tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 08

Addicted to Attention Ch. 08


Lakeside was a hive of activity as alterations were made, signs were written and preparations underway for the 'Nostalgia' evening.

Gerald advised and helped too. I hadn't ever seen such enthusiasm in his demeanour and he started earlier and worked even later than he normally did. Our younger friends came during the week, as they took their summer holidays early, and stayed with Tony and Melissa.

By Thursday when the summer crowd started to arrive at Maple Lake, we were ready for a most successful night of frivolity. We hired all our young friends to help staff the bar and wait tables, convinced that they would be needed.

When the phone rang on Friday morning I answered. It was Kent phoning from the local motel to say that he had arrived late on Thursday and had Rick, one of his friends and their wives with them. Because they were a large group, they had booked the Motel and brought two cars. Kent's car was full of stock for the girls.

"Don't need to dress up now guys." he quipped. "Rick's wife and the others can't wait to meet you all. We've told them all about your wonderful place and they are all looking forward to a morning swim in the lake. Nobody brought togs either." He added with a laugh.

They all arrived at ten am. Rick had already seen the bungalow up on the hill and was keen to look inside after a morning swim. His wife Monique, a tall, slender and strikingly beautiful lady in her early forties was equally keen. Their friends Ray and Laurel, a charming couple around the same age as Margaret were overwhelmed by our home.

Following brief introductions we were all in the lake, swimming about and talking like old friends. It was interesting to note, as we had last weekend, that none of our older friends had discernable tan lines on their bodies and the women completely shaved, like Cat and I. Being nude, outdoors, evidently wasn't new to them.

Des took them all up to the bungalow in the convertible while Margaret stayed with Cat and I, at Rome. She had seen all that she needed and asked me to take her out on the lake instead. She wasn't a bit concerned about two or three other boats cruising nearby and I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into my back as she hung on tightly. She had no qualms about revealing her excitement at all. Ken and Cat had gone inside to prepare a light lunch for everyone when they returned while Margaret and I went right around the lake, stopping briefly at Tony and Melissa's little love nest across the lake from Rome. Margaret immediately fell in love with the privacy of area, enthusing about the scenic beauty of the land and the matured trees surrounding the lake frontage.

I loved Margaret's company. Age difference between us seemed quite irrelevant as we talked about things that I wouldn't dare to discuss with my own mother. She was interested in my family group, realising that Cat and Ken were more than just friends of ours. She told me that communal living wasn't new and brought a great many benefits to the participants. It had been widely practised in the sixties but in some cases it had produced unfortunate cults. Kent and herself had never tried it but had often discussed the benefits as well as the disadvantages. They had never found the right people to join up with. I found myself drawn to this open minded lady more and more as we talked. She was so understanding. When we saw the convertible return we made our way back. I could have talked to her all day as we had now become firm friends.

After a bit of good natured haggling Kent and Rick did buy the older bungalow. Their friend Ray had been a builder before going into his own business, pronouncing the structure sound and the new renovations well crafted. It was no surprise to me because Margaret had told me that they would be buying it earlier on. I was glad, mainly because I looked forward to her company, knowing we would see more of them now. They had been into town and seen the new signs on Lakeside, as we now called it. Tony had put the shop on hold but the foundation was there and he had assured us that it would be completed soon. The rest of Friday was spent organising the bungalow for occupation. We put a lot of the old furniture from Rome into the bungalow. The power and phone had been connected, for Tony to order materials. Kent was happy to stay at the motel but was out voted by his friends. Margaret looked forward to moving in immediately, saying that motel living was not really to her liking as she preferred the privacy of their own home.

Saturday night was a huge success, lasting well through the night. We introduced Kent and his friends to all the townsfolk that we knew, as the newest property owners in Maple Lake. Margaret, as I had expected got on really well with Harold's wife, Heather. Darlene was overjoyed as her mother didn't have a lot of friends her own age that had so much in common.

The convivial patrons almost drank the bar dry, costuming was superb and the band performed beyond the six hours I had arranged. Best of all, Kent told me he was going to arrange all the buyers he could to use the facilities mid-week. He expected better results in a more exotic surrounding. Now that they had their own base here, with Rick on site to arrange lighting and presentation, he liked the idea a lot. He was impressed with Melissa and Darlene's plans and the proximity of Maple Lake to other cities. There was also an airfield close by. The younger patrons appeared to enjoy the evening, staying much later than I had expected. Gerald congratulated us all on our efforts, reserving special comment for Cathy. We worked over the summer break, virtually equalling the previous year's annual profit. Maple Lake's accommodation venues were happy to provide mid week off season rates that assured the convention idea's viability, whilst adding to the profits of Lakeside Entertainment.

Cat and I had missed the thrill factor for those busy weeks, that we had experienced most recently at the nude revue bar in Rose Valley, but work had to take priority. The midweek events that we planned over the winter now included strip shows, but we needed to access some professional strippers to put on the sort of show that we would need to provide the largely male audience that we were expecting. Conferences would produce a lot of free spending businessmen and we wanted to encourage that type of clientele. The first opportunity came after the main holiday crowds had thinned out and Gerald could handle the business during the week.

We rang Bill Edmonds that week and arranged to have an evening's fun. He was pleased to hear from us and offered us a spot immediately. That night we all drove to the city. Des and Ken were as delighted as Cat and I. They always enjoyed watching us and the other girls as we exhibited ourselves in the nude. Cat and I carried a bag with costume changes, including some of the more exciting BDSM gear. We arrived early, as Bill had requested, meeting all the regular girls before show-time. Bill asked if we would be prepared to give private shows in the next room. We didn't really need the money so much now but I agreed.

I was first on, looking out at the audience nervously as I waited. Cat was talking to the other girls, cautiously sounding some of the better looking ladies out for future shows at Maple Lake. I stepped on stage as the music started, sensing the relief of a heroin addict receiving a fix. I looked forward to giving shows but the last four weeks had not provided the opportunity to flaunt my body in the same way as I would tonight. It was different to the previous evening that I had performed here. I found that the audience was more subdued at first as I went into my routine. I had removed my costume before I heard the first indications of approval and as I danced moving closer to certain tables the first hands started waving money at me. Now I weaved seductively through the crowd to increasing demand as I became more accommodating to their requests, opening myself up a lot more intimately to their lustful eyes. My clit ring seemed to fascinate some of the older men in particular and I soon had my first request for a private photo session in the adjoining room. I made my way back to the stage with a handful of tips. Two men had agreed to pay me for some explicit photos in the private room. There was an entrance to this room from the dressing room and I opened the door. An elevated pedestal in the centre of the room, where I was expected to provide the men with private entertainment and photo opportunities, awaited me. The other strippers had told me what to expect.

I extracted the agreed amount from the first man and put my foot on his shoulder while he took a photo, then posed in the ways he asked while he took others. Although I felt uncomfortable about providing such explicit shots at first there was a growing wetness between my legs and the faint aroma of my sex that pleased him so much that he gave me extra money. The second man just wanted to talk to me while I spread my legs and showed him my pierced clitoris, telling him how it felt when the procedure was being done. I could feel his hot breath when he was talking but I felt totally in control as I opened my lips up for him but I couldn't help feeling sad that he felt that he had to pay extra to see a woman's genitalia up close in this degrading way. The girls had told me that a lot of these older men were just lonely and didn't mind paying extra money for a few brief minutes with them. I preferred the stage work, realising later how the girls could easily become addicted to hard drugs in dealing with some of the weird and sad requests that they received on a nightly basis.

I conveyed the information to Cat before she went on and she and I were both more selective after that. Overall the night was a success. The audience changing, as the night progressed, to a more playful and receptive group of spectators. Maybe I was just being too critical.

By the end of the evening we had made friends with several likely girls and had their contact details. Those ladies earned their money the hard way at Rose Valley, dealing with some the sad individuals in the process, with monotonous regularity. I hoped that doing shows for us at Lakeside would appeal to them. Confidence was restored after my first demeaning private show, and I looked forward to making our own format at Lakeside far more entertaining.

On this particular night, Des and Ken had used their time well. They discussed business with the manager, Bill Edmonds, making him aware that we could provide the BDSM gear that Cat and I wore in one of our acts, as well as a larger range of costumes. He provided them with a list of clubs in the area that we could approach, as well as placing a generous order with Ken for the Revue Bar's costuming stock. There was a growing market now for Kent's more radical gear. Cat and I loved to wear the variety of apparel that we had modelled only once before outside of Kent's city boutique.

I remembered that Ken appeared to revel in playing the Master and the delicious pre-orgasmic sensations of waiting outside a room full of noisy strangers, blindfolded and sexually exposed. Maple Lake would never be ready for the kind of show that brought those feelings to life in me but in a private function among devotees of that strange subculture I had to admit I often thought back to that evening with a strange longing. Cat's words returned to me as I kissed her and I whispered.

"Would you really like to be my slave if we did a private show again?"

Her eyes shone with excitement as she replied sincerely.

"You should know that I would do anything or go anywhere for you, Barb."

I was now my normal cheeky self as we drove home discussing our many future plans between ourselves. Our group finances were in a very healthy state due to the fact that Darlene and Melissa had done very well selling lingerie, on our behalf. Kent had ensured that my margin remained intact in all his direct dealings with the girls. Sue, Jill and Caroline were selling in their home town areas too, as well as all their friends that saw the opportunity of making money in their spare time.

Our enterprise was growing at a phenomenal rate. Des and Ken were ensuring through their own special expertise, that tax liabilities were minimal as our profits grew. They had secured, in what little time they could now call spare, property options on some extremely desirable vacant land around Maple Lake for future development. They had plans to keep our talented young builders, Tony and David, busy full time for the next year. The extensions to the conference venue would require additional labour that would involve their other two friends, Cameron and Greg. Every Sunday we had made it a point to meet over a shared lunch, to share ideas and socialise with them all.

Des had cautiously approached Kent and Margaret about the possibility of their involvement in Kent's enterprise as growth permitted. I did hint at ways that their talents could be beneficially utilised. Kent had been receptive to the possibility, Margaret enthusiastic to grow the business even further, as our mutual respect deepened. She had never had children and I believed that she would want Kent to devote more time to their leisure interests. She was keen to expand into swimwear, a fiercely competitive market, with our involvement and Darlene's natural creativity in design. Over the next winter she planned to work with us on the project before the following summer.

She shared my vision of a multi-generation group working toward mutual prosperity and personal enrichment of the individual.

The last few weeks in our spare moments alone we had discussed topics ranging between world politics to more basic sexual needs. Cat and I were young enough to be her children yet we regarded her as an older sister when we were talking together.

By the time we arrived home we had decided as a group that we would investigate the subculture market more fully. The men would have to go along with Cat and I and play slightly different roles.

Ken surprised me with his enthusiasm and Des remembered his promise to allow me to fully explore my own fantasies and co-operate with me by agreeing. The coming winter was going to be a blast, as our young friends would say, and I looked forward to my next outing to a club.

By now we had a larger range of sex toys and a love seat hung from a rafter over the play room where we all normally slept. This had been a relatively new addition to our sex play. It was comfortable to sit in, the soft leather straps supporting the body weight whilst fully exposing, at every angle, the occupant's genitalia to penetration from below or behind.

We had added a library of very erotic literature, including the Karma Sutra and many other eastern culture love technique manuals. We had practiced a wide range of techniques over the last months with the purpose of keeping our minds fulfilled and refreshed. Margaret loaned me some of her books dealing with mild BDSM which she told me that she had bought to inspire some of the gear that Cat and I loved to model at their boutique. I got the strangest feeling that she and Kent probably enjoyed variety in their bedroom as much as we did, but she didn't elaborate.

Cat and I had both tried the chair, blindfolded for added sexual anticipation, as we tried to guess who or what might penetrate which orifice next. There was always something new among four eager lovers to stimulate and refresh our desires. Rarely nowadays, did we ever have one on one sexual encounters. Almost always, we combined. Des had improved his recovery rate through anal stimulation and other eastern techniques. The only reason, at this stage, that we hadn't involved any other partners was fear of disease from another suitably adventurous partner. We had all discussed the possibilities but rejected the suggested parties for one reason or another. Jill's sister Caroline, had been the closest contender so far considered. She had flirted with us, and I felt sure that she would have been a willing participant, but the friendship with her peers was far too important to risk in pursuit of mere sexual variation. The young group respected us, probably realising that we practised group sex by our obvious familiarity with each other, but we felt that they were committed to one and other in normal relationships.

Tonight we tied Ken into the chair, his first time, and after blindfolding and securing him in a completely vulnerable position we teased him by leaving him alone for ten minutes while Des, Cathy and I went outside to plan. Cathy wanted to spank him, remembering his humiliation of her and I at the weird club in the city. She had a memory like an elephant.

She really wanted an audience, to make her revenge complete. I suggested that we may yet get another, better, opportunity if we were patient. However, we made him beg for release as we all took turns at stimulating him both anally and orally, bringing him to the brink of orgasm, then leaving him to satisfy each other. We were teasing him mercilessly with a feather duster to keep him on the edge.

Finally we let him down and untied him, allowing him to choose, still blindfolded, who would provide his release. We all lined up, bottoms raised and lubricated to allow him his reward. He was insatiable as he plunged his throbbing penis into my bottom, thrusting deeper and stretching my sphincter muscles to the maximum, releasing his juices deep within me. We never tired of the variety that we could introduce to our sex lives together, never failing to find new ways to excite and stimulate each other, in our unending mission for gratification.

I wondered why I had depressed myself at the Revue Bar earlier on, as I normally enjoyed bringing pleasure to others in the strangest of ways. I must have been too preoccupied in thought, or perhaps missed the presence of Des in the room with me. I enjoyed the proud look on his face as I tantalised total strangers of both sexes now. It was always exciting and I felt totally in control of how far I would go to satisfy their most basic voyeuristic needs. It gave me a feeling of power as I fought to control my own pre-imminent orgasm as I surrendered my intimate parts to their transfixed gaze.

Cat and I had pondered idly in our reflective moments, what strange part of the human psyche compelled men and women to allow invasion of their genitals in this way. Some male flashers had nothing much to show but appeared to derive the same pleasure in exhibitionism, even to unwilling spectators. Females by and large were luckier, in that they rarely encountered unwilling spectators, more often encouraged to be progressively more daring. Cat and I appreciated nudity in both sexes as we admired the various shapes and sizes of even older bodies that bore the ravages of time. I had admired the way Margaret had looked after her body. She had kept her figure in top shape, rarely wearing clothing at home with Kent, and still enjoying the admiration of others out on the lake. The BDSM gear that she designed was cut to emphasise and display the genitalia of the wearer and judging by the sales records it was well received by the buyers.

Society today was more accepting of nudity. I encountered three other craft on the lake with naked occupants of both sexes the last time I had been out there. Next summer I had plans to promote nude events like water-skiing, walking, parachuting or even running, as outdoor entertainment. There seemed to be scope for a tremendous variety of such plans, here at Maple Lake among a holiday oriented population.

The following day was spent ringing contact numbers that Ken had written down, ascertaining whether there was any interest in allowing us to present a fashion show. It was important to get a wide enough audience of club devotees to be worth promoting a special private showing or finding out if a suitable venue was available. People were cautious at first but, after explaining the idea more fully, enthusiastically helpful in providing additional contacts for us to explore. By the end of the day we had three more positive responses and another two that would require further investigation. I stayed at home with Cathy while the men went out to visit some of the clubs, armed with photos of our earlier exhibition that Des had taken. They weren't as professional as the latest ones, but more appropriate to the purpose.

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