tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 04

African Sex Safari Ch. 04


When we entered the Living room of Ms McLean's house, it was deserted except for some telltale marks of Police Investigation in the morning, in the form of fingerprint powder and seals on certain items.

I nudged Ms Alice Banda in the ribs when we reached the Bedroom and said to her annoyed face, " This is where Ms McLean slept..." pointing to the empty bed.

She groaned," Oh Yeah!! How astonishing!!" and then putting on a serious face with a smirk, she said, "I am a Police Detective. Do not state the obvious, buster!"

This was the time, I thought, to play my cards right.

"Well, this leather belt here is not so 'Obvious', Ms Detective!" I said, bending down and pulled out the tiny end of the Lungu's belt, which had been lying below the bed as mysteriously as it had escaped attention of all these Policemen.

"Whose belt is this?" demanded Alice. " Well, now, who is the Detective.... Me, a poor Civil engineer, unaccustomed to the techniques of Crime Investigation..." I let it linger, enjoying my moment.

"Will you tell me or...," she said in a steely voice, gesticulating, her eyes narrowing and her chest heaving. I stared at the massive globes exercising themselves in the tight confines of her Uniform shirt, by moving seductively up and down with her movements.

"Or what, Alice, You will take me to custody and torture me?," I challenged.

"I am looking forward to it... I mean, to be manhandled by you in private," I said a little too daringly, looking at her face closely. Surprisingly, She laughed out aloud; her peels of laugh echoing in the silent stillness of the room.

"Well, I never... You do try, don't you?," she was wiping her tears, and the movement of her tits was too tempting to ignore and my cock woke up with a pleasant twitch in my pants.

"Oh, my lines, I sure do. Anything to brighten your day," I shrugged and linking her hands in mine, we came out to the lush lawns outside the house.

"It belonged to Lungu, of course" I jumped her.

"What???" But she recovered fast." How can you say for sure?"

"Well, I presented it to him on his Sixteenth Birthday," I bragged. She started to laugh again, but caught herself in time and said, "You know more than you are willing to reveal, I gather," she said admonishingly.

I smiled," I will be more co-operative if you can be more 'willing' and 'revealing'."

She could not hide her blush now.

"Why are you after me like this," she nudged my ribs as we walked back. "You are a fantastic specimen of glorious womanhood." I teased and continued a bit seriously," Look, You got to visit Lungu's residence and find out where the hell has he gone. That is one lead you can't ignore." I handed her the belt.

She looked at me thoughtfully, "You are not a bad dick yourself. Hopefully, you will be of more help as we go along."" I feigned shock and said, "Not a bad 'dick', eh? How did you guess?." I winked lewdly.

"Oh, You sex maniac! I will take care of you after my visit to Lungu's." She started to walk back to her blue police car.

"The pleasure will be mine, Alice." I gave her thumbs up sign and walked back home.


It was not until next evening, that I got a call from Alice at my Office, saying that she would be coming to my place to talk it over at 7: 30 PM.

I told her, I would be ready.

Actually I could not wait till the clock struck 7:30, as the memories of her excellent assets and the erotic possibilities of being with her, especially now that the ice was broken, kept my cock in a state of constant erection. I wore a loose robe without underwear, to facilitate a quick removal, if need be.

I bathed, shaved and was having my first Coke of the evening, when the doorbell rang.

Alice was looking completely dishevelled and tired. She noticed that I noticed and offered to say, "It was a hell of a ride to Lungu's residence at Chelston and what's more, someone tried desperately to run me over. Whew, Am I tired!"

I was expecting some action, but not so soon nor so drastic.

"Oh, dear. How unfortunate. Do sit down and relax. Can I get you a beer?" She plonked down on the front room cushions. " I will have a Coke too. I am a sort of Coke maniac!" I brought her a can of Coke and sat next to her, saying, "A cock maniac, eh? Watch your words, Lady. Such words from the mouth of a law-protector!! Tsk..Tsk.."

She laughed that free uninhibited laugh again, throwing her head back, and that somehow brought life back to the ambience in the room then. " There, you go again! You have a way with words, sir." She mocked a bow. Which only made her cleavage of her big boobs appear more deliciously as the top two buttons of her shirt were undone. My cock reared its head again and I got up and went behind the couch, partially to cover the prominent protuberance, and mainly to start a massage on her aching body.

"I have a way with my hands too, you will see. A panacea for aching muscles"

"What are trying to do? Come back and sit here." She growled.

"No way, Lady. This is Yogic healing touch, comes all the way from India"

I cupped both my hands, and blew on them, to make them warm and put them around her sides of head and started running the fingers thru her curly mop of African hair.

"Tell me, Alice. What happened and how?"

My fingers caressed her forehead firmly pressing it and leaving it and went round the head again. She sighed contentedly and started, "You know where Chelston is. Quite far from Downtown Lusaka. I drove over to his Compound (a name for slums in this part of Africa) and when I got down from the Car...."

At this moment, my massaging palms cupping her dark and delicate neck and rubbing it teasingly distracted her. "AHHH" She gasped as my two forefingers drew a crazy pattern along the front of her throat.

Continue please," I goaded as my upstanding cock tip touched her nape of neck fleetingly.

"There were two women present who eyed me suspiciously as I approached them and..."

My hands dipped lower and ran along the shoulder blades, sometimes slipping below her loose shirt, caressing her smooth shoulders one hand on each shoulder running from the junction of neck to her arms and back again. Her white bra straps hindered the otherwise smooth passage along her cool skin.

"UMMM," she groaned," This is so good. So I will now stop, Ok?" She turned her neck and looked at me pleadingly.

"So I will now stop, Ok?," I mimicked." Continue. What happened then?" My fingernails started drawing a straight path along her shoulders to meet at the pit of her throat, making her gasp" SHHHHH."

I could clearly see the delectable valley between her bursting mammaries displayed down my eyesight, but I was going to take my time. My cock was as erect as it can ever hope to be and was by now probing her head somewhere between throat and ear. She pushed her head back to lean on to it and whimpered'" BRHHHHHHHH," but continued, "Then, One lady confessed that she was indeed Lungu's wife. She wouldn't tell me where he went. She said She didn't know. Clearly, She was lying...."

"So much for your Detective instincts," I ribbed and now, my palms started along a difficult path from her neck to the top of her breasts. I marveled at those dark sloping mounds of muscles so tantalizingly displayed and started a slow lazy path from top of shoulders to top half of her yielding breast flesh and back all the way up.

This was getting to her too, and she leaned back tugging my erect cock from over the robe back behind her head. I shivered too, but did not relent.

"Tell me what happened next?"

"Well, I am not a detective for nothing. I told her that her husband was seen in the company of several women in the nightclubs of City and I was only trying to find means to control her wayward husband."

Here, I made a silly mistake.

I said, "You couldn't have been more correct," I uttered, recalling the hot coupling between him and Ms McLean.

Instantly, Alice caught on." Why do you say that? You know some thing..."

I distracted her attention by suddenly cupping her warm hefty globes and weighed them each in the cup of my palms, not forgetting to give a small tweak to the concealed erect nipples. Simultaneously, my erect prick probed her nape of neck firmly, my cock head secreting some pre-cum as it got squished against the fabric of my robe and her skin.

"OHHHH!" Alice groaned loudly now and thankfully forgot all about my gaffe. She slurped audibly on her Coke. I unbuttoned her shirt completely and exposed her chest and shining black skinned soft tummy. My hands started the slow erotic journey again from shoulders to stomach flattening her two heavy bra clad globes in the mid-way. pressing the firm, but yielding flesh back into her chest.

All this got Alice really agitated. I didn't want this to end too soon. I wanted all the dope about the case from her in this condition itself. I whispered,"Then what happened?"

"Oh, How can I talk now? And how can you, for that matter? I want to just enjoy this...."She complained and I stood back away from her to realize I meant what I said.

"Ok." she continued seeing the steely determination in my eyes.

"Mrs. Lungu said, she had seen her husband pack his things in a hurry on the morning next to the fateful night and leave in their pick-up telling her that there is problem with Mrs.McLean's estate wagon near Luanshya and he had to leave immediately.

I stopped weighing Alice's boobs as if they were some ripe mangoes the market to remark,"Alice, Luanshya is almost on the Congo Border and the border itself is not secure either"

My left hand by now had slipped back into her white lacy bra (clearly bigger than 38 size), and was thumbing the rubbery firm nipples back into her areola, making her wriggle excitedly on the couch, moaning, "MMMMMMMMM! Don't torment me any more," she was crossing and uncrossing her legs making the well built thigh muscles ripple delightfully inside the fabric of her trousers.

There was no point in being distant in approach now as I undid the clasp of her bra and freed the succulent and proud breasts into the open. I dropped on one knee and kissed her all over the neck and left a wet trail of spittle along the shoulders to here heaving upper globes. Alice groaned happily and felt blindly behind her to catch my nudging erect manhood. I swerved away in time" UMMMMMMMMMMM," she moaned and continued.

Alice said, "Looks like he has skipped by now. Though I have alerted the border authorities. But you know how porous the Congolese border can be..."

I pulled Alice up and hugged her hot, soft curvaceous body, loosening the ties of my robe, such that. her soft yielding globes mashed delightfully against my thumping chest, as I kissed her wet lips suddenly without a warning .I made it a series of small pecks each time kissing and licking a different portion of her lips and soft pink mouth. She responded equally by holding me firm and opened her mouth to give me full access to its wet warmth.

"But Lungu had nothing to gain by killing Ms McLean, Alice. Though he had undoubtedly something to hide," I whispered to Alice between those small kisses.

She groaned, " MMMMMMMM! There is one more thing though!"

I let my hands slide along the waistband of her cop Uniform and one hand managed to unbuckle her belt. Both hands pushed the trousers down her well-endowed buttock, feeling the smooth skin of her thighs as the hands slipped by.

Alice dropped the bombshell even as her trousers dropped, by saying," I found a packet of Heroin in his garage, where he used to park his pick-up"

It was my turn to groan as she caught my cock wedged snugly between our passion–crazed bodies and gave a small squeeze on its bulbous head. "The drugs... Congo Border... Alice, you know what we are getting into?," I asked my breath coming in rasps from the elaborate exertions indulged so far.

"No," she said simply. "I know what we re getting out of,"She said and with a firm hand wrenched my robe away to expose my nude body to her for the first time to her. It was her first Asian body, with lean hard muscles, sparse body hair, brown skin, and a prominent and eager uncircumcised prick, pulsing with my heartbeats.

She gasped wonderingly and muttered some thing like, "OHHHH, You sweet brown Adonis!"

She was quite a sight there.

Eyes alight with burning desires, over-ripe breasts heaving with dark inch long nipples, wide but ever-so- softly curved stomach gleaming in its dark complexion and strong shapely thighs blossoming into a powerhouse of a waist covered in contrasting white panties, her crotch presenting a mouth watering sight of a plump mound hidden behind the white silky fabric, promising imminent delightful experiences.

But all that and more in 'coming' parts...

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