Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 61


"Nice wheels!" I said looking over the Jeep.

"Tell her" he said turning to the shorter-haired brunette "she built it."

The brunette waved at me.

"Hi, I'm Charlene" she said as we shook hands "but everybody calls me Charlie. That's Michelle over there."

The other girl gave me a shy wave.

"Where'd you learn mechanics? I mean..." I stammered.

"Same place he learned guard duty." She replied, picking up on my faux pas "I was fixing helicopters in Kabul, but my Dad was chief mechanic at a Jeep dealership."

"Aha, so you learned by doing, huh?"

Before Charlie could respond, Chrissie jumped in.

"Hey, Hollywood, let's get some grub while we're here!"

"Hollywood?" Michelle said with a quizzical look.

"Oh, uh, it's an uh... I" I was stumbling for words as the girls looked at me and either smiled or snickered. Over my shoulder I could see Laura and Chrissie doing the same.

"It's a long story, come on in and we'll tell you." Laura said, expertly defusing the situation and trying not to laugh at my predicament.

We soon found out that "Charlie and Co." were on their way to the beach for a party and were stocking up on supplies. Thompson, who we found out had a first name, Bobby, invited us to come along.

"Why not?" Chrissie said "Better than sitting in traffic."

The heat of the day was slowly being replaced by a cool nighttime, and a bonfire was already going when we arrived. There wasn't as big a crowd as at the Marine base, but it was definitely a military crowd there. The girls went off with Charlie and Michelle and were being introduced around. I tagged along and picked up whatever info I could along the way. To my surprise, I saw Scott there from the base. He quickly started to chat up Chrissie.

"Hey, lemme get a photo of you guys." He said as he pulled out a red Nikon digital camera.

"Hey, I've got one just like that." I said as I held up my silver model.

"Yeah, I just got it, I'm still learning how it works but it's really cool." He said.

Scott snapped off a photo of me with all the girls.

"Man, you're pretty lucky, you know." He said.

"In what way?"

"Come on, got the girls there."

"It's not all glamour."

"I'll bet!" he said as he went off to get a beer.

I looked around for Laura and saw she was chatting with Bobby and another blonde.

"Hey, Jim!" he said as he spotted me "Wanna introduce you to someone, this is my girlfriend Allison."

"Hi, Jim. So nice to meet you." She said with a thick Southern drawl that made me expect to hear the words "I do declare" next.

"Can you believe this? I meet 2 people from San Antonio in the same day!" Laura said excitedly.

"The family reunion begins." I said, making everyone laugh.

As it grew darker, the cool breeze from the ocean became a little more apparent and more of us got closer to the fire. Bobby and Allison were already stating to do a little necking, when Laura and Allison were dared to kiss, it got a lot of hoots and hollers from those around the fire. When their lips parted, Allison had a smile that seemed to indicate she liked it. She whispered something in Bobby's ear and they went off, taking what seemed like a thin bedroll or blanket with them. I couldn't see where Chrissie and Stacy had gone off to.

"You like what you see, huh?" Laura said as she turned to me before adding "Looking for someone?"

"Yeah, just wondered where your friends went."

"They're probably up in the pavilion area." Scott said as he pointed to a covered area up the beach that appeared to have picnic tables under it "It's kind of popular, if you know what I mean."


"Yeah, guys take their girls up there." He said as Laura and I looked at each other.

"Think we should check it out?" I said to her.

"You gettin' ideas, 'Hollywood'?" she said with a smile.

"No...I just feel a little, I don't know responsible for them. Maybe it's just the beer talking." I said as I stood up.

"Oh, drunken sex. I can't wait." She said jokingly as she stood up.

Scott led us up the beach towards an open building with picnic tables built into it. He had a small flashlight with him and when we got closer we could hear giggly voices and a loud groan.

"Stacy?" Laura said.

When Scott shined his light inside, it revealed Chrissie, Stacy and Todd. All were hurriedly gathering their clothes.

"What're you doing?" Scott asked.

"What does it look like, bro?" Todd said annoyingly as he pulled up his pants and tried to shade his eyes from Scott's flashlight "thanks for killing the moment, pal!"

I stood there watching Scott and Todd bicker as they walked back to the party. The other three girls finished dressing.

"Was it fun?" Laura asked.

"Well, what little there was of him was nice." Stacy said, making them all laugh.

The trio of girls started back, I stayed behind for a moment and looked out onto the ocean. It had been a long time since I had a moment like this, alone with just my thoughts and a wide expanse of ocean before me. Behind me though, my ears seem to pick up another sound, then another. This was different and oddly stimulating, make that erotic.

But how could that be, and where was it coming from?

I carefully walked a little further down the beach to another covered picnic area. I could hear voices and soft breathing. It seemed like two women's voices.

"Who's there?" one voice said fearfully "who's there?"

"It's me, Jim." I said, trying to get a good look at who was inside.

"Oh...uh, ok..." the voice said.

I started to walk towards the pavilion and the light from a small flashlight shined in my eyes.

"Hello?" I said hesitantly.

"It's me, Charlie." The voice with the light said.

I saw that Charlie and Michelle were the only ones inside. Michelle's back was to me as she put her t-shirt back on. Charlie was already dressed.

"You surprised us." Michelle said.

"We were just having a smoke." Charlie said as I heard the distinctive "click" of a Zippo lighter.

"Oh, uh, okay." I said "Uh, I guess I'll head back to the bonfire."

Odd, I didn't see them smoking before, or smell cigarettes anywhere around them.

I turned to leave, then saw what looked headlights far up the beach.

"I think the shore patrol is here." I said.

The girls quickly looked in the same direction.

"Beach patrol, Jim." Charlie said "let's go back."

I followed the girls back, wondering what was going on back there. I had an idea, but thought, nah, no way.

"Hey, there you are!" Laura said as we arrived back "we wondered what happened to you."

"Yeah, I ran into Charlie and Michelle, that's all." I said as they followed behind me.

"I think the Beach Patrol is on its way, we better shut things down" Todd said.

"I wonder where Bobby and Allison went off to." Charlie asked "he rode over here with us."

I looked around too.

"They must be up that way, let's go look." Laura said to me.

We started up the beach trying to pick out anything that looked human. The lights from the road gave us some sense of distance. Then we saw what seemed like two people lying on the beach, or somehow lying together.

"Uh-oh, I think we might be interrupting something romantic." I said.

"Like what?"

"It appears someone is on top, if you know what I mean."

I was right. Even under the cover of the bedroll, I could tell Bobby was atop Allison and definitely fucking her. And from her reactions, fucking her good.

"Maybe we should leave them..." I said.

"Maybe we shouldn't." Laura said as she touched my ass and gave me a sexy smile.

I turned to her, a little surprised.

"What are you doing?" I asked, sure I knew what she was doing, but still...

"Getting ideas, that's what." She said as her hand moved to the front of my shorts.

The reaction from inside was immediate.

She now embraced me from the front and we kissed.

"Let's give them something to watch." She said.

Laura reached for the zipper on my cargo shorts and as it went down, I could feel myself get even harder as I felt her soft hand go inside. When she slowly worked it out of my pants and into the cool night air I feel myself gasp.

"Like that, babe?" she said looking up at me with that smile she did so well.

As usual, all I could do was nod my head.

Laura began to run her hand up and down its length, her fingers gently tracing a path around the head. I looked down and saw she was on her knees inhaling my dick as I saw Bobby pounding into Allison. Laura was expertly sucking my dick, using her tongue to great effect. My dick popped out of her mouth and she began to jerk it.

"Your dick is soooo nice, Jim. You know that?" she said as she looked at it sticking straight out, and then let it slide back into her mouth. There was so much I wanted to do with her but I had to try and hold out, I didn't want this moment to end.

But it did, and not by my choosing.

Bright spotlights were suddenly shining behind me, casting a shadow on Bobby and Allison, who hurriedly tried to gather themselves together. Bobby was yelling "shut the light off!" as Laura and I were trying to gather ourselves together as well. Behind us was the big truck from the beach patrol with lights flashing.

"Move along, everyone." A gruff voice said over loudspeakers.

I had to stuff myself back into my shorts. Laura was annoyed, but I think secretly, she was enjoying throwing me off balance, again.

We walked back up to where the parking lots were and soon found the others gathered by Charlie's Jeep.

"Hey, Bobby knows a hotel we can crash at, wanna come?" Stacy said to us.

I looked at my watch and it was close to 9PM.

"I guess that would be our best bet, we can always leave in the morning." Laura said "Let's go."

We followed Charlie's Jeep to an ordinary looking motel called The Ocean Inn that looked like it had been a Motel 6 at one time, or still was. He went inside the office and emerged a few minutes later.

"All set, Room 315." He said.

"Do we owe you anything?" I asked, figuring the agency would cover our expenses.

"Nope" he said "Junior's an ex-Marine and runs the place. He figures it's his patriotic duty to give free rooms to his fellow Jarheads."

"Generous guy." I mumbled.

The room wasn't much to speak of and was obviously aimed at the beach crowd that wasn't concerned with big time amenities. But it did have two king size beds which everyone staked out a place on. We didn't mind, even if it got crowded quick with Bobby and Allison, Charlie, Michelle, Stacy, Chrissie, Scott, Todd, Laura and me all in one room. The bathtub became a beer garden thanks to Scott and the case of beer he'd picked up on the way over, and Michelle was on her cellphone ordering pizza for everyone. Even though he'd had quite a few, Scott was snapping photos of everyone and getting laughs at his innuendo-sprinkled comments. I couldn't make them out (I'd had a few too) but they were getting laughs. It seemed like Laura was getting more than others, and he was zeroing in on her tits, literally. He was using the zoom lens to great effect.

"Come on...let's see 'em...!" he slurred.

Laura was laughing and unsure if she should give everyone the sight of a lifetime as Scott fell backwards onto the bed, laughing the whole time. He looked down for the count, at least temporarily.

I took this as my moment to duck out to the head (since we were around military guys I figured I should use that term) and saw the door was slightly ajar. When I opened it I got quite the surprise. Bobby and Allison were otherwise engaged, at least Allison was. She was on her knees giving Bobby quite the oral satisfaction.

"Whoa! Sorry!" I said.

"No, man, you can come in if you gotta go..." he said in a somewhat slurred tone.

"Hi, Jim." Allison said to me with a smile before she stood up "It's been some time since we saw each other, you know" she said.

With that, she slid her shorts and panties down and hopped up on the sink. Now it was Todd doing the oral work on her.

In such tight quarters, I felt a little embarrassed to be "emptying my tank" while I watched them. But how could I resist, Allison had now removed her t-shirt and revealed a very nice set of tits as she rubbed Bobby's head and gave a long, slow moan.

"Wanna do her, Jim?" Bobby asked

Allison looked excited at the thought.

"Uh, maybe later" I said "I'll give you two a chance get the idea."

OK, maybe it was dumb to turn down an opportunity like this, but get the idea.

As I was about to leave, who was standing in the doorway but Stacy, who seemed amazed at what she was seeing.

"You turned them DOWN?" she said incredulously

I only shrugged my shoulders

"Well, if you won't, I will." She said eagerly and buried her face between Allison's thighs. Allison gave an excited yelp as she felt a new tongue on her pussy. Bobby seemed excited at this too.

Back in the room, everyone was reacting to the sight of Laura passionately kissing Chrissie, probably on a dare from Scott who was snapping photos again.

"I can beat that." Charlie said as she and Michelle went into an equally passionate lip-lock. It was something to see, 4 girls kissing. Now I was the one snapping photos. Things started to get heavier as Charlie began to caress Michelle's body around her breasts. I could tell those watching were a little surprised because the room got quieter as we watched this. I wasn't sure if I should continue snapping photos, this wasn't a layout for Penthouse I was shooting, but it sure was getting that way. And Scott was treating it as such.

"What'd we miss?" I heard Stacy say behind me as she emerged from the bathroom. Bobby and Allison followed. Bobby's shirt was off but Allison was completely nude.

"Are you causin' trouble Scott?" she said flirtatiously as she got close to him

He looked very flustered at this sudden encounter.

"He was daring girls to kiss each other!" Todd said as he downed another beer and tossed the can aside after loudly belching.

"You naughty boy!" she said to Scott "I guess you won't get any of these then." She grasped her tits and shook them close enough for him to see before turning to me.

"I'll bet Jim would like them!" she said with a smile.

"Go for it, Hollywood!" I heard Laura say with a laugh.

"Hollywood?" Allison said with surprise "Oh, I like the sound of that!"

Allison proceeded to embrace me and I got the hottest, most unexpected, kiss. Everyone was hooting and hollering like before.

"I wanna see what I missed in there." She said as I felt her loosen the belt on my shorts. I turned to Bobby but he was getting close with Stacy, I guess he wanted to see what he'd missed. I heard an electronic "beep" and knew Scott was taking pictures again, but not of me and Allison. He had turned his attention back to Charlie and Michelle, who now had each others' shirts off. Laura was apparently trying to get something going with Todd, but it looked like that last beer had him down for the count. She could see what Allison was starting and she gave me an approving nod.

Allison had my shorts undone and her hand inside my underwear. I was instantly super-hard as she giggled and exposed my dick.

"Oh, this looks nice..." she said softly "touch me Jim..."

I reached, not for her tits, but her ass. It felt smooth and warm, and she was startled at where my hands had gone to. I could still hear that "beeping" sound as Scott continued to play shutterbug, but I was just lost in the feeling Allison gave me as she stroked my dick.

"Does that feel good, hon?" she asked in a sweet voice "I sure love it."

I looked over her shoulder and could see Laura on her knees, swaying to an imaginary soundtrack and teasing me with movement in her white tank top that had been underneath the black t-shirt she'd been wearing on the beach.

"Oh, my!" Allison said as she turned to see what I was watching "You're gettin' a striptease too. I wanna watch this."

Allison turned and continued to stroke my dick as Laura began to slowly pull her shirt up until it was fully off and her gorgeous big tits were out for all to see.

"Damn!" Allison exclaimed "She's got some boobies there, doesn't she?"

"Oh, believe me, he knows!" Laura giggled as she made her way past the passed out Todd.

Bobby and Stacy also noticed, Scott was already snapping photos and Chrissie had her hand over her mouth in surprise. Laura now continued her striptease, her denim shorts fell to the floor and revealed pink thong panties. She ran her fingers through her thick brunette hair and shook her ass.

"Anybody got some ones?" Bobby yelled out to laughter from everyone.

"You do the honors." She said to Bobby as she showed her ass to him.

"I'll do it!" Chrissie said eagerly, making Laura laugh at her sudden change of attitude.

Chrissie eagerly pulled down Laura's thong and gave her ass a big kiss and playful slap. Laura turned around and showed her perfectly smooth pussy to her. She raised her left leg onto the bed

"Now kiss this." She said, almost daringly

I was still with Allison but I saw Chrissie's face disappear between Laura's legs. Laura let out a long moan and her head fell backwards.

"Oooh, doesn't that look nice, Jim?" Allison said as she caressed my dick, it felt so good.

Scott was eagerly snapping photos and encouraging the pair for his camera.

"Yeah...keep doing that..." he said in an almost leering tone.

Todd had since come around and also liked what he was seeing. Laura noticed and slowly raised Chrissie's head, gave her a sexy kiss, then went over to Todd, Chrissie followed. Scott's camera now turned to Charlie and Michelle, who were apparently on the floor, maybe in a 69 position, I couldn't be sure.

Allison now turned my head to her and kissed me again.

"I gotta make my man happy, babe." She said before joining Bobby and Stacy on the bed

I'm watching the start of an orgy, and wearing nothing but a camera.

Where I should go?

What should I do?

Laura had Todd's dick in her mouth and was trading it with Chrissie. She now noticed I was the only one not "occupied" as it were. I saw her whisper something to Chrissie, who now saw my predicament, and smiled. Like Laura, she was naked and beckoned me over with her finger.

"I wanna see why they call you 'Hollywood Jim'" she said.

Chrissie's golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes only complimented a tanned and beach-ready body with beautiful tits that I couldn't wait to feel.

She breathed in sharply as I felt them, making her pink nipples diamond hard.

"Ohhhh yesss...wanna feel your dick...looks so nice..." she cooed, her eyes slightly closed and with a seductive lick of her lips.

Chrissie pushed me onto my back and mounted my dick, as it slid inside her she moaned long and slow. She leaned down and we kissed, her lips were just as nice as the rest of her.

"Oh, fuck this is it!" she moaned.

Behind us we could hear a furious banging sound, we both saw Todd slamming into Laura against the headboard, being rather short all we could see was her feet and arms as he fucked her hard, his grunts and groans clearly heard. Chrissie turned back to me, and smiled.

"I think they're having fun." I said to her.

"So are we." She replied as she leaned back and started bouncing up and down on my dick "Oh god... fuck me baby!"

I turned to my right and could see Bobby fucking Allison while Stacy licked her tits. The sounds of passion were everywhere in the room.

A few more bangs of the headboard, and Todd dropped back onto the bed. Though she was still breathing hard (and sounding so sexy!) Laura still seemed to have energy left as I saw her come up from behind Chrissie and cup her tits and kiss her neck and cheek. This only made her moan all the more. "Fuck her good, Jim...fuck her good..." she said to me.

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