apply stinging cuts with the cane as he bucked and slithered in his own sticky mess, wallowing in submissive heaven as the middle-aged woman's folds of flesh rippled as she dominated him.

As Wendy slid her slimy cunt and fat arse cheeks over the grateful slave's face to allow him to worship his dominator in respectful style, the phone rang. In true domineering style, the male was allowed to continue savouring the taste of her sweaty cunt as she nonchalantly dealt with the call.

"Hi Wendy... it's me, Celia. Having me move in to Ackerman Street has certainly paid dividends... You won't like what you hear at first, but I think you may be able to turn it to your advantage... especially as a certain landlady owes you a favour..." The slave got the benefit of the call as Wendy listened on; she ground her fat arsehole into his face, nearly suffocating him, he knew something had both displeased and yet excited her. She finished the call, her cunt buzzing.

"Hurry up and make me come slave, it's your lucky day; I'm going to thrash you again, within an inch of your life."

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