tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 01

Addicted to Attention Ch. 01


Cathy marvelled at the beauty of the scenic lakeside while we slipped back into our togas and prepared to check into the Lake View Motel. It was more luxurious and even more nicely appointed than the last one. We had our bags taken into the lake front unit by the owner, no less. We checked the unit to make sure that it was to our complete satisfaction. It had a well stocked bar and came with room service meals if required, as well as access to other facilities such as canoes and a motor boat with water skis. Cathy and I were overwhelmed by the surroundings and the size of the bedrooms.

"King size beds even." I said gleefully, as I leaped onto one of them. This was going to be a really fun weekend. Now I was glad that the previous two weekends had been so changeable and we all knew each other so intimately now. Des and Ken were now as close as Cathy and I had become. After all they worked with each other all day, just as we did. I decided to have a shower and change so I took off my toga and waist chain and went to find the bathroom. I was startled at first to find both Cathy and Ken already in the room showering under an open shower together, soaping each other up and giggling happily. They both beckoned me in.

"Plenty of room for all of us. Don't be shy." Ken leered.

There was no stall, just an open area with a tiled floor with a drain in the centre, not unlike a changing room shower at a sports venue. Although Ken had seen me naked many times the contact of his strong hands as he helped Cathy soap me up prompted my lustful fantasy of surrendering to his charms. Although I did my best to hide my state of excitement, my nipples stiffened helplessly under his sensual touch. There was a moment when it seemed inevitable that we would all succumb to temptation but we were interrupted by Des's suggestion that we all go out for dinner and drinks.

Debate followed and it was unanimously decided, in the end, to dress up and go out to have a meal. There were three venues within walking distance from the Lake View. By this time it was dark and we eagerly unpacked. Cathy and I chose sophisticated outfits, suitable for a formal public restaurant, eye-catching but not likely to cause adverse comment. The men wore their business suits and Cathy and I helped each other with our makeup.

We were starving by the time our taxi arrived to pick us up. It was Burt, the same cabbie that I had shown off my genital jewellery to. He ushered us into his cab, discretely making no comment about our last meeting. He was friendly and courteous, opening our door on arrival at the restaurant.

He complemented us on what an attractive pair of ladies we were and offered to pick us up later. We made a grand entrance to the dimly lit dining room and were ushered to a table overlooking the lake.

We had a wonderful meal, absorbed in friendly conversation. I didn't notice that we had all consumed many more drinks than usual until we stood to leave. Cathy stumbled and staggered a little so we called the taxi again.

The atmosphere when we returned to our room, was electric with anticipation. The conversation that night had focussed fleetingly on the possibility of Cathy and I swapping partners. It had even dealt briefly with the possibility us all sleeping in the same bed, amidst nervous laughter. The thing that we had all been concerned about was our friendship. None of us wanted to let jealousy or possessiveness spoil our friendly relationship which we all agreed should never be put at risk at any cost.

I broke the ice by undressing Cathy and suggesting that she and Des use our room for the night. Her eyes betrayed her eagerness to adopt my suggestion. The men were in immediate agreement so Ken and I both retired for the night. I left the door to our bedroom open, hoping that Cathy would do the same. It may seem odd and I had fantasised about this moment for weeks, yet I was still strangely nervous at the thought of sleeping with another man.

Ken began his sex play, telling me he had wanted to have sex with me ever since the first time we had swum in our pool at home. As he was so honest, I reciprocated and complemented him on his foreplay by moaning softly and kissing him passionately. When he entered me, his penis felt as though it was stretching my vaginal walls in every direction further than in the past. His body felt smoother than Des and his silky pubic hair was not as coarse as Des's against the lips of my vagina, now so much more sensitive with no pubic hair of my own. He stroked gently and moved his hips as though he was trying to access unknown regions of my womb. He felt so perfect.

We gratified our needs together, knowing that Des and Cathy were enjoying the identical experience only a few feet away. I let myself go and surrendered to his techniques, idly wondering if I would be able to take him anally while he first made love to me in the most conventional position. I was thoroughly wet and had already enjoyed several mild orgasms by the time he was ready to ejaculate.

He stiffened and thrust hard, gripping me tightly in his arms, and I felt his penis throbbing with imminent urgency against my contracting vaginal walls and anticipated that he would soon be filling me with his seed.

Soon, I experienced a massive orgasm. I had always been quite vocal with Des in this department. My body shook and convulsed as Ken ejaculated his hot semen deep inside me. My clitoris felt as though it was bursting and we lay together in each others arms, tenderly caressing one and other as he subsided within me. He moaned with satisfaction.

"Wow Barbara! You sure are hot." He sighed.

Before I had time to feel any shame or recrimination I heard sounds of jubilation from Cathy next door indicating that she and Des were far from unhappy with the arrangement.

The rest of the night was devoted to complete sexual abandon. Ken and I enjoyed each other without further shame or nervous anxiety. We tried all the usual positions with equally gratifying results. Ken turned me into the sixty nine position and drove his tongue into my steaming vagina whenever he was temporarily unable to regain his erection. I took all of his member in my mouth and teased the underside of his penis with my teeth as I urged his libido back to life, unconcerned about the possibility of swallowing his juices. He truly was a amazing lover and I was truly tempted to agree when he wanted to try me out anally.

He sensed my reluctance and didn't press me when I declined for the moment. Instead we had yet another bout of sex, with me in the female superior position so that I could control the action, leaving me to decide.

When we were having breakfast the next morning we were all chirpy and jubilant, better friends than ever if that was possible. Cathy was as flushed with excitement as I was and all previous barriers were gone. We shared our love experiences enthusiastically among each other as if it was perfectly normal behaviour. It emerged that none of us had been unfaithful in our marriages before although, of course, we had all had our fantasies. I was pleased that both men seemed comfortable with what we had done and Des certainly appeared to be enjoying the new arrangement with Cathy.

Our experiences last night had been the only logical way for us to fulfil any unfulfilled fantasies we may have had. We wisely agreed not to share these experiences with any other couples, primarily because of possible diseases such as Aids. We concurred that S.T.D was becoming a severe problem in society these days and we made a pact to discuss any future infidelities together, before we went ahead.

Des and Ken were interested in checking the properties available for lease or sale around the district. On the other hand, I was keen to have my clit piercing checked and the new jewellery that I had chosen fitted.

It was agreed that the men would go out, dropping us girls at the tattoo parlour on the way, and meet up later for lunch. Cathy and I dressed in matching togas. I was becoming quite fond of this style of dress and it certainly suited the purpose for our visit to the piercing studio. I looked forward to walking back here through the shops with Cathy, browsing through the full variety of goods available and checking out the prices.

Des stopped at the bowling alley on the way and picked up a large envelope from the owner. We all sat in the car eagerly looking through the jumbo prints that had been supplied. The quality of the photographs were superb, capturing the images of all the ladies on the same elevated angle that the audience had enjoyed that night.

I confess that I blushed while I examined one particular print that showed my second walk to the edge of the catwalk. I was smiling and clearly demonstrating my enjoyment at being seen without my clothing on. Worse still, it proved my advanced state of sexual arousal.

I stood, legs apart and bathed in a revealing spotlight, exhibiting my clit ring to a room full of total strangers. It was impossible to convey the atmosphere that prevailed that night in a mere photo so I hesitated before passing it on to Cathy. She looked at it, eyes widening in admiration, as she nodded her approval.

"I've often fantasised about how it would feel to walk through a crowded room, naked like that." She exclaimed. "The closest I came to that, was when Ken and I went to a strip club one night and I did a guest spot for a five minute strip. It happened just before we were married and I was quite drunk, but I was thrilled by the applause that followed, once I got all my gear off."

Her eyes sparkled as she recalled her experience and it was obvious that she remembered that night vividly.

I was reassured by Cathy's revelation, thinking about the audience's encouragement that had prompted my daring on that night. I had often marvelled about it over the last three weeks, wondering how I could possibly have done something like that, even with Des's encouragement.

I had agonised secretly about that night ever since, sometimes proud of my achievement but on some other occasions feeling an indefinable sense of guilt and shame. This had been the reason that I let Des go in for the photos alone while the rest of us stayed in the car. I had been too embarrassed to face the manager again.

Now, I was more confident than ever. I realised the enjoyment that I had brought to the most important people in my life. I even felt quite privileged and happy that my actions that night had met with all their approval and admiration. Ken said that I looked glowingly beautiful in that shot, as he looked at it once again. My initial reservations about the photos disappeared as we continued our trip.

The men came inside the studio with us to make sure that we would be comfortable on our own. We were happy to let them go off while we waited for 'Doc' to prepare the studio. Cathy was nervous but she resolved to be brave and have the same procedure as I had.

Harold ushered us both into the studio and asked me to hop up on the table. He nodded his approval as he examined my clitoris and remarked on how well it had healed. He asked if I had had vaginal sex since the procedure and whether I had experienced any discomfort. He asked so professionally that I wasn't embarrassed to give him the answers to his questions.

"Sex has been just great. No problems at all." I said, glancing at Cathy with a shy smile. "I really enjoy it much more than before." He nodded and asked if I had brought any other jewellery for him to fit. Cathy handed him my chosen ornament while I relaxed there with my genitals opened wide, ready for the next step.

He took pains to show me how to change the adornment myself, at a later time and recommended that I put the original ring in place as a sleeper if the extra weight of the new jewellery became annoying in any way. He sterilised the new ring before replacing my original ring and standing back to allow me to view his placement.

He asked if he could photograph his work as soon as he completed his session with me. I agreed without hesitation and posed while he took a photographic record for his files.

Cathy was very impressed by his caring and professional manner, readily taking my place on the table while he examined her. She shyly smiled her approval when he told her that he could do a slightly different but visually identical procedure on her.

She held my hand as Harold prepared her and she winced as he clamped the area for piercing. She looked at me as the needle went through, barely registering any pain that she may have felt from the process. I was so proud of her.

Harold completed then surveyed his work, asking Cathy to check her image in the mirror to make sure that she was satisfied with the result. Cathy was thrilled with the new jewellery, spending the next few minutes examining her reflection from all angles once she got off the table.

Harold offered us a cup of tea while he explained the various after-care procedures. His wife had just returned from the shops and she invited us into their living area adjoining the studio. Harold asked if we would like to see some other options for body decoration. His wife Heather, took off her dress and bra to display her own body telling us that she very rarely wore clothes in the house. Cathy and I told her that we were photographic models and, like herself, enjoyed being naked in our home environment. She asked us if we had ever considered nipple jewellery or belly button studs as she showed us her own ornaments. When she invited us to disrobe if we wished we both complied without hesitation. We sat with her and Harold, discussing the various options available, entirely comfortable to be naked in their presence.

She was a petite, attractive lady in her late forties and almost as brown as Cathy, with very full breasts and no tan-lines. Her family had moved to the city and told us that only her youngest daughter was still living at home. We talked for another hour after Harold was called away for another customer.

He excused himself and assured us before he went that we were welcome to stay with Heather, his wife. We were happy to stay and talk to her as she was very understanding and interesting to talk to. In spite of the age difference she seemed interested in Cathy and I, obliging us both with a wealth of knowledge regarding body piercing.

As we left, she kissed us both lightly on the cheek and wished us a great weekend. She cautioned us not to do anything that she wouldn't do, with a knowing smile.

We left, chatting happily between ourselves as if we had just been visiting our mother. I was feeling on top of the world. Harold had asked us to come back before we left Maple Lake, so he could check Cathy's new piercing. When we offered him payment he urged us to pay on our next visit, before we left. I had the distinct impression that he only wanted to ensure that we came back, so that he could monitor Cathy's procedure.

The extra weight of my new ring was noticeable as we walked along the shopping area, but very pleasurable and not at all uncomfortable. Cathy was smiling widely and telling me that the new sensations she was feeling were beyond ecstasy. We bought a few essentials as we progressed through the shops and discussed our experiences of the previous evening.

I was glad that we could discuss, so frankly and easily, our respective husband's activities without embarrassment or reservation. It appeared that we both enjoyed the change of pace and the uniqueness of swapping partners and agreed to try it again the next night. I told Cathy that Des was very gentle and that he loved anal sex. We attracted the usual attention to our attire along the way but we were too pre-occupied with our conversation to concerned about the sly glances of admiration.

We arrived at the motel and, before long were joined by our 'Masters' as we had jokingly referred to them in their absence. They looked approvingly at our new jewellery. Ken was very taken with his wife's new appearance and suggested a trial run of alternative sex.

"Perhaps Cathy is still a little numb around there." I urged when I noticed Cathy shift uncomfortably. "We only got home, just a few minutes ahead, of you two guys. Really!" I pouted.

Cathy seemed to be grateful that I was so protective of her.

Des and I made a light lunch while Cathy went into the bathroom with Ken to shower and soothe her body with some after-care solution. The fresh piercing had been giving her a small amount of pain at that point, suggesting the need for some tender care. When they came out we all sat down to eat and chat about our morning's efforts.

The guys had seen a number of likely properties, and wanted to show us two of them. I was concerned about Cathy but she was feeling much better now and was anxious to have a drive around the district.

Both of the houses were in the direction of the rest stop, on the other side of town where Des and I had met Melissa and her friends three weeks ago. I remembered that the area was more private, with little traffic and even fewer houses.

We had only travelled a short distance past that point when the guys pointed to a beach house right on the lakefront with a boathouse and jetty, adjacent to an area of vacant flat land. It hadn't been occupied for some time and needed painting quite badly. However, the style was modern and there were no other houses around for quite some distance. Burt, the cab driver, had told Des about it because he knew the owners well. There was nearly 4 acres of flat land that adjoined the property. The owners had gone overseas and had left Burt their contact address. He watched over the property for them and also had the keys to the house.

I was quite enthusiastic once we all looked all around the property.

To my delight, the lakefront was perfect for swimming with a sandy beach and a number of mature trees for shade. The interior of the house looked roomy, from what we could see of it so Des rang Burt, using his cell-phone. He wasn't able to come immediately so we all swam and sunbathed on the beach while we waited. We had agreed that, barring anything drastic being found upon inspection, the place would be entirely suitable to our needs.

We were frolicking in the water for the next hour, playfully teasing our husbands with the delights that may await them tonight as we waited for Burt to arrive. Des took photos of Cathy and I as we sat on either side of Ken's broad shoulders. Now that I had been intimate with Ken I found myself a lot more amenable to the touch of his naked body on my mine. I was aching to feel his vibrant flesh inside me but my guilt at the thought of having sex with him in front of my husband and his wife kept me from being too forward. The longer we were there, the more we all fell in love with this idyllic place. Cathy and I resolved to leave the negotiations to our husbands but hoped fervently that they would be successful. The property had a special feel about it and both Cathy and I agreed that we would love to spend our summer weekends here, as long as we could afford the place.

The thought of coming to Maple Lake more often, now that we had swapped partners for the first time, was more appealing than ever. I hoped that the new arrangements would last between all of us and at this stage there seemed to be a good possibility that they would. Cathy and I had no jealous feelings at all and our men certainly seemed to be keen enough for a repeat performance.

To Be Continued...

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