tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 01

African Sex Safari Ch. 01


While I was in Zambia, I lived in Lusaka, in a residential area called Rhodes Park. My neighbor was a divorced English lady, called Mrs. McLean. She was a 35-year-old redhead and looked really sexy, with a voluptuous figure and an inviting smile. She had a black Jag car driven by a black native driver called Rod Lungu.

We used to share a "Hi-Hello" relationship and many a times, she had called me over, but I hadn't entered her house yet. I had noticed that she was ill-treating her driver Lungu, in public, insulting him, calling him names and sometimes slapping him too! One day in rainy season, I received a visitor called Ms.Johnson, a local Councilor on some construction-related work. She was a sexy black lady with a 40 in. boobs and thunderous matching hips. While I was gazing at her, black half-revealed watermelon sized boobs as she sipped a drink and explained her reason for visit, there was a power breakdown and it became completely dark. Which is not uncommon in present day Lusaka.

As I searched for candle and matchsticks, I was aware of Ms. J's fragrance and her closeness. As matchsticks were not to be found, I suggested we try our neighbor Mrs. McLean's house next door. As we walked outside in pitch darkness, Ms J innocently held on to my hands and my body temperature rose, esp. between my legs. As we approached her house, we were aware of a faint light from her window curtains .As we neared her French windows, we heard a woman moan inside and sound of a slap. Curiously, we two peeped inside. Nothing could have prepared Ms. J or me for what we saw inside. On the couch in the living room inside, Mrs. M was lying naked. In front of her was Rod Lungu, her driver clad only in his jocks. His hands were slapping Mrs. M's well-endowed hips with sounds, "slap! Thud! Chatarrr!!"Etc.

We could clearly see Mrs. M's 38 in boobs with her pink erect nipples swaying as she moved, her white smooth silky stomach with a deep navel and her fleshy hairless thighs glowing in candle light. We were too stunned to move, as we forgot our mission and J clutched my hand fiercely as excitement mounted and my own manhood came alive in my jeans. Mrs. M said loudly, "Oh, you black donkey. Beat me, punish me as I punish like a bitch in front of the world!"

Rod Lungu grunted like an animal and shamelessly stripped his jocks and threw it down on the floor. We could clearly see that he was hung like a horse, at least 9 in long and thick, black and uncircumcised stick!! He bent down and started parting her fair thighs with his dark hands, clearly exposing her open pussy. It was shaven and shined dimly in the candlelight. He started to slap her pussy openly with his cupped palms slowly at first, then raising the speed and intensity.

Mrs. M was delirious with lust, moaning "AHHH! OOHHHh.. GAWWDDDD!! Etc " but not stopping this wild African beast of a man who was deliberately sexploiting his mistress. My cock was feeling too tight in my jeans, as my heart was beating wildly Ms J next to me was also feeling such effects as her majestic 40-inch (minimum) breasts were rising and falling on her chest as her hands twisted mine in her uncontrolled lust. Now Lungu, or Rod as he was appropriately called moved near M's face and literally fed the black hot stick into her debaucherous European mouth.

Then he bent down and opened her thighs wide for us, and started ravaging her wet tender EUROPEAN PUSSY WITH HIS ROUGH BLACK FACE. He opened her cunt lips wide and sucked ,licked madly and bit the inside lips wildly like he was hungry for days. She continued to eat his black 9 in long cock deep in her mouth, moaning, groaning like "UMMMMm..AHHHh…OHHHH" Etc. He probed her brown bumhole with his fat thumb. It was absolutely wild seeing this unbridled lust of mistress and her black sex slave, as he sometimes slapped her on her hips and thighs with his belt lying nearby, all the while biting her pink private parts and anus fingering her,in between.

By now I was unbearably lusty and moved quietly behind Ms J and started rubbing myself all over her wildly. She was moaning too and was feeling sexual heat of my burning cock rubbing on her well-built black bums. I quietly put my hands below her silk skirt and touched her mammoth muscular hips hidden in panties and slowly peeled them down.

Ms.J helped me by wriggling her body, swaying her queen-sized boobs in front and Football- sized buttocks below. Arrogantly, I touched her boobs in front, squeezing each breast ball in two hands at a time. My left hand was caressing Ms J's black Cool bums and probed her front hole in between. OOO!

God, she was leaking like a tap not fixed properly, all the way to her smooth black silky thighs. She was still absorbed in action of rod and the lady as Mrs. M now encouraged him to mount her and ride her wildly like a bull in heat. I released my own cock from its tight prison and it swung bravely 8 inch brown skinned, pulsating in front of me, near Ms.J black velvet muscular hips. I removed my own leather belt, as a violent lusty rage captured me .I lifted J's skirt way above her waist and exposed the two large black buttocks into moonlight. My belt buckle shined in moonlight as I started to swing it to whip her bums slowly…at first.

*What happened next????

**How did it all end??

*** Do you guys want to read the next part???

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