tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 04

Addicted to Attention Ch. 04


I rang the quietly spoken man who had offered Cathy and I a job prior to the long weekend as soon as Des and Ken left for their work on Monday morning. His offer to employ us both for a full day's work sounded wonderful and we needed all the money we could gather in, especially now. When the men weren't thinking about their favourite past-time lately, the talk turned to Rome and how we might be able to afford to do the renovations that needed to be done. I was also determined to buy a Jet Ski, like Greg's.

I could see no harm in meeting him in person, along with Cathy, in his place of business. I knew that he had heard of us through a photographer that we had worked for earlier last week so I expected that he would know what we looked like. Cathy and I enquired at the counter and were immediately ushered into his office and introduced to Kent, the owner.

He was a tall bespectacled man, dressed impeccably in a grey business suit, about fifty-five years old, with an authoritative presence. He sat down and asked us straight away if we would have any qualms about modelling his rather revealing lingerie in a private setting before selected clients. We replied that if the money was good enough it didn't worry us, qualifying the affirmative with our normal rule about touching.

He offered us $75 per hour, or $400 per 6hr.day each, when he could arrange it. We normally charged $50 per hour each and most sessions lasted only one or two hours at the most, so we agreed to try a session. He nodded and asked us to remove our clothing so that he could check our bodies for blemishes such as tattoos or birthmarks.

He closed the door and we complied with his wishes without further ado.

"No underwear?" His eyes widened when we took off our dresses and. "You girls have lovely firm figures." He mused idly. "Nice body jewellery too. You take good care of yourselves I see." He concluded as he appraised our suitability. "Yes! You'll be fine!"

He had accepted the clit rings decorating our smoothly shaven pubes. This had been a concern of ours but we had been prepared to remove the jewellery temporarily, if necessary. He offered to employ both of us to do some stills with a photographer. Meanwhile, he invited us to go through another door leading to the main sample storage room.

"Just bring your personal items through here, my dears." Indicating our dresses and handbags. "Leave them off for now." He suggested with a veiled hint of authority.

On one side of the room there were three dressing tables with full length mirrors, while the other side was filled with rows of samples. There was every sort of lingerie a girl could wish for. There were lockers which he indicated on one wall, as he opened two of them.

"These are for the underwear items that you will model." He explained. "You are to put the garments that you have modelled into these lockers when you change. As sort of bonus, you may keep these when the range is sold out to be replaced with the latest line." He smiled as he watched us explore the entire range. "I'll just go and arrange for the photographer now if you like? Here's a list of the items that we would like presented." He gave me a list. "I'll just be next door for a while." He said quietly.

We picked the items in suitable sizes for our bodies. The range was extensive and sexually revealing but the quality was first class. I explored the room with Cathy. There was an indefinable scent of new leather and lace as we walked around completely nude that made us feel vulnerable and excited at the same time.

"What if--" Cathy began, with a concerned look as the door opened behind us. I was equally concerned about our safety but we turned quickly back toward the door.

The photographer came in through the opposite door to Kent's office entryway and told us about his requirements in make-up to suit the lighting in the showroom. It was all extremely professional. He introduced himself as Rick and after advising us on presentation techniques, he went back to the showroom to arrange lighting and camera equipment. For the next two hours we modelled the revealing garments down the elevated catwalk as Rick took snapshots from all angles. Kent, the owner, came in on quite a few occasions and he appeared pleased with our work.

My earlier reservations about the work offer evaporated as we both became confident and at ease. As Cathy was modelling one of the more revealing outfits Rick noticed that her nipples were standing to attention a little more than normal and asked her to highlight them with makeup. She blushed, but obliged him immediately.

She was totally turned on by the warm lighting and the intimate atmosphere of the room. The backdrop curtain contrasted her amazing body in a very sexy way, with Cathy performing like a seasoned professional. I realized that Rick was pleased with her so with renewed enthusiasm, posed my next shot to highlight my breasts similarly. Kent was enthusiastic in his praise when we finally stopped for lunch.

"Would you like to model our latest range of BDSM gear after lunch with a few of our clients present?" He asked with a twinkle in his eyes. "They'll just be thrilled with you girls." He added.

I looked at Cathy and she nodded with a smile.

"That might be fun." I agreed. "Say an hour, is it?"

We went out for a leisurely lunch, to a park nearby, discussing the morning's work. We had enjoyed working in front of Rick and he had taught us more about lingerie modelling in the last two hours than we had known previously. We felt ready to try a live audience, without the usual preliminary nerves making us too wooden to relax. We had a drink before returning to the boutique to relax us even further.

We looked, aghast, at the selection of corsets and garters, whips, limb restraints, masks and collars laid out for us in the changing room. We could hear muffled voices in the showroom beyond, suddenly realising that there were a number of people gathering to see us perform in these kinky outfits. With trepidation we removed our dresses and gave each other encouragement. We just hadn't expected the outfits to be so sexually explicit but we couldn't let Kent down.

Cathy and I were nervous but excited as we helped each other dress in the outfits laid out for us. Most of the outfits were designed to enhance and expose our pubic areas and breasts completely.

I winced as Cathy tightened the lace up leather corset and adjusted my spiked collar. I had never felt so exposed and vulnerable. The thought of walking into a room full of strangers with my breasts bound with leather laces and my pussy fully exposed as it were was making me shake with nervous anticipation, yet strangely, I was abnormally turned on at the same time.

Cathy was equally turned on as I brushed her quivering nipples with powder before we made an entrance. As we were looking at our images in the full length mirror, Kent came into the room from the office entryway. I stammered and told him how nervous we both were. He smiled and told us that we looked brilliant and knew that his clients were expecting a great showing. He said he would give us a very generous bonus as he expected the range to sell extremely well, with such beautiful models to present them. His voice calmed us both down and we began to trust him. His rich deep voice was extremely persuasive.

We heard Rick on the intercom, asking if we were ready to present the first outfits. Kent told him to be ready in two minutes with the lighting and cameras. It was too late to back out now, although I realised that I would have been far too nervous to attempt an entrance on my own. We put on the high heeled shoes and it was show-time. The door opened and we walked out together.

The stage lights were bright as we walked the length of the catwalk in silence, moving slowly and deliberately and turning around half way as Rick had instructed, showing to the audience before moving onward. We posed at the end of the catwalk and turned while Rick took photos at all angles. As soon as my eyes adjusted from the glare I could see mostly middle aged men, and some women to my surprise, eyeing us over appreciatively. As we walked back they clapped and talked between themselves. Cathy was smiling now as she turned toward the audience on both sides standing provocatively with legs apart and hands on hips. I did the same, becoming aroused by all the attention. The tightly cinched corset had a most erotic effect on my swollen labia, opening my inner lips and I could tell that the audience liked what they were seeing. As we left the stage and closed the swing doors behind us the audience applauded loudly. We helped each other to change into the next outfits, sighing with relief and attempting to relax. Our bodies were tensed with excitement and my nipples were fully at attention. My clit was throbbing uncontrollably with sexual tension and I knew that Cathy would be feeling the same. Without her support I knew that I would have chickened out and refused to open the doors. We had ten minutes to change and makeup between showings so there was no time for nervous chatter.

The rest of the afternoon went very well and Cathy and I encouraged each other to new levels of confidence. We worked our way through the outfits laid out by Kent while we were out displaying his gear on the catwalk. We had an interval half way through for refreshment and it was a welcome opportunity to compose ourselves and talk. We hadn't worked so hard for ages. The intervals between showings had been fully occupied with changing and re-adjusting makeup. We were still keyed up with tension but far more comfortable with the sexy outfits by the time the second segment of the exhibition started.

Once the last items had been presented we had time to shower and change back into our street clothes in an adjoining bathroom. Cathy was ecstatic. We had been out among a room full of strangers, parading in outfits that exposed our bodies more erotically than if we had been totally naked, for the last two hours. She was mindful of the money that we had earned and the accomplishment of what we had dared to do. For my part the job had easily surpassed my experience at the bowling alley at Maple Lake. I didn't have Des to encourage me at the boutique and couldn't wait to share the experience with him later that night. I would ring him as soon as we arrived home.

Kent had asked us to stay in his office while he attended to his buyers and Rick congratulated us on being such quick learners.

We had performed beyond his expectations and he was eager to work with us again. He told me that he would give me prints of his better shots for our C.V. portfolio.

When the buyers had all gone Kent sat down with us and said he was pleased with us and would call later that week with more work. He handed us a thousand dollars and said the session had been a complete success. He had orders totalling well over fifty thousand dollars from the clients at the show. He would arrange a similar show for out of town and overseas buyers as soon as possible. He talked to us for half an hour, asking us not to take on work for any other boutiques meanwhile. He informed us that he would make it worth our while. He had already been very generous and I sensed that he would continue to pay us well for our efforts.

"Sir, you have a deal." I said, extending my hand toward him.

After we left, thanking him and shaking hands, we went straight home to plan and discuss the events. Cathy was so excited, bubbling with enthusiasm, that she could hardly sit still as I drove home. Her enthusiasm was so infectious that I almost lost control and had a accident on the way. We stopped at home and went inside. I was on my way to the bedroom to change out of my clothes and ring Des when Cathy came up behind me and turned me toward her. She kissed me so passionately that I found myself returning her advances spontaneously without any reservation.

For the next hour we hugged, kissed and took care of our sexual tension in ways that we hadn't yet experienced together. I was still hyped up from the showing at the boutique but Cathy's rampant libido evidently surpassed mine. We brought ourselves to climax in waves of orgasmic delight. Unlike our first tentative experience, I revelled in pleasuring her, this time with complete abandon. I was beginning to thoroughly enjoy the intimacy between us now. My years of aversion to the thought of lesbian lovemaking forgotten. I understood that Cathy and I, although still preferring heterosexual contact, were close enough to one and other to enjoy sexual stimulation without our men.

We showered and went out to the pool area. In our first day back from the lake we had earned more money, having fun, than either of us was able to earn in a week's work of doing normal jobs. I was looking forward to the day that we could earn more money than our husband's did, in a far more exciting way. We laughed together as we discussed the nervous tension, mixed with exhilaration, that we had felt prior to the first showing. We knew there were people out there but not who, how many, or what type of people they were. Even in my daring exhibition at the bowling alley I knew that I was in front of a younger, more liberated sort of audience. There was a new dimension in the job's unknown danger factor, that had threatened to undermine my confidence and composure, making the new job even more thrilling.

Cathy cooked and I prepared the table while we waited for Des and Ken's arrival around 5-30pm. Due to my welcome experience with Cathy I had forgotten to ring Des earlier, as planned. Still, I looked forward to telling both of them when they arrived home.

They had signed the agreement for sale and purchase with the vendor's solicitor and arranged for the power supply at Rome early in the day. Knowing about our potential client, they hadn't tried to ring us.

They had made lots of arrangements regarding the property, in between clients, at the bank.

We showed them the financial result from our job that day. Ken was wide eyed and Des asked if we had been out turning tricks or something. We laughed and told them about the day's work. Cathy and I alternated, telling them about the outfits we wore and emphasising all the sensual details. Needless to say they were impressed. Cathy and Ken stayed over again and we spent the night very pleasurably, together in one bed.

It was Wednesday morning when Cathy answered the phone to Kent's soft voice. She rushed outside and asked me to make the arrangements with him. I had assumed the role of handling all business dealings by common consent between all of us. The men were beginning to realise that my ideas were sound and profitable and even more importantly, capable of generating more income for all of us. Over time, we hoped to make our early retirement to Rome possible with my various money making schemes. I had recently come up with some ideas for promoting the property values at Maple Lake, after securing more real estate in the town for ourselves. Our house would go on the market soon so that we could buy more property near the lake while maintaining Ken and Cathy's apartment in the city for us all to live in. Des wasn't so concerned to maintain discretion in the city on account of his job. He had seen many other properties around the lakefront, almost as good as Rome, going very cheaply.

I picked up the phone. Kent was had arranged a group of out of town buyers for Thursday afternoon at 1pm. He asked us to come over at 11am to talk and have lunch with him before that display. I had no hesitation in agreeing to this request straight away.

Then, he asked if we could we possibly come back at 7pm for a second showing. I hesitated. He knew that Cathy and I were married.

"I can definitely arrange Thursday during the day but our husbands will be annoyed if we are out in the evening without them." I explained. Thoughtful silence followed.

"Your husbands would be welcome to attend." He urged, adding. "I would make it very worth your while financially, of course. The buyers are very keen to do business and I would hate to disappoint them." He concluded, sounding hopeful.

"Let me discuss this and ring you back in an hour." I said.

Cathy was excited. The possibility of earning more money, and having our men there for moral support, was too good to miss. I knew that Kent would pay handsomely if we co-operated. He may well turn out to be the best client we could hope for. I rang Des. He and Ken would be delighted to attend.

I surprised myself when I negotiated a deal with Kent. Cathy and I would be guaranteed a minimum of three percent of sales generated from our show or one hundred dollars per hour each, whichever was the greater. In addition, Ten per cent of sales that Cathy and I could generate by selling the gear outside of the boutique's own operation including lingerie.

I was thinking of selling his gear at private parties that we could organise ourselves. The deal would guarantee our availability for any shows that Kent could organise. Kent agreed on the basis that we would assist his sales by mingling with some of the buyers after the show, to promote his products. We made the stipulation that there would be no week-end work and two days notice would be given to us for any evening work. Kent was impressed with my business acumen and agreed to the new arrangement.

"There is a big market out there for us to satisfy" he said, as we terminated the call.

I expected that our dream of earning more than two merchant bankers was within our sight. The retail mark-up alone on lingerie was 100% and we would be getting ten per cent off the manufacturers wholesale price. The financial possibilities were gratifying to say the least.

To Be Continued...

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