tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 39

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 39


After quite awhile working together, Chris and I had gradually begun separating. Not in the sense of marriage, but in the jobs we took. Chris had a better head for business than I did and he started to stay behind to handle more and more of the financial decisions. It was his company after all, which meant I was going out on more of the actual jobs than he did. We'd still team up on the Tigress projects and anything out of state. That was fine with me. I began to feel like he was my agent and the next assignment was my next film role.

Marty O'Brien was still our "connection" as well and he had a new one for us. He had just snared a new client for the music side of her career.

"And who's the lucky contestant?" I asked when he called to tell us.

"Oh, some young hottie named Vanessa Hudgens." He said casually.

"The girl from 'High School Madness'?" I said.

"Very funny...and it's High School Musical, my friend." He replied "Look, just be up at her place tomorrow, she's doing an interview for Entertainment Weekly and her manager wants some good photos. Apparently they know you and requested you guys."

"OK, what's the address?"

"1000 Bravo Drive, be there at 3 tomorrow." He said before hanging up.

Why did that address sound familiar? I remember Paris' place was up there, Rihanna had her rented house there, probably just a coincidence. And neither was in town as far as I knew. I doubt Paris still had that house we had our first tryst at.

It was one of those classic hot Southern California days as I drove the winding streets up to her place. When I finally found the address, I still had this sense of déjà vu` when I pulled up. There was a white Mercedes convertible and a green Mini Cooper.

"Wait a minute..." I thought

"Hello, luv!" I heard a Scottish woman's voice say.

I had to rub my eyes, it was Gail, Laura Croft's manager. I remembered how I'd been sent up to her place by Laura ostensibly to discuss some new projects. We discussed those projects by her pool. Then in her pool, her shower, and in her bedroom. And the following morning, Laura joined our "discussion". And now I was back again where it all started.

"Oh, you look so good!" Gail said as she hugged me "just as hot as ever!" she said in that great accent.

"Uh, yes I thought I recognized the address." I said, still trying to see what was in store.

"Well, you just get yourself inside, luv, everything's all set. Vanessa is just getting ready." She said.

"Uh-okay." I said as she led me inside.

Gail still had the same curves I remembered. And she obviously remembered me when I got an affectionate pat on my ass, which made me jump slightly as she showed a mischievous smile.

I didn't remember all that much about the interior of the house, but the pool area was exactly the same as I remembered it. There was a large expanse of perfectly manicured green lawn surrounding the pool, along with a small cabana house whose white curtains were fluttering slightly in the breeze, revealing a pair of lounge chairs. The stone work around the pool was a brilliant white, making the pool water a shimmering shade of blue.

It turned out the reporter from Entertainment Weekly had met me on the Triple Threat Tour when it stopped in New York, so we spent a few minutes catching up before Vanessa arrived.

"Hi! I'm Vanessa!" she said with a bubbly voice and smile as she trotted out to the pool area. She looked fabulous in a bright red Hollister clothing co. t-shirt and yellow shorts, her black hair looked incredible against her light brown skin. After some introductions by Gail, she sat down and immediately started discussing her new film with the "EW" reporter. I snapped photos as she chatted. She never seemed to stop smiling and giggling throughout. Her eyes seemed to follow me around as I snapped photos. Gail beckoned me over with her finger and we went inside her house.

"So good to see you again, Jim." She said

"Well, like I said I thought the address sounded familiar and..."

Gail's hand went to my crotch and I could feel her tits pressing against me, the nipples clearly felt erect.

"So good, Jim...soooo good." She said with that now ultra-sexy accent.

"Whoa, Gail...I've gotta a job to do here, you know." I said half seriously as she began to kiss me. Her hand was gently rubbing my pants and I could feel myself getting excited at her touch, very excited.

"You know, um, Vanessa's out there and..." I said, hoping Vanessa didn't notice us.

"Yes...I know..." Gail said as we continued to kiss. "And she won't mind..."

"She won't?"

"Of course, she's a grownup."

"Wait a minute..." I started to say as her cellphone rang.

In a way I was glad I was "saved by the bell". I picked up another camera and caught Gail smiling at me as she chatted on the phone. I went back out and snapped a few more shots of Vanessa.

"OK, I guess that'll do it for today. We'll chat some more tomorrow night?" the reporter asked.

"Great! It was so nice meeting you." Vanessa replied as they parted.

As I was gathering up my gear, I could hear Vanessa behind me.

"So what's your story? How'd you get into photography?"

"Oh, well, buddy of mine has a business out here and he convinced me to move here." I replied

"I saw you and Gail over there, you two seem to know each other."

"Um, yes, uh we have a mutual friend." I said hesitantly.

"Laura Croft?" Vanessa said with a smile.

It took all I had not to drop the $2,000 digital camera I had in my hands at that moment.

"I met her last week. She's another of Gail's clients. She's the one who recommended your company."

"Oh yes...she's a g-g-great girl. I mean lady, I mean..." I tried to explain.

Vanessa laughed at my hesitation.

"Yes, she's really nice." She looked at her watch "Oh! I gotta get ready for tonight, it was great meeting you Jim." She said as she went back inside. Gail soon returned.

"So what do you think of her?" she asked.

"Oh, she's a beauty. Zac's a lucky guy." I said.

"So am I." Gail said with a smile. "if I didn't have to go with her we'd have some fun here wouldn't we?"

"Uh, yes we would." I said as we kissed again "Yes we would."

"Well, I'll call you soon, luv." She replied.

I quickly gathered up my gear and headed home. In a way, I was kind of glad to get out of there. It just seemed to be getting too weird, what with this nubile young starlet casually bringing up the name of a Playboy girl I'd had some wild times with, (and seemingly knowing all that went down between us) and her older mature, manager looking to pick up where we left off before. It was time for "Hollywood Jim" to get outta Dodge as quickly as he could.

The interview ran as a cover story in Entertainment Weekly and our names had a prominent mention in the photo credits, was this really happening to us?

Soon after the story ran, I got a text message on my cell inviting me back to 1000 Bravo. I smiled a little, knowing what was in store. At least this time I knew what to expect from Gorgeous Gail from Glasgow. So I headed back up to Gail's place. The sun was definitely out that afternoon.

But as I pulled up I noticed that both of Gail's cars were gone and in their place was a white Porsche Cayenne. Odd, I thought.

The door was slightly open and I slowly walked in, but nobody seemed to be home. I had seen the side door to the pool area was open and I immediately walked over there, something told me this was the better way.

The door creaked open and I looked inside, the pool area was just as before but it was much quieter. I could see someone reading a magazine on a lounge chair but it didn't seem to be Gail.

"Hello?" I said hesitantly.

The magazine dropped and I could see it was actually Vanessa.

"Hey there!" she said with the same bouncy voice as before

She had on large dark sunglasses and was wearing a black and white striped bikini with gold trim. It accented her figure and dark skin and hair, the effect was stunning. As she took off the glasses, I could see her gorgeous eyes.

"Hi, um, where's Gail? I thought I'd be seeing her here."

"Oh, she's gone to Vegas for the weekend with Laura. And my house is being renovated so I've been here all week."

"Ah, I see." I said.

"Have a seat, want a drink?" she said directing me to a lounge chair next to her

Vanessa poured 2 iced teas.

"Um, Cheers to you Miss Vanessa." I sheepishly said as our glasses "clinked" together.

I wasn't sure what I'd said, but she smiled even more now, like she was very charmed by me.

"So Jim, what exactly did you and Gail do here?" she asked.

I almost spit my drink out. She laughed, knowing she'd gotten the reaction from me she hoped for.

"Um, what are you talking about?" I was stunned.

"Well, I saw how she looked at you, and as soon as she mentioned you there was this, I don't know, 'look' she got."

She put down her glass and leaned in.

"Come on, tell me." She said, like she knew she was getting a juicy piece of gossip.

"Um, well, uh, not much." I said, trying to save myself.

"You lie!" she said with a giggle.

"I don't know what to say!" I said in my defense, laughing somewhat.

"OK, tell you what" she said with a sly tone "I'll tell you a secret if you tell me one."

What was I supposed to say?

"Um, okay, deal."

"Okay...." she began, leaning in and looking like she was getting up her nerve, then looking to either side "I saw Laura naked in the shower."

"Shocking." I said, deadpan.

"And I was with her" She continued.

"Oh, my..." I replied.

"And with Zac." She said, referring to her boyfriend Zac Efron.

"Whoa!" I blurted out. If this was Chris telling me I'd have sounded like this but this was very different.

Vanessa giggled uncontrollably now. I was laughing too for some reason.

"OK you're turn!" she said.

For a moment I wasn't sure if I had anything to compare with her story. Well, of course I did, but in this situation I was drawing a bit of blank.

"Uh, well...um...I had some...uh, fun times with Laura too." I somehow said.

"In Vegas, right?"

How does she know all this?

"Uh...yes." I croaked out.

"So what did you do?" she asked me, leaning in and smiling.

"We had some fun." I said, not sure how much I should be saying and then finally in an exasperated tone "How is it you know all about this?"

"She told me." She replied.

"Uh-huh, okay."

"She told me something else."

"Gee, can't imagine what THAT could be." I said with a touch of sarcasm.

"Well, she said you were, um..." she leaned in closer to me "quite nice in bed."

OK, now things were getting too weird! First I find out that Gail is Vanessa's manager, then my fling with Laura Croft is recounted to me by this Disney starlet, who seems to know a LOT more than I could've imagined. Before I could take control of the situation, Vanessa had leaned in and softly kissed my cheek.

I looked at her with a bit of apprehension, unsure if this was right, let alone legal.

"Uh, Vanessa...I'm not...sure if this is, uh, right." I said trying to be kind.

"Yes it is...it's alright." She replied.

"But, um, you're not..." I said

"...Old enough? I'm 22." She said "Disney cut a few years off my age, but don't tell anybody."

"Yes, but I'm not sure if this is right." I said.

"It's very right..." she said as she softly kissed my lips.

I couldn't help but kiss her back, making her blush.

"You kiss nice." She said with a bashful smile.

"Um, thank you." I replied, still unsure of all that was happening.

Vanessa leaned in and kissed me again, I felt her tongue meet mine.

She pulled back and slowly licked her lips while looking at me. It was very sexy, of course. Then she took my hand and leaned back against the lounge chair until it touched her bikini bottom. I was touching Vanessa's pussy through her bikini, it felt very warm.

"You've got me wet, Jim...wet and horny...what should I do about that?" she said with a growing sense of urgency.

I was totally speechless as I felt her, my hand now rubbing her bikini bottom. It seemed to get warmer the more I touched her. Vanessa now took her hand up to her breast and began to softly touch it. She looked at me with a sultry look that just screamed sex. I now leaned in and kissed her. She had pulled one side of her bikini top away and her breast was now exposed. She had beautiful B size tits. I began to caress her breast and she reacted.

"Ohhhh....mmmmm..." it was a sound of pleasure, no doubt.

My fingers now worked her nipple as it quickly grew in size.

"Oh baby..." she moaned

Vanessa's hands began to move towards my shirt.

"Take your shirt off baby..." she said softly

I reached down and began to slide it up and off, when it was off, Vanessa had untied her bikini top and was now topless in front of me. She looked like a bronze goddess.

"Wow...you look...I can't say it." I stammered

"Wait 'til you see the rest of me." She replied.

With my shirt now off, and before I could react otherwise, Vanessa was on the edge of the lounge chair and her hand was on my cargo shorts' zipper. I looked around quickly, still self-conscious even though the house was surrounded by thick greenery and high walls. Before I knew it, my zipper was down and my dick was out.

"Oh, it's so nice! Oh this is gonna be fun!" she said excitedly as her lips touched the head. Her tongue came out just a little and began to circle around the head of my dick. Her hand was encircling my dick, but it didn't go fully around it. Either her hands were very small or...

"You're very big Jim." She said looking up at me "bigger than Zac."

"Th-th-thank you." I said as her mouth swallowed my dick. Her tongue swirled all around it and her cheeks swelled as I filled her. She now bobbed her head slowly up and down my dick and her lips made it super-slick. She even spit a little on the head and swirled that around with her tongue. Vanessa stood up and we kissed again.

"I wanna be naked now, Jim." She said placing my hand on her bikini string.

I gave it a gentle tug and it loosened fully, I did the same on the other side and Vanessa Hudgens, the squeaky clean star of "High School Musical" was naked before me.

"Oh, that feels so nice...I like to be naked like this." She said with a smile.

I gingerly moved my hand down to her crotch and felt nothing but smooth skin. She was totally bare, and now very wet. My middle finger easily slipped inside her and she inhaled deeply and then let out a long, slow "Oh" as I explored her and kissed her lips. Her head now gently rested on my shoulder as she was fingered by me. She slowly pulled away and sat back on the lounge chair and her legs slowly opened, revealing her full womanhood to me. Her pussy seemed small and her lips a bright shade of shiny pink. I knelt down and kissed the inside of her thighs and worked up to her sweet pussy. My tongue easily penetrated her and the sun plus her sex made for an intoxicating combo. I eagerly licked that sweet pussy as she moaned in increasingly loud tones and swirled her hands on my head, urging me on.

"Yes...oh god...oh god...oh...oh...oh godddd." She cried.

I felt her climax, it was just as sweet as the rest of her. And I could tell her hips had thrust upward.

I looked up and her eyes were softly closed, as if she were dreaming, a smile on her face. Her eyes opened now.

"Wow, you're really something, Jim."

I slowly stood up and my dick was pointing straight at her pussy.

Vanessa looked at it with a mix of anticipation and uncertainty.

"I'll be gentle." I said as I realized what she wanted to say, but couldn't.

"Just do it." She said.

My dick seemed to overwhelm her pussy as the head penetrated her. Vanessa screamed as I pushed inside her.

"Oh god! It's too big!" she cried "Take it out! No, don't take it out! Just do it Jim! Fuck me!"

I kept pushing inside her tight pussy until I was completely inside her, she now relaxed as her body adjusted to me. Not to brag, but this has never happened to me, I'm usually the one wishing I was bigger than I was. But Vanessa felt so hot and I now began to slowly fuck her, whatever discomfort she felt was gone now and she got into this guy, this geeky guy from back east. Her arms were wrapped around me and I felt her fingers dig into my back. She wasn't a "talker" like other girls, her moans and heavy breathing more than made up for it as I fucked her harder and held her closer. As I slowed down, her eyes opened and she smiled.

"Let me ride you, Jim."

I slowly pulled out of her pussy and stood up. Might seem strange but Vanessa's pussy lips seemed to have expanded thanks to my dick. We changed places and she swung her dark legs over me and slowly worked my dick back into her pussy as she crouched down ever so sexy. She bit her lip as I entered her again, this time more easily.

"Oh yes! Oh this is niiiiice!" she said with glee.

Vanessa looked even hotter now and she rocked back and forth on my dick, then up and down, her tits gently bouncing. She leaned back and giggled as she got fucked by me. Then straightened up and cupped her tits, caressing her nipples. She knew I was turned on by this.

"Like that baby, huh?" she now said "Like how I play with my boobs?"

I could only nod my head.

"Oh yes...yes I do." I finally said.

I felt so good at this moment.

"Oh I feel you getting bigger!" she laughed "You gonna cum soon?"

"Yes...gonna cum...gonna cum." I quickly said

Vanessa quickly climbed off and started to suck my dick as she jerked me keeping her mouth open and her tongue out.

"Come on...cum for me baby!" she said over and over.

I suddenly exploded onto her mouth and tongue as she gasped. Then took my dick back into her mouth and swallowed whatever was left of me.

I was exhausted by this beauty.

She reached for a towel and cleaned off her face, then took a long drink of her iced tea.

"Wow...Laura was right about you." She said as she lay beside me and softly touched my chest.

"She was?"

"Uh-huh. She said you were a sweet guy and a wonderful lover. How was I?"


Vanessa giggled in response, it was the same sweet laugh millions had seen, and now I was seeing.

But in a much different context.

"I can't wait to tell her." She said with a quick kiss for emphasis.

We lay in the sun for a bit, then she reached over for her watch.

"Mmmm...I feel like celebrating." She said now.


"Sure, nothing big, let's go to McDonald's."

"Okay. I'll buy."

"Cool, I could really go for a big Mac. I've already had something else big." She said with a laugh and a sly smile.

I smiled too as I watched her walk naked into the house, her cute ass only turning me on further.

I lay back in the hot sun.

"The adventure continues..." I said to myself.

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