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I'm a 55-year old widow who retired from teaching three years ago, shortly after the death of my husband. I have short chestnut hair (thanks in part to my friend Clairol) and I keep myself quite trim, although I have got a generous chest and large thighs. I found retirement difficult to cope with at first, on my own and after an active working life. I got involved in various local clubs and groups though, and started to build myself a new social life.

One of the things I have always enjoyed is going to the cinema. I'm not too discriminating in my choice of films: as long it isn't something with completely mindless violence I can watch pretty much anything. That, however, is something I prefer to do on my own. I find watching movies with other people tends to be distracting, inevitably you talk to each other during the screening, and remain aware of each other's presence, all of which distracts you from really losing yourself in the film. I've bought a season ticket for my local multi-screen cinema, which allows me to go as often as I like, and I enjoy visiting it on weekday mornings, when hardly anyone else is there. In fact the audiences then are so small then that I'm sure the place can't make a profit on them.

The cinema isn't a purpose-built multiplex, it's an old 1930s picture house which has been converted, and as a result it has some oddities. My favourite screening room is one off to one side from the main ones, which only has about 20 seats. A few weeks ago I was there on a rain-swept Tuesday morning, totally alone watching a screening of a pretty awful comedy involving Steve Martin and hordes of children. The reviews had been less than complimentary and I could see why. I rarely walk out on a film, but I was considering it with that one when the doors to the screening room clattered open and two other customers entered, talking loudly. I glanced round in annoyance and saw it was two skinny black boys, about 19 I suppose, more or less identically dressed in reversed baseball caps, garishly coloured T-shirts, baggy jeans, and a lot of cheap gold jewellery. I guessed they had simply come in to get out of the rain, and because the prices are lower for the morning screenings.

They sat two rows behind me and started commenting loudly and critically on the film. It seemed to me as if they were trying to annoy me, and out of sheer bloody-mindedness I decided I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of thinking they'd driven me out, no matter how bad the film was. So I hunkered down prepared to wait it out. After a few minutes the boys stopped their raucous noise, which was welcome; but then they started whispering to each other and sniggering, which was just as irritating. Then I heard a couple of thumps, and the boys swung over the back of the seats either side of me and settled in them, sandwiching me. I'd dealt with plenty of cocky young scrotes like them in 30 years of teaching, and I was damned if I was going to let them intimidate me, so I simply ignored them and concentrated furiously on the action on the screen.

The lad to my right turned towards me and gave me a cheesy grin. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye – he was quite good looking for a kid, with a slim face, high cheekbones, huge eyes and a thin, wispy moustache above thin lips. He said cheerfully, "'Ello darlin', enjoyin' the show?" I told him coldly that I didn't think much of it, and I was thinking about leaving. His grin widened further, and he slipped his arm along the back of my seat. "Don't do that darlin' – it's dark in 'ere, we're all alone, and you're a fit old bird, me and Derek thought we could all 'ave us some fun. I'm Darrell by the way." Derek said nothing, just sat on the other side of me and leered.

Summoning up my best teacher's 'do-you-want-detention?' voice I prepared to tell Darrell to get out of my way so I could leave. But as I turned to him, his arm on my seat grabbed my left shoulder and pulled me roughly towards him and he smacked his lips onto mine. At the same moment I felt Derek's hand settle on my knee, a fraction of an inch below the hem of my skirt. I gasped in surprise and Darrell took advantage, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. His free hand slipped down the neck of my blouse, straight into my bra and began squeezing my left boob.

I was scared now, I was totally vulnerable to whatever these two young men decided to do to me. Yet at the same time, shockingly, I realised I was starting to feel slightly aroused. One of my favourite fantasies is being taken by force by a handsome young cavalier or sheikh. This didn't exactly fit the bill, but nevertheless I was startled to feel my nipple start to stiffen against the palm of Darrell's hand, and a stirring of interest between my legs. My hands pressed feebly against Darrell's chest as he continued to grind his mouth against mine and grope my tit.

At the same time I felt Derek squeeze between my legs and force them wide apart, and his hand trace up my leg to my thighs. I heard him mutter, "Hey Darrell, she's got stockings on. Sexyyyy!" I shivered involuntarily as his fingers tickled my bare inner thigh. My stiff tweed skirt cut into me as Derek pushed his shoulders between my legs, and a moment later I gasped again, into Darrell's mouth, as I felt fingers enter my knickers and stroke along my pussy slit. Derek said, "Blimey Daz, she's got a jungle dahn 'ere." I felt a flush spread through my face, and another rising in my crotch, as Derek thrust several fingers into me and started twirling them around, adding "Wow, this old bird's soaking wet."

Nobody had touched me in a sexual way since several years before my husband died, and despite anything my rational mind might feel my hips started to twitch forward, pushing my pussy further onto Derek's fingers, while my mouth started kissing Darrell back, one of my hands reaching behind his head and pulling him onto me. Acting on its own initiative, my other hand dropped to the fly of his jeans. He made a squeak of surprise, but his hand left my tit and I felt him push my hand aside and unbutton his fly. A moment later a stiff cock sprang out and brushed against my hand. Darrell might have had a skinny build, but it felt as if he was hung like a horse. I heard myself moan as I wrapped my fingers around his burning shaft and started wanking him.

Derek obviously realised the situation had changed, and I felt both his hands close around the waistband of my panties. Almost by reflex I lifted my bum to enable him to pull them down, and to push my skirt up around my hips. I gasped yet again as I felt his tongue lick against my inner thighs, and a moment later his mouth closed on my pussy, his tongue pushing into me. Nobody had ever done that to me before and the feeling was so excruciatingly erotic that I nearly passed out, and my hips bucked forward into his face. Darrell finally broke our kiss and I groaned as Derek's tongue turned me inside out. My eyes closed and my head lolling back in ecstasy, I heard Darrell say "I's gonna get me some of that nice white breast meat." I didn't feel in the least concerned when he ripped my nice new blouse open, and roughly pulled the cup of my bra down. As his warm mouth closed over my tit and he began sucking hard on my big brown nipple I started pumping my hand faster along the length of his prick. Meanwhile, Derek was doing amazing things to my pussy, licking in and around me while his fingers tweaked my throbbing clit.

I felt Darrell's cock twitch in my hand, and a moment later a fountain of semen splattered onto my hand and wrist. Darrell groaned and his teeth tightened sharply around my nipple for a moment. At the same time I felt my pussy explode as I came onto Derek's probing tongue and fingers. I think we were all a bit shocked by the dramatic turn of events, and I lolled back in my seat, feeling more sexually satisfied than I could remember in a very long time, uncaring that my crotch was completely exposed. I couldn't believe that I had acted so shamelessly in a public place with two black men a third my age who I hadn't even known existed fifteen minutes earlier. Derek still squatted between my legs, his cheek resting on my thigh as he caught his breath. Darrell, his eyes slightly glazed, gave me another grin and said, "Thanks darlin', I think Del and I'd better be movin' along."

I felt an instant pang of regret: my pussy was still on fire, and demanded that the inferno be quenched. Without even thinking about it, wrapped my hand again around Darrell's deflating, sticky cock. I heard myself say, "Really? But I thought..."

Darrell glanced down at my hand around his prick, then looked up at me with a sly smile. "Fuck, you one randy old bird. Okay, but let's shift." With that he tucked his cock away and, taking my hand, led me the few steps to the exit door, as I hurriedly smoothed down my skirt. Derek followed close behind, fondling my bum as we went. Darrell stuck his head round the door to check the coast was clear, then they scuttled me across the corridor into the gents' toilet, and straight into the large cubicle adapted for disabled users.

Darrell glued his mouth to mine again, his tongue thrusting down my throat, and I felt him undoing the remaining buttons of my blouse and pushing it off my shoulders. From behind me, Derek unzipped my skirt and pulled it down my legs, then unclipped my bra. With one hand he kneaded my buttocks, the other slipped around me and grasped one of my tits. Darrelll, still kissing me, groped my other boob with one hand and my aching pussy with the other. Derek muttered, "Blimey, she got quite a rack on her." I couldn't believe how wanton and turned on I felt.

I was now dressed only in my elasticated stockings. Between them the lads eased me down onto all fours on the cold, hard floor of the lavatory, my skirt under my knees for a little support. They swapped positions so that it was Darrell standing behind me while Derek stood in front of me, his fly level with my face. I watched as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his pants down below his knees. His erect prick was thin, but very long. Meanwhile, Darren crouched behind me and stroked his fingers along my pussy, the tips just entering me and tickling inside my labia. I heard myself whining like a desperate animal, my hips thrusting backwards in my desperation to get those teasing fingers inside me. I felt the tip of Derek's hot knob press against my mouth and, almost instinctively, I opened my lips and sucked a prick into my mouth for the first time. It felt stiff but rubbery, and as I slid my lips along its length Derek's eyes closed and he gave a long hiss of pleasure.

I was vaguely aware that Darrell had stopped stroking my pussy, but a moment later I felt his hand firmly grip my hips, and the end of that monster cock slip between my nether lips. He just held it there, teetering on the brink as his fingers dug into the flesh of my hips. I squealed in frustration and pressed back onto him. I heard him laugh and say "All right darlin', 'ere we go", then he hammered it into me, driving my head forward into Derek's groin and his cock right to the back of my throat. After several years of unwanted celibacy, suddenly here I was sucking one black knob while another, huge one, rammed into me in a series of powerful strokes.

I could feel my heavy tits swinging below me with each stroke Darrell made with his powerful tool. As I swirled my tongue around the very tip of Derek's knob he grunted and I tasted a warm, salty spray of spunk shoot into my throat. I swallowed it and he sank back to sit on the floor, freeing my mouth to wail in joy as Darrell pumped me unmercifully, that magnificent prick completely filling me as he rammed it home time and again with all his strength. Finally I couldn't hold off any longer and, sobbing with my release, I felt my pussy flood with my juices. A moment later they were joined by Darrell's as he slammed his prick home with one final huge push before spurting into my satisfied cunt.

I felt completely breathless as I sank to the floor, but I still happily accepted Darrell's still semi-stiff prick between my lips as I sucked his juice and mine from it. Finally, he and Derek tidied up their clothes and Darrell placed a gently kiss on each of my buttocks, before whispering "Thanks darlin'. Keep a look out for us, I just might fancy me some more juicy old white pussy again some time." Laying in bed that night, thinking about the experience, I might almost have believed it had been a dream, if my pussy hadn't still been glowing from being stretched by Darrell's huge knob.

I've been back to the cinema at the same time for the past two weeks, just on the off-chance, and not seen a soul. But today, sitting watching some dreary action thriller, I've just heard the entrance door open and a familiar voice crow "'Ello darlin', up for some action are you?" Oh good, I really wasn't enjoying the film much anyway!

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