tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAdam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 05

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 05


Chapter 5: The Bonfire

After my run in with Megan, I was determined to make my way down to the beach and see what the girls were up to. I felt relaxed and care free as I strolled up the dune and back down the other side to the beach. The sand was hot under my feet so I walked quickly. I tried to recall the details of the conversation I had eavesdropped on earlier. I remembered Kristin had mentioned something about an area that was between two dunes over by the blue house. To my right, in the distance, there was a sky blue cottage on top of a large dune that seemed to fit the description.

I traversed the adjacent dune and stayed low as I quietly treaded through the high dune grass. The girls were probably over the next ridge and I wanted to insure that my presence would not be detected. As I neared the crest of the hill I could hear the girls' voices. They were chattering about the latest celebrity gossip. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan had been thrown out of a Los Angeles club after she was so coked out that she took off her top off and started dancing on the bar. Pictures were supposedly aplenty according to Lauren, who appeared to have the inside scoop on the situation.

I slowly moved to the edge of the mound and peered over. I positioned myself behind a bushel of dune grass, which kept me fairly hidden without obstructing my view in the least. And what a pretty view it was. All three girls, even Jackie, were topless and laying on their backs. Their breasts were oily and glistening in the hot summer sun. I couldn't help but pay particular attention to Laurens flawless tits. Ever since I overheard her and Kristen talking about me, I've wanted to fuck that virgin pussy.

Still, I could not ignore the other girls either. Jackie, who I never thought would be convinced to sunbathe in the nude, looked ever so relaxed as she flipped through her US weekly magazine. Her glistening melons were as gorgeous as ever.

Kristen had on white bikini bottoms that looked extremely sexy next to her bronzed skin tone. She not only was topless but she was playing with her nipples. Every so often she would reach down and grab hold of her nipples, massaging her tits as she talked to the other girls.

Just then I heard a sound coming from behind me. It was an audible moan from a female voice. I turned around to see where it was coming from. In the high grass, beyond the dune that I was hiding behind, I could see the couple I had seen on the beach really going at it. From my concealed position I was unable to really see much, but it appeared that he was either fucking her doggy style or in the ass. Her naked body was hidden by the high dune grass but I could hear her moan as his balls and pelvis slapped up against her ass.

I left the girls and my perch and ventured down the dune for a better angle to the couples live sex show. I moved slowly and quietly trying to remain unnoticed. There was a wood picnic table turned on its side and abandoned in the dune grass about 15 ft away from the two swooning lovers. I crept behind it and took a deep breath trying to regain my composure. It was an old wood picnic table, the kind that has four or so planks that make up the tabletop. As I looked through the cracks between the planks, my suspicions were confirmed.

It was indeed the couple I had seen on the beach the previous day. They were both facing me, but the table provided sufficient cover and they seemed preoccupied anyway. She was on her hands and knees completely naked. Her suit was flung off to the side. He was on his knees behind her. His strong hands gripped her thighs on either side as he fucked her from behind.

The woman that was being bent over had the largest tits I had seen that weren't attached to a porn star's body. I remembered how nice her breasts looked from the balcony, but these were larger in person. Her bust was certainly bigger than that of Meg or any of the girls. With each penetrating stroke, she moaned as her heaving breasts flung forward and slapped together. For the first time, I realized that the slapping noise I had heard was not from her male counterpart's sack, but rather from her massive orbs that were repeatedly colliding with each other. My cock was hard and pushing against my board shorts as I watched the young couple rock back and forth. She started to moan louder and I saw the man reach from behind and grab hold of her tits. This caused her to squeal and look back at him lustily over her shoulder.

Just as I was feeling the need to whip out my cock and begin stroking it I turned around and was interrupted by Kristen. She was standing behind me with a wry smile on her face and still topless. I quickly reached out and pulled her behind the cover of the table.

She giggled as she sat down next to me. "Just catching the show?" She said. My eyes were drawn to her tits. I still was not completely comfortable or smooth in the presence of the female form. "Hey, I'm up here," Kristen said motioning my gaze from her breasts.

"Sorry," I said smiling. "I was taking a walk and I just kind of stumbled on these two." The woman let out a loud orgasmic moan as I motioned in their direction. Kristen peered through the cracks and started giggling.

"Those two are always at it. I swear, if I owned a million dollar home on the beach, I wouldn't be fucking out in the dune grass. That is for damn sure," Kristen said looking back at me. My gaze had returned and remained fixed on her oily tits that were a mere ten inches from my face. "Aren't you going to ask me why I'm topless? Or did you stumble on us as well?"

I swallowed hard and started to stutter, but Kristen could read me instantly and started laughing. I knew she didn't care. I saw her gaze flash toward my tented board shorts, which did little to conceal my arousal. "I guess I got a little excited," I said smiling.

"I see. I wonder what you're going to do about that," Kristen said. She glanced back at the couple fucking. I saw her left hand creep into her bikini bottoms as she started to play with herself.

"Well, that's the thing. You see," I paused and stared back at her tits. "I was hoping you could help me out. I don't think this is going away on its own."

"I don't know what I could do," she said batting her eyes at me. Her smile was devilish. I could tell she was really going to make me ask for it.

"Please Kristen," I pleaded. "I got all worked up and my cock is aching. Please, if I don't get some relief quick I'm..."

She interrupted me by putting her finger over my lips. "Relax, I'll take care of you, but you have to do something for me too."

"I'll return the favor. I will. I've always been good about that with girls," I said.

She laughed and smiled back at me. "I know that already, but that's not what I need. We're going to have a bonfire tonight and I want you to come. We're all going to get fucked up on the beach and it will give you a great chance to get to know Lauren. She's the one over there in the green bottoms, if you didn't already know. I've been trying to get this girl laid for three summers and I can think of no better candidate than you to seal the deal. So we go to the bonfire, I set you up and you knock her out. You think you can handle that?"

The words sent my mind into a paralytic shock. How perfect was this girl. Not only was she a topless tanning sex fiend, but her favors consist of having sex with her friend that I've already been trying to hit. I nodded my head slowly as to not look too excited. She smiled back and leaned in to untie my board shorts. Then she slid her hand into my pants and took hold of my erection. I pushed my pelvis forward and moaned in response. She jacked me off several times under my shorts. The pleasure was too imminent and I reached out and pushed her head down toward my crotch.

As her face approached my lap, she pulled my cock out and immediately put it into her warm mouth. She positioned her right hand at the base of my shaft and started to pump up and down. Her mouth continued going up and down in accordance with her hand motion. Her tongue moved and caressed up and down my shaft, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I massaged her tits with my left hand as she sucked. This blow job differed from the slow teasing oral treatment she had given me the previous day. She was all business and I could tell she was really working to make me cum quickly. I did my best to keep my thoughts elsewhere and prevent that from happening. My right hand remained on the back of her head—clutching her blonde ponytail as she repeatedly ascended up and down my length with her warm lips. I didn't force her movements, but my right hand was a constant reminder that she should take my member deeper and deeper.

As Kristen stuck my dick further down her throat, I looked back through the cracks at the couple having sex. His pace had intensified and he was grunting like he was about to have a heart attack. Her moaning was louder too as she assisted his thrusts by rocking her big ass back into his pelvis. Two thrusts later, the man let out a triumphant cry of pleasure and pulled out of her dripping cunt. "Ohhhh ohhh ohh," the man groaned as he blew his creamy load all over her back and into her long brown hair.

I looked back at the teen girl bobbing on my cock. Kristen looked up at me as she used her front teeth to scrape gently against the sensitive head of my cock. I let out an audible moan and she pulled my cock from her mouth. She started to stroke my cock more aggressively with her mouth out of the picture. She rubbed the ruby red head of my dick against her tits as she continued to jack me off. Then she positioned the tip of her erect nipple against the sensitive tissue of my urethra and quickened her pace.

Her rapid hand motions brought me to a climax quicker than I had anticipated. I felt my balls contract and pre-cum dripping onto her areola from my throbbing dick. I once again reached out and enlisted the services of Kristen's tender lips. My hand guided her head back to my crotch and she closed her mouth over the pulsating head. Upon the parting of her soft wet lips, I immediately unloaded a stream of sperm into her mouth. As I shot my second and third stream down her throat, I clutched the back of her head and pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. My pelvis shot slightly forward as I convulsed in pleasure and the entire length of my shaft was thrust into her mouth. Her cute nose was mashed into my pubic area as my contracted sack rested on her narrow chin.

As I pulled my dick out of her mouth, some of my load careened out the corner of her mouth and onto her oily melons. There was also a long string of sticky jizz that went from her lips to the tip of my softening member. Kristen swallowed the cum she had retained in her mouth and smiled as she slid my penis back into my shorts.

"Don't forget our agreement," she said as she rubbed her cum covered tits. She massaged her breasts until my creamy solution blended in with the tanning oil she had already applied. I nodded, still trying to catch my breath, and she leaned in and kissed me. I could still taste the salty solution on her lips but I couldn't have cared less. I slid my tongue into her mouth and it became instantly intertwined with her own. I held the back of her head during the long embrace and I felt her naked breast and erect nipples press up against my chest. She broke off our kiss and smiled as she affectionately touched her index finger to the tip of my nose.

Then she stood up and trekked back up the dune to join the other girls. I gathered myself and peered through the crack one more time. The couple was long gone by then and I stood up and headed back to the house for a nap.


The four of us ventured down the path to beach at about 10:30. The three girls led the way and I followed closely behind with the cooler. The temperature had dropped slightly since the sun went down, but it was still around 75 degrees. I had on a polo shirt with my mesh shorts and I felt overdressed. The girls were each wearing very short shorts and a bikini top. None of us wore shoes, but the sand that was once burning hot was now cool and inviting.

As we reached the crest of the dune I saw that there was already a bonfire illuminating the beach. The girls laughed at my flabbergasted face. I was in shock that these girls had already started a successful fire. Apparently, the three had begged James to build the massive bonfire while I was asleep.

Around the fire there were beach chairs and towels for us to sit on. I grabbed a chair and set down the cooler. I quickly grabbed a beer and offered one to each of the girls. Each girl took one, although Jackie requested a wine cooler instead. I passed out the drinks and Kristen turned on her ipod, which she had hooked up to some portable speakers.

As we listened to music, we talked a lot about our lives away from Martha's Vineyard. We drank and the two older girls smoked cigarettes. They told stories of summers past and all the mischief they used to get into. It was hard to digest, but it seemed that Kristen and her friends had actually mellowed with age.

Before long, I was on my fourth beer and the girls were close behind. I thought it would be embarrassing if the girls managed to out-drink me so I maintained a constant pace and stayed a half a drink ahead of the drunkest girl. After my fifth beer, though, I was really starting to feel a buzz. I looked lustily over the girls in their flimsy tops. I would have fucked anyone of them. I could tell that they too were feeling the effects. Their limbs were slung every which way as they slouched in their beach chairs and laughed at forgotten memories.

Just then I saw Lauren reach into her bikini top and pull out a joint. "Oops, I almost forgot about the weed," she said holding the joint for us all to see. "Better late than never!"

"Truer words were never spoken," Kristen said tossing Lauren her lighter. Lauren sparked the joint and took a puff. She held the hit in for a minute and then let the smoke creep out of her slightly ajar mouth. As she did this she French-inhaled the smoke back through her nose and held it in once more.

"You want this Adam," she said as she put the joint before me. Never one to turn down free weed, I put the tightly rolled joint between my lips and took a long smooth hit. I held in the smoke and passed the joint to Kristen. I felt my nerves fade as I exhaled the smoke and slipped my feet beneath the cool sand.

After the joint went around a few times, Lauren stood up and walked over to me. She knelt beside me holding the burning roach between her nimble thumb and index finger. "Want a shotgun Adam?" She asked.

I was slightly embarrassed because I had no idea what she was talking about. "Yea, definitely," I said anyways. I saw Lauren take a long drag on the joint and lean in towards me. I still didn't really get what was going on so I let her make the first move. She grabbed my chin and pressed her lips up against mine. As she kissed me, she blew the smoked into my open mouth. Naturally, I slipped my tongue into her mouth and began playing with her tongue. This caused Lauren to jerk back and break off our kiss. I was sitting there with my eyes closed and my tongue hanging halfway out my mouth. The others girls giggled as I opened my eyes.

Lauren was laughing too. "Go slow big boy," she said smiling. I smiled back and cracked another brew. She got off her knees and stumbled back to her seat next to her sister. We sat there listening to music and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the night. Everyone seemed content with just watching the burning embers of the bonfire drift off and disintegrate in the night sky.

"I've got an idea!" Kristen exclaimed. "Let's go skinny dipping!"

"Oh my god, we haven't done that since we were little! We used to have the best time," Jackie slurred back. We were all a little fucked at this point, but even in her drunken state I expected an objection from Jackie.

Not to be outdone by her sister and her friend, Lauren added her support and looked to me for approval. Kristen was staring right at me and winked at me. It was at this point that I realized this was her grand plan to loosen Lauren up for me. I couldn't refuse now and I stood up and stripped off my shirt in approval.

"Whoo! Let's do it," Lauren said as she stood up to join me. The other girls followed suit and jumped up to join the party. Then everyone froze. I was waiting for the girls to get naked, but I could tell they were waiting on me. At this moment, it struck me that there was some strategy involved in this. If I got to the water first, I would have an excellent view of these three beauties as they chased after me. Without warning I turned my back to the girls and dropped my shorts to the grainy floor. I took off running towards the water away from the bonfire. As I looked back, I saw the three girls stripping off their clothing next to the bonfire. All three girls had taken their tops off and were quickly pushing their bikini bottoms off their hips.

When I reached the water I entered with a forward dive into the eerie dark water. When I came up for air, I found myself in water just above my belly button. I turned around and watched the girls headed towards the water. All three girls' breasts flopped up and down as they dashed toward the shore. Kristen was ahead of the pack and she high stepped into the water near me. I admired her finely trimmed pussy as she flailed her legs about in the water. The other two girls were not far behind and dove into the ocean as well. All three nude girls swam towards me until we were all in the same general area.

Once we were all acclimated to the temperature of the water, we started messing around. There was no physical touching, but we would take turns jumping up out of the water and exposing ourselves, if only for a minute. I saw Kristen jump up and backwards dive back into the water. Her tits caught the bright moonlight as they emerged from the water. As she finished her dive, she spread her legs giving me a clear view of her snatch. I mimicked Kristen's back flip and flashed my half hard penis at the girls in the process. They watched intently almost to the point of staring. Not to mention I had to expose myself twice as much as anyone else because there were three girls and just one guy. In truth, I didn't mind. It seemed that each was prettier than the next and it was a good trade off. Plus, I was pretty drunk.

In all the messing around, none of us had noticed the police 4x4 that had pulled up next to the bonfire. We all froze in our steps and looked at each other.

"Oh shit," Kristen said. "That's Ethan Poe. He's the local deputy that patrols the beach at night looking for underage drinkers." We were in a pickle. First of all, we were all drinking and the empty cans were all over the bonfire site. I could see the deputy snooping around as he dismounted his vehicle. It was only a matter of time before he saw the clothes sprawled across the beach and put two and two together.

"Kristen, what's the plan? You know it's illegal to have a fire burning on this beach?" Jackie chimed in. She seemed very shy all of a sudden, using her left forearm to cover her nipples.

"Huh, you never told me that!" Kristen scoffed back.

"Well, I forgot. It has something to do with the dune grass and the environmental risk of fire. We have to do something," Jackie whined.

"Alright, this is what we're going to do. Me and Jackie know Ethan from high school, so we'll try to convince him to give us a warning. You two hang out her and stay out of sight. After we draw him away we'll come back and get you," Kristen whispered.

"What! That's the plan? You and I are just going to walk up to Officer Poe naked and plead with him for forgiveness. You're crazy! I've only ever talked to that nerdy kid like one time. You think that if we walk up there he's just going to gush over old memories back in high school and give us a slap on the wrist?" Jackie said.

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