tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Karyn Ch. 1-3

Adventures of Karyn Ch. 1-3


Part One

This past weekend started out like most other weekends. Saturday mornings, I usually get awakened around 7:30 by my trusty companion (my 10 year old yellow lab – Trixie) for her morning walk and breakfast. This past Saturday started out just like that.

When we returned from our short walk (merely to the end of my driveway and back), I gave Trix her kibbles and grabbed the morning paper and a yogurt and headed back into bed. No sooner had I plopped my fanny back into bed when the phone rang. “Who the hell is calling me this early on a Saturday?”, I thought.

It was my next door neighbor Eve. She said she saw me walk out with Trix to get my paper so she knew I was awake and felt it safe to call. I was only a little embarrassed since I was not really dressed to be seen by anyone. I was in my powder blue jammies and tweetie bird slippers. Eve must have sensed my blushing for she quickly added, “don’t worry honey, Bob didn’t see you”. Bob is her husband who I believe is your typical male perv. I think Eve feels as I do about him too. She has told me on more than one occasion how she only puts up with him because of the money. I believe her.

Anyway, Eve asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking in their newspapers and mail and water their houseplants for the next week as they were going to be out of town looking for a vacation home down in Florida. They have made such a request on more than one occasion when they’ve gone away and it does come with the perk of being able to use their built-in swimming pool and outdoor sauna. So, I agreed to the task. Eve said she would leave the directions for which plants to water and when and how much.

After hanging up, I went back to my normal routine – read the paper, slunk down some breakfast and doze back off to sleep for a little while. When I awoke a couple of hours later, it was from stirring during an erotic dream. I was dreaming that I was in the sauna next door with Eve. Our bodies were covered in oil and we were in a tight embrace with our bodies grinding as we kissed deeply. It was the first time I had ever given any thought to a sexual liaison with Eve, but it had my pussy dripping wet and tingling with sensitivity and my boobs fully engorged and my nipples stiff. I had to finish myself off right then I was so hot. I think it only took a few seconds of attention on my clit and I had a nice intense come.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning to a sexually charged couple of days that I won’t soon forget. I don’t know how any of you are, but I go through these spurts of utter horniness where I am absolutely insatiable. This hunger usually lasts for a few days and then I suddenly become uninterested. I suppose it is my body’s way of recuperating.

Today, I am finally catching my breath and I’m sure I will crash the minute I get home from work – although, another quickie wouldn’t be a bad thing.

After my “Saturday Morning Surprise”, I jumped into the shower and felt invigorated – full of energy. It’s odd how sometimes an orgasm can make you so tired, but at others inject you with energy.

Toweling off, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I felt so sexy as I looked at myself and I decided that I was going to play the vixen today when I ran my errands. So I put on my pair of tight short shorts. They weren’t quite short enough to leave the bottom of my ass cheeks exposed, but they were sufficiently short to reveal most of my legs. My standard panties just weren’t going to do because the shorts were too tight and I did not like the look of my VPL’s (visible pantie lines). So, I just went without since I do not have any thong undies. It was another stop I’d have to make while out – buy some thong undies for future use.

After the shorts, I threw on a sports bra I use when I run. It has no straps. It is sort of like a really tight midriff t-shirt. Over that, I put on a very light blouse that you can sort of see through. I made sure not to button it up too high. I checked myself in the mirror again. When I bent over, you could get a nice view of my cleavage. The finishing touch was my cap. It is a baseball cap I wear that I put my hair through in the back. It gives me a sporty athletic look.

Once dressed, I was off. First stop was the bank to make a deposit and transfer some money around. This Saturday was like any other there; tons of people. I waited in a long line for the tellers. I could feel the eyes of others on me and it gave me little twinges, especially when I caught this one guy sneaking a peak at me. He quickly turned his eyes away, but I kept catching him checking me out. Even though he was not particularly interesting to me as far as his looks, it still made me feel sexy as hell to flirt with him like this. I was bad and teased the hell out of him too. I made sure he could see my face from the side as I slowly ran my moistened tongue over my lips.

He finished his transactions first a few windows over from me and left with what I perceived was a bit of a bulge (and not from a wad of cash in his pocket). On my way back to my car, he drove by and now had the courage to fully look me over as he slowly went by. He gave me that look of lust a guy can give as he passed me. I gave him a wink and pursed my lips in a kiss he could not mistake.

As he drove off, I could see him chuckling and shaking his head. So was I as I continued to my car and off to my next stop – the cleaners. Pulling out of the parking lot my mind drifted to a daydream of that guy driving down the road with his cock out of his pants as he was stroking away. It got me turned on. Of course, in my daydream, the guy had a perfect handsome cock. I grinned to myself as I pictured his jizm shooting out onto his shirt leaving a wet stain. I drove on to my next destination with one hand on the steering wheel and the other pressed between my legs. There was a definite warmth emanating from down there.

While I was at the cleaners waiting for them to go through the tickets to find the one with my name on it, I bent forward to play with their two standard poodles. I am sure the guy behind me was scoping out my ass. As much as I enjoy playing with the two poodles, I was bending over for his enjoyment (and my own). Too bad the counter person was a woman. She did not seem to pay any attention to the cleavage view I was flashing her way. I’m sure if her husband was taking care of me, he would have been taking advantage.

I paid and got my clothes then turned to head out and flashed I nice smile at the guy behind me as I walked on out. I did not look back, but I could feel his eyes on me. Before I got to my car, I remembered that the Big Game jackpot was over a $150 million, so I redirected myself to the pharmacy next to the cleaners to by some tickets for the next drawing.

I was a little surprised that there was no one else in line purchasing lottery tix; only a senior paying for her prescriptions. While I was waiting for my tickets to print out of the machine, the woman working the counter looked down at me from the elevated checkout area and told me that she really like my top. She would have had a nice view of my cleavage from up there. I just nodded and smiled back at her in a thanking way and wondered to myself if she was sexually attracted to the way my boobs looked in this outfit or if she was just making conversation. I made a mental note to pay close attention to her reactions toward me in the future.

Even though the grocery store was in the same strip mall, I decided to hold off on my shopping there until later since I had several other stops to make and did not want perishables and refrigerated stuff to sit in the car too long on this hot day. So, I left and headed over to a shop called “Personally Yours”, a little boutique that sells woman’s lingerie.

The shop was bustling. The three saleswomen were busy trying to assist half a dozen women. I did not see the one that usually helps me out and figured she must been off that day. I really did not need assistance anyway to pick out a couple of pairs of thongs. My only concern was how I was going to try them on without any panties. I figured, no one would know but me so I picked out a few and headed into the fitting rooms.

When I got into the little sitting area just outside the changing stalls, I got a huge sexual twinge when I saw one of the women checking out the teddie she was trying on in the mirror. Her face was so beautiful. She was tall and had very full breasts and I could see her stiff nipples pushing through the sheer material. As I walked past her, I caught her eye and raised my eyebrows along with giving her a sexy smirk. It was more than just offering my approval of what she was trying on, it was also a very subtle invitation to her and I doubted she would notice or if she did that she would care.

I continued into an open stall where I began to undo my shorts to try on the thongs. As I bent forward to step into the first thong, I heard a voice come from the next stall. “Did you like what you saw?”. When I looked up to see if the question was directed at me, the woman who I had just admired was peering over the wall of the stall down at me. Her forwardness caught me completely off-guard. That plus the fact that I was there with my ass bared and the pair of thongs laying on the floor at my feet had me speechless and a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry. I won’t say anything about you trying on those thongs without any panties”, she offered. “Do you think this little outfit will hold my husband’s attention”, she asked as she dangled it over the wall. I took this as a sign that she was letting me know that she was bare-chested.

I swallowed and whispered out in a shaky voice, “It got mine.”

She gave me a big grin as she looked past my face and down toward my exposure below my waist. “I bet you don’t have any trouble with your husband with that fine body you have”.

I didn’t now whether to cover up or let her get a better look at me. Not more than an hour earlier I had left the house all brazen and daring people and wanting people to look at me. Here I was now with this sexy woman running her eyes over me and I could not decide between running for cover or standing back so she could have a better look.

I decided to act as nonchalant as I could and went back to lifting the thongs up my legs and over my crotch as I responded to her. “Well, I am not married. Not anymore. That was a long time ago. But, I never had trouble with keeping him interested”.

“Let me see how those look on you. Turn around. Bend over. MMM, you have a real nice ass. I wish I had your body. Those fit you perfectly.”

I decided to play along with this so I bent forward pushing my ass at her as I slowly slid the thongs off and let them drop at my feet on the floor before stepping out of them. When I turned around, this gorgeous woman was blushing despite her recent forwardness.

She placed her arm over the wall offering me her hand. “My name is Doris”. I reached up and took her hand. It was soft and her nails were meticulously manicured. Her jewelry wasn’t cheap and I quickly got the sense she was not a poor woman. “Mine’s Karyn and thank you for your compliments. From what I saw as I came in here, your body could turn some heads too”. I had to admit to myself though that I had only really noticed her from the boobs up and had no idea what the lower half of her body looked like. I just knew I was definitely interested in how beautiful she was and what those nipples would look like without the sheer fabric of the teddie over them.

We both then went about getting dressed. I did not need to try on the other thongs since I got such a glowing endorsement on how the one pair fit. On my way out of the fitting rooms I offered my good-byes to Doris. She waved back.

I stopped on my way to the register and grabbed another couple of pairs of thongs in the same size as the one I had tried on. As I was paying, Doris cozied up next to me and handed me her business card. It wasn’t a business card really. It merely had her name with a telephone number. A “calling card” I think it is called. “Give me a call sometime if you want to get together for coffee or girl talk.” I took the card. “Sure, that would be nice. I’ll call you”, I said to her as I headed out toward the door.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot trying to regain my composure from those surprising events, I saw Doris getting into a sparkling black Mercedes Benz. I was right, this woman had bucks…and class…and looks. Would she be my second lesbian experience I wondered as I drove off. I gathered that if I wanted her to be and I made that call, it would be so.

I drove in a daze toward me next stop. I had to stop at the vet’s office to get Trixie’s dog food and medicine. Trixie has this fairly common weakness many female labs have of getting frequent urinary infections. The special dog food helps. That, combined with her taking a low level anti-biotic every day, has kept her free of infections for much longer periods of time than before.

Part Two

My stop at the vet’s office was uneventful. Although, my mind was still in a haze and I did not observe any of what might have been going on around me.

When I got back to my car, I suddenly realized that I was starving. I suppose being at the vet’s office also made me think of Trixie. I decided it was a nice enough day that I’d stop at home and get Trixie on my way to pick up some lunch and then eat it picnic style at a nearby park. This would give Trixie some fresh air and I could partake in one of my favorite activities – people watching. Then I remembered that I still needed to stop at the grocery store. Screw it, I could do that later after my lunch break.

Once at home, I also got the idea that I could give my car the once over after lunch. I’m the lazy sort and use the car wash to get it clean before I wax it up. Plus Trixie loves going through the car wash. It is hilarious watching her jump all around the car trying to see all the movement at once. So, I added packing the car polish and some buffing cloths along with Trixie’s water bowl and her favorite chew toy.

There is a Wendy’s just past the car wash, so I decided I’d stop there to pick up lunch. They have these really good salads these days. The convenience of their drive-thru was also a plus with Trixie in the car. I hate to leave her in the car alone on hot days. Even for the few minutes it would take to go inside to get lunch to go.

Before getting in the line-up of cars heading into the car wash, I stopped off at the vacuums. I am not the neatest person in the world and my car seems to collect its share of stuff in it – empty soda bottles, wrappings from an on-the-go breakfast, etc. I am sure my butt sticking out as I reached under seats for garbage caught the eyes of those waiting in the car wash line.

Even though vacuuming my car would be fruitless since Trixie was only going to continue shedding, I decided to do it for no other reason than to give a show. Believe me, I am not normally an exhibitionist and even when I get in a mood as I was this past Saturday, I do have my limits. It gets me stirred knowing I am having a sexual impact on others.

While vacuuming, I overheard a few whistles and even the honk of a horn over the whirring of the vacuum. So, I know I was getting to a few people. I even caught one guy jokingly sticking his arm out his window reaching for my ass as he drove by. I smiled and shook my butt at him as he continued into the car wash.

With my time run out on the vacuum, I got back into my car and got into the car wash line. “What do you think Trixie. I need to get laid don’t I. Should I call Artie?”

Artie is this guy that I have an odd friendship with. It is 100 percent sexual. I call him now and then or he calls me now and then, but not to chat. It is purely to set up getting together at this “sleazy” motel for uninhibited wild sex. Artie is married, but from what he has told me, his wife is not all that much interested in sex. It could merely be a front, but I don’t care. I get what I want and need from Artie and I suppose he gets what he wants and needs from me.

I met Artie three years ago when I responded to a personal ad he placed on the internet. His ad pulled no punches and he was straight up about only wanting a sex partner. I happened to come across it at a time when I had not been with anyone in quite some time and was feeling kind of low in the self-esteem department. It was stupid and dangerous to reply, but I got lucky and did not find a wacko, but one incredible fuck.

Once inside the car wash, I dialed up Artie’s cell, but only got his voice mail. I left him the sexiest message I am capable of letting him know I needed some attention of the carnal kind. From past experience, I did not expect that I’d get him on a weekend, but it was worth a try.

At the end of the car wash, there are usually 3 or 4 guys there to complete the drying process on the car. I think this is just a front for a few guys to make some money in tips, and I usually by-pass them. This time, I didn’t. Two of the guys seemed to take an extra long time toweling off the windshield and side windows as they peered in at me. I am sure they were checking me out, especially my legs which were pretty much fully exposed with the shorts I was wearing.

I decided to seductively run my hand along my thigh, starting at my knee and moving slowly along the inner half up toward my pussy. I stopped just short of the hem of my shorts and then lifted my hand up. I lowered the window to offer the buck tip to the guy adjacent to me. “Thank you baby”, he responded in his deepest voice trying to be sexy as he took the bill from my hand. His meaty fingers rubbed over mine slowly, lingering for long enough to send me the message that I had caught his attention. I pulled my hand back inside and raised my window and drove off.

Looking in the rear view mirror, I watched as they congratulated themselves with high fives as if they had done something astonishing. I guess my antics brought a little happiness to their day. All I know is that I was getting hornier by the second. Damn, I wished Artie was around.

There was one other solution; I saw Doris’s card sitting there on the passenger seat of my car. Do I dare call her? This quickly? I am ready for that? Was I reading too much into our exchange earlier in the day? I decided I did not have the nerve, but that did not stop my mind from picturing her offering her breasts to me to suck on. I couldn’t believe the impact that fleeting glimpse of her in that teddie had on me. But then again, there was more to meeting her than just that. She seemed to have this allure and control over me. In a strange way, it was sort of like responding to my mother. Not sexually, but obediently.

Anyway, I tried to move my thoughts to more pressing things like paying attention to the road in front of me as I drove down the road to the Wendy’s. Wendy’s was uneventful and typical. I couldn’t understand a thing the order taker was blurting out of the speaker at the drive-thru. It’s a combination of the poor audio quality of the speaker and the terrible English and accent of the order taker. I placed my order as usual, hoping they understood me better than I could understand them.

I have made it a point to always check what is in the bag they give me to be sure it is what I ordered before leaving the pick-up window. Too many times in the past, I have driven off with someone else’s meal or at least nothing near to what I ordered. This day, I got my salad and my plain baked potato. A “gold star” for them.

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