tagGroup SexAdam And Sharon, Things Get Interest

Adam And Sharon, Things Get Interest


Adam and Sharon had been together for close to nine months. Adam was disappointed that nothing had eventuated with Sharon's friend Anna who had chickened out from a threesome. Despite that, Adam was unbelievably happy with his sex life, Sharon had lived to her promise and had engaged in every sexual practice two people can do.

They were still living in their own houses and were planning for their sons to move into Sharon's place and for Adam and Sharon to live together in Adam's house. It seemed silly for them to live apart as they were together every night and both the boys knew their presence was hampering their relationship. Adam and Andrew had talked about it one night over a bottle of Scotch and Adam was quite frank with him about Sharon not feeling as though their relationship could really be complete without some continual "private time". He added that he felt uneasy bringing girls home when Sharon was there too, so the perfect solution was for him to live with Stephen.

Sharon was happy with the idea and now she was staying at Adam's every weekend and the boys stayed at her place. Adam and Sharon at least now had Friday night to Sunday afternoon to behave how they wanted to without fear of interruption.

What that meant was that essentially the two of them could be naked together, and to fuck whenever they wanted. Which was frequently! Moreover, Adam could now indulge in his private fetish which was to wear tiny ladies panties. He loved the way they felt against his shaved balls, how they strained against his erect dick and how they felt under his jeans when they went out. Sharon enjoyed it too; it was erotic to her to think that her man was wearing transparent lacy undies that allowed her to see his cock poking out of them when he wore them around the house.

About two months ago, a new editor, Mandy, had been employed at the publishing company where Sharon worked. They had become almost instant friends and Sharon frequently had lunch with her and related their conversations to Adam. Mandy and her husband Scott were about the same age as them and Sharon had suggested the four of them should meet up for dinner one weekend, but despite trying to arrange something, there was always something happening in either household to prevent.

One Tuesday, Sharon called Adam to say that at last she had arranged to go shopping with Mandy that Saturday, would he mind? Adam didn't object; his team were the TV game that afternoon so he figured he could watch the game uninterrupted.

Sharon stayed over that Friday night and Adam though she was particularly horny on Saturday morning. She had sucked his dick and teased his for almost an hour before letting him cum in her mouth; that was unusual simply because Sharon always said that cum should be deposited in her pussy. That was about the only thing they disagreed on as Adam, like most guys, liked to dump his sticky white stuff on his woman's body, in her hair, on her tits or in her mouth on occasions. To have her so willingly swallow his sperm that morning was unusual...

Sharon drove away at 11, saying she was lunching with Mandy. Adam ate lunch, then had a couple of beers watching the game. Bitch; they lost by 5. What a waste of time he thought. He was just about to crack another beer (remembering that Shaz preferred him to be sober when they fucked and deciding that he might be okay with missing out tonight) when his phone rang. It was Sharon. He answered and she said that she was back at Mandy's place, would he like to come over for dinner and to meet them? He agreed, noted the address and said he would be there by 6.30.

Adam had a coffee then showered and shaved. He dressed in chinos and a blue shirt and left for the 40 minute drive, picking up a good bottle of red wine and some flowers on the way.

Their house looked really nice, private with trees surrounding it. The driveway swept around the front and as he parked, Sharon, Mandy and Scott came out to meet him. Mandy gave him a big kiss on the lips and said she thought he was a lucky guy having Shaz as his partner. She added that the two of them had really enjoyed their shopping trip and appreciated that he had been okay to let Sharon go out for the afternoon.

Scott invited Adam to join him for a game of pool while the girls got dinner ready. He thanked Adam for the wine and explained that he and Mandy didn't drink, adding that he hoped it would be okay if the meal was served without alcohol. Adam agreed and the pair of them enjoyed two frames before the girls asked them to the dinner table.

Dinner was really good, mushroom soup followed by roast beef. The conversation was stimulating; Scott followed the same team as Adam and was also involved in technical consultancy. Adam felt the foundations of a friendship and was looking forward to getting to know him better.

The girls cleared the table and said they would bring dessert and coffee to the lounge room and for the guys to go there to wait. The strawberry cheesecake was delicious and the conversation continued. Scott cleared up the plates as the girls had said they wanted to go to change into the new clothes they had bought so they could model them for their men.

Five minutes later, they appeared from the master bedroom. Adam and Scott were stunned to see their women dressed in slinky black bras, suspenders, stockings and tiny briefs. It was apparent that Sharon was bald under her panties and that Mandy was hairy. The guys looked at each other in disbelief as their women turned to each other and kissed passionately. Adam was instantly hard and was sure that Scott was too. Adam didn't know if he should be excited or if he should pull Sharon away and take her home.

At that moment, his decision was made as he watched Mandy slide her hand inside Sharon's panties. Their embrace seemed to lift a notch and it was obvious that Shaz was enjoying it. They pulled away from each other and Mandy asked if the guys liked their new outfits. Before either of them could answer, Mandy had sit down straddling Adam and Sharon had similarly straddled Scott.

Both women kissed the guys passionately, enjoying their hardness as they straddled them. Before anything more intimate happened, they moved away; Mandy sat on the couch with her legs apart and Shaz knelt on the floor between her legs and started to lick her pussy through her panties.

Mandy pulled her panties down, allowing Shaz to lick her clit and finger her cunt. The boys watched in amazement as Mandy squirmed to an orgasm. With her face covered in Mandy's juices. Shaz kissed Scott and asked him if he was turned on.

Mandy unzipped Adam's chinos and took his dribbling dick in her mouth. Scott stuck his fingers into Sharon's dripping pussy while kissing her. It wasn't long before both guys were naked and they took the girls into the bedroom. Adam buried head between Mandy's legs and drank her juices while Scott enjoyed Shaz sucking his cock.

Shortly both guys were naked and were fucking each other's women for all they were worth. Shaz was still wearing her bra and stockings while Mandy was totally naked. Adam was particularly turned on by Shaz encouraging Scott to fuck her wet cunt and dumped his load into Mandy. Scott lasted longer and eventually, after Shaz had climaxed twice, dumped his load all over her tits.

Wrapped up in each other's arms. they all fell asleep.

It was still dark when Adam woke. Mandy was fondling his balls and she whispered in his ear that she wanted to get fucked again but didn't want to wake Sharon and Scott. Quietly they left the bedroom and cuddled up on the couch. As they kissed and fondled each other, Mandy asked Adam if Shaz had told him about them.

Curious, he asked what she meant. Mandy was clearly embarrassed and tried to backtrack, but Adam wouldn't let it go. Mandy admitted that during the week she and Sharon had enjoyed a girl on girl experience together; apparently they left work one lunchtime and gone to Sharon's place together; had sucked and fingered each other to several orgasms and had planned that night.

Adam was speechless; Mandy explained that Sharon had talked about Adam fucking Anna but that didn't work out so she had arranged Mandy as a substitute, hoping Adam would accept her fucking Scott as part of the package. Adam explained how turned on he was watching Shaz fuck Scott, and how much he enjoyed sinking his cock into Mandy. He lowered himself down to her pussy and licked her until she begged him to stick his cock into her and fill her with cum. He enjoyed it immensely, particularly because she kept telling how she enjoyed how deep inside her he was.

Quietly they crept back to the bedroom where they slept until 7am.

The next thing Adam knew was that someone was sucking his cok. Through sleepy eyes he realized that it was Scott! A man was sucking his dick! And he was enjoying it. Shaz and Mandy were kissing his mouth, licking his ears and fondling his nipples. Adam was helpless; he so wanted to ejaculate yet but could he accept that a MAN had taken him there? Sharon answered his question by asking if he wanted to cum no matter what? He answered yes so she said to just let it happen and to enjoy the experience.

Shortly after, Scott managed to get his finger into Adam's asshole and massaged his prostate. That proved too much for him and he erupted into Scott's mouth. Spent, he rolled onto his side and watched as Scott proceeded to suck Sharon them Mandy to their own climax. Adam wasn't prepared for what came next... Scott was incredibly hard and started to rub himself against Adam's arse. Mandy found some lube in a bedside drawer and applied it to Adam's hole. Her finger played there, slowly penetrating his anus. Scott positioned himself behind Adam and slowly pushed himself into Adam's butthole.

Sharon kissed him as Mandy whispered into his ear that it was okay. Adam was aware that Scott was now fucking his ass and decided to just enjoy it. Scott became more and more intense before he let his load loose deep into Adam's butt.

Mandy and Shaz were kissing each other passionately and as Adam felt Scott's cum dribble out of his butt, Scott joined the girls in their embrace. Adam joined them and for almost an hour, the four of them enjoyed a no holds barred sucking and fingering experience. The high point came with Adam bringing Mandy to a climax with his tongue while she sucked Sharon's clit with Scott simultaneously fucking Sharon.

It was 10am and the group finally got up, showered and had breakfast. All four of them agreed that it was the best night of their lives. Adam and Sharon drove home in their own cars and, after lunch. they both slept throughout the afternoon. Their sons both came for dinner and afterwards they went to bed and reviewed what had happened. Both agreed that they should invite Scott and Mandy for dinner very soon...

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