tagGay MaleAddiction Ch. 01

Addiction Ch. 01


Short first chapter...but I really had to get this out. I dunno if I wanna continue. So...I need that...feedback. I'm sorry about that hiatus and I have not forgotten about our little December, Jared, and crew. I'm just taking a LITTLE break from this. Don't worry future chapters will be longer...that is if there are future chapters. Without any more ado, enjoy.


Tick Tock.

One minute went by.

Tick Tock.


Tick Tock.


I'm just waiting. I'm just waiting for my time to come. I' m just waiting for everyone to be dead and gone…just waiting for my obliteration.


I stared at the clock. It's broken. I should have suspected that. Everything in my life breaks. I walked numbly into the kitchen. This place was a dump. I don't even remember when I got this place…all I remember is drug-induced bliss. All I remember is the sweet, nullifying numbness that the need brought. I looked around the dingy, infested kitchen…I forgot what I was looking for. That's right…I ran out. I needed something else to numb the oncoming pain – something else to make me forget. My mouth was so dry…I doubt that I could talk should I need to.

I walked to the counter and opened one of the draws. A jagged, rusted knife was in there along with some bent spoons and forks…all of them were cushioned by a dead rat. I could smell the decapitating flesh. God, I wish I were that rat. I reached out a slow, shaky hand and gently grasped the knife. I slid my finger against the blade. I giggled as the blood immediately dripped from the incision. Damn…I wish I were that blood. So free. That blood's lucky that it has been released from my body.

Slowly, knife in hand, I walked back into the room I was in originally. It was my version of a bedroom – a cot with a thin sheet, both stained with things that I do not wish to remember. I sat on the dirty, dusty floor and leaned against the wall. Slowly I stretched my left arm out straight. With the knife, I connected the dots of old needle wounds. I didn't feel the quick slits…but I felt the delicious pain that came with them. After carving my arm, I sat there limp…my arm lolled off to the side and my other arm lightly grasping the knife. I slowed my breathing and lowered my eye lids as I felt a warm puddle surround my left hand. Slowly I rolled my eyes over to stare in amazement at all the thick, crimson liquid surrounding my hand. My leftie was almost drowned in it. The pain felt good. With every breath I took…it got stronger and the blood pulsed out more.





Finally my breathing steadied more and my eyes closed completely as I slipped into sweet dark bliss. I loved that oblivion…it was great until it was interrupted by the makeshift door slamming open and footsteps became louder and louder.

I awoke slowly...used to people coming and going as they feel in here. I looked at my arm and saw that the cuts were purplish and the blood was drying. I peeled my hand from the dried puddle and shook off what little blood crystals I could. I rubbed my tongue against the roof of my mouth, trying to salvage some moisture. Finally, He walked through the doorway into my 'bedroom.' First he smiled at me. It really wasn't a smile. It was more of an arrangement of muscles to make an upward arch that was spiked with silvery looking shards that some would call teeth, but no He was too savage to possess teeth. They were described better with the word 'fangs.' His steel, coal-colored eyes held no emotion, but I knew that he was disgusted. Those cold, calculating eyes slowly rolled around the room and zoomed in on the knife, dried blood, and cut arm. Slowly...menacingly, He walked towards me. He caressed my cheek with a rough, callused hand. Just that small touch made my stomach roll, and if I had anything in it, those contents would be on the floor, but I knew better than to move away from Him. He looked at me and roughly squeezed my cut arm (squeezing enough to make my arm paler that what is and bleed more), bringing it closer to examine it. With a cold, gruff voice he asked "You did this?" I knew that a direct question needed a vocalized answer, so I croaked "Yes." I hissed the 's.' He slowly stood up and yanked me into a standing position by pulling on my dirty, black tendrils. His nostrils flared as he looked at me in anger. I felt the slap before I heard it. It was like having a brick thrown onto my face. The impact knocked me on the floor and I could already feel my cheek reddening and bruising as I spit out blood. I knew better than to stand up...but for some reason I did...and it tickled me mother fucking pink to see his anger flare more.

"You stupid fucking cunt," He roared. "What? You think you bad? You think you can beat ME?" My face was impassive. Then, He laughed as he said in a low voice "I'll show you just what the fuck you are." I made another stupid decision and tried to run. He just caught my small frame in one beefy arm as he violently yanked me back and banged the back of my head against the wall. I'd wish he'd done it harder so I could die already. He punched me in the gut. All the air rushed from my lungs as I heard a crack and felt excruciating pain as I began dry heaving. All that came up was burning stomach fluids. I lost count of how many times he either slapped or punched me...I just knew that all the pain morphed together into a big fireball of agony. Finally He pushed me down onto the cot as he licked his lips at my bruised and bloodied form. I closed my eyes and willed the tears to go back as I heard the metallic clanks and zips as He began unbuckling his jeans. Time stopped...then I felt body-splitting pain. Again, instead of taking the pain, I cried out to which I was gifted with a harder, more painful thrust and a chuckle. "Yea...I know you like it like this slut." I felt blood trickle slowly from me as he pushed in harder and harder...bruising my thighs. "Ah fuck...so tight." I let out a chest-wrecking sob as I begged...and pleaded for him to stop and just kill me. All I got were moans, pants, and chuckles. "Please...stop frontin' slut you know you like this." Ha...if his definition of 'like' meant hate then I fucking loved this.

"Please...stop you stupid mother fucking sadistic rapist!" I wailed at him.

"Mmm...baby I love it when you talk dirty to me," He replied with a chuckle as he thrust into me one last, excruciating time as he climaxed. Finally he pulled out of me...I dry heaved again when I saw his manhood covered in his essence and my blood.

Then I blacked out.

To be continued~

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