tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures in Oz Ch. 01

Adventures in Oz Ch. 01


Contrary to popular belief, Dorothy Gale was an incorrigible girl. To Auntie Em, and her other relatives, she was as innocent and pure as a Kansas sunrise. But what her Aunt did not know, is that Dorothy had become so curious and mischievous in her teens, she had become a naughty girl indeed.

Growing up on a farm in the middle of the Great Plains is no easy task for anyone. The nearest neighbor was three miles away, and the nearest town was a good thirty. But to an attractive twenty year old young woman, the isolation could be as difficult as surviving a harsh winter inside a log cabin. This "Farm Fever" as Dorothy liked to call it, nipped at her heels as a child, but after reaching her teens, the nipping had turned to a tingling between her legs.

She needed sex. And she needed it bad.

To make matters worse, Hunk, Zeke, and Hickory, three farmhands in their early thirties, had teased Dorothy with their charm and muscled chests, throughout her development. She teased them of course, attempting to lure one or all three of them into the barn as her Aunt baked pies inside the kitchen. But although the men may have been tempted by the pig-tailed beauty, they all knew better than to screw the farmer's daughter. For Hunk, Zeke, and Hickory had all known fellas who had made just that mistake, and had all wound up with a bullet in their back.

And then one summer afternoon, as Dorothy came bouncing up to the hog pen to deliver three glasses of lemonade to the men, the sky turned black as pitch, and the windmill spun like the wheel of a bicycle. It was a twister.

Zeke grabbed Dorothy's hand, dropping the glasses into the dirt, as the funnel cloud raced towards the farm like a runaway locomotive. But as they were running down the cellar stairs, Dorothy lost her footing and fell forward down the last two steps. She fell into darkness then, the sound of the tornado whistling in her head.

When she came to, Dorothy found herself in a landscape quite different from the cellar of her Kansas farm. She was outside, but the drab colors of the landscape had been replaced by a brilliant palette of blues, reds, greens, and yellows.

After her eyes finished adjusting, her ears picked up the sounds of tiny little voices coming from the bushes, and suddenly in the sky, there appeared a vision in pink. The woman floated down to the yellow street, and Dorothy's heart skipped a beat. The woman was stunning.

Her hair was blond and wavy, her skin as pink as the lacy gown she wore, which was practically transparent. Dorothy had never seen a woman as stunning as the one now standing before her, and it flooded her head with naughty thoughts that were exciting and new.

"They are shy." The woman said, her blue eyes sparkling like two sapphires.

"Who?" Was all Dorothy could say, for she was still staring at the woman's body. "Why, the munchkins, of course." And she laughed a sexy velvety laugh. "But no matter. They would only tell you to follow the yellow brick road, which is exactly what you must do."

Dorothy looked puzzled.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Glenda, the Good Witch. And I really think you'll like what you'll find on the road."

"Which is?" Dorothy asked.

The Good Witch leaned forward, her soft ripe breasts practically in Dorothy's face.

"Because," she said, "You'll find everything you've been wanting."

Dorothy thought she wanted the beautiful woman, but clearly there were things she desired more just down the road.

"Move on down the road girl." Glenda purred.

And Dorothy did just that.


She had walked a good half mile when the tiny houses she had seen when first awakening, gave way to vast open cornfields, stretching on either side of the road. She had seen cornfields as a girl, but her Aunt and Uncle did not grow it on the farm, and she was surprised that now twenty years old, the corn still stood above her five foot, six inch frame.

As Dorothy was studying the height of the cornstalks, she heard an all-too familiar voice, but she could not place it.

"Uh, could you give me a hand over here?"

Dorothy pushed her way through a row of corn to where the voice was coming from, and she was shocked when she discovered a scarecrow tied to a stake. But this was no ordinary scarecrow. It was amazingly human in form, as if crafted not by a farmer but by a sculptor.

"Yeah, up here." It suddenly said, and Dorothy jumped.

"Um, sorry." It spoke again. "I didn't mean to frighten you, but I sure could use your help getting off this thing."

To Dorothy's surprise, the scarecrow's mouth moved just as a man's would move. She could almost see lips, although his entire face seemed to be made of burlap. Gathering her wits, Dorothy cautiously walked up to the stake, and began to untie the scarecrow's legs and arms from the wooden stake.

After a moment, she felt something hard brush her cheek, as she was working on a knot of rope. Moving her head, she noticed a large bulge had appeared beneath the overalls of the scarecrow, directly between his legs. Looking up at the scarecrow's face, she found him staring down her blue plaid dress. Dorothy had perfectly rounded breasts, but found wearing bras too uncomfortable on the farm. Today, as usual, she was without her bra, and she was therefore not very surprised to find the man, even if he was made of straw, staring at her breasts.

But what was the bulge? Did he actually have a? No. Dorothy wrinkled her little nose, but remember she was a curious young woman. So moving her hands from the rope to the zipper of the scarecrow's overalls, she began to unzip him. "Wha…what are you doing?" The scarecrow asked in a shocked and funny voice.

"Aren'tchya gonna untie me?"

"Eventually." Dorothy smiled, and reaching her hand inside the overalls, pulled out the scarecrow's member. It resembled a man's penis in size and shape, quick long and quick thick, except that it appeared to be made of corn. She ran a finger down the shaft, feeling the bumps of each yellow kernel, and the scarecrow shook, sending pieces of straw falling from above.

I wonder if it tastes like corn too. Dorothy thought, and lifting it to her pouty lips, she slide him into her mouth. The scarecrow shook again, letting out a soft moan. Dorothy realized that corn did not taste like much unless chewed, and she resisted the urge to bite the helpless man. Reaching up, she untied the rest of him, and he fell off the stake, directly onto Dorothy. He gazed into her eyes, and she felt she recognized him; that his voice and his face were somehow familiar.

Dorothy's dress had been lifted up from the fall, and she could feel his corn cock pressed lightly against the lips of her pussy.

"So, you don't wear those either, do you?" The scarecrow said smiling.

"You're a smart guy." Dorothy answered back.

But the scarecrow looked confused. "Actually I don't have a---"

Dorothy cut off his last thought as she reached his cock and pushed it inside her wet opening, lifting her legs off the dirt. He let out a long "ohhhhh" and began to thrust in and out of her. They were in a room of cornstalks, the sun beating down on their bodies, and Dorothy would never have guessed that she would have lost her virginity to a man like this. She, of course, let her Labrador: Toto fuck her from behind every now and then if she was really horny, but she didn't count Toto. The scarecrow had strong arms, a handsome face, and a cock which felt as if Dorothy was riding waves of pleasure.

"Ohhh please fuck me!" Dorothy pleaded.

The scarecrow held her arms, pinning her in the dirt, thrusting in and out of her wet pussy.

"Yess! Ohhh yesss! I'm gonna cum."

"Cum for me baby." The scarecrow said, and he pulled her dress up over her tits, so he could squeeze them in his hands.

"Oh God! I'm…I'm cumming! Yes! Yes! YES! She wrapped her slender legs around the man, and they collapsed together in the dusty dirt of Oz.

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