tagLoving WivesAdulterous Sneha Ch. 04

Adulterous Sneha Ch. 04


Some sentences are in Marathi, our native language and have been translated for you all....


Coming back to Mumbai from a lust filled marathon sex session we were not able to meet each other due to our individual commitments. Change of jobs made matters worse for me. Distance makes the heart grows fonder was turning out to be true. We used to chat at times and most of the days used to exchange messages. Sneha used to share everything from the start of the day till she was on bed. Fortunately the situation at her home was slightly improving but she was not yet ready to accept it. Though bringing up her son remained her foremost priority .Her main point of contention was her husband's daily drinking habit and mother in laws interference in her day to day life.

Sharing our lives with each other had brought us closer; there was a much deep understanding of our personalities, our likes and dislikes, mutual interest activities and hobbies. It was almost 6 months since our last tryst and both of us were craving for togetherness. The opportunity came during the school vacations; her mother in law was to take her son to their native place and her husband was to go on a week-long work trip. Both of us applied for a 4 day leave and were desperately awaiting the day when we would meet again. We had once again decided to go to my Alibaug farmhouse as it offered us total privacy. The weekend spent with her was flashing past my eyes as I drove to pick her up albeit at considerable distance away from her residence so no one would suspect her.

I stopped the car next to her and rushed out to give her a hug and a kiss. It was late in the evening so chances of someone recognizing her were slim. When I saw her was amazed to see a complete change in her. Gone was the demure, shy housewife instead I could see a confident and bold girl. She sat in the car and we were on our way. It was a 3 hour drive and for company was a beautiful lady. There were no traces of lust but I could sense an underlying current of passion on her face. Sneha was much more animated today. She started with thanking me for what had happened from our first meeting till today. Though ours was an adulterous relationship, she had realized what she was missing in life. Not only had her outlook towards life changed but also there was a sense of making good in what she had in her personal life. She had stopped trying to correct her husband and did not care much about her lousy mother in law. She joined a gym and was now in much better shape. She had started paying attention to her looks as well. A new haircut and a changed wardrobe had also been added. Today she was wearing a tight fitting leggings and a short shirt which was accentuating her firm body highlighting the curves nicely.

We stopped for dinner at a non-descript hotel and I could see almost everyone including the ladies staring at both of us. Finishing dinner we were on our way eager for what was going to be a sex filled vacation. A flat tire delayed us further and it was well past midnight when we reached my home. A cool breeze was flowing from the sea and Sneha filled our beer mugs and tip toed silently to where I was. Handing me over one of the she slipped her arm around my waist and snuggled into me. I was caressing her head and shoulders occasionally going down to her slender waist sipping the beer. Sneha was chattering on non-stop filling me on what had happened in the last six months and how she has adapted to life. Finishing the beer I lifter her in my arms and planted a firm kiss on her welcoming lips, our tongues met and were darting inside each other's mouth. To my utter surprise Sneha was wearing nothing inside when I undressed her; she returned the favor and without wasting time on preliminaries my erect dick was inside her mouth. Sitting on her knees she was licking and sucking me like a child having a favorite candy. Suckling by balls at times and her fingers moving around my bum I was aroused and in no time released white hot spurts of cum in her ever welcoming mouth.

I gently raised her up by the arms and walked towards our pool. We plunged into the pool which was a welcome respite from the humidity despite the cool winds. Sneha was with her back towards me and her globes which were more firm now were getting a good massage with the occasional twist to the nipple. Kissing her on the shoulders and the earlobes were sending tiny tremors down her spine. With my back to the pool walls she turned around resting her arms on my shoulders. This brought her erect nipples to be sucked right in front of my mouth. Not letting my arms to touch her Sneha lowered her on my throbbing dick and was in throes of passion. Aided by the buoyancy of the pool she was finding it easy to continue to fuck me at a fast pace. Her warm enveloping pussy folds were constricted against my tool and during each stroke Sneha was milking my dick. Her lips firmly on mine her tongue darting inside my mouth was like trying to mimic the motions down below. The 6 month gap between our last session had acted as an aphrodisiac and both of were showing no signs of release. Finally after 15 minutes Sneha climaxed with a massive orgasm which also caused me to release. But the grip of her pussy walls on my tool had not slackened.

Sneha had tears in her eyes and when I took her into my arms , she lovingly said " Ashu , gele saha mahine yachich waat baghat hoti , Majhya pucchi la tujhya lingachi garaj hoti" ( Ashu,I was waiting for today, I have missed your tool in my pussy for last 6 months ). Navra ratri yeto daru peeun aani jhopto , kadhi salyacha uthla ki zhawayla baghto, tyala gele chaar mahine angala haath lavayla dila nahi me, Jo paryant to daru sodnaar nahi to paryanta tyala heech shiksha" ( Husband comes home drunk and sleeps off, If he manages an erection tries to fuck me, But I have not allowed him to touch me for the past 4 months and have told him that this will be his punishment if he does not stop drinking ). Tears were still streaming down her face and there I realized she still loved her husband. Sobbing Sneha acknowledged that fact but also said he does not want to change nor is he making any efforts to change her mother in laws behavior. She wanted our relationship to blossom despite the fact that she was still in love with her husband. I did not mind that a bit.

We refilled our beer mugs and walked down to the beach. 4 a.m. in the morning there was no soul in sight. The sound of crashing waves, a cool breeze coupled with the fact that both of us walking on the sands nude making the environment romantic. Hand in hand we strolled towards the sea. We sat down in the waves crashing on us with Sneha in my lap. Stealing kisses and caressing each other. Talking about us, her home, my future and our relationship ahead we never realized when the sun began to peep out. Thankfully this part of the beach is isolated and even the local fishing village is almost 2 km away. There was no one to violate our privacy. Taking a last dip we walked back to the house. We headed into the shower and scrubbed each other removing the tiny specks of sand from our bodies. Sneha was cooking breakfast in the nude.. there was no one to restrict us in here. Without making a sound I reached her from behind and started caressing her pussy lips and her boobs. She turned the stoves off and turned towards me. Picking her up I pushed her back on to the platform and started licking her cunt. Sneha was moaning and her legs formed vise like grip on my head. I continued to lick her while slowly spreading her ass cheeks. Turning her around I started rimming her ass hole and she was squirming with pleasure. Picking up some butter lying on the platform I let it drip into her ass. I gently entered her trying to minimize her pain but it did hurt and she screamed in pain. The butter did lubricate her but her small asshole was stretched. I kept the pressure and gently eased my entire cock in her ass. Slowly and steadily I kept ramming her and soon she was wildly throwing her head around in ecstasy. I was spent soon and Sneha constricted her ass to squeeze off every drop of cum.

I fed her breakfast and both of us fell asleep on the couch watching TV. It was late afternoon when we woke up. Wearing clothes for a change we drove towards Kashid beach which is nearby. Though it was vacation time there was not much of a crowd on a weekday so could enjoy watersports without much interference. Sitting on the beach cuddling we watched as the sunset sharing bhajiyas and beer. There was a nice eatery nearby which was famous for its fish preparations where we headed for dinner. A sumptuous meal in traditional preparation satisfied our appetite.

We reached home after a leisurely drive. Before I could get out Sneha was up on me in a jiffy and was struggling to open my shorts. Helping her with that my erect tool snapped up and without wasting any time she guided it in her leaking pussy just moving the flimsy panties to one side. My spacious SUV offered ease of movement and Sneha was pumping me with vigor. I ripped open her dress and hungrily fed on the swaying boobs alternately. My tee out of the way Sneha began sliding on my body, her firm breasts were sending shivers of pleasure up my body. Sneha climaxed letting her body weight on to me. I opened the car door and managed to get out without dislodging her as she was still impaled on my erect tool. I laid her by the poolside and continued the unfinished business. Teasing and playing with her I kept on sucking her breasts. Waves of pleasure were racking up her body and Sneha kept thrashing till I came and pulled her over me. She later told me that never did she have multiple orgasms like she had now. Our lovemaking by each passing hour was more of a loving passion than of lust, constant small talk, whispering sweet nothings it was making it difficult for me to not fall in love with Sneha. I knew that she would never leave her husband for the sake of her kid. Cuddling her in my arms I gave her an invigorating massage. Not only the herbal oils relaxed her but also eased the tenderness of her breasts which were sore due to constant suckling, nibbling and biting. In the bathroom Sneha wanted to experience a golden shower and asked me to fulfill her wish. I proceeded to piss on her and after getting sprayed on her body she took my tool into the mouth and drank every last drop of it.

Next two days just passed in a blur and our constant lovemaking did not let us know how time had gone by. As all good things come to an end we packed up and headed back home. Sneha was carrying love bites all over her glowing skin and was aching head to toe due to the furious lovemaking which we had done in the last 3 days. But the bond we developed over the last 2 days took our relationship to a different plateau; it was like being a part of each other now. Unlike the raw sex we had during our earlier tryst we were now like a more mature lover's trying to fulfill each other's needs rather than thinking about our own individual requirements. Time heals and changes but for Sneha an ordeal was yet to begin..........

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