tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Tarzan & Jane

Adventures of Tarzan & Jane


Jane stomps outside toward the wilderness. She was so furious. Her boyfriend had just walk out leaving her in wanting. He had had already cum but then he had to leave because some silly giraffe had got in trouble with something. What about her. He had made her so turned on but then nothing. Just a peck on the cheek and he was gone.

Just then she felt a drop of rain fell down.

"Oh, drat. Even the weather isn't on my side. And it's already too far to walk back to camp." Just then she remembered a cave nearby that she had seen last week. At least being with bats is better than being soaked to the skin. The cave was very dark. Suddenly she bumps into something.

"Oh, it's you. Tarzan, you frightened me. I guess you had come in here to get out of the rain too, huh."

"Come. Tarzan make fire. Jane wet." After the fire had been lighted the cave felt warmer. Jane couldn't help noticing that the cave hasn't got any bat. And not even a single bats dropping.

"Tarzan come here a lot. When Tarzan feel want be alone. Tarzan come here." Tarzan said as if reading what was on her mind. Jane realized then that it really is warmer but her clothes was still so wet. She is feeling so uncomfortable in it. She considered sitting there naked. She was sure that Tarzan wouldn't mind. As if he himself is really so well dress. What was wrong being naked in the same room with someone who had had never wear anything except to a piece of cloth. Besides, he had never been with anyone else besides her and her father. He had never even been to the world outside of the forest. Jane started to open her shirt, then her bra. She glanced at Tarzan, but he doesn't seem to express any reaction at all. When she was totally stripped, he still maintain that blank expression. She guessed that he really didn't mind at all being with her naked and all.

"Tarzan, why did you actually come here. I really don't think that you were really outside when that rain starts to pour."

"Tarzan want be alone."


"Tarzan… feel some strange feeling. Tarzan confuse. Tarzan tell Jane because Jane nice." He said somewhat hesitantly.

"What kind of feelings?"

"Tarzan don't know… then Tarzan start to pee, white pee. Tarzan frighten." Goodness, I thought to myself. It must have been his first time to cum. No wonder he didn't know what it was. It must be because of her. A thought suddenly appeared inside her head.

"Tarzan, do you like that feeling?"

"Yes, but …"

"Do you want to feel it again? Right now." He nodded slowly. Jane began to notice how strong he looked. His body was so beautiful. She starts to come closer to his face and give him a kiss.

"Do you like that?" he just smiled. She kissed him again, this time she pushes her tongue into his mouth and kiss him passionately. Then she felt his tongue inside her mouth. He sure is a fast learner. Jane began to undo whatever cloth he had.

"Wow! You are so huge!" she stared at his huge penis. Already hard. She felt almost afraid to touch him. And also there was a sense of wonderment of how big this penis could go. She gave him a long kiss on the tip. It followed a rain of kisses which make his rod grew larger. When it seems that it had stopped growing, Jane swallowed all of it and start sucking it. It was all too much for Tarzan for him to experience on his first time. He cum less than a minute into Jane's hungry mouth. Then he had a second one. On his third orgasm Jane pull out his penis and made him sprayed it all on her tits.

"Tarzan, suck my tits, please." She said and cupped it holding it toward him. Tarzan still dazed by his experienced, just obeyed her. As he sucks her, she began rubbing her clit together. Jane was so horny and needed a relive. She orgasm so much until she was exhausted.

They slept together for a few hours. When she awake, the rain was still pouring and showed no sign of stopping. Jane sits up and flashes of the action that had happened reminded her how she became covered with dry cum. Jane looked at Tarzan beautiful naked body and she felt arose again. She began to masturbate, making low moaning sounds, fucking herself with her finger until she orgasm. Then she noticed that Tarzan was already awake. He had seen her when she played with herself just now. She knew he was ready for some more action, as his cock was almost fully erect.

She embraced him and kisses him on the lips. She pushes her private parts toward his. Teasing him by rubbing her soaked crotch to his large cock. She knew he wanted her badly. She squeezes his ass cheek making him moan with lust. Finally, Jane lay down and guided Tarzans cock into her inviting hole.

"Jane wants Tarzan to fuck Jane. Oh, Jane want that meat so bad." Tarzan pushes his penis slowly. She took all of it. Then he pull it out and repeat the whole thing again.

"Faster, faster!" her urged was making him wilder he began to fuck her hard. They were both already in another world. Jane couldn't help from screaming when she had her first big orgasm.

"Tarzan love Jane." He said as his body began to stiffen up. At that time he knew he was going to cum right there and then.

"I love you too, cum in me Tarzan. I want to feel your juice running inside me." She said as she tightens her legs around him making him unable to pull out, forcing him to cum inside her. She grabs him and kissed him hard on the lips while they were still interlock.

Tarzan then fuck her from behind and they continued until the next morning. From that moment Jane knew that Tarzan would be hungry for more lesson on this subject. They would be sure to spend a lot of time together as long as she stays in the jungle.

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