tagNovels and NovellasAdam Martin - The Pupil Ch. 02

Adam Martin - The Pupil Ch. 02


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"Adam Martin - The Pupil" is an erotic story, with some parts containing graphic sexual scenes. If erotica is illegal in your area by local, county, province, or national law, please stop reading now and go elsewhere.

Chapter 02 - The Travel Plaza.

She told me she would be right back and left me standing there, as she dashed out the door. I took a look around. The room was tiled all the way around, including the floor and the ceiling. It was a nice shade of canary yellow with black, white and gold trim. Real upscale, I thought, for a glorified truck stop. There was a large, chrome shower head that reminded me of a miniature flying saucer, only shiny and polished.

The shower itself looked like one you would only find in a hotel suite. It was fairly large with a rectangular shape and silver handles and fixtures. On the opposite side of the room was a wooden bench made with sturdy unpolished wood and a few metal hooks on the wall directly above it to hang your belongings so they would not get wet. On top of the hooks was a shelf with clean towels. There were a few labeled switches next to the door. One read "Heat" and the other "Red Heat Lamp." I flipped both of those on and turned off the other lights attempting to give the room a sexy feel.

Just as I finished inspecting and fooling around with the switches, she came back, her clothes still wet. I stood there watching her as she laid down some bags on the bench. She took a few deep breaths and calmly brushed her fingers through her hair as she finally turned to face me. Through the dim lighting, I could make out pointy erect nipples piercing through her white sweater and bra. I looked down at her legs and saw water drip down the inside of her thigh. I have to admit that it looked so erotic to me, I bit my lower lip and tried not to show my intense wanting. I closed my eyes for a second imagining her warm, sensuous lips on mine as I plunged deep into her hot core... I wanted to feel her so badly I began to ache again. Slowly opening my eyes and catching hers, I noticed an excitement beaming from them. She was calling me silently over to her with her eyes, mesmerizing and inviting.

"Let's get undressed baby," She said in a voice that was almost pleading. Not wanting my voice to crack or sound like an overexcited idiot, I simply nodded and smirked back at her as I began to walk forward. She quickly grabbed me and gently pushed me until my back was up against the wall. She reached up placing her arms around my neck and looked up into my eyes with a mischievous smile on her face. I smiled back at her as she slowly lowered her hands and started to undo the first button of my powder blue polo shirt. Every button she undid was like a ritual. She would undo one button, look into my eyes and kiss me lightly on the lips, then pull back and start on the next button. Damn this woman was a tease. I knew if I let her keep this up much longer, I'd cum before she even got my shirt all the way off...

"Liza, ma'am," I said trying real hard not to sound too much like the overly excited horn-dog that I was becoming, "I'm about to faint or die from wanting you so badly. Please hurry, I want you now."

She gave me an amused giggle and just continued to undress me. I couldn't stand it anymore. Not even bothering with the last few buttons of my shirt, I quickly grabbed the bottom and lifted both the polo and my white undershirt off in one swoop.

I pulled her closer, grabbing the bottom of her sweater and swiftly but carefully pulled it over her head. She stood there in the sexiest white lace bra with a look of shock and amusement on her face as she allowed me to do it my way. I stepped in real close and hugged her. As I held her in my arms, I inhaled the sweet scent of her as I pressed her tighter to my body, wanting to feel her hot flesh against my bare chest. I caressingly crept my hands from her waist, up her back, feeling my way to her bra hooks. With a few feeble attempts, I managed to undo it. The white lace slid off her breasts slowly and her firm, perky erect nipples came to view. They were perfect in my eyes, pointing towards me begging to be warmed by the warmth of my mouth. Two little peaks stood, puffed out and looking as hard as my dick felt, surrounded by dark pink, silver dollar sized areolas which laid in beautiful contrast against her soft, smooth slightly bronzed skin.

I moaned loudly, not wanting to keep inside how I felt about her breasts. They screamed to be sucked. I lost all other thoughts at that moment as I bent down to take her left nipple into my mouth. Flicking her erect little nipple with the tip of my tongue and gently sucking, I suddenly felt her body go a bit limp in my arms as it arched toward my mouth, wanting more as a slight gasp escaped her lips. I sucked on it more urgently as if I was a hungry baby needing to feed for the first time. My primal instincts took over as I licked and explored that precious nipple while my hand played with its twin on the other side.

As I made myself at home playing, sucking and teasing her nipples, she continued undressing, moaning and giving me more confidence with phrases like: "Yes baby, you suck my nipples so good. Oh yes bite them Adam. Fuck that feels so good. I love your lips baby."

I closed my eyes, basking in the abyss of her breasts as she reached over and tried to lower my pants.

I took over and pulled them down as far as I could without having to let go of her nipples. I used my feet to kick them the rest of the way off. The heat of the room made me feel more aroused and suddenly my body felt more sensitive and aware. Everywhere she touched me, made me shiver like little electrical shocks, sending waves of pleasure all through my body.

Without a moments hesitation, she quickly unzipped her skirt and pulled down matching white laced undies as she let them drop down to the floor and kicked them over to the side. I immediately felt her hands rubbing my back and giving my shoulders a small massage and bringing my head closer into her breasts. I sucked a little more on her nipple, and then switched to the other one wanting to give this nipple a breather.

Then she ran her hands down my sides, resting them on my hips a bit, and then her hands traveled back and grabbed my ass checks. She began to squeeze and knead them. Next she worked her hands to the front of my body, and with one hand took my cock and the other my balls. She began to stroke me playing with my shaft and balls simultaneously, her motions sent so much blood to my cock I was ready to erupt like a Hawaiian volcano. As if she sensed this, she squeezed the base of my cock with her fingers making them into a cock ring.

I let out an anxious moan and squirmed a bit in her hand. I was way over the edge and had never felt this way before. This was bliss. She then let go with one hand and held my head to her bosoms just like a mother would do to a child. I felt fuzzy warm, loved and lusted after. She bent her head over mine and nibbled on my ear, sending more shivers to my already electrified body.

"I want you in me now," She moaned into my ear.

"Yes Liza yes, I want you so much to" I said pleading.

As she held my cock in her other hand, she gave it a few tugs as she moved her body closer. With the hand that had cuddled me to her chest, she lifted my head up to hers and slowly began to outline my lips with the tip of her tongue before plunging it into my mouth for a deep kiss. I could feel her guiding my rock-hard, throbbing cock to the mouth of her pussy, slowly rubbing the head of my penis against her hot clit. I felt her body jolt in my arms as she guided me back to her entrance. I began to slowly push forward into the hot wet slippery folds of her vagina, savoring the moment. I could feel my foreskin peel back as I pushed deeper and deeper inside. Her pussy felt soft, moist and inviting as it slowly stretched to accommodate me. The tip of my cock tingled like hell, almost making me cum, but I held back wanting this to last as long as possible until we were both satisfied. I wanted to remember this feeling for the rest of my life.

I stood there for a second or so just absorbing the moment. It was pure heaven. Just being connected to this woman and having my pulsating manhood being devoured and engolfed by her slippery hot core was like no other. I pulled slowly almost all the way out and thrust back into her, plunging deeper. We both moaned at the same time, making it sound like a choir of lust echoing in the small room. The second time I pulled out, it was a little faster, a little more urgent. Her juices on my cock felt so good. My cock hardened even more and I began thrusting into her faster, pounding my hips against her. She grabbed my ass and forced my body to practically body slam into her.

"Your cock feels so nice in my pussy, lover."

"Talk dirty to me!" I pleaded not knowing why I even said that. I had never had the need to hear love making words before, but the encouragement made me even hotter with desire for her.

"I can feel your cock open up the insides of my pussy," she began.

"When your cock pulls out, your head touches my clit and sends shivers all over my body." She moaned loudly while saying

"Fuck me harder lover, yes, yes that's it. Thrust in all the way."

I pushed her up against the wall behind us, picked up one of her legs and wrapped it around my waist to give me more leverage as I continued to pound as hard as I could into her. She quickly grabbed onto my shoulders for support and squeezed them roughly as her head tilted back with an unsuppressed moan of pure ecstasy.

"Ooh slam your cock in my pussy, I'm so fucking wet.... Mmm, fuck me harder, faster, cum in me. I want to feel your hot cum inside me, I'm about to cum baby boy, cum with me!"

Her sexy voice sent me to the point of no return. I relaxed a bit getting ready to cum in her pussy. This woman was magic, she was a sex goddess.

"I'm there, I'm about to cum!" I said rather loudly, but I did not care. In fact I couldn't give a shit if anyone heard me coming; this was too hot of a moment to care.

Her head shot back as she moaned and whimpered "Fuck, I'm coming."

I felt her body tremble and held her tight as I pulled her as close as I could, still slamming hard into her. My balls slapped against her pussy making smacking noises as I rammed and shot load after load into her cunt. I was moaning loudly, my body involuntarily convulsing as I came inside her. Our lips sought each other and the kiss was so needy, so passionate. I hadn't known I had it in me to kiss like that. I was spent, but my cock was still in her as I stroked in and out slowly, softly, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking. I wanted to fuck her again, but I was getting soft. Maybe after a nice meal we could do this again I thought.

As if she read my mind she said, "Lets shower, take care of our clothes, have a bite to eat and maybe we can go for round three," smiling with an evil grin that made her look like a teen wanting to get into mischief.

I reluctantly pulled out of her slowly. When my cock came out of her pussy, it was moist with the juices of our lovemaking. She reached down, gliding her finger over my limp cock and rubbing it into the juices then seductively brought it to her mouth, savoring the taste as she licked her finger clean. She took some more and offered me a taste. I had never done this, but I knew I wanted to taste what she tasted like, so I licked her fingers. The taste was indescribable, but the salty smooth tasting liquids agreed with my taste buds and I enjoyed it. I made a mental note to lick her pussy the next time we made love.

She turned on the shower water making it very warm, a bit toward the hot side actually, but my body needed this shower. There was a small soap bar on the little ledge under the shower, I took it, unwrapped it and offered it to her.

She refused taking it and went to one of the bags she had brought in with her. She took a bottle of shower gel from inside. I smiled that she had the foresight to get that for us but then again, she was a mature woman and I was sure she had a lot of life experience.

"Let me clean you baby," she said as she squeezed some shower gel on to her palm.

I felt a little awkward but let her lather up my hair, her fingers massaging my scalp. She made a few circle motions on my temples that felt real good and the awkwardness of a moment ago was now forgotten. I started to feel real love for this woman. She knew how to take care of a man and decided I wanted her to be part of my life if she would have me but I kept that to myself for now. I didn't want to seem too forward and scare her away.

"Rinse off your head," she said as she squeezed a fresh batch of shower gel into her hands.

I did as I was told and looked at her once the soap suds were gone. She spread the gel on my chest and my underarms. It tickled me some and I giggled. She placed her lips on my mouth kissing me deeply as she lathered up my neck, chest and arms. I looked at her with more affection as she placed more gel in her hand and lathered the pubic hair on top of my cock and then my cock and balls. She gently pulled back my foreskin and looked into my eyes as I sighed with pleasure. After thoroughly cleaning me there she knelt down and washed my legs. She got up and her hands roamed my body. This was a completely new experience for me so I didn't know how to react. My mouth was open and I was drooling. I felt myself getting hard and excited again. Her mouth found mine as she pushed us under the running water and rubbed her body against mine while rinsing me off.

"Turn around, let me do your back."

I willingly obliged. She started with the back of my neck, and then slowly started massaging my neck and shoulders, then moved to my back. She cleaned and massaged me, it felt so fine. I was drooling again, thinking that I better not develop that as a habit because drooling all the time would suck real bad. Thank god we were in water... maybe she won't notice, I thought hopefully. She moved to my lower back and sides, then down to my butt. Unexpectedly, she slid her hand in my butt crack and washed my asshole. I felt uncomfortable and squirmed, but she moved lower to the underside of my balls and I relaxed again. She guided me under the shower and helped me rinse off the suds. I thanked her with a passionate kiss and took the gel from her hands. I wanted to return the favor. I spread lots of gel on her breasts, tummy and her pussy. I rubbed her body into a soapy later, cleaning whatever I could find. Damn, cleaning her body was an adventure in its own right.

First I started with her breasts, cleaning and fondling them at the same time. I copied what she did to me, but I used my body to sud her up. I gave her a sensual massage and she was groaning and moaning with enjoyment, praising me as I hit a few of her hot spots. I made another mental note to pay some more attention to those areas when we resumed our love making later.

When we were done showering, we used the towels that were on the shelf in the room to dry off. She walked over to the bags she had brought in from the travel plaza store and pulled out a new pair of track pants and a t-shirt and handed them to me.

"Oh wow, thank you, these are real nice!" I said examining them. The track pants were gray with a print of an Indian's head on the right leg and the t-shirt was made from a thick white cotton fabric that had a matching print similar to the pants.

"How can I repay you?" I asked.

"You already have" she said with a smile that showed off her pearly white teeth.

I took a step closer to her and gave her a nice long hug, feeling her still nude body against mine. She planted a few kisses on my neck and I squeezed her tighter.

We heard a clicking noise and the heater and heat lamp turned off in the room. Our time was up. We dressed with our new clothes as fast as we could. She had the same kind of track pants, but she got a pink fleece top with a print of yellow sunflowers. We took our wet clothes and placed them in the empty bags. I took them all and we left the room, taking one more quick look to see if we left anything behind.

"Let's get something to eat, I'm famished!" she exclaimed, making smacking sounds with her mouth.

I laughed. We headed for the restaurant. When we got there it was almost full. We managed to find one booth left in the back corner and sat down rushing to take a look at the menu. I handed her one and took one for myself. Two minutes later a nice waitress came to the table and greeted us. She sounded real friendly and had a homely look about her; she asked if we wanted drinks. Liza ordered a glass of red wine and I ordered a vanilla milk shake. After finding what I wanted on the menu, I placed it down and looked at Liza as she was trying to decide. I took off my shoes because they were still wet and soggy then rested my feet on the table leg. The waitress came back shortly with our drinks and took our orders.

"Can I put my feet up on the bench next to you?" I asked Liza as the waitress walked away.

"Sure as long as you don't mind me putting mine up also."

I looked at her feet as she placed them on the bench. Her toenails were well manicured, painted pale pink with little white flowers. I reached to rub them and I think I scared her because she jumped a bit. I started rubbing them and she sighed, smiling her pleasure to me and said, "That feels like magic Adam."

I smiled at her and told her she had sexy feet, in fact everything about her was too sexy. She thanked me, winked and told me I was the closest thing to a Greek god that she had ever met.

"Your black hair, piercing blue eyes and soft square male features are quite striking. You make me wet just looking you," she said as she licked her lips and smiled, looking me in the eyes.

I could feel my face turning slightly red and thanked her for the compliments. No one had said things like that to me before. My cock stirred again as I thought about our lovemaking and anticipated going back into the shower room and fondling her again.

Our food arrived. We thanked the waitress and dove right in. I looked at her at one point, watching her eat. Everything she did just looked so sensual. I took a French fry from her plate and slowly sucked on it while looking at her. We both laughed and made dinner a sexy affair. Soon as we had our fill of food, the waitress came back and asked if we wanted coffee and dessert. We said yes to coffee and ordered apple pie with ice cream. I told her how I like to make my own fresh ice cream.

"What else can you make?" she asked enthusiastically.

"I am a real good cook, some even call me "Le Petit Chef," I said smiling, "I hated staying at home because my stepfather would always find ways to annoy me and get me into trouble, so I signed up for any extra community classes I could find. My mother thought it was a good idea to keep myself busy and entertained so my stepfather couldn't argue with her about it. I took cooking, martial arts, guitar, photography and worked out in the gym. I also joined the Boy Scouts and church choir because my mother wanted me too." I told her about some of the recipes I could make and then apologized when I realized I was rambling on and on.

"You're not rambling, I want to know more about you, you seem like a very fascinating young man," she said raising her eyebrows just a bit.

There was an announcement from our bus driver that the weather was clearing and we would leave in about an hour. She paid for dinner on her credit card and would not accept any money from me, telling me that I could cook for her one day and make up for it. I agreed, because she had just given me hope that we would see each other again and I swore to myself that I would hold her to it. We decided to go wash and dry our clothes. We went to the laundry area and placed all our clothes in the same washer, which made me feel like we were a couple already, bringing a smile to my face.

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