tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAdventures in Sex in Public Ch. 01

Adventures in Sex in Public Ch. 01


Hi, my name is Julia, I am 24 yrs old and I am an exhibitionist. I am 5'4" tall have 32b tits and generally shave my pussy. I love to display my body in public and have sex in places where there is always a high chance of getting caught or being seen. I also love to have an audience at times.

I began my exhibitionism in my final year of college at the age of 21. I was traveling by train sitting facing two men. I was wearing a short skirt and absently looking out of the window at the passing scenery. Then from the corner of my eye I noticed the two men staring at my legs and I realized that I was giving them a view up my skirt. I felt a bit embarrassed and quickly changed my position without looking at them. I realized the thought of them looking up my skirt when they believed I wasn't looking excited me and I could feel my face flushing and my pussy getting wet. Later that night I thought about the incident when I was at home in my room. I began to touch my pussy as I fantasized about the two passengers across from me looking up my skirt and finding I wasn't wearing panties. I barely got beyond that thought when I began to orgasm. At that moment I decided I wanted to show my pussy to someone and began thinking about how I would do it.

Then one day I got the opportunity to implement my plan. My parents went out of town for two days. At that time I did not yet have the courage to go outside in some public place to display myself and decided to do it at home only. I went over my plan again and again in my mind and picked up the phone and ordered a pizza to be delivered. As soon as I hung up the phone I took my clothes off and wrapped a towel around me. The towel was short and I looked in the mirror to see that it just covered my pussy. When the bell rang I was shaking with excitement, very wet and I nearly changed my mind before I opened the door. The delivery guy was a bit taken aback to see me dressed as I was. I took the pizza from him and went inside to a table where I had placed the cash to pay for the pizza. I made sure before he arrived that the table was in a direct line of view from the door. By this time my pussy was dripping in anticipation of what I was going to do and my heart was thumping so hard I was sure he could hear it. At that instant I wanted to change my mind but I was so excited and my pussy so wet I just could not stop myself. The table was carefully selected because it was low and as I bent down to pick up the cash I knew I gave him a perfect view of my wet swollen pussy. I turned and went back to the door where he stood motionless and paid him for the pizza. My face was so red I could not even look directly at him as I handed him the money. I quickly closed the door before the he could move or say anything and almost immediately I fell back against the door barely able to stand and I began to cum. That night I masturbated twice to orgasm replaying it over again and again before going off to sleep. From that day forward my life.

As I got up today I was feeling very horny and knew that I had to get laid today in my style. In the shower I played with my tits and pussy which made me even more excited knowing I'd have an adventure today. Dressing for the office I decided to wear a black mini and blue button down shirt. The mini was about 14 inches long and displayed my legs nicely and I decided not to wear panties. I thought about not wearing a bra but in the end wore one so I would not be too obvious to my co-workers. To finish I wore 2 inch heels and was ready for my day.

I tried to concentrate on my work but I could not ignore the tingling in my pussy and I was getting hornier by the moment. I logged on to chat on the internet and was soon chatting with a new friend named Dennis who knows about my behavior and also loves exhibitionist females. He asked if I could have a little adventure at work. I told him I was excited enough at that moment that I'd do just about anything. He talked me into going out of the office to find stranger to show myself to. He asked that I first I remove my bra.

I went to the ladies room and removed my bra. I had to throw it into the trash since I could not carry it back to my desk when I returned. I love the feel of my naked tits under the shirt and the sensation that was created in my body with the nipples rubbing against the material of the shirt. I was trembling as I walked out of the office, my pussy so wet I could feel my juices beginning to run down my thighs as I waited for the lift to come. When the lift door opened on my floor there was only one man inside and I and I stepped in with him, excided at what I was about to do. As the lift stopped at the floor I had selected I walked out and pretended to drop something on the floor. I bent down from the waist to pick up the imaginary thing and in the process gave a good view of my naked very wet pussy to the guy in the lift. Then I turned back and smiled at him as the doors closed and he was gone. I was so wet and excited as the door closed I wanted to masturbate right there but somehow controlled myself and went back to the office. I told Dennis about the adventure and he thanked me for sharing it with him. I wonder if he was so excited I made him cum when I told him about it.

Now I was so horny I was losing control and I wanted to show more. I could not concentrate on work. Soon it was time for lunch and I went to the cafeteria. The cafeteria was almost empty except for 3 men sitting at separate tables. I picked out a guy from my office whom I had a liking for and sat at the table opposite him where he could get a good look at my legs and pussy below the table. While I was having my lunch I opened my legs wide enough to give a perfect view of my swollen wet pussy. He stared at my pussy and I smiled naughtily back at him. He was surprised and maybe somewhat shocked at first but then smiled and winked back at me. I rubbed my fingers over my pussy through the fabric of my skirt smiling as he watched me touching myself. I was about to cum but held back and finishing my lunch I went back to my cubicle.

A short time later my co-worker from the cafeteria walked to my cubicle and said he loved the show at lunch time and asked if I would let him see my tits too. I told him it was dangerous, someone might walk by and see what we were up to.. He offered to stand guard at the entry of the cubicle and warn me if anybody was coming. I thought about it and was so excited by the idea of my tits being naked in the office that I soon had my shirt unbuttoned. My tits were now on display for him. I rubbed them. Squeezed them and pinched my nipples and watched them get so hard while he watched. My nipples were so erect and I loved the cool air of the office a/c on my naked titties. I wanted to just stand there and play endlessly with my tits while the guy watched me but decided against it and buttoned up my shirt. He smiled, thanked me for the show. And told me he would come back for more later.

I was very horny now and as I logged back on the net I was again chatting with Dennis and I related the experiences of the day to him. He asked me to go out when I left the office and find a stranger to fuck me where there was a chance of being seen and getting caught. I was so horny that that I'd have done anything he asked. I took up the challenge immediately and told him I would do as he asked.

I left my office in the evening at about 6 pm and decided to go to a mall near my house. I was felt so excited still wearing only my mini, shirt and heels, totally naked underneath (no panty or bra). I took a taxi to the mall. My pussy was tingling with excitement under my skirt and nipples were demanding attention. I resisted the urge to fondle myself in the taxi. When I reached the mall I decided to stroll into a few shops looking for someone I liked, wondering who was watching me. I noticed an attractive young guy having coffee at a shop. I decided to try my luck with him. I took a seat directly in front of him and ordered coffee. Now that I had decided who I wanted my pussy was again wet thinking of having this guy inside my pussy. After a few minutes of staring at him he noticing me looking and he held eye contact with me. I opened my legs so he could clearly see my swollen wet pussy and with my eyes I pointed him to look down. When he lowered his gaze he was stunned at first to see my naked pussy but then he smiled at me and I smiled back encouragingly. He enjoyed the view I gave him for a moment then got up from his seat and came to sit at my table next to me. We introduced ourselves, his name was Wayne. He began to run his fingers on my thighs and I let him until he touched my pussy. People passing our table began to notice what we were doing. I could wait no longer, I was desperate and wanted him inside me now. I asked Wayne if there was a fire escape in the mall and he said that he knew where we could go. I told him we should go now or I would lose control here and could not be responsible for what I did. He agreed and led me to the fire escape.

The moment we entered the fire escape we were kissing hard and his hands found my tits, rubbing and squeezing them hard. Soon he had my buttons undone and was sucking on my nipples while his hands were under my skirt on my pussy. Then he unhooked my skirt and it fell to the floor, I stepped out of it I was naked from the waist down. I pulled away, got down on my knees and took his cock out of his trousers and into my mouth. I sucked him and felt his cock growing harder in my mouth. I sucked him hard and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock flicking it fast on the tiny hole that was now flowing with his excitement. I licked and sucked and moaned a little, too intent on what I was doing to look around to see if anyone was watching us. He couldn't wait any longer and pulled me up and pushed me to the wall face first. I pushed my ass toward him and entered my pussy from behind. No pretence now, he shoved his cock inside me hard and I moaned again at how wonderful it was to finally have my pussy filled after a day filled with such wanting and teasing and excitement. He fucked me hard for no more than a minute before I began to cum. I shuttered and thought my legs might fold under me but Wayne kept driving his cock into me and I continued to cum. He pumped it into me faster and faster as he pulled at my titties and pinched my nipples with one hand his other arm around me holding me fast so I could not get away from his cock until he came inside me. He collapsed against me and I thought we might both fall for a moment. I could feel his jerking slow and then he slipped his cock out of my pussy. I quickly put my skirt back on and buttoned my shirt as Wayne zipped up his trousers. He thanked me for the quickie and we went our separate ways. I walked home from the mall, smiling, replaying all that had happened today and wondering what tomorrow might bring. I noticed our cum was running down the inside of my thighs, it felt so good and my smile grew bigger.

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