tagRomanceAffairs of the Heart Ch. 01

Affairs of the Heart Ch. 01


Special thank you again to Mulls for co-writing with me. :) We hope you enjoy our second story...more to come!


Lynn shoved the last bit of clothing into her suitcase and hopped onto the top of it to smush it down far enough so zip the compartment closed. She wiggled and bounced her petite body until the zipper finally gave way and slid along its track until it met the end and she could sigh with relief.

This was the first of several she had packed for their week long vacation from their house and jobs. Her husband Eric had planned this ahead of time...a trip for the two of them - only it hadn't turned out quite the way she had imagined...because before long, it turned into a trip that included his brother and his brother's flavor of the month tagging along.

She was still fuming over that. It wasn't very often that she and Eric spent any time alone. And after 5 years of marriages, she was feeling less loved and more neglected. Their love life had gone down hill, even though she had tried on several occasions to spice things up and make it fun for him. Work always seemed to take first place...meetings, work at home, work away from home...it was endless hours away from her. She had even put off the thought of children fearing that things wouldn't last. Then he had made an effort to do something together and instead, it was turning into a regular camping trip.

Lynn sighed deeply and dragged the suitcase out into the living room, pre-occupied with her own thoughts only to run butt first into her brother in law.

He laughed and steadied her with big hands against her hips. She jerked away and felt her face turn an interesting shade of red as she pushed warm auburn hair from her face and met his sparkling gaze with her own pretty blue eyes. "Sorry, I didn't see you."


"Hey Sis" Jake greeted her, having made his way through the open door into their grand living room, the reference his constant joke since her wedding to her marrying into the family.

She smiled at his dry humor as he removed his hands from her hips, the earlier embarrassment quickly disappearing but not going unnoticed from her cheeks.

"You've been using that one since we got married" she answered raising her eyebrows as he lent in and placed a gentle kiss against upon her cheek, smelling her feminine perfume as he did so.

It had been nearly a year since he had seen either his brother or his wife, as despite living in the same state, their lives circled in such different directions. Ever since he could remember he had been envious of his older brother, his solid business career and the rewards it provided, from the lovely house here in the suburbs to the holiday home in the country. Everything was in contrast to his own life where he had stuttered along with no real purpose, his small rented flat in downtown, his messy crash pad whilst flipping from one job to another, enough to make a living to get by. And then there was the trophy wife who even in casual clothes looked as gorgeous as he had remembered, her auburn hair set against her soft creamy skin. He had always felt a tinge of jealously that Eric had punched above his weight when she agreed to be his wife, struggling to understand how such a straight laced man could capture such a beauty. Maybe it was the sense of stability that Eric offered, so different to his care-free approach, he had often wondered that his fondness of the opposite sex would mean he would never settle down and have a life like theirs.

That said, Eric was his older brother and in difficult times had kept his eye on him pulling him out of some difficult situations so when the offer of a week away had come it had been a surprise but one that he could not turn down. He struggled to remember when his last holiday had been and with his current woman giving him some grief he felt it was the ideal sweetener to their problems.

"How are you?" he asked, running his hand through his brown, free flowing hair.

"Yeah fine" she answered, hoping that her disappointment of not going away by themselves wasn't obvious.

Jake spotted her eyes look beyond him as his current girlfriend walked through the door. "Hey Maria, come and meet my sister in law" he gestured. The young woman, a brunette, fashionably dressed with tight fitting jeans tucked into a pair of knee high boots, smiled and walked fully into the room.

"Hey" she said as she ambled up to them wrapping her slender arm around his waist, smiling at Jake as he arm reciprocated the movement.

"Hi there" Lynn responded as they shook hands. She couldn't help notice that Maria was so typical of the many girls Jake had been with, god, she could only have been just into her early twenties, without a doubt good looking but she questioned what else. Whatever it was, be it his rugged looks he had something that woman found irresistible.

"Where's my brother then?" he inquired.

"In the garage, loading the car"

"Cool I'll give him a hand and we'll soon have this show on the road" he answered enthusiastically, taking her luggage bag and giving her a cheeky wink as he did so. Lynn watched as he bounded through the room whilst Maria trailed behind, wondering how long she would last.


Trying not to let the bad mood get the better of her, she watched the two 'love birds' leave the house. She grabbed her wallet - which she had plucked from her purse and put the contents in a small backpack for easy travel. The bright pink polka dotted wallet seemed out of place compared to the more reserved black, plain backpack that Eric had purchased for her. But she shrugged and zipped it into safety.

Lost in thought, she barely noticed her husband come in, his gaze dropping to her feet that were clad in soft socks, but nothing else so far. "Better hurry up. We gotta go. Where are you shoes, Lynn?"

She counted to three in her mind and plastered on a smile. "I got'em right here. Just getting my stuff together. Your brother has the bags. I'll be out in a second. I'll lock up."

He gave her a short nod and was off again, leaving her to fume in silence as she jerked on her boots, hopping on one foot for a second before falling onto the plush couch and lacing up one foot. She tugged at the denim that softly flared around her ankle and smoothed it, then repeated the process to the other foot and tugged at her soft cashmere sweater as she stood.

"Rush rush rush...that's all we ever do." She mumbled to herself, tossing her backpack over her shoulder and leaving the house with a slam of the door.

Jake looked up to meet her gaze as she trudged to car. She couldn't repress her glare and the spark of anger in her eyes, so she shifted her gaze away quickly and bite her bottom lip as she slid into the front seat, tossing her bag to her feat and buckling up. "All set" she told Eric and turned her eyes to window, trying to calm her irritation.


The journey was going to be long and with the mood that Lynn and Eric were in it did not fill Jake with optimism for a great journey. That said, whatever their issues they were going on holiday together so as they set on their way he engaged them all in conversation, his humor appealing to Maria who giggled along with his stories, her doting on him not going unnoticed by Lynn, whose mood showed little signs of improving throughout the day. Having not seen his brother in such a while there were plenty of stories that kept coming that even Lynn began to warm to these, her obvious mood however not going unnoticed on Jake.

After several hours they pulled in for fuel, both men left the car leaving Lynn alone with the younger Maria.

"They're both great guys hey" joked Maria, as the door slammed shut, watching her man walk into the shop.

"That they are" responded Lynn a little unenthusiastically, albeit going unnoticed on Maria.

"How long have you been married?"

"Just over 5 years now"

"Wow" answered Maria.

"What about you and Jake?"

"Three months and I understand that I am one of the longest" she answered, Lynn catching her smile in the rear view mirror.

"You like him?" Lynn probed further.

"Of course, he's such a free spirit, a bit wild, but I hope to tame him and anyway, as they are brothers you must be a very satisfied woman if you catch my drift"


"Oh come on, I'm 24 years old, my previous boyfriends have been guys my own age, college guys you know. But with Jake, he is a real man and let's just say he has awoken the real woman in me" she enthused "And if it's in the blood well you'll know too! Actually I'm going to grab a coke, do you want one?" she continued, quickly climbing out of the car.

Lynn watched as she walked away, her youthful ass wiggling in her tight fitting jeans and her hair blowing in the breeze. 'I should be so lucky' she thought, smiling falsely as Eric walked back towards the car from the fueling pump.

It was nightfall when they pulled off the road and up the gravel driveway to the wooden holiday home that Eric had purchased several years earlier. Deep in the forest it was so tranquil compared to the urban lifestyle Jake and Maria were used to, the moonlight night unspoiled from man made light. With town a short drive away they had discussed going for a meal tomorrow night but now all seemed tired from the journey, the men unpacked the car whilst Lynn showed Maria around.

With the car unpacked the couples opted to retire to their rooms. Lynn, still angry at Eric, knew his heart was in the right place inviting his brother and despite her initial reservations Jake was right, they were on holiday together so should make the most of it. As she got ready for bed, she slipped into the en-suite bathroom and slide on her new nightie, black and silky that was deliberately designed to end at the very top of her thighs, leaving very little to the imagination. With a ruffle of her auburn hair, she twisted her body, impressed at how hot she looked, hoping the surprise would excite Eric. Switching the bedroom lights off she slid into bed along side him, placing her hand on his chest and cuddling close in beside him, raising her leg and draping it across him, hoping that the silk of her new lingerie would be evident. Leaning in she kissed him on the ear, only for him to grumble.

"Not tonight, I'm tired" he responded, turning his back to her as he rolled onto his side. Instantly Lynn felt her temperature rise, biting her tongue so as to not shout at him. This was so typical, over the past months she had barely got close to him, let alone allow their bodies to become one. Resigned to another night without passion she rolled over lying on her back, trying to control her anger.

As she lay there, over the breathing of her sleeping husband, she began to hear slight moans; only just audible, but equally spaced, female, pleasurable moans never the less. In the middle of the forest there were no other sounds other than the rustle of wildlife and as she found herself listening in, focusing on the sounds, picturing the scene in the next room, imagining both Jake and Maria sat upright, facing one another on the bed, the brunette's legs wrapped around his waist, gradually penetrating him, rocking her way to orgasm, her nails raking down his back.

Lynn imagined their lips touching, his mouth exploring her neck whilst she controlled the pace, her weight pushing her deep onto him, with the angle of her legs stretching the skin around her clit, making it more sensitive to his touch Lying there, listening in, Lynn felt her own body temperature rise, her hand gently slipping beneath the duvet and tracing the contours of her body through the silk of her nightie, the merest brush of her hand against her bosom causing her nipples to react.

Biting down on her lip she continued to listen intently as the moans, still subtle became faster paced, her mind flashing to her image, only this time Maria had arched her head back, her brown hair falling behind her as Jake's mouth suckled on the young girls breasts. With her thoughts going into overdrive Lynn let her hand trail down her silk body sliding between her toned legs as her fingers began to play, gently rubbing and caressing. Closing her eyes she pictured the erotic coupling only this time imagining herself cradled against Jake's body, imagining him penetrate her, allowing her to ride him, as he kissed her ample breasts.

Working herself beyond control her thoughts took her to a place where his rugged body brushed against her skin, his touch assured and purposeful. As her mind rode him she ran her hand through his shoulder length hair, until both physically and in fantasy she climaxed biting down on the pillow as the feminine sensations flowed through her body. As her body tingled she kept her eyes shut listening as Maria finally reached her orgasm, the moans came to a gradual halt, as Lynn's drifted to sleep .

The following day they arose late, the lay in appreciated by everyone.

"Did you sleep well?" asked Lynn as Jake entered the room, watching his response intently.


Lost in thought, she missed Jake's good naturedly grin as his eyes slid over her trim form clad in a fitted pair of jeans, a long sleeve red sweater and vest that covered up her lovely curves. Today she wore her hair in a more carefree style, having scrunched the lovely auburn locks into soft curls that framed her pretty little face and danced over her shoulders. "Slept like a log. This place is amazing. I wish we had ventured up here sooner."

"Yeah, it is nice. Eric is the mastermind behind it. I wasn't much of an outdoorsy kind of person until he built this place. Coffee?" She asked, lost in her own thoughts as she watched her husband walk past the window, axe in hand. She knew he had plans for chopping some wood up for the fireplace and had been up and out of bed before any of them. Such was his ritual, to leave before she ever cracked an eye open. No kiss good morning. No hug and see you later, Nothing.

"Black with two sugars, please." Jake replied, watching her work and admiring the curve of her bottom as she bent down to retrieve something, then came back up.

"The Princess still sleeping?" She asked, then bit her tongue and flushed, avoiding his gaze as she handed him a steaming mug of java. Her tone had been clipped and entirely too sharp, but Jake seemed to shrug it off; amused by the flush that crept up to her cheeks and made them pink. Then he chuckled and slanted her a cocky, self assured grin that made her stomach quiver.


"Oh, she'll probably be sleeping until noon." He told her and was about to add a little something when Eric came into the room, stomping the dirt from his new boots. Right away he began to pick on his older brother. "Hey old man, going to need help out there? wouldn't want you to strain a muscle."

Lynn smothered a laugh and walked away to start breakfast, ignoring Eric's glare and pointing a finger at Jake's nose. "Keep it up and I'll show you just how 'old' I am."

Jake had always known how to rile his older brother and despite the years that had gone by he still had that touch, watching his brother's response with a wry smile, seeing his face contort.

"So what's the plan then bro" he gestured trying to take the heat out of the exchange whilst sipping the steaming coffee, his hands wrapped fully around the mug.

"Up to you, I thought we could take a walk down to the old lake, I've got the fishing gear in the trunk, see if over the past year you've mastered the ability to catch anything" Eric joked.

"Is that a challenge" Jake retorted, immediately rising to his brother's bait.

"I thought we could then go into town tonight, there is a great grill place we know, the loser pays" Eric enthused.

"Now come on boys, play fairly" interrupted Lynn knowing the competitive streak that festered between the two brothers. She had experienced this from her early dates of dating Eric, knowing how much they would goad one another on.

"It's ok Lynn, I accept the challenge" Jake answered "You girls can get all dressed up this evening, Maria will love that and I am sure Lynn will look as beautiful as ever, and it'll be even sweeter that Eric will be paying" his play on words deliberate, half hoping she would pick up on the subtlety of them. "Come on, I'll give you a hand old man, leave your wife in peace" he continued flashing her a smile as he did so.

The cold of the winter air hit him like an icy blast as he followed his brother out of the kitchen and across the drive over to the woodpile, just beyond the parked up car.

"So you and Lynn are ok then?" asked Jake watching for his brother's reaction, knowing he was often hard to read.

"Yeah things are fine, why do you ask?" he answered, placing a chunk of wood, upright on the floor, steadying it with his foot.

"Just thought she is a bit distant in the car that's all" Jake responded, the tension at the start of the journey noticeable for all to see.

"No she's fine. I would say you know how it is but you've barely been in a relationship long enough. Anyway enough about me, your Maria is quite a looker" Eric answered, smiling at Jake as he did so, but despite this his quick change in direction not going unnoticed on Jake. Despite the time apart they were brothers and he knew only too well when his brother did not want to talk about something.

"Yeah she's great"

"Must be attracted by the brawn of the family not the brains" Eric responded, once again goading his brother.

"Funny" Jake answered, a firmness to his voice.

As they had grown up Eric had always played on his greater intelligence, the fact that he went to University where as Jake had lasted only a term at college. This had always grated on Jake but as he watched his brother swing the axe down onto the wood, semi-splintering it as he did so, he questioned how much happier his brother actually was. Despite all the material possessions his brother had acquired over the years, the nice house, the new car and this wonderful holiday home Jake couldn't get away from the sense of unhappiness.

As his mind wandered he couldn't help but think people didn't know what they had, how his brother should be the luckiest man alive to have all these things and such a loving wife. Yes Maria was fun but it had only been a few months and his track record spoke for itself and not in a positive way. What he wouldn't give to have the stability of knowing someone was would be there for him throughout, no matter what. His thoughts quickly come crashing back to reality as the Eric swung the axe once more only this time to miss the wood all together.

"Damn!" shouted Eric, his frustration evident.

"Here give me a go seeing as I am the brawn of the family" gestured Jake, taking the axe and slinging it over his head. Steadying his feet on the uneven ground, he took stance and swung the axe behind his back, flexing his biceps before swinging with force. The heavy blade cut through the air, it's motions swift and true as it came crushing down on the wood before him, the force causing it to split firmly in two. Unbeknown to Jake, a figure watched at the window, Lynn resting her arms on the sideboard, raising herself on her toes, watching the men in action, an alluring appeal of the masculine activity. Watching the brothers together she could see their similarities but also their differences, although the younger Jake's more physical frame, his ruggedness features more akin to the surrounding outdoors.

She had seen this before, only the reverse, Eric so smart in his crisp business suit at a family function whereas at the same time Jake had looked so out of place, his shoulder length hair unkempt. She remembered how sexy she thought Eric was, yet here in the outback, several years later as she once again looked on, she found her thoughts drifting, her eyes drawn onto her husband's brother, unbeknown she bit down on her lip as she continued to watch, only to be interrupted by the creak of a door behind her.

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