tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 24

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 24


We arrived in Houston 2 days before the kickoff of the Triple Threat Tour starring Beyonce', Rhianna & Tigress. All the performers were there. Our game plan was to check out the Arena and photograph the sound check for Rhianna & Tigress. After that we had an evening to ourselves and all Houston had to offer, whatever that was. Rhianna had a new band backing her and she was eager to toughen up her sound. Tigress had new material from their next album they planned to debut on the tour, as well as a new stage show befitting a tour this big. Chuck was on his cell phone 24/7 the whole time. A normal person would've lost his mind doing this, but Chuck seemed to thrive on it. It seemed like all we had to do was show up with cameras in hand.

Hey, Fine by me!

Once we got our rooms, I was hungry. I wanted to find an authentic Texas barbeque joint.

I found it in the most unlikely place.

As I was going out on my search, Chuck cornered me in the hotel lobby.

"Glad I found you, Mercedes-Benz is throwing a party tonight and you guys are invited, not as employees but as guests." He said.

"Cool! Where is it?" I said.

"The Regional Director has a place outside of town, just be here at 5, I'll handle the transportation."

Like I said, fine by me!

Chuck wasn't kidding when he said he'd handle things. At precisely 5, a black Mercedes 500 sedan, complete with chauffeur, pulled up. Chris and I looked at one another, very impressed.

The Benz rolled smoothly along the highway as the skyscrapers and strip malls disappeared and became open farmland with houses set far back from the road. We slowed down and drove under a huge iron gate with the words "Southfork Ranch" on top.

"This is a joke, right?" I wondered aloud.

"I don't think so...there's Chuck." Chris replied.

"Howdy, boys! Welcome to Southfork!" He said with a laugh.

"This isn't real is it?" I asked.

"Well, yes and no. The real ranch is up in Dallas, but that would've been a long car ride. This oil guy built an exact replica of it, and when he went bust, well, Mercedes bought it." Chuck explained.

It all made sense to me now. If you're starting a big tour, with big stars, sponsored by a big company (with money to spend), why not have a party at an address that says "big money"?

"So where's J.R., Chuck?" Chris asked sarcastically.

"Yer lookin' at him!" He replied with swagger worthy of J.R. Ewing.

The grounds had been transformed into an enormous party, with extensive food selection, fully staffed bars, a dance floor, the works.

"Big time, 'Hollywood'...big time." Chris said as he surveyed everything.

"You said it, pal." I replied. "Where should we start?"

We both looked at each other.

"The bar." We said together.

The party served as a launch for the tour, and as a promotion for Mercedes, all their cars were there on display. A big hubbub erupted when Beyonce' and Jay-Z arrived with their entourage. She was smiling and waving to everyone as her new album played over the huge sound system. She naturally had a contingent of fierce-looking bodyguards around her that steered her to a roped-off VIP area. I figured that's as close as I'll get to her.

Again, fine by me!

I was still searching for the right barbeque to go with my bottle of Lone Star beer when Chris called me over;

"Hey, 'Hollywood'!" He was now at a table with 2 lovelies he introduced as Mercedes sales reps.

"They'll give us a nice discount on a car, can't beat that!" He said with a laugh.

"What about your Porsche?" I said.

"What Porsche?" He replied innocently.

"Right, I'll catch up with you later." I said smiling.

Just then I felt a hand on my ass.

"Hey, baby."

It was Rhianna, looking hot in a short Mercedes jacket, black t-shirt and mini skirt combo.

"Well, hey you." I replied.

"Pretty fancy place, huh?" she said with a smile.

"Definitely Texas." I said.

"Well, that car is definitely you." She said pointing to a Mercedes SLK convertible parked nearby.

"You think so?" I said.

"Baby, I KNOW so." She said. "Let's try it out."

I went over to the CLK on display and reached for the door handle.

"No, no baby. Over here." Rhianna and her assistant led me to another part f the compound where you could actually test drive the cars on a small track. This really WAS a big piece of property.

"Let's go honey!" She said as she tossed me the keys.

The CLK sounded like a vintage British roadster as it started up.

"Should I shut up and drive?" I said jokingly.

She flashed me that distinctive "Rhianna smile" as we pulled away onto the track. The SLK handled like a dream as we buzzed around "the track" as it were. Rhianna was smiling at me the whole time. I soon felt her hand on my leg, then felt it move up my leg.

"Uh, what are you doing?" I asked, trying to concentrate on my driving.

"What do you think?" She answered seductively

"I think you're trying to let your fingers do the walking, Ms. Rhianna." I replied.

She giggled as we cruised around the track.

"Hey, pull over there." And she pointed to a small grove of trees. I parked the car and she leaned over and kissed me. Then she slowly released her lips.

"Hi, honey." She whispered.

"Hi." I said the same way.

She got out of the car, and I followed. We walked hand in hand to the tree grove. Once we were seemingly hidden by the tress and impending darkness, we embraced and her hands went straight to my crotch. Mine went for her tits and she was breathing heavy the whole time. My hand went under her mini skirt and her panties were already wet.

"Ohhh, that's it honey...that's it." She gasped. "I wanna see you now."

She unzipped my jeans and felt around for my dick, as soon as she found it. It immediately popped out. She giggled in response.

"Oh yeah honey...oh yeah." She said as she felt its growing hardness.

I had her jacket off and her shirt up and off her, leaving her topless in front of me. She smiled, knowing how turned on I was by this whole scene. I eagerly started sucking her nipples, they tasted so nice, her skin was soft and smelled of perfume. She held my head and slowly brought it up to kiss me. She then stepped back and unzipped the miniskirt, and she was about to slide her panties off.

"Wait, I want to do something before you take them off." I said, stopping her.

"What?" she asked.

"Just don't take them off yet." I started stripping now, she looked so sexy in her black panties that almost blended into her skin tone. Once I was down to my underwear, I stepped over to her, we kissed.

"I've always wanted to do this..." I said.

I slid my hand inside her waistband and felt her soaking wet pussy, the skin around it so smooth.

"I want you really wet." I whispered edgily in her ear.

"Oooooh baby I am...I'm so wet...so wet." She whispered back, her slight island accent made her sound even sexier.

"Let me see..." I pulled them outwards slightly so I could look inside, she was glisteningly wet. "Mmmm, I think you're ready..."

"Yes...yes...yes I'm ready Jim..." she said softly.

"Take them off slowly." I said.

It's so strange hearing me say things like this to a girl, doesn't matter if she's someone famous. I wonder if I'm really this person sometimes.

Rhianna slowly slid her panties off, we experienced that wonderful naked kiss as my dick pointed at her pussy. We slid down to the soft grass and she got on top of me, felt my dick and slid it into her pussy.

"Ohhh god...yes...oh my god..." she said exhaling.

She then started rocking herself back and forth on my dick and balancing herself on my chest. Then she got down close to me and we kissed while fucking. I caressed her tight ass as she got into a rhythm of her own, then dramatically leaned way back, her tits practically pointing at the night sky. I sat up and kissed her tits while, she was running her fingers through my hair.

"Oh yes...kiss my tits...oh baby..." she was saying through her moans.

She slowed herself down and we kissed tenderly.

"I think we better get back, let me jerk you off." She said.

Again, fine by me!

She got off my still hard dick and sat next to me and started to caress my dick. Still smiling as she'd been all night.

"You like this honey...I love your dick...the way it feels inside me." She said lovingly. "It feels so hot."

Now she was jerking my dick up and down.

"Ohhh, I love this...love making you feel good." She continued.

I couldn't say a word, I was so blown away by what she was doing.

"Someday baby...we gotta go to Barbados together...I know a great beach there...we can fuck on the beach...I love to fuck...I love the way you fucked me." She was looking at me as she said all this.

I could feel an explosion building inside me as Rhianna continued her handiwork.

"Uh-huh...I'm gonna come Rhi...I gonna commmmme!" And I exploded.

"Oh yeah!" she said laughing. "That was good! WOW!" she said.

Once I'd exploded, she knelt down and licked off the remaining cum on my dick.

"Man, that was nice!" She said, still smiling. She quickly got up and started to dress.

"Here, keep these." And she tossed me her underwear. I laughed at the souvenir she'd given me.

I got up and dressed, we headed back to the car, and returned to the party.

"I'll see you on the tour baby." Rhianna said as she kissed me one last time.

Surprisingly, nobody noticed how long we'd been gone. Even the Mercedes guys weren't concerned as I soon found out;

"Nah, we've had a few people take the cars out and park them, it's like a lovers lane out there." The car tech said to me as I gave him the keys back. I think he knew who my driving companion was.

"I hope you had fun, pal." He said with a smile.

"Uh, yeah, uh, lots of fun." I muttered as we returned to the party.

Rhianna disappeared into the crowd and I found Chris, still chatting with the car reps he'd introduced me to earlier.

"Oh! Glad I found you, we need to get a move on. Chuck's called an early meeting in the morning for everybody. I'll get the driver." And he went to find our driver for the trip back.

Chris was soon asleep in the back of the Mercedes as we were driven back to Houston.

It was certainly another night to remember for me.

Only thing was I never did find that authentic Texas barbeque joint I'd been looking for.

And the Triple Threat Tour was starting tomorrow night.

Well, that's showbiz...

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