tagErotic CouplingsAdventures of Mika Ch. 02

Adventures of Mika Ch. 02


Mika's lesson: The Dark Stranger shows his dark side.

Mika leaves the bar and walks toward her car. She had parked at the far right corner of the bar under one of the hanging lights from above, which unfortunately seems to have blown out. Her head is bowed as she looks thru her purse to find her keys, when she's grabbed from behind. Strong arms wrap around her body as the attacker's hand covers her mouth. "Stop struggling and promise not to scream and I'll release you!" A deep, husky voice warns into her ear. Mika nods and the attacker slowly lets go of her. Mika turns to face her assailant, and finds to her complete shock, to come face to face with her Dark Stranger.

Mika opens her mouth to ask what's going on and is stopped by his finger on her mouth! "SSHHH!! No speaking, No names!" He whispers roughly. He grabs Mika roughly around the waist and yanks her to his hard body. Her hands push desperately against his chest, as his free hand grabs a fistful of curly red hair. He forces Mika's mouth to his, his tongue enters her parted lips and he probes deeply into her mouth. Mika moans in spite of herself. Renewed excitement floods Mika's body as The Dark Stranger begins to massage her breasts though her halter, bringing the rosy tips to diamond hardness. Mika's body arches toward him, wanting The Dark Stranger to squeeze her breasts harder. Knowing what her reaction meant, he complies not only by squeezing her nipple between his fingers, but then he pulls her breast free so that he could put it in his mouth!

Fresh cream joins other juices in her pussy as he continues to suck Mika's nipple as hard as he can, her moans tell him that she's ready for Part two to HIS seduction!

The Dark Stranger leans Mika against her car, sliding her skirt up her rounded hips. He forces her legs apart with his feet. He grabs her hair again and kisses her forcibly while removing his rock hard cock from his jeans. Releasing her hair he bends and locks his left arm under her right knee, and lifts her onto the edge of the car hood. Quickly he locks the other leg; He doesn't want her to go ANYWHERE!! Mika is now laying flat on her back, legs spread wide under the starlight.

The Dark Stranger takes Mika's hands into his, she is completely at his mercy! Holding her tight, he lowers his head and slides his tongue over Mika's swollen clit; Her body twitches toward him, begging for more! The Dark Stranger teases her clit, slowly making little circles around it. Flicking it hard with the tip of his tongue, it doesn't take long for Mika to cum into his eager mouth!

The Dark Stranger stands and enters her with one long stroke, burying his cock to the hilt! He slowly slides in and out of her dripping, hot little hole, enjoying the fiction against his cock. The Dark Stranger starts to quicken his pace, pumping harder with each stroke! Mika's moans are getting louder as she accepts his deep thrusts; her pussy is soaking his huge cock!

The Dark Stranger can feel Mika's pussy start to tighten around his cock, as she starts to cum. He bucks harder against her sweet little ass to make her orgasm more intense; He is rewarded by screams of pleasure as she cums, her juices flowing freely down to her ass.

The Dark Stranger releases Mika's hands and pulls her up to stand. He turns Mika around and bends her over the hood, taking a moment to enjoy the view of her beautiful, heart shaped ass. Again he spreads her feet with his and uses his thumbs to spread her ass cheeks. The Dark Stranger takes his tongue and roughly rims her puckered ass hole. Mika moans deeply at the intrusion, she raises her ass to receive more of his sweet tongue. He shoves two fingers inside her pussy, pumping her hard as he continues to lick her tasty hole.

The Dark Stranger's cock is throbbing for attention, so he moves his right hand to her hip, the left in between her shoulders, holding her down on the hood. His cock stands erect in the starlight as he aims for her cum filled pussy. The dark Stranger momentarily, releases her hip to rub the tip of his engorged cock against her dripping pussy. Again grabbing her hip he shoves his cock deep into her pussy, hitting her cervix, over and over he pumps Mika. Their bodies make a loud slapping sound that echoes through out the parking lot! The Dark Stranger holds Mika down on the hood in domination. Her large breasts are crushed against the car's hood, rubbing back and forth with each movement as he fucks her from behind!

The dark Stranger can feel the sweet sweat collecting on Mika's back as he fucks her tight little hole. He starts to slow, making his cock tease her, to make Mika beg to be fucked harder.

A wicked idea comes into The Dark Stranger's mind. He releases Mika's back and again uses his thumbs to pull her ass cheeks apart to give him clear access to her sweet ass. With his cock dripping with her juices, he knew lubrication wouldn't be a problem. The Stranger puts the tip of his cock against the doorway of her ass-Mika realizes what he's doing and starts to struggle. The Dark Stranger slaps Mika's ass cheek hard! Shoving hard on Mika's back,

"Down!" He orders. Reluctantly Mika complies and she lays down on the hood again, bracing herself for the upcoming pain.

Slowly, The Dark Stranger pushes into Mika's ass; stretching her muscles to accommodate his huge cock head! He cautiously begins moving inside her ass, gently at first. Mika's body is tense as she gets use to the pain. As the pain eases, Mika starts to feel pleasure deep in side her . Mika's moans reach the ears of The Dark Stranger and he pumps faster, gripping hard onto Mika's ass cheeks. He moans as slides in and out of her dark tunnel. Mika can't believe how wonderful it feels to have a cock in her ass, she wants to scream for him to fuck her harder. He can feel his cum rushing from his balls and thrusts harder into her. The Dark Stranger yells as he cums hard into Mika's ravaged little hole. Over and over he slams deep into her as his cum pumps into her.

The Dark Stranger pulls his satisfied cock from Mika's sore ass, watching his cum dribble from the reddened hole. Gently he helps Mika to stand up and watches her as she gathers herself back together. He kisses her gently and looks deeply into her green eyes. "You are a very beautiful Lady." He kisses her once more and turns away and walks around the corner, leaving her there to stare after him with awe.

Mika picks up her purse from the ground, finds her keys and gets in her car. The dark Stranger watches Mika drive away, holding a notebook and pencil. He writes Mika's license plate down and smiles. "I'll be seeing you again my hot little redhead!" He says to himself as his gets into his squad car.

(To Be Continued

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