tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 11

Addicted to Attention Ch. 11


Kent arrived, remaining dressed as we sat down to talk. Des, Ken and Cathy had gone to Lakeside to take charge of the small crowd expected that evening. I was always naked at home and I sat opposite to him, with my knees further apart than usual, in the way I had been instructed would please him. We talked for four hours, sipping coffee occasionally, speaking frankly about every aspect of the concerns of our two groups. Age had never emerged as a concern with any of us and after telling him just that, neither of us mentioned it again.

Social concerns and business limitations as well as philosophy were discussed at length. The natural pecking order of the individuals within both our groups was taking a lot of reconciliation and understanding. When moral issues came to the fore, Kent frankly confirmed my suspicions that Monique was indeed a nymphomaniac. Even his own dear wife Margaret was an enthusiastic lesbian although, like Cathy, very bisexual. The room was warm and Kent soon removed his clothing as he felt more comfortable during the course of the conversation. He noted that I was sitting in a manner that always pleased him and thanked me for the thoughtful complement. On a philosophic level he believed that all serious discussion should be conducted as openly, private parts fully exposed to the other party. I laughed with him, as he said the world would not be in as much trouble if all world leaders followed our example and did likewise. He was serious and sincere in this belief, I know, but the thought was hilarious as we imagined the possibilities with the current leaders.

That set the mood for the rest of the meeting where we discussed all aspects of the personal and professional lives, within our two groups. At the end of the discussion we agreed on every aspect of a future relationship. I knew everything I needed to know of their group's individual personalities and Kent had intimate knowledge of my family's objectives and beliefs.

Kent and I had always been friends and our individual hopes were almost complementary in joining our two groups in a way that would stimulate and enrich all our lives. Even our finances had been covered during the discussion and although Kent would continue to guide our personal lives, I would advise and lead our financial future. Kent readily conceded that my guidance in this respect was as good, if not better than his own. He would consult with me in all matters of business, investing with us in my audacious plans for Maple Lake, to expedite the end result envisioned by me.

As yet, this aspect of my personal aspirations had not fully been discussed with Des, Ken or even Cathy. It would not be possible to amalgamate funds equitably so any joint venture would be on a strict business footing.

"Ken and Des can both be taken into the lingerie business as soon as they can arrange to leave the bank." Kent said unexpectedly. There will be no drop in salary. You can sell your house and stay with our group if you like, Barbara?" He offered. "You'll like our house. We have lot's of interesting features. He urged.

"I'll talk to the others first, but it sounds wonderful." I looked at him quizzically. "What was that business about arrangements with Sir Gideon. The last thing he said before he left the room."

"Oh That!" He grinned. "He was very impressed with you. I'll tell you later." He said enigmatically "First, did you enjoy his little examination?" He was interested in my reaction.

"I never knew--" I blushed. "I mean-- He was very good really-- Yes, it was very memorable, Kent." I recovered my shock. "The man was a real expert." I blushed again. "It felt so good--knowing you were there to watch over me. I would never have done it on my own-- you know --let him--."

Kent was smiling as he watched my stumbling reply.

"Will you always obey me? No matter what." He probed.

"Yes Kent. I will!" I said without hesitation.

"Then, you will move in with us!" He stated. "No argument?"

"No Sir. No argument." The words slipped easily off of my tongue. Kent would be my only Master. The best part was that our relationship would be normal, as it had always been, but we would all play slaves to Kent's Mastery when we went out. "Do you wish to take me now?" I looked at his magnificent member, watching it grow as I invited his attention.

"You know what I like, Barbara." He sighed. "Are you ready for that yet?"

I told him that I had enjoyed his sexual control and trusted him to be a benevolent master whenever he wished. I would freely and willingly do anything he desired, as he ordered, refusing to use the safe word at my discretion unless I absolutely had to.

"I do want to please you, Kent--I mean Sir." I was still mildly sore but I trusted him, wanting to convey the respect that I had for him in the most appropriate way that I could think of. Domination was beginning to free my moral convention completely, in a most exciting way.

"Will you pleasure me first?" Kent indicated his stiffening penis.

I took his penis in my mouth and brought him to full erection, marvelling at the taste and size of his organ. I then brought him a jar of lubricant and followed his instruction as he positioned me with my legs fully outstretched offering him full-unrestricted access to my quivering bottom. I sighed as he tenderly massaged the oil and lubricant around my sphincter muscles, relaxing them as much as I could in preparation for receiving his beautiful erect penis. I promised myself not to inhibit Kent's full penetration in any way and just accept any pain that I felt.

"Just ask if you want me to stop." Kent whispered softly.

He really was the most considerate lover, stopping to allow me to catch my breath as he eased his throbbing hot penis progressively further into my anus. I felt tears come to my eyes as he pressed further inside me than I would have believed possible, warming my internal organs and throbbing vaginal walls as he went.

My clitoris was fully engorged and I orgasmed loudly before he was fully inside me. He stopped immediately, while I subsided and regained control.

"Keep going Sir, please." I urged him to continue, shamelessly making it quite obvious that I wanted his entire penis inside my bottom. Although tears came to my eyes I ignored the discomfort as the pressure built, pushing back toward him until I felt his large testicles nestled in between my legs. I now had all of him inside me and he rested momentarily, fully buried in my anus.

I could feel a warm throbbing sensation deep inside my internal organs, further inside than I would have believed possible. I felt a strong sense of personal accomplishment. It was a pleasant sensation once he was inside me and Kent slowly stroked at first, filling me with satisfaction. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as he tenderly caressed my hardened nipples and kissed my neck. I felt as if I belonged to him in every way and I knew that I would always do anything that he asked of me. When he climaxed deep inside my bottom, he guided me to lay beside him with his penis still firmly inside me. We must have laid together like that for nearly half an hour as he played with my body tenderly and thrilled me with continuous orgasmic delight.

"You are everything I could ever have hoped for. Regarding your earlier question, my dear. I want you to become a Mistress." He held my face. "Not that sort of mistress." Looking into my eyes. "You already are in charge of your family. I've arranged for you to have Master status from last night." He confided, softly.

Kent had received an complimentary life membership of the club in Taylor's Ridge, and come to an agreement with the club's management committee to sell his creations exclusively throughout the entire city. He had done this through my company, ensuring that I would have Master status in the club and access to all their facilities and profit from every sale at the wholesale level. I would be able to go there at any time in his absence as an honoured guest, guaranteed of safety and high status within the club. The club was renowned as the most exclusive in the entire district.

I was radiant with happiness and rang to inform the others that I would not come into town, unless they needed me. Kent rang Margaret to let her know that everything had been discussed and agreed and he would be home later. Meanwhile Kent and I shared some of the most tender moments as he explored every inch of my body with his tongue and hands. He was wonderful, stimulating my mind as much as my body and already making plans for our next encounter as a complete group. I knew that the next time we all went out on an evening it would fulfil every fantasy my family had ever expressed, and more. I spent my energy trying to stimulate Kent for a repeat performance and finally I was rewarded by a vigorous erection. Although I was mildly sore I lay down in his favoured position and gritted my teeth as he filled me yet again. It was hard to understand how something so painful at first could possibly be so pleasurable. I was a tiger for punishment of this sort and this time, the sensations of his penis sliding in and out lasted even longer. It was magical while it lasted and I knew that Kent was enthralled by my willingness to allow him to push in as far as he could. I urged him to ejaculate while he was fully buried inside me, shamelessly wriggling back against him once I felt the first hint of climax and gripping him tightly. He flooded me with warmth, both in a physical sense and emotionally. I knew that I would never tire of this unique experience and I was gratified by the more permanent arrangements that we had made this evening.

Once again we lay side by side as Kent and I tenderly enjoyed the feeling of togetherness. I wished that we had started this relationship much earlier but I realised that Cathy and I would never have accepted his advances from the start. In a strange way he had trained me gradually, right from the beginning of our business relationship to the present moment with love and complete understanding. It was an unreal situation and Kent was still with me at Rome when the others returned, two hours later. We told them about the results but not the means of it's resolution.

Kent explained to my family the results of our extensive discussion and the benefits of selling our family home, inviting Des and Ken to leave their jobs and join him at Kent's Creations in expanding the business along the lines of my discussions with him that evening. Kent gave me a key to the boutique as well as his family home, even entrusting a spare key to Monique's chastity equipment to me alone. This act proved to me beyond doubt that Kent regarded me as an equal which made me feel very special.

He had already conveyed to me, the set of circumstances under which he would allow her freedom from these devices. I knew that Margaret had the other key at most times, to allow for her toileting needs. Rick did not have a key, for reasons that Kent had explained to me in strict confidence. I ranked next to Kent and equal to Margaret in the new arrangement. I was happy to be Kent's slave in matters of our sexual enjoyment, particularly on an evening out.

After Kent left to go home, my family congratulated me on the best arrangement for everyone, personal or business. Des had been my main concern as it wasn't normal for me to negotiate on his behalf without fully consulting with him. Ken and Cat trusted my judgement because they had never been as well off, prior to joining my family.

Tonight however, Des had left the whole decision in my hands and was genuinely thrilled with the end result. He knew that I loved him and after all the changes in our lives following that first drive into the country, when I fulfilled most of his fantasies, he loved me and supported me even more. He was returning to the bank job with Ken next Monday and I left him in charge of selling our own house and negotiating with the directors of the bank to leave his job, with the best possible pension settlement terms for our family.

The new pecking order in the expanded family pleased both Ken and Des. My darling Cat was ebullient when I confided in her later, telling her I would alway love her and promised never to be jealous of her enjoyment of Monique, Margaret, or indeed any other partner she chose to be with within our two families. In all the time that we had been together as sexual partners I had never needed to give her orders or been questioned by her.

Saturday night was good for this time of the year. Kent brought his family and invited Harold and Heather to join our table for drinks. The show was an ordinary enough affair. I pointed out Caroline to Kent, as Jill's sister who did nude modelling for a living. Melissa and Darlene's shop was almost ready and Rick was looking for someone to manage a photography studio as an add on to the lingerie shop for next summer. Rick approached Caroline about a job, sounding her out to check her knowledge of the studio business.

Harold was pleased with Darlene's new career and looked up to Kent as the source of their stock and adviser to their business enterprise. Kent was on a fishing expedition, among the pleasant social chit chat. His active mind was filling with local knowledge, as he extracted the information he required, to fast track the plans that I had outlined to him on Friday night. I admired his evaluation of the surrounding area as he probed the local peoples knowledge to his advantage. We all had to return to the city the next day and there was a huge amount of arrangements to be made.

Tony and David had worked on the main building faster than we had expected and the internal work almost complete. They explained that new building construction was faster than renovation because timber could be pre-cut, saving hours of measuring then cutting every individual piece.

"You won't mind building another shop next to Melissa's then?"

"Same size?" Tony asked me with a smile.

"Rick will let you know what he needs." I explained. "Over the winter months my plans for Maple Lake can now be expedited."

The next day we all returned to the city, anxious to view Kent's family home and begin our forward plans. Cat and I still enjoyed the preparations and modelling but we knew a new dimension to the shows would result from our more intimate relationship with Kent's family.

We were in awe as we toured Kent's large family home, noting the privacy and facilities within. As our plans progressed, we looked forward to sharing the beautiful mansion with our new partners whenever we were in the city. Kent had exquisite taste and he and Margaret showed us where we could all sleep.

The pool area was magnificent, heated for winter, with an adjoining gymnasium where Margaret and Monique had kept their bodies so trim. Monique did all the housework and Margaret designed gear and kept the outside grounds immaculate, having men in once per week to do the heavy work. It was an idyllic lifestyle that they had enjoyed for many years and we felt privileged to share with them. We had left the convertible at Maple Lake for the return trip but Kent had three cars, which we all had the use of whenever we went shopping in the city. Sunday night was spent, together with our new family, getting used to our new luxurious surroundings. Monique was always totally subservient, sharing her workload with Cathy in the kitchen when the rest of us talked and planned the week ahead.

I had always enjoyed Margaret's company on an intellectual level and as Kent and I had predicted, Monique and Cathy readily satisfied Des and Ken's sexual needs. Along with Margaret and I, the men enjoyed watching as much as participation and the new pecking order seemed to satisfy all of us extremely well.

Over the following months I experienced, as we all did, all the support and pleasure that resulted. As we went about preparations for the following summer, Kent arranged for conferences for other firms as well as holding six major lingerie exhibitions at the newly finished additions to Lakeside at Maple Lake.

Des and Ken left the bank, our house sold readily and the funds were invested in more prime property around Maple Lake. Des did some amazing deals, buying two of the motels near Lakeside on Kent's behalf, including the newest one where we had stayed on the long weekend with Cat and Ken. On our behalf he negotiated for further vacant property on the other side of the lake, including the spot that Melissa and David had used as a lover's retreat.

Kent and I spent less time travelling now, as we had organised air travel from nearest airfield with a charter helicopter directly to Rome. This reduced the travelling time to less than an hour. Surprisingly, it worked out cheaper, taking everything into account.

Our young friends did very well with their lingerie sales and although the shop had slowed down over the winter, they had organised sales in the district with all their friends to keep them very profitable. The added swimwear lines that Darlene made were starting to sell with her own label. Kent and Margaret were developing their own range to supply the shop as well. Wherever possible I involved our young friends in management or care-taking of our interests as their abilities permitted and Kent and I spent more time in managing the overall concept. My vision of changing the small town to a bustling economic tourist destination was becoming more of a reality. Spring saw property values increasing and I was glad that Des had secured most of the valuable lakeside property in the area between all of us. The ultimate aim was to sell the boutique operation in the city and concentrate our combined efforts at Maple Lake, making trips to the city a lot less necessary. Although the city boutique had been profitable, the design and wholesale selling of Kent's Creations was really the most lucrative part. The Lakeside showings, to out of town as well as overseas buyers, had been extremely well received by the clients. Many of them stayed for a few days, spending their money among local traders and accommodation venues in the town. Most of them stayed at one of Kent's two motels, much to his delight.

Kent and I worked well as a team. Our mutual respect had grown over the last months. I alway's remembered his preferences when sitting, in his presence, even during business meetings. I always raised the back of my skirt and sat with my naked bottom touching the surface of the chair. My knees were always at well apart displaying my smooth vagina for his approval. The ritual had become such a part of my life that I now did it without thinking. Cathy also observed this practice automatically and we were always rewarded with a loving smile of satisfaction.

As the mutual trust developed, Kent challenged our sense of adventure with progressively more daring exploits. Caroline had been developed in a similar way. We often used her talents at Lakeside, along with Sue and her sister Jill, in modelling the various lines of lingerie at the larger shows. As they were all attractive in their own individual ways, and kept their figures in good shape, they were ideally suited to model the more standard lines. Rick would guide and encourage them, as he had done with us, to flaunt their sexuality when modelling progressively more revealing numbers. The workload, otherwise, would have been far too demanding on Cat and I, with swimwear to model as well. Caroline was also to run the photo studio for Rick as soon as it was completed. Lakeside was now completed and bookings for conferences during the week now more regular. I often used my contacts with the professional strippers to put on special shows for them. Neither Cat nor I wanted to appear ourselves as we were busy most of the time with our modelling work.

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