tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 19

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 19

byA.W. Root©

Nick reached the apartment before the women and showered after his golf game. He was napping on the couch when they finally arrived burdened with packages from there excursion. They dumped the packages on the kitchen table then took turns kissing him warmly. He took advantage of the closeness to caress their backs and buttocks in a proprietary manner.

One by one they showed him their purchases. The blouses, skirts, and with the sexy underwear an immediate hit. He remarked that they had selected two of his favorite colors and asked which one Julie would be wearing. When she responded wait and see, he realized they did indeed have a plan for the evening.

Dinner was served without fanfare, just sandwiches and drinks. Julie and Sarah independently showered and changed into their evening attire while Nick watched the news on tv. When Julie returned to the living room, she was dressed in one of his shirts and sandals.

Nick could only guess which one of the new thongs she had on underneath but her grin was infectious. A few minutes later, Sarah entered the room dressed in a similar manner.

"Nick, we have decided to play a few hands of cards tonight, is that OK with you?"

"Sure. What game would you like to play?"

"Strip poker. If someone loses all their money and all their clothes and then loses another hand, they have to perform some sexual act on the winner, OK?"

"I'm game. Let's get something to drink as well. I have some white wine I picked up today. I think you'll like it."

Ten minutes later they were seated in a circle on the floor. Julie made sure that Nick was wearing the same number of articles they were so the betting would be fair. A flip of the card decided that Nick should deal first and the game was on. The first few hands were for money with a $1 limit on raises. The clothes didn't start to come off until you lost your entire $10 bank.

In short order, Nick was almost broke as well as Julie, with Sarah holding the wealth of the table. Two hands later, Julie was without funds. Now the play began to get interesting. When Julie lost the next hand and Nick won, she immediately decided to lose her top. When her pert breasts swayed into view, both Nick and Sarah felt an immediate twinge in their nether regions.

Nick lost the next hand and was now penniless. His shirt was next to go followed by his trousers. Then Julie lost her skirt, leaving her in just her newly acquired thong panties and Nick in his shorts. Sarah was lording it over them both, being the big winner so far and still dressed. When Julie lost the next hand, she stood up daintily removed her thong twirling for all to see. Then she announced a change in the rules.

Given the state of undress of herself and Nick, Sarah had to put away her money and play only for clothes. Sarah readily agreed and quickly stripped the table of her winnings. Sarah lost the next hand and her top along with it. Nick was now staring at both sets of breasts across the table from him, each of them getting harder as time passed.

Nick lost the next hand and, following Julie's example, stood to remove his underpants and turned for inspection by the ladies. Sarah and Julie oohed and aahed as his cock stood rigidly at attention. Nick sat gingerly at the edge of his chair with his legs splayed in deference to his engorged member. Nick lost the next hand to Julie and the tension mounted.

"Now, Nicky, I get to call the shots. I want you to kiss my breasts, both of them, for 2 minutes each. Sarah, you keep time so we don't get too overheated."

Nick came around the table and knelt before Julie who had turned her chair sideways. Sarah said "Go" and Nick took Julie's left breast into his mouth. Julie moaned aloud and he sucked, licked, and nibbled her breast then switched to the right breast when Sarah called time. Julie was left panting when Sarah called time for the second breast.

"Ohmygod, that's pure torture!" wailed Julie, as Nick returned to his seat.

"Tell me about it!" echoed Nick as a drop of pre-cum fell from the tip of his cock.

After resting a few minutes to calm themselves, Sarah handed the cards to Nick to deal the next hand. This time Sarah won and Nick lost. To be kind, Sarah requested the same treatment as Julie had recently received and moved her chair to face Nick. He obligingly knelt before Sarah and began sucking and licking her breast at Julie's "Go" command, then switched to the other breast when Julie called time. With a huge sigh, Sarah and Nick disengaged when Julie called time.

A two minute rest period followed before the next hand and the glasses were refilled all around. Sarah lost the next two hands in a row and was now as naked as the others. They stopped for a few minutes and sipped their wine as they gathered their courage what might be the final round. The cards were dealt face up on the table. Sarah lost and Julie won. Nick waited in anticipation, not knowing what would happen next.

"Sarah, darling, let's move to the couch so we can be more comfortable. You can come and watch, Nick."

Sarah rose from the table, her cheeks flushed from the wine as well as in anticipation of what was about to happen. She sashayed slowly across the room, her hips swaying seductively. Julie followed her in the same manner, then instructed her to lie down on the couch. She directed Nick to the chair across from them, a few feet away. When Nick was seated, with his cock standing straight up, Julie started moving in on the prone Sarah.

Sarah raised her arms in welcome as Julie climbed onto the couch. She positioned herself between Sarah's wide open legs and slid her body up to kiss her daughter on the mouth.

Sarah wrapped her arms and legs around her mother and opened her mouth to receive her hot tongue. Nick sat motionless staring at the spectacular view. In moments, the women were busy kissing and caressing each other, oblivious to his presence. Sarah moaned loudly as Julie began administering to her breasts.

Julie mauled Sarah's breasts with her mouth and tongue, then gently bit each of her distended nipples.

"Yes, yes, yes, lick them, suck them, bite them, oh Mother, yes." Moaned Sarah.

Julie continued down her daughters body, finally coming to her clit. When Julie's tongue slid over Sarah's clit, Sarah screamed in orgasm.

"Yeeeeeesssss, OHMYGOD, that's soooo good mother, yes, yes, yes.."

Sarah's juices covered Julie's mouth and chin. Her face was shining with her daughters cum as she raised her head and looked across the room at Nick. Her heart jumped as she saw the smile on his face and the delight in his eyes. She quickly removed herself from Sarah and crossed to Nick, kissing him full on the mouth with Sarah's cum still dripping from her mouth.

"No more secrets, darling. As you can see, I'm also one of your switch-hitters. Do you mind?"

Nick pulled her into a tight embrace and rammed his tongue into her mouth. He pushed two fingers into her already sopping pussy and in mere seconds, sent her over the edge into a screaming orgasm. When she recovered a little, he spoke.

"I don't mind at all, my love. It's really incredible that the two women in the world that I love also love each other. This is beyond my wildest dreams. I just hope I can satisfy the two of you as much as you want to be satisfied."

"Don't worry, darling, that's why we have each other. We can satisfy ourselves while we wait for you to recover. Oh, Nicky, I love you. Please fuck me now."

Nick lifted Julie and placed her on his lap with her pussy just inches from the end of his cock. She sat down immediately and impaled herself on his steely hard rod and moaned at the insertion.

"OH God Nick, it's so big. So big. My God you're splitting me."

Sarah, still laying on the couch, began fingering herself as she watched her mother take that huge cock into her pussy. Julie wiggled her hips faster and faster and quickly brought herself to a raging orgasm on Nick's huge cock. Breathing hard, she fell forward onto his chest and tried to speak between ragged breaths.

"Nicky, that was fantastic. Oh, God, Incredible. Nicky, help Sarah please. I've got to rest. Please, darling, Sarah needs you now."

Julie raised up and removed herself from Nick's cock and collapsed on the floor. Nick looked over at Sarah and saw she had three fingers in her pussy, fucking herself furiously with her eyes closed. He moved quickly between her legs and removed her fingers from her wet channel. Sarah's eyes flew open as her fingers disappeared from inside of her.

"Oh, Nick, yes, please fuck me. I need you so bad, please, please"

Nick moved up, bringing his cock to the entrance of her pussy and paused there while he kissed her aching nipples. In a few seconds, he pushed his cock completely into her wet, hot pussy in one slow push. Balls deep in her grasping, hot channel, he kissed her passionately.

"Yes, ohmygod, yes, fill me, split me, fuck me, oh yes, yes." Sarah moaned.

Nick began a rapid pumping motion, in and out, deeper and deeper, out of control. In a short time, he felt himself at the brink and told Sarah.

"Sarah, I can't wait. I'm going to cum."

"Yes, yes, yes, cum in me, please, now Nick, please, yes aahaaaaa."

Sarah drowned his hot cock with her juices and Nick couldn't hold back, pumping huge squirts of his cum deep into Sarah's grasping pussy. Sarah locked her legs around Nick's back and froze in midair as the peak of her orgasm hit her. Julie watched in awe as the two people she loved most in the world climaxed together. In response, she immediately sped up her own ministrations and came hard on her fingers, screaming out her joy to the world.

"omygod, omygod, omygod, yes, yes, yes, now, now. Ohhhhhhhh."

The three of them rested for several long moments before anyone moved or said anything. Julie was the first to move and crawled on her hands and knees to the side of the couch to kiss both Sarah and Nick. The kisses were warm and tender and Nick put his arm around her to draw her closer to them. Sarah moved her arm to also circle Julie.

"So" started Nick, "I've stumbled into a nest of switch-hitters, have I?"

"Yes." said Julie and Sarah simultaneously. "Is that OK?" added Julie.

"I'll need a lot more energy to keep up with you two but I wouldn't trade it for the world. They say home is where the heart is and mine is definitely with the two of you."

"Oh, Nick," mumbled Sarah, "you're growing inside me. I can feel it. How wonderful. Mother, I think he's a keeper, don't you?"

"Yes, Sarah, definitely one for the long haul. Welcome to the family, Nick."

End of the Story

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