tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of a Slutty Girlfriend

Adventures of a Slutty Girlfriend


Hi, my name is Gautam, and I'm in the senior year of my undergraduate program at an American university. I've been dating my girlfriend Preeti ever since freshman year and what follows is a true account of what has happened. Slight modifications have been made for privacy.


I have had fantasies about my friends sleeping with my girlfriend for a very long time. It may sound strange, but I guess I've always been intensely turned on by the thought of my girlfriend getting kinkier with other people than she gets with me. Every time a guy flirts with her (which happens a lot!), I masturbate for the next week thinking about her fucking that guy, sucking his big cock, kissing him passionately, and letting him give her the roughest fuck of her life.

I guess it started when she made out with another guy right in front of my eyes, for over an hour. We were at a frat party, with all our friends, and we hadn't started puclicly dating yet. We had been consistently flirting, but nothing too serious. Another friend of mine, Vihan, had been flirting with her as well. As this party progressed, she got very very drunk and was soon all over Vihan. They were on the dance floor, making out, and touching each other. Vihan had his tongue deep inside her full lips, was running his hands through her long black hair, and was grabbing her cute ass as he rubbed his cock into her neatly trimmed vagina through her dress. This lasted for about an hour, and made me sick to my stomach. That night, they slept together, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. But soon, my disgust turned to arousal and I was masturbating thinking of them doing dirty things in bed.

Let me describe Preeti to you. Shes short, slightly curvy (in all the right places), has beautiful black hair, and an extremely cute face. She has very fair skin, unlike most other Indian girls, and has a nice, full, ass. Her breasts are the perfect size (32 C) and her nipples are a sexy brown, fully erect when shes wet. Her vagina is nice and tight, gets very very wet when shes horny, and tastes like heaven.

As I told you before, being the cute little flirty girl that she was, she got a lot of attention from my guy friends. My roommate Raj always seemed to have a thing for her. They would crack jokes together, often at my expense, watch movies on the couch together, get drunk, etc. I fantasized about them fucking quite often. One day, she told me something that I fantasize about to this day.

It was during a college party. It was a barbecue, and everyone was getting very drunk in the middle of the day. I had some friends over from another university and had to leave early. From what Preeti told me later, this is what happened afterwards (Some creative liberty has been taken)...

Preeti, Raj and another girl friend of ours, Madhuri went back to Preeti's room. After they had a few more drinks, Raj begged them to make out for him. This is something that he'd been begging them to do for a long time. After some laughing and some more begging, they did. Madhuri started, first kissing Preeti's cheeks, her shoudlers, and her neck. Soon, Preeti let her head fall backwards and moaned in extreme pleasure. She always got very horny when she was drunk. As Madhuri continued to kiss her neck, Preeti put her arm around Madhuri and puller her closer. Soon, they were lying on top of each other and were kissing passionately, lip on lip, tongues inside each others mouths. They rolled over, and Preeti was on top. Madhuri grabbed her ass, puller her closer, while Preeti explored Madhuri's body. Madhuri lifted up her cute blue summer dress and exposed her beautiful ass. She had a very sexy pair of ruffly black panties on and put her ass on full diplay for Raj while Madhuri slide her hand inside her panties, feeling her bare ass. Meanwhile, Raj was getting very excited. He was sitting on the chair, a huge bulge in his jeans, and his hand rubbing it excitedly. As he saw Preeti's bare ass, he couldn't help himself and slid his hand inside his pants, feeling his big warm cock inside his fingers.

As Madhuri's hands explored Preeti's ass, Preeti slid down Madhuri's dress from her shoulder, revealing her lacy orange bra. She kissed her chest, between her breasts, and slowly started kissing the sides of her breasts, and fondling them with her hands. She slid her hand inside Madhuri's bra, and revealed her fully erect nipples. As she put her mouth on them and bit them with some force, Madhuri let out an intense moan. Raj, still sitting on the chair, could hold it no longer, and undid his jeans to reveal his dark, uncut, 8" thick veiny cock and his hairy balls. He was rock hard and ready to explode.

The girls, on seeing him, removed each others dresses, and lay there only in their lingerie, right on top of each other. They continued to make out with each other, getting more and more intense, as Raj started to stroke his big cock. On seeing this, Madhuri whispered something in Preeti's ear and they both walked over to Raj's chair. Madhuri got on her knees, and soon had Raj's cock in her warm mouth. She gagged a little as she tried to stuff the full length into her throat and Raj pulled her forward with her hair.

Preeti on the other hand, was fondling Raj's balls, staring into his eyes, seeing him overcome with lust. She spat on his cock and balls, lubricating them for Madhuri, and continued to fondle his balls. Madhuri's head was bobbing up and down faster than ever before and she had engulfed Raj's large cock fully in her mouth. Soon, Raj started to moan harder and harder, while Madhuri and Preeti continued to work his cock and soon he sighed as he spurt multiple loads of thick cum inside Madhuri's mouth. Madhuri continued to suck, and cleaned his cock thoroughly. Then, she turned to Preeti, putting her lips on hers, opened her mouth, and shared some of Raj's semen with her. Preeti tasted the warm, salty, thick cum and was turned on like never before. She slide her hands into her panties, touching herself, and moaning, while Raj's spent cock was starting to get erect again...

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