Addison's New Friend Ch. 02


"Teach me about strip searches now," she said. "Maybe Michelle would be glad to play the female officer if you refuse."

She rubbed him harder. Tony's cock strained against the inside of his shorts.

"I don't refuse," he said. "But she should act as a witness."

Michelle smiled her approval at him.

"Fine," Addison said.

"We do strip searches in a private room," he told her.

Addison wrapped her fingers around his near-total erection. "Do you have one?"

"We can find one."

The threesome caught their collective breaths as Tony led them inside, down the hallway, and into the master bedroom. All three had far different thoughts on their minds: Tony was sure Michelle had set it up and he was eager to play along; Michelle was happy for both of them; Addison was nervous.

All three were extremely horny.

Addison only had a few seconds to marvel at the size and splendor of the bedroom. She'd never been in a bedroom that could fit a divan along one wall, chairs in two corners, and a gigantic bed with a mirrored bookshelf headboard.

Then Tony said, "The officer would begin by asking you to remove your blouse."

As much as Addison liked to be in control, she was going to have no problem following these instructions. When, or if, she took back control would be determined later.

She began to unbutton her blouse, quickly opening it all the way. Tony never took his eyes off the space between her breasts. The youthful curves and perfect skin were obvious to him long before Addison began to slide the blouse down her arms.

Addison held it in her hand for an instant, and then let it drop at her side. Tony stared at Addison's chest. Addison and Michelle stared at Tony.

The nipples seemed to have a life of their own, expanding in front of Tony's eyes. The only thing harder was his cock.

"Now the skirt," he said.

Addison unzipped it on the side and slid it down her legs. She bent over to keep hold of it while stepping out, giving Tony his best look at her breasts as they hung down. He loved Michelle, but there was something special about eighteen year old breasts.

Finally, he looked down at her panties. They wrapped around her pussy, hips and ass with a wonderful tension that left little to the imagination.

Tony stepped up to her and placed his hand between her legs. Addison spread her feet. He rubbed her pussy and pressed against her clit. She flinched and he moved his hands around to her ass, remaining outside her panties.

"In a true strip search," he said into her ear, "you'd be asked to remove the panties."

"I think we should be as realistic as possible," she replied.

"I'm going to break the rules and do it for you."

Tony bent down and pulled on her panties, watching as the beauty of her young pussy came into view. He had them off quickly and stood back up to admire her.

"Well? Aren't you going to search me?" Addison asked.

Tony put both hands on her breasts. A gentle massage was followed by a journey down her body, across her waist and hips, and onto her thighs. Just when Addison thought he was about to feel her pussy, he circled his hands around and gripped her ass tightly. Her body stiffened at his touch.

Then he came back around and slid one hand between her legs. He could feel the warmth flowing from her pussy. He could feel the moisture at the entrance to her cunt. He could feel the erection of her clit.

"To do this properly, you should be lying down," he said as he rolled the clit under a finger.

"It will take two people, right?" she asked.

Tony's eyes looked in Michelle's direction. She nodded.

"Two naked people," Addison emphasized.

Tony and Michelle began to strip as Addison lie on her back on the huge bed. Addison had already seen all of Michelle during their infamous vibrator session in her office. But Tony's well-toned, muscular body was new to her and she felt her pussy respond the closer he came to being naked.

When he pulled down his underwear and revealed the rigid cock she'd felt through his shorts, she couldn't help but stare. This was the man who was going to have her for the first time and he was more than adequate. She thought about the dildos, vibrators, and various objects she'd had before and wondered if they had prepared her for the real thing. She'd soon find out.

Michelle and Tony kissed before getting into the bed. Addison saw Michelle whisper something into his ear and Tony grinned as he slapped her bare ass. Then, they joined Addison.

Tony scrambled over the teenager to the other side. Tony and Michelle both began kissing her face, with Tony eventually winning the race to her mouth. While the kiss lingered on, Michelle moved down to Addison's breast. Tony's tongue worked the inside of Addison's mouth and Michelle's tongue worked the ultra sensitive nipple.

Soon, Tony was at her other breast and Addison felt shockwaves of pleasure gushing through her. She moaned in response to the double sucking and biting, her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second.

"Is it time for the final inspection?" Tony asked.

He and his wife looked up at Addison. She bit her lip and nodded her approval.

"You better use protection, honey," Michelle said softly.

Tony rolled over to a bedside table, opened the drawer, and pulled out a condom. A few seconds later, he was ready and Addison was watching him move between her legs.

His cock was huge, she thought. Her nerves were at the breaking point.

"Hold me," she said, reaching out both arms toward him.

Michelle thought about Addison's description of how she wanted the first time to be. The psychiatrist was fairly certain it would meet Addison's approval. She knew Tony, and it would be good.

Tony lowered himself to her and they kissed. He slid his cock over the area it would soon explore. He slowed when he thought he was over her clit, and rubbed himself back and forth on her as she moaned.

"Are you ready?"

She nodded.

"I want you to put it in when you're ready," he said.

"I'm ready."

Her hand moved between them and took hold of the long, hard shaft. She placed the tip at the entry to her cunt, and then she removed her hand and waited.

Michelle played with one of Addison's nipples as Tony pushed the head in. With only a small amount of pressure, he pushed forward. The head entered her farther and he felt her tight, young cunt wrap around the top portion of his cock.

Between her own juices and the lubricated condom, he had no trouble very slowly gliding into her. A momentary resistance from inside her body gave way to a clear path. Their bodies came together.

"Ohhhhhh God," Addison moaned. "So good. It feels so good."

Michelle smiled as she rolled the nipple between her fingers and watched the beautiful girl's face start to glow.

Tony lifted his ass and pulled the cock out until only the head was in. Then he entered her once more.

"Yes! You're so big, Tony. More. Please!"

He was hesitant to begin fucking her just yet, but if that's what she wanted, he'd comply. His thrusts were long, slow, and gentle.

"Wrap your legs around me, Addison," he told her.

She quickly obeyed and moaned even louder during his plunges into her. Addison rolled her head to face Michelle, who leaned down and kissed the girl passionately. Tony's excitement from watching them caused him to increase the pace. Addison reacted by digging her heels into his ass.

Addison said, "Please, Tony. Harder! Harder!"

Addison didn't know what a cock would feel like inside her the first time. She expected pain. She expected the guy to not care about her or listen to her. Despite her nervousness, this was proving to be an experience she hoped never ended. His cock felt wonderful. Tony was wonderful to her and doing everything she asked.

Like fucking her harder.

The cock drove into her deeper and faster. Addison's breasts rolled on her chest as her body accepted the pounding. Her need to cum began to reach a critical state.

"Michelle, he's amazing!" Addison sighed.

"Just enjoy it. Let it happen naturally," Michelle told her, gripping her breast again and squeezing it.

Tony rode her for another few minutes, the sound and smell of their sex getting stronger.

"I'm close," Tony warned. "I'm close."

Addison looked up at him, unsure what to do. She tightened her legs around him and tried to do the same with her cunt. It must have worked.

"God, yes. Almost there! Yes!" he said loudly.

He put his hands under Addison's ass and lifted her up to him. His cock slid in and out even faster.

"Yes! Now! Oh fuck, Addison!"

Tony started to cum with thunderous grunts and groans, each thrust of his cock producing another load of cum inside the condom. Addison felt the throbbing cock unload, still rubbing against every sensitive inch of her cunt. He practically drove her into the mattress with the force of his thrusts, but she wasn't complaining.

Then Addison couldn't hold back any longer. Her first orgasm caused by a real, live cock burst from inside her body and rippled through her pussy. She threw her arms around Tony's neck and hung on while she shuddered with joy for the next sixty seconds.

Her cries and pleas for more allowed even the totally spent Tony to fill her cunt long enough for her orgasm to finish.

Afterward, they lay together on the bed, rolling from side to side with Tony still inside her. Michelle hugged them both and kissed whoever, and whatever, she had access to.

Soon, Tony was sliding off the bed. Both women watched his nice ass walk into the master bedroom.

"That was incredible, Michelle. Thank you so much...for sharing," Addison said.

"Was it what you expected; what you wanted it to be?"

"And then some. But I know I'll need more practice to get it right."

They were still kissing when Tony came out to join them.

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