tagInterracial LoveAcrobatics 06

Acrobatics 06


Acrobatics 6 - Mary Gets a Tongue Lashing

Over the sound of their breathing came the thuds of Mary's footfalls toward them. She sat down next to Joan.

"Wow! I thought you two were just going to play doctor. But I never had a doctor's visit like that!"

They gently laughed as if it was totally natural to have Mary come close and comment on their sexual experience. They looked up at her and Mary's wide eyes were riveted on Jack's raging hard dick, with Joan's hand still resting loosely around it.

Mary broke the silence. "Does a vasectomy mean you can't have orgasms?"

"No, I have orgasms and I ejaculate. It's just that there are no live sperm."

Joan playfully stroked up and down one time.

Mary continued. "Oh...So it's harmless, kind of like a finger."

Jack hesitated before answering and in that moment he could hear over the earpiece, "Uh oh!"

"Well I guess theoretically it is sort of like a finger."

Joan couldn't contain herself. She burst out laughing but she never did let go of his dick as she joked.

"It doesn't look like a finger." Joan stroked up and down a couple of times. "It doesn't feel like a finger." She looked up at Mary with a big grin. "It must be a miracle of modern medicine!"

With that Joan raised her eyebrows in a questioning look as she pulled and pointed Jack's dick at Mary. Jack sat frozen as Mary smiled and shrugged her shoulders while nodding yes. Of course Jack was smiling too. Joan did not let go until Mary was seated with her much smaller hand partially around Jack's dick. They sat like this for a moment as they heard Joan clinking bottles together in the ice chest.

"I've never had a good look at a penis before."

Mary was sitting cross legged and Jack was on his side with his shorts just below his dick. Mary's hand began to move more in a caress than a stroke. It still felt really good to Jack.

He slowly sat up to face Mary with his legs spread outside of her. His shorts were stretched between his upper thighs and his dick was proudly protruding straight up with Mary's small hand on it.

She unfolded her legs and draped them over Jack's as she scooted a little closer. His eyes automatically zeroed in on her pussy. Unlike Joan, Mary's thinly covered pussy was just a small slit.

Jack looked at Mary's pixie face and she was still engrossed with her study of his cock up close. As she placed her other hand on him Jack took a better look at her tits. Mary had excellent posture which made her tits project prominently even though they were not large. A third or a fourth of a grapefruit was about the size and shape of one breast. Jack really wanted to reach out and caress them but he hesitated for some reason.

Instead Jack reached around her arms and lightly touched the inside of Mary's legs. She began to actually stroke him. Mary may not have gotten a good look at a dick before but he was pretty sure she had done this.

Jack groaned, "Unghhhh!"

Mary increased her movements in response to his enthusiasm. As she moved her body to stroke him, Jack moved his hands back and forth along her thighs. Mary and Jack got into a rhythm of moving their upper bodies forward and backward more and more. With each move forward Jack moved his hands further up the inside of Mary's soft white thighs and then kissed her.

Jack was starting to feel the effects of her hand job. As he would lean back she would give his cock a couple of pumps. Then as Jack leaned forward he began to kiss passionately and place his hands directly on Mary's small slit of a pussy. He leaned back for two good pumps. He leaned forward and French kissed while rubbing his fingers on her pussy through the material.

He leaned back and his balls boiled in anticipation with her strokes. He leaned forward and pulled that damn material to the side with one hand as the fingers of the other hand fingered up and down that small, hot, wet pussy. Mary's head jerked straight upward as she remained leaning backward while Jack stroked repeatedly along her pussy and clitoris.

The next time Mary leaned forward she did not stop with the hand strokes. She continued forward and to Jack's surprise she placed her mouth on his dick. There was no more leaning forward and backward. Jack was close to an orgasm and she wasn't letting go. Mary had gotten on her knees and Jack was propped back on his elbows. She bobbed up and down with her hands around his cock.

Jack groaned, partially to let her know it was coming.

"Uh, uh, uh, uhhh.....UHHHHHH!"

Mary moved forward and held his cock against her tits as he shot onto the fabric still covering her. She used her hands to lightly hug his pulsing member to her tits as he groaned again.


Jack knew that could not be good enough for her, and he didn't feel like quitting. As soon as he caught his breath Jack held her shoulders and gently pushed her backward. He pulled his shorts back up to free himself for crawling forward. Mary sat back and Jack placed his hands on her beautiful tits through the material. As she slowly lay back Jack kissed her and raised his thigh firmly up between her legs. Jack reached inside the material of her top and massaged her bare tits. They were nice and firm with hard nipples and she moaned in satisfaction.

Jack did not even consider that his wife was inside watching with the night vision goggles. She started to call him like she did when he was with Joan but Mary did not seem at all drunk, and Karen was really turned on by what was happening.

Jack kept his hands on Mary's bare tits as he slid downward toward her pussy. Jack tongued through the material at Mary's slit. Then he lowered his hands to easily pull the material to the side and place his mouth directly on Mary's wet little bare pussy as she placed her hands on either side of his head.

Even in the dark Jack was able to see that Mary's pussy hair was almost as platinum blond as the hair on her head. The difference was that her pussy hair was thin and a little sparse. He plunged his tongue in her slot as far as he could while he moved his fingers on her clitoris. Mary pulled his head tight against her as she squealed with pleasure.

Jack thought that Mary's pussy tasted very similar to his wife's. Everything was smaller and there wasn't as much area. The smell was very light but he could easily identify it as good clean pussy.

Jack was on his stomach with his face in the middle of Mary's spread open legs. With one hand holding the material to one side Jack began to kiss and nibble on Mary's clitoris as he inserted the middle finger of his free hand. It wasn't just a snug fit, it was tight.

He began to lick her clit continuously as he withdrew his finger enough to find Mary's G-spot. As she had said, it was a little to one side. He began to stroke the G-spot and wait to read her body language.

Mary held still at first and simply gripped tighter on Jack's head as she moved slightly toward an orgasm, and then away from one. Each time she held tight Jack would press harder and go faster. As she relaxed he would let up somewhat.

Mary went through several cycles like this each time getting closer to an orgasm. On one cycle Mary began to clinch her butt muscles and push her pussy up into Jack's face as she got closer. She moaned with a mixture of pleasure and frustration at getting so close.


On the next cycle Jack moved his mouth and his hand as fast as he could and Mary actually lifted her butt up off the matt. With her teeth clinched she let out a long grimacing squeal and held tight in that position.


Then it came in a flood. She raised her hips even higher above the matt.


Jack did not stop his movements and Mary began to bounce up and down off the matt. She continued to pull his head tight up against her as she bounced and groaned.


As Mary slowed down and loosened her grip Jack slowed down. When she totally stopped, so did Jack.

Mary was lying spread-eagled on the gym mat, totally relaxed with her eyes dreamily half-closed. He crawled forward and extended his neck to kiss her. Mary slowly reached up for him and pulled him down on her.

Jack lay on top of her and they enjoyed a long sensuous kiss. Without thinking about it, Jack reached down with both hands and gripped Mary's ass cheeks. In a reflex he clinched his butt, pulled on her ass, and pushed, suddenly realizing that he had an erection again. Mary's eyes flew open at the feel of Jack's rigid cock on the entrance of her fabric covered pussy.

Jack slowly backed away knowing that he could not risk actually having sex with a girl who had been drinking. He knew he had already gone further than he was supposed to but he was sort of proud that he had stopped before hearing his wife's voice through the earpiece.

Jack rolled to the side and into a seated position. Mary raised her head briefly and then completely relaxed with her arms stretched straight out from her sides.


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