tagInterracial LoveAfter Darts: Submissive Slave Girl

After Darts: Submissive Slave Girl


OK, so I can't begin to tell you how many times I get emails requesting the rest of my wife's experience, After Darts. Well, here it is :

How my Wife Became a Submissive Slave Girl

She told me about all this, after she came home one night after a weekend away. I thought she was on business, but then realized that she was fulfilling her slave obligation. That she didn't know that I knew about. She was staggering in at midnight on Sunday, and when she kissed me I knew that taste on her lips. She was crusted with cum, she undressed while I poured her some wine, and she was in the shower all ready when I was bringing it back for her.

I opened up the curtain watching her soaping up her breasts, and as she looked at me she slid her hand down to her pussy. She started to rub her clit then looked at me with a super sexy grin.

"Did you miss me baby?" she said, and put a leg up on the side of the tub to give me a better look at her pussy.

I started to get hard in my boxers. I could never resist her wet pussy, and her fingers looked so good sliding in and out. I pulled down my boxers then my t-shirt off, kissing her deeply probing her mouth with my tongue. My cock was pressed against her belly. I picked her up with her ass in my hands as she guided my cock inside her. Then I sank my cock in so deep. I hardly could feel her pussy grabbing me, and she has great muscle control.

"Take me to bed and fuck me honey." she moaned in my ear.

We were wet as fish, but I didn't care and I carried her to the bedroom with my cock in her pussy and my tongue in her mouth. I dropped her on the bed and she groaned as we came apart. She was so hot, and she squirmed to the top of the bed and grabbed the headboard's brass poles.

"Hold me down and fuck me. Please fuck me hard!!" she moaned.

Well you don't have to tell me twice, I drove in to the hilt, and started to fuck her hard. Pounding my cock in her as she held on for dear life. I held her arms tight against the sides of her head, since she loves that.

"Yes. Force it in me, hold me down." she was crying out.

It was hard to have any control as she got hotter and hotter. Her talking was getting me so hot.

"Make me do it all. I have been so bad. Use me." she was mumbling, I had just about had it when she started to cum all over my cock.

"Please cumm baby, make me take your cum , force it in me , make me take it all." she moaned.

Well that was all I could take, and I was just about to let loose when she told me.

"Force it down my throat. Please make me taste it all. I'm such a bad girl." as she almost bucked me over on my back, then dove down to my cock.

I never saw her like this. She took almost all of me, and I started to cum in her mouth. She was on her knees with them spread a little so I stuffed two fingers into her pussy so she could cum more. When I noticed she had her hands behind her back like they were tied. I was cumming in her mouth as I felt all her juices wash over my fingers. I grabbed her head as it got way to intense, and was holding her hair as she sucked me clean. When I touched her hair she started moaning louder, she was forcing my cock deeper in her mouth.

After we calmed down a little. She made her way up to my face with hers then we kissed. She nibbled my ear, and grabbed my hand putting it back on her pussy.

"I'm so wet still baby." she moaned in my ear. "Eat my pussy honey. I need you to eat me I'm still so hot." she didn't have to tell me again, then she leaned back. I worked down sucking lightly on those big nipples first as I got to her little bush on top of those shaved lips I love so much. I took a long swipe with my tongue on her whole pussy from her ass all the way up to her muff.

"Tell me how you have been bad." "Tell me or no pussy licking for you.." "I want you to tell me what you did."

I teased her with the tips of my fingers. Well it's now or never, so I told her. Told her I have seen her with men, then told her I saw her a couple weeks ago with that black guy from the other dart team. I told her as I licked her pussy, very lightly since I didn't want her to freak out. She was grinding out towards my tongue.

"You know I've been bad." "I'm sorry baby I can't help myself."

She was trying for me to make desperate contact with her pussy.

"I know about the bet I watched him fuck you."

Then I sucked her clit, she groaned as I sucked hard on it.

"Then you know." "You know I had to pay off." "I was his slave all weekend."

I was eating her pussy with great enthusiasm now as she continued.

"I was a slave for all of them."

She was grinding her pussy on my face. I was buried deep in her pussy sucking, licking, trying to reach as deep as I could.

"Ohhhh I gonna cum baby." "You want me to tell you how bad I was don't you."

She grabbed my hair shoving my face into her even deeper.

"You want to hear how they used me." "Did it all to me." "How I loved it, how I came, over and over." "Like I am all over your face right now."

With that I tasted her juice flowing over my face, it was like she was peeing it flowed out so much. She bucked on my face, while I lapped up her sweet juices.

"Ohh honey, there were so many big cocks." "Sooo .. many big black cocks." "They all fucked that hot little white pussy you are licking." "All filling me with there hot sticky black cream."

"It all started when I got to Gail's place on Friday."

Now Gail was my wife's single slutty friend, and I do mean very slutty. I mean she would go out with my wife on there "Girl's Night Out", but before they would leave Gail would always flirt with me always trying to tease me.

"I went there to change into my sexy clothes." "I wanted someone to know who I was with too." "It was so exciting, so sexy, so dirty, and turned very nasty."

I took some of her flowing pussy juices with my fingers and spread them down to her asshole, then pushed a finger inside her butt.

"How nasty did it get baby?" I asked feeling a little worried. "Tell me honey, tell me how nasty." "Tell me everything." as I pumped a second finger into her ass.

She was gasping for air, not able to catch her breath. Then I felt her whole body start to shake. I had been licking her clit lightly, but when she started to shake and quake I sucked hard on it.

"Ohh god, I'm cumming. I'm cumming." "Ohh yes, very nasty, much nastier then me cumming from your fingers in my ass."

She couldn't speak, she was cumming so hard. Her ass bucked against my thrusting fingers, and her hands grabbed the back of my head pulling me against her wet pussy. She was grinding on my face, moaning, groaning, and gasping for air for ten minutes at least before she loosened her grip on my head.

"Fuck, that was so unreal." as she pulled my head up to her face. She kissed me wildly, licking her own juices off my chin.

"Mmmm, I don't have to tell you." she grinned at me looking deep in my eyes.

"I can show you."

Part 2 : Cumming Soon


* Disclaimer - Please Read. Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn't doing the job. Please don't feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you.

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