tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 06

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 06

byA.W. Root©

Nick disconnected himself from Julie and raised himself up on his hands and knees.

"I had better get dressed."

She sighed and ran her hands down his bare chest.

"Yes, I guess you should." she agreed.

He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the mouth. "Mmmmm," she sighed, and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her arms snaked around his neck for a moment then she released him.

"Thank you," she breathed, "That was lovely."

"It most certainly was." He replied with a grin, getting off the bed.

He went into the bathroom and rinsed himself, then began to dress. As he was dressing, she rose from the bed and slipped on her robe. She encircled him in her arms and kissed him lightly.

"When will you tell me all about yourself?" she asked.

"When would you like to hear it? It's a really boring story."

"How about tomorrow morning?"

"OK," he said, "What time would you like me to come?"

"Not until you're inside of me," she teased and kissed him deeply.

"I know that," he said, "I was asking about tomorrow morning. I swim on Wednesday's so I'm up early."

"Where do you swim?" she asked.

"At the Council pool on the other side of the hill. I get up at 4:30, leave here about 4:45, and I'm in the pool by 5 am. After my laps, I'm out of the pool by 5:30 and home by 5:45."

"Is it private or can anyone swim?"

"The 25 metre pool, where I swim, is open to the public. The big pool is for clubs and registered athletes. Would you like to join me in the morning?"

"Yes, please. But don't knock too loudly, it might wake up the neighbors."

"Right! I'll be at your front door at 4:45 tomorrow morning. Get a good night's sleep."

He took her in his arms and kissed her firmly, rubbing her back and buttocks with his hands. She groaned and pressed tightly to him, then pushed him away.

"Get going," she said, in mock sternness, "before you get into serious trouble."

"Yes, Ma'am," he grinned in reply and opened the door.

She watched him walk down the path to the street before closing her door. She sighed and held herself after she closed the door and let her mind relive the feelings she experienced in their earlier lovemaking. She moaned out loud as the feelings came flooding back, making her weak in the knees. God, he really knows how to move me, she thought. I can't wait until tomorrow.

When he pulled up at her unit, he was relieved to see that her lights were on. Shutting off the car, he walked up to her door and rapped lightly.

She opened the door, smiling broadly, and said a cheery "Good Morning."

"Good morning yourself," he replied, taking her in his arms for a deep, slow kiss. When he released her, she rested against him for a moment, then woke up again.

"I have a towel and a change of clothes, is there anything else I should bring?"

"Just your house keys so you can get back in."

"Got those, so I'm ready when you are."

He grinned and patted her buttock saying, "I thought you were an ever-ready battery."

She grinned up at him. "Let's go before it's too late."

Once they were in the car, she looked over at him.

"You were going to tell me your life story this morning, remember?"

"So I was," he replied, "If you fall asleep, I'll wake you when we get to the pool."

As they drove, he recited the major events of his life, up to the present moment. She sat quietly, absorbing every word, and didn't ask any questions. He finished just as they turned into the parking lot of the pool complex. When he turned off the car, he turned to her. "Any questions?"

"Not right now," she answered, "maybe later when I've had time to think about it."

"OK, we have to walk thru the woods to reach the pool. Ready?" "Yes," she said, and smiled at him.

After locking the car, they strolled hand in hand down the path from the parking area to the pool building. It was brightly lit but hidden by the dense forest in which it sat. The electric doors glided open noiselessly to admit them.

He steered her to the counter where a bright-eyed attendant stood ready to check them in. He paid for her admission and gave his swimmer number then they proceeded to the 25 metre pool area.

He explained that he had purchased an annual membership and wasn't required to pay a fee for each visit. When they entered the pool area, several swimmers were already in the water.

He quickly surveyed the scene, then said "We can share Lane 6." and started walking to the far end of the concourse, taking her by the hand. He placed his towel on the end line of Lane 6 and she followed suit. He then walked to the stone bleachers and began to disrobe. She joined him and did likewise.

"The ladies change room is just around the corner." he said.

"Thanks, I saw it, but I thought you might like to watch."

Turning her back to him, she stripped off her T-shirt revealing a near-naked back. He could see that her front was covered and that the suit fit her like a glove.

"That should warm up the water." he said.

They stood next to each other for a few minutes doing warm up stretches, then stepped into the metre deep pool.

"Oh my, it is warm." Julie said.

"Some days they put too many logs on the fire. Have you done this before?"

"Yes," she said, "I used to belong to a swim club."

"I'm just a novice at this," he said, "so promise you won't laugh."

"OK, I promise." she said, "Now let's get started."

She turned and pushed off, swimming easily down the lane. He watched for a few minutes, then began his own effort. Twenty minutes later, he had finished his usual routine. He stood in the pool at the near end, watching her swim towards him. When she reached the end, she stopped and stood up.

"I've finished my regular exercise," he said, "how much longer are you going to be?"

"Just a few more laps, if that's OK." she answered.

"OK," he replied, "But we should leave by about 5:30. I'm going to change now."

She glanced at the clock, then said "OK" and pushed off for another lap. He climbed out of the pool and dried himself, then picked up his clothes and started for the change rooms. As he turned the corner, he looked back and saw her climbing out of the pool.

He changed and wrapped his suit in the towel, then went out to wait for her. In a few moments, she appeared, change bag in hand and smiling brightly. She walked straight up to him and kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Oh my, that felt good." she gushed, "I haven't done morning laps in ages."

He took her hand and the walked out of the pool area towards the main foyer. He couldn't help himself. He was grinning like a schoolboy who had just won a prize. Every time he glanced at the woman walking next to him, he grinned even more and thought how fortunate he was to have met her. For her part, she was thinking exactly the same thing. Her hand gripped his tightly as they walked thru the trees towards the car. When they reached the car, she slipped into his embrace and kissed him hungrily.

"Do we have time for a quickie?" she whispered.

"I'll always have time for you." He replied. "Get in and I'll move the car to the far corner. We can use the back seat, OK?"

"Yes," she giggled, "just like a couple of teenagers."

She stood aside to let him unlock to door then slipped into the back seat and he closed the door behind her. He moved to the drivers side, then moved the car to the far corner of the parking area, into the shadows left by the perimeter lighting. While he was driving the short distance, she quickly removed her knickers and positioned herself across the seat, legs apart, waiting. When he parked, he made sure the doors were locked, before joining her in the back seat.

He slid between the bucket seats and found himself positioned between her legs. She reached forward and pulled him to her, murmurring "Nicky, I'm so hot. Fuck me, please."

She kissed him hard, open mouthed, tongue invading his mouth, her hands pulling his head hard against her. He put his hands under her shirt and caressed her belly and her sides. He answered her kiss passionately while moving his hands upwards to cover her breasts with his palms. Her hands went to his belt and began unbuckling it. She broke the kiss for an instant and urgently whispered, "hurry" then her mouth was hard against his.

He grasped her breasts as she unzipped his pants. In the next instant, her hands were caressing his rock hard cock and she was moaning into his mouth. She slid down further in the seat and pulled him closer to her. He moved his hands to support himself as she guided his cock to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and, breathing heavily, pleaded, "Now, Nicky, put it IN!"

He pushed his hips forward and the head of his cock made contact with her pussy lips. As he pressed forward, she locked her arms around his neck and her ankles behind his back. In one long swift motion, he was completely inside her. "Oh God Yes" she cried and gripped him tightly.

He began to thrust deeply into her. Harder and deeper with each penetration. She started chanting, urging him on.

"Yes, Yes, Fuck, Harder, Faster, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me."

As he speeded up his thrusts, she began to beat on his back with her tiny fists, urging him on. He thrust his hips forward and back as rapidly and as fiercely as he could. Suddenly her voice changed, becoming deeper and more urgent.

"Harder, Nicky, Fuck Me, Finish Me, Finish Me, Oh Nick, NOW, NOW, NOW!..

She exploded, her hips moving wildly, her mouth plastered against his. She screamed into his mouth as her legs and arms tightened even more around him.

Her hot juices bathed his thrusting cock. He couldn't hold back. He poured his hot cum deep into her pulsating love cave. She milked his cock with her strong pussy muscles as hard as she could. He pushed forward with all his strength, trying to pound her through the seat of the car. They strained together, suspended at the top of the climax for a moment, then began the long descent back to reality. Their chests heaving with each breath, they clung together, locked in place by her strong legs.

When their breathing finally returned to near normal, he kissed her lovingly.

"Oh baby," he said, "You are the greatest."

She replied, "So are you, lover, so are you."

He began to pull out of her wet pussy.

"Oh No," she whimpered. In an instant he was out and she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him again.

"Thank you so much, darling," she said, "That was magnificent."

"You are most welcome." he replied, "But I couldn't have done it without your help."

He backed away then and began fixing his clothes. After she slid her legs into her knickers, he opened the car door to allow them to move back into the front seat. This accomplished, he started the car for the trip home.

At 5:50, he pulled up to her unit. He didn't shut the car off, but leaned over to kiss her warmly.

"I'll be back around 7, thanks for a wonderful morning."

"The morning's not over yet." she said, opening the car door, grinning widely. "See you later." She walked up to her front door in the headlights of the car, purposely swinging her hips. He didn't leave until she was safely inside, then turned the car towards his place.

End of Chapter Six

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