Adriana Love


"Clean up that mess, you dumb slut." said Jerry as grabbed Adriana by her hair and pushed her face into the puddle of piss. "Slurp that up. Yeah you little whore, slurp up my piss." chanted Jerry as Adriana brought her lips to the dirty floor and cleaned the piss. Jerry placed his head on the back of Adriana's head as he brought the phone to his ear.

"Hey, Matthew? How's work? Yeah, I'm doing pretty well here. Listen, You did a fine job on your last presentation. Alright. Keep up the good work. Talk to you later."

Jerry could not have a bigger grin. He shoved two fingers into Adriana's ass and stirred inside. He then brought his two fingers down to Adriana's lips. Adriana opened her mouth and sucked them clean.

"That was your dad." said Jerry. Adriana nodded, her face still pressed down against the puddle of piss. Adriana's phone started ringing. Jerry lifted his foot off of Adriana. Adriana sat back on her knees and picked up her phone. Jerry snatched the phone up to see who was calling. The phone screen said "Daddy."

"Suck me while you talk... Tell him you'll be late." said Jerry, as he brought his cock to Adriana's mouth. Adriana looked up to Jerry, indecisive for a moment, but then held Jerry's cock in her other hand as she spoke into the phone.

"Hi daddy... Yeah, I'm still trying to get the sponsors... Alright, I think I'm going to hang out with Carmen after so I'll be a little late... See you at home, I love you too."

Jerry laughed out loud as Adriana hung up her cellphone.

"So now that we have couple more hours..." said Jerry as he stood up, "we can have more fun. But first, go take a shower."

Adriana, worn out and defeated, slumped the way toward the bathroom that Jerry motioned to. Jerry watched her from behind with a wide grin. He had more plans.


Adriana wrapped herself in the big soft towel and walked out of the bathroom. She had dried her hair as well, as Jerry requested. As she stepped into the living room, she saw Jerry standing up, with a rope and leash in his hand. He motioned for her to come over as he waved the items in his hand. Adriana's heart raced as she shuffled toward Jerry.

Jerry wrapped the collar around Adriana's neck tightly, and attached the leash to it. He bent Adriana over the sofa and pulled together her wrist to her back, and wrapped the rope around.

"You sexy little fuckpet," said Jerry as he pulled the towel away. He grinded his hard cock against Adriana's naked, moist buttocks. Adriana bit her lip, knowing what was coming. Jerry pushed his cock into Adriana's clean pink asshole and leaned on top of her back, nibbling and licking Adriana's ear.

"I hope you don't mind, fuckpet, I called over a couple friends to share you."

Adriana immediately squirmed under Jerry, trying to get loose, but she was too weak to get anything done.

"You can't do that... I didn't know you'd bring other people..." cried Adriana. Jerry chuckled and slowly started to fuck Adriana's tight asshole. Perhaps because Adriana had just showered, but her asshole felt softer and wetter than before.

"So you want to go home? And have your dad get fired?" said Jerry. He had thought this through already. Adriana's sobs got louder as she felt even more hopeless. She furiously shook her head no.

"That's what I thought, slut. Besides, I know you're enjoying this, so shut up until I tell you to talk." said Jerry as he got off of Adriana's back.

Jerry sat back on the couch as he pulled Adriana over him. Once she was between his knees and had assumed position, he shoved his hard cock into Adriana's mouth and held it down. Adriana had no way of fighting back, and hopelessly swallowed for the non existent air as Jerry's cock stuffed her throat. She could feel Jerry's cock thicken harder against her throat. Jerry was just beginning to fuck Adriana's throat when the doorbell rang.

"Come in!" Jerry shouted as he held Adriana's head and fucked her face. Two men walked inside, and stopped, watching Jerry facefuck a little tied-up teen.

"This is John, and this is Harry," introduced Jerry as he continued to facefuck Adriana. "And guys, this is Matthew's daughter, Adriana."

"Damn, Jerry, I thought it'd be some call girl, not Matthew's daughter..." said Harry as he took a seat on the sofa. Adriana looked up and was very surprised. Harry was her dad's friend from work.

"You might not know this, Adriana," said Jerry as slowly dipped his cock in and out of Adriana's throat, "Quite a few of us at the company are very interested in you... Why don't you show Harry how good of a cocksucker you are?"

Harry stood up and walked over to Adriana, unzipping his pants. Jerry stood and gave his seat to Harry..

"This must be a dream," said Harry as he sat, his cock already fully erect. Adriana hesitated for a moment but then started sucking on Harry's cock, wrapping her lips around the hard rod and bobbing her head on it.

"I'm taking this hole," said John as he sat behind Adriana. He admired Adriana's sexy view from behind as he pulled down his pants. He spat into his hand and rubbed it around his cock, his other hand forcing the thumb into Adriana's asshole. Once ready, he gripped Adriana's hips, two thumbs inside, roughly pulling apart Adriana's pink asshole. Adriana's shriek was muffled by Harry's cock. Harry stuffed his hard cock into Adriana's gaping asshole, forcefully. Once he was fully inside, he immediately started fucking Adriana hard. John figured it was what any man would do when given once in a lifetime chance to fuck a pretty eighteen year old with no repercussions.

Harry petted Adriana's head as she did her best to suck his cock while getting assfucked. He had always admired Adriana when he was over at Matthew's house for a couple drinks after work. He had seen her grow from a little pubescent girl to a developed sexy teenager. Numerous times he had sex with his wife imagining he were fucking Adriana's brains out. Now the little whore he lusted after for last couple years had her lips around his cock with a cock stuffed up her ass.

"Does your dad know you're here?" said Harry as he played with Adriana's hair. Adriana looked up and shook her head. Harry grinned as Adriana looked up. Her eyes were so beautiful and innocent even though her lips were stretched around his wide cock.

"Mmmmm..." moaned Harry as he pulled Adriana's head closer, slipping his cock down into Adriana's throat. Behind Adriana was John giving her his all, raping her little asshole brutally.

"How's her ass John?" said Harry as he pushed Adriana's head down harder, making her head move side to side and rubbing his cock inside her throat.

"Top shelf, all I gotta say." said John as he picked up speed and fucked Adriana even harder. He grunted and moaned as he held Adriana in place and pulled her hips back as he continued to pound it. Harry let go of Adriana's head and let John have his full fun with Adriana.

"Fuck yeah you nasty little whore, I'm gonna cum all over you!" Grunted John as he spanked Adriana hard, making Adriana spasm lightly as he hit. John stood up, took a couple steps forward, and jerked his cock hard. As he came, he pressed his cock against the back of Adriana's head and shot load after load of his cum into Adriana's hair, his knees shaking as he came.

"Tightest. Sexiest. Asshole. Ever." said John as he grabbed a handful of Adriana's hair and wiped his cock on it. Out of nowhere, he gave a nice loud slap to the back of Adriana's head. Adriana started crying again immediately.

"Little whore, lemme see your face better." said John as he roughly pulled Adriana's hair and made Adriana turn her head. John spat right in her face.

"Jeez John, be nicer to the girl." said Harry as he got off of the sofa and got behind Adriana. His cock was wet from Adriana's sucking. He brought his hand between Adriana's legs and felt between her pussy lips. Adriana was wet as well.

"Well well well..." said Harry as he fingered Adriana. "Looks like our Adriana is enjoying herself very much..."

Adriana only sobbed and dropped her head in shame. She didn't want to be wet, but her pussy was reacting to all the name calling and the fucking.

"What would Matthew think if he finds out his little daughter was getting all wet and loved getting fucked by older men?" said Harry slyly as he pushed his cock into Adriana's clean pussy.

"What would he think, Adriana? It's impolite to not answer questions." said Harry, his hand rubbing up Adriana's tight tummy.

"What would he do if his little innocent daughter loved being tied up and getting fucked in pussy, in the ass, and in the face by older men?"

"He'd be mad..." replied Adriana in a low voice.

"Why would he be mad?" said Harry, slowly sliding his cock back into Adriana's cunt.

"Because... because I was being a slut..."

"Are you a slut Adriana?" said Harry, laughing with John and Jerry silently.

"Yes... I'm a slut..." said Adriana, and hung her head again from shame.

Harry slowly fucked Adriana's cunt, angling his cock against Adriana's g-spot, letting Adriana's wet pussy slowly squeeze around his cock. John sat in front of Adriana and cockslapped her cheeks over and over.

"Clean and suck, Adriana whore." said John, pulling Adriana's head back by her hair. He slapped Adriana's face again, and shoved his cock into Adriana's mouth and started double teaming her with Harry.

Harry was already near cumming when he started fucking Adriana. He started slamming into Adriana as he felt his balls pulsed. John was matching the force and fucking Adriana's mouth just as hard.

"I'm gonna fill up your cunt baby," whispered Harry as he gripped Adriana's buttocks harder. Adriana shook her hips to get Harry's cock out of her, but it was no use under Harry's strong grip.

"Take it baby, take my cum... Mmmmmmm you little cum dumpster, I'm filling you up so good..." sighed Harry as he slowed down, still fucking Adriana's cum-filled cunt.

"No... just a little more..." begged Adriana as soon as she got a little chance to breathe.

"A little more what, whore?" said Harry as he grazed his fingertips on Adriana's pussy lips. "Are you gonna have an orgasm Adriana? You really love being fucked like this, don't you?" Harry pushed his finger into Adriana and stirred her cunt.

Adriana moaned loudly as her hips bucked on its own. John held Adriana's head down all the way, making Adriana choke as she shook and moaned from the orgasm. Grinning, Harry spanked Adriana hard as Adriana went through orgasm, punishing her.

"Little fucking slut." said Harry as he delivered the final slap to Adriana's reddened butt.

"Well, I'm done. My cock is clean." said John as he stood up.

"I guess I'm done too." said Harry, "except I need to piss."

"Not for Adriana," interrupted Jerry, "she still needs a piss shower to get cleaned up."

Jerry stood above Adriana and undid the rope around Adriana's wrists. He then picked up the leash and pulled as he walked. Adriana obediently crawled, following her master to the bathroom. Jerry motioned Adriana to get into the shower stall. Harry and John followed their boss to the bathroom.

"Open your mouth, piss slut." commanded Jerry as he pulled his cock out and started pissing on Adriana's face. Adriana opened her mouth, catching her master's piss with her mouth and drinking down as much as she could. Chuckling, John and Harry looked at each other, then too started pissing on Adriana. The three men pissed all over the little girl, letting their urine run down from her hair to her toes, her tits and face. Once they were done, Adriana was a wet mess.

"Watch her lick up our piss. Won't you, Adriana? You're going to slurp up all that piss from the shower right?"

Adriana hesitantly lowered herself and licked the cold, wet shower stall floor. The three men watched as the ruined co-worker's daughter cleaned the floor with her mouth. John grabbed the toilet plunger and pushed Adriana's face down with it, making Adriana's face press against the piss floor.

"Lick this too, whore." shouted John as he rubbed the rubber suction of the plunger on Adriana's face. Adriana had given up a long while ago. She licked the plunger, not caring what she did anymore.

"What a nasty whore," said John as he zipped up his pants.

"That, was worth missing the football game." said Harry as he turned around to leave. "See ya, Adriana."

Jerry sat on the toilet seat, watching Adriana attentively.

"So, Adriana, I think Matthew can keep his job."

Adriana looked up, choking as she teared up again. She cried so much today that she didn't have any tears left.

"You were a good girl," said Jerry as he turned on the shower. "Get cleaned and dressed."

And with that, Jerry left the bathroom. Adriana cried even harder, curling up on the piss covered bathroom floor as the cold water hit her body.

When Adriana came out her sponsorship paper was by the door mat. Jerry had sponsored her for all the money she needed. The clocked showed 7pm. She had been getting fucked for four whole hours.

"Take this," said Jerry as he handed Adriana a small jar. Adriana looked at Jerry quizzically, and then looked at the jar in her hand.

"You need to fill that jar up with cum by tomorrow night." said Jerry as if it were common sense.

"But... How..." Adriana was getting speechless.

"You're the slut, you know better. By fucking men, obviously. Drop by my house tomorrow night and I really won't fire your dad." said Jerry, standing up.

"But I can't... I can't do it..." said Adriana as she sank to her knees. She thought it was all over, but she still had so much to do.

"You got enough time," said Jerry as he stood in front of Adriana with his hard cock. He pulled back Adriana's hair softly, and watched as Adriana sobbed uncontrollably on her knees.

"You can start with me, babe." said Jerry as he pressed his thumb into Adriana's mouth. Adriana complied and opened her mouth, letting Jerry inside.

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One dimensional characters

Including the girl. I don't expect fine literature on this site, but some care with characters: the bruised damaged girl who is bruised and damaged because she was raped is subjected to even more painmore...

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