tagNovels and NovellasAdventure in Longwood Day 01

Adventure in Longwood Day 01


The sun sending out its last strands of light before ducking below the distant land, I bounce into town sitting in the stage coach. Bouncing around with me is another lady, Mrs. Sarah Roundtree, though definitely not round, she is very prim and proper and stick thin. Her lithe body encased in several flowing layers of white and purple, around her neck a cameo held there with a silk ribbon. Bits of brown hair sticking out around her head where it had broken loose from either her hat, or the French braid.

In the dying light of the sun her hat sparkled atop her forehead, causing me to look a tad closer. Around the rim of her hat were hanging beads bouncing to and fro from the rather painfully bouncy ride we were forced to endure. Somehow she managed to look unconcerned with all of the bouncing we were doing, though I am sad to say I could not. The corset I was poured into restricted my breathing quite a great amount, and the bustle I am half sitting on, the rest sticking out behind me causing me to only actually sit on half the seat, digs into my hips.

Each bounce makes me groan and move back onto the seat as fully as I am able to dressed up in all this 'woman's wear.' I admit I look like quite a lady in this get up, except one problem, I'm not a lady. Why oh why did Dan decide to contract me to move way the heck away from Kansas City, I was making plenty of money at that bordello. But instead of getting to lay in that glorious silk sheeted bed with one of my regular's on top of me, I find myself all dolled up bouncing around in this forsaken rickety stage coach staring across at Mrs. Sarah Roundtree and having Mr. Johnson this overweight older man in a poorly pressed suit drooling all over me.

To be fair, he isn't ugly, his nose is a little large, face is a bit roundish in the way of a child or a heavy drinker's. Though a drinker I think he is not, he doesn't have a flask hidden away in his breast pocket, his cheeks aren't permanently red like a heavy drinker's would be. His hands actually are good sized, and his feet, he may very well have a good sized member tucked away in his pants, though at the moment it is hard to tell, his belly is large and droops over. Tucked into his pants it covers up whatever he may have down there, at least while sitting.

Perched next to Sarah is perhaps the reason I am contracted to come here, an oily fella if I ever did see one. His hair is perpetually slicked back, his skin shines in the light of the dying sun, heck it shines at any time there is light around. He is as Polly would say heavily oiled, and he has a strange air around him. He carries a bible and is always quoting from it, wears priest's clothes day and night it seems, I swear he sleeps and bathes in them. I can't be to sure of course, the stage is a proper one, and so is he at least when it comes to bathing and sleeping. He does however not have my line of work against me, I found that out last night.

We had stopped at a small farm to bathe, sleep, and eat, it was tiny like all the rest we stopped at on the way. This time though it was different, there was an actual family living there, instead of those drunken old men. They had a son, couldn't of been more than 20 summers, or what you round eyes call years. During the course of the dinner I couldn't help but look him up and down, Sarah did as well I could tell, but unlike me she was doing it on the sly. Me, I just stared at him roving my eyes all up and down that hot body of his, licked my lips even when I looked between his legs. He knew I was looking, he turned pink and kept his eyes downcast most of the meal. Still managed to look at my breasts, encased in these thick layers of 'women's wear' or not I knew he was liking his view.

At one point his mother Cassie had asked me why I was going to Longwood, I told her straight out, I was heading there because I had gotten a contract with Smiling Sally at the saloon. Well when I said that she gasped, her husband perked right up and their son I swear he seemed to shrink even more than he was. The rest of the people on the stage already knew that, naught anything to do but talk about each other and what was or had happened in the last town. Honestly I was getting tired of saying it, every time we stopped for the night whoever was running the place we stopped in would ask each of us where we were going and why. Lots of questions about what is happening in the last town we stopped in, sometimes they would tell us about what was going on in the next town if it was fairly close.

Shortly after I had told them why I was going to Longwood their son gulped down the last of his food and asked permission to leave the table so he could get the barn ready for the driver, male riders, and himself, I and Sarah would be sharing his bedroom in the loft. Shortly after he had left I finished my plate and had gone outside for a walk, doesn't do to not stretch your legs after a meal, especially when going by stage. The boy's father found me leaning over the posts for the horses.

I heard him coming, not hard when it's dark and a round eye, but still didn't bother to turn and face him. I figured better to just stay like that and see if he's wanting a bit of fun. Well he was, but not for himself, turns out their boy is a bit of a shy one and never had the pleasures of female company. I had known that right off, easy to spot those things when you deflower 5 boys a week in the summer. So after a little haggling, more for my amusement than anything else. I was thinking of joining the poor boy that evening anyway, I walked to the barn with 2 one dollar bills tucked into my pocket and a good sized grin on my face. Been nigh on a month since I deflowered my last boy and turned him into a man.

He didn't hear me come up the ladder, or move through the hay to his back, I swear round eyes are downright deaf and blind. I stood looking at his blonde head, his hair looking a bit like the hay he was manhandling into piles under blankets. Well in this case I guess boyhandling would be a better way to put it, at least for right now.

I undid the top coat, then the corset and the skirt setting each aside gently, so glad to be rid of that accursed bustle, luckily it's more attached to the dress than me, an arrangement Dan helped me with, at least a little.

He had come in one afternoon out of the blue carrying a few boxes then tossed them onto the wonderful silk sheeted bed. I was aghast, this metal half ball had a good sized set of what I took to be horse reigns on the flatter side of it. I looked at it, looked at him and started cursing him out. Made it plain in no uncertain terms I would not strap myself into that contraption. Eventually he left with it back in the box along with the skirt muttering. I didn't tell him everything that I thought though, the dress itself was lovely, delicate lace all over, wonderful paring of colors, all in all I was awestruck with what he had gotten for me.

When he had returned there was a larger box, inside lay the skirt, except this time it was bunched up in a huge ball, or so I thought until he pulled it out. I don't know what he told the seamstress, but she had sewn the bustle into the skirt. Well sorta sewn, what she did was sew straps into the skirt and tied the bustle up with those straps. When I saw this, I couldn't help myself, I jumped in those strong arms of his and pressed my face right up to him. Hoped for a kiss, but instead I leaned a little closer and whispered into his ear thanks and I love the dress.

All of this left my mind as I placed the bustle strussed up in a skirt to the side and walked up to the boy soon to be a man, dressed in only a white camisole and bloomers. He jumped practically through the roof as I lay my hands on his shoulder, wrapping him up in my arms I lean in and whisper in his ear.

At my soft words he relaxes in my arms and I wrap my arms fully around him, well I try, but can't quite make it. My heart gives a little lurch at this, it's been long since I lay with a man so large that was not fattened.

Gently I turn his buttons one after the other, having to stretch to reach them full, pressing my breasts into his back and I he sighs as I do. With the buttons undone we both pull his suspenders off his shoulders then pull that shirt off. He turns to me as he does and I gasp as I see his chest, he is a man who sees work, he is muscular, but with a soft padding and I find myself wishing to fall into his arms and just lay.

As his hands fall to his pants I remember what I really wish to do with him, and what I have been paid for. My hands reach out and help him undo his pants, my practiced fingers turning the buttons and freeing him of the pants, as they fall to the floor I gasp again, and sigh, he is not a small man. This is one night I will enjoy fully.

With his eyes on me I back away a little, brushing his hands away as I do. Holding a finger to my lips for a moment, I grab at my camisole, undoing the tie on the front and slowly pulling it up, at first not trying to pull it over my head, just up to show him my breasts. When his eyes light up big as saucers I grin and pull the camisole all the way off, as it drops to the ground I move back into his reach. Grabbing his hands I pull them to my breasts, we both groan as his hands move over my breasts, just the feel of his hands on me sending currents right down.

He leaned in and kissed me then, not terribly hard, but insistent and wonderful, then his tongue snaked its way into my mouth. Well it at first probed against my lips, darting here and there and I couldn't help but open my lips to him. After what seemed like ages of his powerful kiss, he pulls back and goes down, making a beeline to my right breast. As his lips latch onto my nipple I gasp again, then moan, this boy has very done this before, there is no way a virgin would know how to do this. I shall have to ask him later, but right now, I must keep my legs under me, his ministrations leaving me weak. As he switches breasts I take the lapse in my pleasure to get my legs to firm up again and work my bloomers down past my hips and let them fall away.

He kept at my breasts so long and so well I was leaning on him by the time I managed to get him to stop and remember there was something else we could do. He wrapped me up in his arms and picked me up, I let out a little yikes as my feet left the boards of the barn loft. As he turned toward a pile of hay he had already made into a bed and covered with a sheet, I leaned my head against his chest, his hard manhood brushing up against my rear. Gently he moved to the makeshift bed and dropped to one knee so he could place me down.

I sighed as he put me down, my eyes staring up at him, thinking he will make a woman very happy and lucky one of these days. For a moment I thought nothing of him not moving onto me, but the moment stretched and stretched. Eventually I remembered that he is a virgin, his talented mouth made me forget, though right now his doubting puzzled look told me all I needed to know.

I reached out and found his member, still rock hard and pulled him toward me. He followed along looking doubtful still until I got him between my legs and leaning over me, his appendage touching at me. It was then he spoke, and told me much of why he was so good with his mouth but not knowing what else to do.

"I'm not sure you want me to be inside you, I am very large as you can see. Julie let's me suck on her breasts and lower, but won't let me do anything else because I am huge." He tells me in a low voice, turning red and looking down.

"Shhhh, trust me, your not to big," I tell him as my hand reaches up to caress his cheek, "put it inside of me, Julie is scared for good reason, your scary to a virgin, but to a woman who has been around, you're a godsend."

His eyes light up, even bigger than when I showed him my breasts, and he started to push. Only problem being, he missed, he cursed as he pulled away and tried again only to miss again. Quickly I reach between us, grab and line him up with me and tell him to go slow. As he moves into me I can't help but groan, which was a mistake, he started to pull away. I had to move fast to wrap my legs around him and grab onto his shoulders.

"Don't worry, it's been long since I've been lucky enough to have one such as you, it will take me a bit to get used, just go slow and don't worry, I can take it." I tell him with a wink.

He grins and pushes again, slowly pushing his way into me, I can't help but think maybe I can't take it, he is too big. Though I keep quiet, I know I can take larger, I have before and it eventually was incredible to feel such a size moving around in me, though the first few minutes are indeed not terribly enjoyable. I couldn't help but groan again and again as he forced that big thing inside of me, I covered it up by telling him to give it to me, put it all in and so forth.

Besides wanting to lay with him anyway, I got paid to take him and take him I would. He was only maybe halfway in me, and that had taken what felt like ages, though was probably more like 10 minutes. Luckily for him, I was wanting to feel him in me all the way and have him pounding it to me, so I did what any impatient whore or horny woman would. I wrapped my legs around him, grabbed his shoulders with my hands and bucked up to meet him. I'd like to tell you it wasn't painful, but I can't, it hurt, but it did what I wanted, it got him all the way in.

I lay under him, groaning a little and kissing him, telling him sweet little lies about how it feels wonderful and I just want to enjoy it all the way in. What it actually felt like was having a burning railroad spike shoved into you, I just lay under him, clinging to him and praying to the Great Spirit. Finally, the pain ebbed away to a level that said, he can move now, so I got him to do just that. I simply looked up at him, and told him to.

Oh it was glorious, his mighty appendage sawing in and out of me had me seeing stars in minutes. I'm not sure if it was because of my stars, or that he was a virgin, but when I was seeing stars, he let loose his own stars. I'm maybe halfway through my own when he groans and stops moving besides little pumps. Then I felt his warmth streaming into me, well hurtling is more like it. I swear it was like lying on the street as big drops of hot water fell right into me from the 3rd floor.

As he is panting and laying on me, I notice that he isn't exactly drooping. With a grin I move under him again, my hips driving him in and out slightly. Not as much as I would want, but enough to catch his attention and get him fully ready. He gets a grin of his own as he starts to move as well, and that just got me going. My legs wrap around him, my hands run up and down his back as my legs pull my hips farther onto him than they could manage alone.

The two of us lay there, our hips moving fast making distinct noise, my breasts bouncing about some, and me coaxing him on to go ya-lu-a(fast) and a-s-da-ya(hard). Only problem being, he doesn't understand Tsalagi, his questions and puzzled look reminding me, along with his failure to do either. With a grunt I roll us over, swiftly moving my legs out of the way of his rear. His eyes wide I adjust myself so I am sitting on him, my knees besides his hips, leaning forward my hips move. He gets a startled look as I move atop him, my breasts descending to his chest.

My hips moving me up and down him, both of us groaning as he moves in me, my face almost pressing into his, then I start talking. At first I'm just telling him how good he feels, how I love laying with him, the standard prostitute phrases, but then he started moving to, and I couldn't help but encourage him. This time I was careful to do so in round eyes so he would know what I wanted. He listened to, when I told him to move a little faster, he did, when I drew near to another orgasm I rose up on him, my hands to his shoulders. At first he just gawked at my breasts bouncing up and down on him, before I told him to play with them he did. With his hands all over my breasts, more mauling than caressing, I saw stars again. I'm ashamed to admit I really enjoyed his performance, so much so I collapsed on him moaning. Somehow telling him to keep moving, which he did, I just lay on him as he moved in me, whispering how much I'm enjoying him.

Then he surprises me, his arms wrap around me and I find myself under him again, my legs now held high. I wrap them around him as he moves in me, much faster than he had before. My arms wrapped around him as much as they can, I hook my feet and hold on, he is moving more like a train than a man, not that I am complaining. I look up at him as he moves atop me, his eyes half glazed over staring at someplace beyond my shoulder. Seeing he is off in his own world atop me, I look lower and marvel at the connection between us. So big and strong and moving so fast, it's more a blur than anything else.

I don't know how I missed it, but I find myself thrashing about under him in the throes when his movement gets uncontrolled. He starts jerking a little bit, and then let's out almost a shriek, then floods me again. Amazingly he didn't lose any volume from the last time. He just lay atop me for a while, though hard to breath I wasn't about to move him, I always enjoy men laying with me after.

Finally he rolls off and lays besides, his arms wrapping around me and pulling me close. He kisses me and thanks me and pulls me closer with his strong arms in a hug, I tell him to not forget what I told him, and remind him I better get going before the men decide to come up and get some sleep. With a sheepish grin he let's go and assures me he will tell Julie, I grab up the camisole and bloomers then move to where my dress lay. Quickly I put the camisole and corset back on, slipping the skirt around my hips and then the top, leaving my bloomers off so I can clean up before putting them on again.

Down the ladder I go, my bloomers tucked into the bustle hoping I won't be meeting anyone. Feeling the left overs from the fun trickling down my legs I hurriedly move toward the corral, knowing there will be a trough full of mostly clean water for my cleaning. I stop short as I reach the fence though, the preacher man is standing there, Father Darren as he likes to be called.

He walks up to me, his hands held up as if I am naught but a shy horse, before leaning in closer to me and speaking in a dull whisper.

"My good lady, if you are wishing to do what I think you are going to do, perhaps you would allow me to aid you in the endeavor."

"Preacher say it plain. What are you wanting to do?"

"Oh my, forgive me good lady, I have forgotten you are not yet of the calling and prefer plain to respect..."

"Stop there, say what you want or you will find my shoes do not feel good on the inside."

"Oh my, no need to get upset good lady, I only wish to aid you in the cleaning with my tongue, god willing and you agree of course."

"Preacher, I should teach you why it is unwise to annoy a Cherokee, but you are right I am in need of a cleaning, and your tongue will work just as well I warrant."

Not giving him time to say his thanks or praises, normally the same thing and ga-wi-no-ha (talker) is an understatement with him. Instead I push him down, sit on his chest for a second then move up and cover his face. At first I think he tries to say something, but gives up when I press down harder on his face, I can feel his lips pressing right into me.

When I feel his tongue pressing inside I take my weight off him and he reacts with enthusiasm, his tongue darting about at a breakneck speed. His hands come up and grab my rear, not so much to caress but to move me about on his face. At first his hands just direct me to move here and there as his tongue licks away. I can't help but enjoy his ministrations, whatever else he is this man knows his way around a woman.

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