tagIncest/TabooAd For Swinging Ch. 03

Ad For Swinging Ch. 03


My daughter and I smooched until we heard Karen's car pull up. Gina ran back to our bedroom to both hide and get ready. The plan was actually pretty simple abut depended on me to execute it properly. Handing Karen a soft drink, I asked, "How was your meeting?"

"It was a typical boring piece of crap," she replied taking a gulp of soda. As she swallowed I came up behind her and nibbled feverishly on her neck. She didn't move a muscle so I continued. Grinding my cock against her ass crack I reached straight for her crotch and softly caressed her mound.

"Aren't you the horny devil tonight? Well, let's go to the bedroom then," she purred turning around and kissing me passionately. Kissing her back I squeezed and fondled her ass vigorously Her hips ground into mine as I stalled trying to take her right there in the middle of the living room.

"Oh gawd Karen, No, I want you right here, right now," I groaned as I reached under her skirt and pushed down her panties until they dropped to the floor. Gina was already watching the action unfold from the hallway. The next thing I knew Karen was undoing my belt and our clothes were in a heap on the floor. Quickly I helped her join the clothing on the floor and sucked one of her boobs into my mouth. We caressed and toyed with each other's genitals. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. It was time to tell her as she breathed near orgasm, "Karen, Gina saw the four of us Monday evening and was turned on!"

"What the fuck? How do you know?" she asked as her body shuddered. She stopped rubbing my cock for only a second but continued as her excitement level from my mouth and fingers continued to climb.

"She told me a few minutes ago just before fucking my cock with her tits," I said trying to sound matter of fact. Karen dropped my cock and her eyes bulged wide open only to be greeted by Gina's breasts hanging just above her face in Karen's favorite fuck me nightie. My daughter firmly put her hand on Karen's shoulder.

"That's right mom and daddy came all over my boobies. Look at all of the big cum spots all over my titties! Oh mom please suck daddy's cum from my boobs," Gina cooed breathlessly as she pulled the straps of the nightie from her shoulders and lowered her tits closer to Karen's face. Meanwhile, I continued to suck Karen's boobs and frig her cunt. She didn't move as if frozen. To our surprise my wife reached down and caressed her daughter's crotch as her body shuddered hard from my clit play.

"Give me those fucking things," Karen demanded wrapping her other hand around Gina's back to pull her down. Karen's mouth worked with a frenzy on her oldest child's boobs licking and sucking until she was sure she had licked every drop of my cum off of them Gina was smiling from ear to ear obviously enjoying the boob kissing but also proud of herself for seducing both of her parents.

"Mom, dad says that he thinks he can get Aunt Theresa and Uncle Terry to let me join in on the fun you guys are having. I told him he couldn't fuck me until you agreed to let me have fun with all of you and also let me kiss your pussy right now. So how about it mom what do you say?" Karen was nibbling and sucking furiously on Gina's chest going from boob to boob, sucking voraciously.

"Baby this is just plain wrong, but it is also just plain wonderful. I get to eat out this hot pussy after dad fucks it. Now go down on your mom," Karen panted as her hand cupped Gina's crotch giving it a tight squeeze. Gina withdrew from her mother so she could slide in between her mother's legs. Noticing the coffee table Karen assumed the same position her daughter had earlier in the evening knowing it would work out easier.

As Gina got into position between Karen's thighs I scampered behind my daughter's ass that was now sticking straight up in the air. I was afraid Karen would come to her senses and put a stop to everything. So, I quickly yanked the sexy panties covering Gina's bottom and rubbed the head of my cock against her swollen lips.

By this time her mouth was buried deep into her mom's honey pot. I could hear Gina slurping up Karen's juices obviously into what she was doing. Hearing soft moaning coming from Karen I gently pushed my erection into my daughter's pussy. It was much tighter than her mother's. Gina jumped when my cock penetrated her depths.

I gazed down at the site before me and there was my wife having her cunt eaten by her daughter while she twisted and squeezed her own tits. And, glancing further down I got a lump in my throat seeing Gina's perfect heart shaped ass wiggling in circles as my cock thrust in and out of her pussy just below. My cock was glistening with her pussy juice.

It didn't take long to establish a hard rapid rhythm wit Gina as her cunt moved up to meet my thrusting cock. My hands kneaded Gina's ass as her fingers frigged her clit and teased my balls on every couple of in strokes. My daughter clamped her walls around my cock pushing me toward my climax. Terrified I yelped, "Are you on birth control?"

"Just cum right now; yes, I'm on birth control; Oh fuck yes daddy," Gina demanded squeezing my prick even harder. More excited than ever I doubled my speed and fucked my baby girl's cunt harder and deeper frantically pounding her twat.

My hands dug deep into Gina's ass holding me up as I threw my head back in ecstasy. I'd almost had forgotten about Karen when she cried out, "Fuck Gina I'm cumming again; Oh shit; so fucking great!"

Fire raced through my loins as I exploded in Gina's pussy. It felt like the shots of cum I had shot as a twenty year old when Karen and I first had sex as it thundered out of me. I wasn't ready to stop and thrust several more times shooting three smaller explosions into my daughter's hot tunnel. As I slipped out the thought again crossed my mind that I hoped that Gina was telling the truth about birth control.

As I collapsed onto the floor Karen pushed Gina down beside me and dove face first into our daughter's pussy. Snuggling up against Gina I began passionately kissing Gina's mouth and worked down to her titties as her mom cleaned out her pussy of all of our combined juices. Before the night was done we had tried everything imaginable.

To my surprise Karen invited our daughter to share our king size bed with us that night. There I was between them facing me with my head between four of the most beautiful boobs on earth. We smooched a bit while we discussed the future. It was decided I would call Theresa and Terry in the morning to ask if Gina could join us Friday night in our debauchery. Karen wanted to keep the arrangements for Thursday unchanged.

Like a typical father I almost ruined everything by putting a few conditions on our sexual fun. First, Gina had to keep up her school work and not let her regular sex life suffer. And second, she couldn't keep driving to and from school to play with us. She would have to wait for weekends or days off but still putting school stuff first. I promised her that in return we would play all we possibly could when she was home.

It was tough to get Gina up the next morning. We finally aroused her by Karen sucking and nibbling on one of her boobs while I did the same to the other one. We nearly shoved her out the door to get her to school on time for her first class. Our Thursday night dates with Terry and Theresa went perfectly and very late.

Neither of them had a problem with Gina joining us for our get together on Friday evening. Theresa expressed concern that Gina might not know what group sex would be like. Her sister quickly reassured Theresa that it appeared that Gina might actually be the one who could teach us a thing or two if Wednesday night had been any indication.

By noon on Thursday Gina called me at work to see if her aunt and uncle had approved of her joining us. She squealed in delight when told the answer; I thought I might loose my hearing she was so loud. When Gina walked in the door Friday evening I was pleased to see that she had brought her school books with her along with unfortunately more of her laundry. But, I didn't focus on that stuff for long as she was dressed to kill!

Sexy yet tasteful would best describe what she wore; just a step up from sluttie. She had on black sheer stockings that she put into a pair of 5 inch black high heels that went under her short red wraparound skirt on the top end. Her blouse was almost see through white with a v-neck that showed off over half of her boobs almost exposing the push-up bra that made her melons stick straight out from her chest like pointers.

Setting her belongings down Gina waltzed over to her mother and hugged her. Then they exchanged a passionate kiss that sent a cornucopia of emotions charging through my body. Then it was my turn and after kissing her I didn't want to wait for our company to arrive as I was ready to take both my wife and daughter immediately!

"So, guys, how do I look?" Gina twirled in the middle of the living room letting her skirt fly up revealing a pair of bright red bikini panties and a red and black garter belt that was attached to the stockings. Besides the fact that I wanted her now more than ever I decided that maybe she was dressed a bit sluttie after all and I loved it.

"Fantastic honey, but the sooner we get dinner done the sooner we can have dessert. So, why don't you help your father and I get dinner ready," Karen gulped audibly as she choked out the words. I wasn't sure if she was disappointed that her daughter could be a slut or if she was caught up in the sexual tension that filled the air. It was half an hour until Terry and Theresa were due so the three of us scurried around preparing the hearty meal. Karen's theory is that you can't have sex on an empty stomach.

Gina heard the car pull up and greeted them at the door. She hadn't seen her aunt and uncle in over a month. We watched as Gina first hugged and kissed her aunt. Although they always hugged but this wasn't typical as their tongues found each other and they caressed each other's backsides. A smile came to my face; this was going to be fun.

Then my daughter turned to her uncle and embraced him. Immediately their hips ground together in circles as they passionately kissed. Terry snuck his hand under her skirt and squeezed her ass. Gina moaned in pure delight. Theresa tapped her husband on the shoulder and whispered, "Down boy."

Terry obeyed his wife and slid his niece from his arms. Wasting no time we went to the dining room and ate supper. I think Gina was disappointed as we talked about everything but sex. It seemed like a typical family dinner. If Gina were paying close attention she would have noticed everyone sizing her up and gawking at each other.

As we finished eating our strawberry ice cream Theresa gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. This was the signal that things were about to get interesting. Standing up and looking around the table Theresa asked, "Could the rest of you clear the table? I need to have a little heart to heart talk with my niece. Come with me Gina."

Theresa didn't wait for us to answer as she walked toward the front room. I am not sure if Gina thought she was in trouble or if the plans had been canceled as she nervously got up and followed her aunt. None of us in the dining room moved a muscle. The two women faced each other as Gina asked, "What is this all about Aunt Theresa?"

"Well, Gina, you don't always need to dress seductively when you already know whoever you are with is ready for sex. Sometimes it is good to wear as few clothes as possible, Theresa sweetly instructed her niece. Then, reaching behind her neck she untied the single knot holding up her dress.

The dress careened to the floor revealing that she had absolutely nothing on underneath. While Gina stood frozen in place looking over her aunt's body Theresa reached over and quickly stripped her niece. All of the work Gina had done to be a seductress was undone in a minute flat except Theresa left the stockings and high heels in place.

Karen made Terry and I carry the dishes into the sink. When we got back the girls were on the floor rolling around kissing and fondling one another. Theresa's mouth was planted firmly on Gina's boob sucking like there was no tomorrow. We watched until they got into a lusty sixty-nine.

I had never seen anything like it before and my cock stood straight out in my pants. Karen got between Terry and I and grabbed both of our cocks squeezing our balls and asked, "Would you rather watch a couple of sluts lapping cunt or tear off my clothes and treat me like a fucking whore? Take me hard mother fuckers!" At first I was shocked at her sudden raunchy behavior but then I remembered when we first discussed the ad for the newspaper that started all of this. She was the one who insisted on putting in the part about activities being "strenuous and rough." Not missing a beat Terry got down on his knees and rapidly unfastened her pants and ripped the clothing from my wife's bottom half.

Animal lust filled every pore of my body as I tore open her blouse and threw it and her bra to the floor. She groaned when Terry jabbed two fingers up her snatch while I simultaneously took her tit into my mouth and bit the nipple. I am not sure how Terry got his clothes off but I quickly tore mine off as I dined on her boobies.

Grabbing my now naked cock she leaned down and whispered that she wanted my cock up her back channel right away. She figured the sooner our cocks came the more times they could be used. Karen then gave Terry a mighty shove and fell on top of her brother in law. She dangled her tits in his face as she wiggled her ass at me.

Terry took over mauling and sucking her boobs while I climbed behind her rump and feverishly kissed and licked her asshole. Meanwhile, Theresa was now sitting on Gina's face as she played with her niece's body teasing and toying with the girl's tits and crotch as she ground her snatch against Gina's mouth.

"Bob, do as I told you fucker so that I can give Terry what he wants," Karen demanded. Giving my wife's shit hole a couple of more licks I got up onto my knees and positioned my member at her rosebud and gave it a shove. I pushed a couple of more times before the head popped in. After that it was smooth sailing.

Inch by inch my cock was buried in her bowels. Once my hips struck her ass Karen lowered our united bodies closer and closer to Terry's big cock. I felt his prick hit my balls just before Karen grabbed it and guided it to her vaginal opening. As he pushed his manhood into my wife's cunt I pull back from her asshole.

In less than a minute we had established a wonderful rhythm as we double penetrated my hot wife who was howling in pleasure. We were all three near orgasm when Theresa and Gina came over to investigate. It was a struggle but Theresa managed to straddle Karen and Terry shoving her ass in my face purring, "Bob, your little girl has been taught well the art of cunt lapping but no one eats an ass like you!"

As she bent her knees her ass was mere inches above Karen's butt. Placing one hand on each ass I continued to ram my wife's ass faster and harder as our tempo increased while probing my sister in law's butt with my tongue. For her part Gina was right at home sucking on Theresa's boobs while mauling the shit out of her mother's tits.

If the scene had lasted much longer like this Gina might have gotten bored but as I said we were all close to cumming. When I felt myself about to explode in Karen's poop shoot I grabbed Theresa by both ass cheeks and pulled her tight into my face and let her butt muffle my scream of ecstasy. We fell in a heap on the floor. It was only mere seconds later I felt a tongue licking all over my messy cock.

It was Theresa who lovingly tended to my hygiene while I reached out and found Gina's boobs and fondled them before she moved over to her uncle and pulled him on top of her. I was a spectator as my wife and daughter had sex with another man as Gina shoved his erection into her puss as she lay on her back and Karen sat on Gina's face.

Terry and Karen kissed passionately just as I felt Theresa straddle my lap and flick my cock against her clit. Slowly Theresa pushed her tight pussy down on to my member as I wrapped my hands around each of her boobs. The smell of sex permeated the room as Theresa bounced hard on my cock.

I glanced over to see how the threesome was doing and realized that Gina's tits were next to my head. I couldn't resist while continuing to thrust deep into Theresa I reached over and mauled Gina's D cups. She was obviously having a great time eating Karen's and Terry's combined juices from her mom's cunt while Terry fucked her as her slurping was getting louder and louder.

"Fuck that sluttie bitch, give it to her hard, come on Terry give her a load of your hot seed," Theresa moaned as her hips slapped hard against me. It sounded like she was spanking me. Theresa dug her nails into my chest as everyone was now totally out of control. IT was as if we all came at once as the room echoed with screams of delight.

Then everyone collapsed in pure exhaustion. It was still early and we hadn't had enough fun yet. So, for the next half an hour or so we snuggled with one another. I saw bare skin and after moving toward it soon found myself snuggling against my daughter's ass as Theresa had her face in between Gina's tits. I'm not sure where exactly Terry and Karen were in the mass of bodies except that we were all interconnected.

Our play went on for five more hours until after midnight. We paused only for some snacks and drinks. Theresa even brought her strap-on and used it several times. We all fell asleep right there in the middle of our living room floor. In the middle of the night I went to use the bathroom.

When I got back I saw Terry's cock standing straight up in the light shining in through the window. The next thing I knew we were sharing a quiet sixty-nine while the ladies slept. When we all finally got up everyone joined in to fix a huge breakfast before Terry and Theresa went home.

Since that first night we have perfected our group activities so that all of us get maximum enjoyment on those occasions that Gina is with us. Otherwise, we continue to swap partners from one to three times a week and most Friday evenings the four of us are having unbelievable sex.

So far, the only kid that knows of the special relationship between the two families is Gina but I don't know how much longer that will last before one of my other two kids or one of Theresa's three kids catch us. Also, I am afraid Gina has a big mouth and will let it slip out. I guess the future will unfold and we we'll see what will happen.

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