Addicted to Candy


Almost two long weeks had passed since my first meeting with my new slave Candy. Our first encounter was special and my sexy new sub had not left my mind since he walked out of my door. His juicy ass and hard thick cock have filled my thoughts each day since. I had found myself wildly attracted to Candy and lusting for him constantly.

After deciding that ten days was long enough to make him wait I called Candy to set up another meeting. His phone barely got a full ring out before he answered.

"Mistress Cheyenne, I have been anxiously waiting for your call."

"Have you missed me?" I asked in a low and sexy voice.

"Yes Mistress." "I have been craving you daily." he replied.

"Well I want you to be a good bitch and be at my door at 7 PM sharp tonight." "Not a second later." I said sternly.

"Yes Mistress Cheyenne." he replied obediently.

"One last thing Candy..." I said.

"I want you to go out and pick out a sexy outfit you think will turn me." "And you better show up dressed this time." I commanded as I hung up the phone.

I knew the anticipation before his arrival was going to make the minutes creep by like hours so I decided to go out and spend some time at the spa so my skin would be silky smooth for this evening.

As soon as I got home I decided on the outfit I was going to wear for the night. I felt like being a very kinky Domme tonight so I decided on something skimpy and tight. It started with a collar around my neck that connected with little chains to black latex corset and some elbow length black latex gloves. I also had on a pair of skin tight thigh high red latex boots, no panties, and red and black plaid mini skirt that only covered the upper half of my ass.

My make-up consisted of bright red lipstick, smoke eye shadow, extra long lashes, and a bob style red wig. My eyes were standing out more than usual, bright blue, lit up with passion.

I was sipping on a glass of red wine while sitting in a chair facing a door when the knock came at 6:59. My slave had arrived.

"Enter." I commanded.

Candy opened the door and walked in and stood in place waiting for my next order. Slowly I eyed him up and down, carefully examining his tight body dressed in an outfit he picked out just to please me. And as I was hoping, he decided to dress up like the little slut he truly is.

Candy was wearing a blonde wavy wig, skin tight metallic silver mini-dress that barely came up to his upper thigh. I could see he had some black stockings secured by a garter belt and he was wearing a pair of open toed silver high heels. He had his make up fully done and of course he looked extremely sexy.

"Turn your sweet little ass around nice and slow." I ordered him.

With a small smile and a little blush he started turning himself around, pausing for a bit to stick his tight ass out at me. The way that the tight shiny material hugged the round bubble he had for an ass was enough to make me ooze a little pre-cum onto myself.

"You look very sexy tonight Candy." I said.

"I tried to please you Mistress." he responded quickly.

I watched as his gently bit onto his bottom lip as his eyes slowly scanned my body up and down. To tease him a little I leaned back just a little and slowly spread my legs for him giving him a glance for a few seconds before closing them and commanding him over to me.

Candy quickly came over and stood right in front of me while I was still seated. Slowly I began running my hands up and down his firm and toned body. I could feel him slightly quivering with excitement as my hands were caressing his ass and then gently brushed between his thighs grazing his cock.

"On your knees Bitch." I said as I forced him down.

Laying back in my chair I commanded "Now start licking my boots slave."

Instantly he bent over and started kissing and licking away at my feet. Slowly he worked his way from toe to upper thigh before switching to my other thigh and slowly working his way back down. The red latex was glimmering in the dimly lit room, wet with his saliva.

Pointing across the room to a stereo I said "I want you to crawl on your hands and knees and go turn on some music."

Like the obedient slave he was becoming, he crawled on all fours, shaking his ass all the way over to the radio. When he got there he extended forward and stuck his ass out in the air causing his dress to lift up exposing his bare cheeks separated by a black thong.

After turning on the music I commanded him to stand up. Slowly he began to stand up, forcing his ass out as far as he could as he slowly ran his hands up his body. Candy was moving different tonight, he was moving with confidence, and that was really starting to turn me on.

"I want you to get that sexy ass over here and dance for me like a good slave." I said in a low but firm tone.

"Yes Mistress Cheyenne." Candy replied as he strutted over to me smiling sheepishly.

Standing just in arms reach his hips began to start moving back and forth with the beat of the music. It didn't take long before he had the beat and was swaying, turning, and dancing exotically.

While he was turned around shaking his ass in my face I put my hands on him and pulled his dress up to his waist. I slapped his ass and said"Grab your ankles Bitch."

I sat and stared at his bare bubble ass for a few seconds as he bent over forward holding onto his ankles. His legs were straight and it was causing his ass to really stick out. I pulled him forward by his hips and licked his ass on one of checks. I pulled my head back and slightly and spanked him with my hand. The sound of my latex covered hand smacking on his ass was followed by a small cry of "Uhh."

Then I pulled his thong aside and started eating his sweet boy pussy. I immediately began trying to force my tongue as deep in him as I could, slowly circling the soft texture of his tight hole.

"Oh Mistress.... ahhhh....Oh yes..." he was crying out.

Swiftly I slapped his ass as hard as I could and pulled him face just far enough away to yell "Shut your little mouth Bitch!"

While I pulled my face away to command him to be silent, his thong slipped back over covering his sweet hole once again. The mood was getting aggressive so instead of moving his thong over , I ripped it violently off him and the began furiously tongue fucking him again.

With his panties torn off, his bulging cock was sticking out so I reached around and began fondling his balls while I ate him out. He was trying to hold still and be silent but little moans and hip movements were still coming from him.

Reaching up I took his hard cock in my hand and started stroking it hard as I could while I forced my tongue deep into his wet and eager hole. He then started to moan loudly so I gently pushed him forward and stood up while spanking his ass once more.

After falling slightly forward Candy stood up and turned and looked at me. I reached out and grabbed his stiff cock then pulled him forward so we were face to face. Squeezing his cock as hard as I could I said "You need to learn to listen you little Bitch." "I told you to be quiet and you couldn't keep your mouth shut."

"I'm sorry Mistress Cheyenne." he said.

"Not yet your not you little slut, now lie the fuck down Bitch." I commanded as I pointed to the floor.

I then walked into the other room and grabbed a strap-on dildo and harness I had. I walked out and stood over him showing him the new toy and said "You want to fuck me slave?"

"Oh yes Mistress Cheyenne." he said with some urgency in his voice.

I let out a little laugh and leaned forward to his face and started putting the strap on over his head so the dildo covered his mouth. "Now lay still Candy." I said with a mischievous smile.

I grabbed some lube and put it on the big rubber dick that was sticking off my slave's face and then reverse cow-girl style I slowly started sliding down on the dildo. Gasping out in pleasure as each inch entered me, Candy's eyes watching in envy.

Faster and faster I began riding the big rubber dick, grinding my ass back and forth, rubbing against Candy's flesh. I looked forward and could see Candy's big cock swaying back and forth to my movements.

I reached forward and started stroking him, secretly wishing that it was his cock I was riding. The tip was wet with pre-cum and I wanted a taste so I leaned forward and started licking his cock. Unable to resist the beauty of his smooth throbbing cock I leaned forward and took him all the way in my mouth.

The simultaneous feeling of the big dildo penetrating my tight ass and his hard cock pressing against my lips and tongue, sliding in and out of my mouth was almost too much too much bare.

I could feel his cock starting to swell and throb as he tried with all his effort to not shoot his load without my permission. At this point not only did I want his cum in my mouth but I needed it. I took his dick out my mouth and cried "Oh yes... Cum for me Candy!"

I leaned forward and started furiously sucking and stroking his raging cock, trying my hardest to get his hot load to come shooting out. I felt his cock start to expand and then he started shooting hard, thick, and creamy streams of jizz into my throat. He quickly filled my mouth with a huge hot load. I continued sucking on his cock for a bit while enjoying all his salty juices.

I stood up, letting out a brief gasp as the big rubber cock slipped out of my ass. I leaned forward and removed the strap on from Candy's face and threw it to the side of the room. I began kissing him with my mouth still full of his cum and then asked "Do you like the way you taste Candy?"

Nodding his head he replied "Yes Mistress Cheyenne, I love it."

Giving him a gentle slap on the face I snapped back "I knew you were a little cum slut the first second I saw you."

Smiling I stood up straight, straddling Candy who was still laying on his back. Slowly I removed my plaid mini-skirt and tossed it aside exposing my hard cock and perky ass. Candy laid there and stared while I slowly moved my hips, running my hands all of my body, gently playing with my cock.

"Do you want this?" I asked Candy.

"Please Mistress let me worship you."

I then squatted down right over Candy's face, with my cock out just above his mouth.

"Stick your tongue out!" I commanded as I started sliding my dick gently across his lips.

After teasing him for a few minutes I stood up and backed up a few steps.

"Get over here now!" I said pointing at the floor in front of me.

With Candy kneeled in front of my hard cock I placed my hand on the back of his head and forced my cock into his mouth. He pressed his warm lips firmly down as I started fucking his mouth. Before long I just put my heads on my hips and Candy was sucking my hard cock with all his effort.

"Play with my ass!" I cried out as Candy wildly sucked my dick.

Candy reached his back around me and started rubbing his finger on my asshole. Making small circles, penetrating a little further every couple rotations he made with his fingers. Before long he had two fingers inside me and was fingering me just as fast as he was sucking my cock.

I decided now was the time for me to first fuck Candy. During both our sessions I had not yet actually been inside my little slave and I know he was just as eager as I was. I pushed Candy away and went and sat back on the chair again.

"Get over here and get that sweet ass in my face." I commanded my slave.

I began eating Candy's sweet boy-pussy again, this time not just for enjoyment but to get it wet so I could fuck him. After a few minutes I put my hands around Candy's waist and said "Now slide your tight ass down on my cock slave."

Looking back with a big smile Candy started slowly sitting down on my cock. It felt like the seconds were going in slow motion. His tight hole squeezing tightly down on my cock as he forced it all the way in.

"Oh god!" he cried out as he started rocking his hips back and forth.

I leaned back and stared as my cock slid in and out of his tight asshole. Candy's hands were on my knees, his back was arched, and his ass was starting to move around faster and faster.

I grabbed Candy by his hips and thrust him forward down onto the floor so he was in a doggy style position. Eager with his ass waiting up in the air for me I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in his hole for a few more seconds causing him to cry out in pleasure.

I then kneeled behind him and shoved my throbbing cock all the way into his ass.

"Ahhh yes!" he cried in a high pitch voice as I spanked his ass again.

Then I put my hands on his shoulders and started fucking him as hard and fast as I could. Candy was crying out "Oh Oh Oh" over and over as I pounded away from behind him. Our skin was smacking loudly and our simultaneous cries of pleasure were echoing through the room as I fucked my slave like the little slut he was.

The combination of Candy's tight ass, how sexy he looked, and how hot he had gotten me had me feeling the need to cum already.

"Turn around and take this cum you slut!" I cried out as I held my load in with all my might.

As soon as Candy got up on his knees and had my cock in front of him I started shooting my load into his face. He quickly got his mouth around my cock and tried to get every last drop he could.

"Yeah clean up all that cum you little slut." I said as Candy continued to suck on my cock.

"Now stand up." I commanded.

When he stood up I could see his cock was sticking out and extremely hard again. The sight of his perfect looking cock standing up, begging for attention got me instantly horny again. I reached forward and started to gently stroke him then asked "Would you like to cum slave?"

"Yes Mistress Cheyenne." he said with an eager look on his face.

I smiled coyly then dropped to my knees and slowly began licking the head of his dick.

"Oh Mistress." he muttered.

After a few minutes I stood up, grabbed his cock, squeezed, and said "Sit the fuck down."

Then I gently pushed Candy backwards into the chair and climbed up onto his lap facing him.

"Put your hands on me slut." I commanded as I reached back and guided his huge cock into my tight hole.

"Oh yes!" he cried as his cock started sliding all the way inside me.

His cock felt so big and hard in me that it had me moaning just sitting still. I started grinding my hips around on his lap, feeling his dick barely sliding in and out but moving all around inside of me. Candy was starting to guide my movement with his hands on my hips.

Faster and faster I as rocking back forth till the feeling of his cock simply sliding around in me was not enough. I started lifting my ass and bouncing all the way up and down his big cock as hard as I could.

"Ah yeah... Oh...Oh...Oh... Fuck me!!!" I was crying out over and over as Candy started thrusting his hips into it as well.

Never before had I felt a cock this deep inside of me or had anyone fucked me like this. Candy's cock was thick, long, and felt so good he was almost turning me into his slave.

Before long Candy cried out "Please may I cum Mistress?"

"Oh yes...Oh...Oh...Cum in me...Cum in me!!!" I yelled, barely able to get a full word out.

I could feel his cock getting larger and then he started spraying his warm juices deep inside me.

"Oh Mistress!" he screamed as I continued to ride his cock trying to milk out every last drop of cum.

Looking in his eyes while I was still sitting on his dick I said "Your turning into a good slave."

"I only want to please you Mistress." "I am yours to command." he said.

I leaned forward, kissed him, smiled, and then tightened my ass around his cock causing him to let a quick moan.

"I know." I said with a smile as I climbed off his still hard cock, causing a gasp of air to come from both of us.

I started walking away and when I got to the bathroom door, I turned around and said "Let yourself and be ready for when I call you again Candy."

I then gave him a sly smile and slipped into the bathroom and shut the door.

To be continued...

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