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After Dinner Treat


The restaurant had emptied. The party of eight had concluded their meal and were waiting for the bill to arrive. Amy studied her husband Jack. Despite her repeated threats and warnings he had done it again. She knew it was not intentional. She knew he would be mortified if she accused him of not loving her. It was not the case. They loved each other very much but he still had a lesson to learn. Familiarity is no reason for paying your wife little attention whilst you are out. All night his gaze had wandered about the room. She had watched him measuring, comparing the various female diners and the girls waiting on tables. She had watched his eyes study their waitress. Noted the look as he mentally undressed her. His eyes had flirted with her. He had reserved his charm for her. Spoke softly so she would lean her face close to his.

He would see no reason for Amy to be jealous. Jack always went home with her. Always made tender and passionate love. He had never once been unfaithful or given reason for doubt or suspicion. It still hurt. It still rankled. This feeling he was testing himself. Proving himself should they ever part. It was inherent in his subconscious, his male ego, this voyeuristic game of comparisons. He still had to prove he was a man to be appreciated. The prime male where ever they went.

Jack had tried. He had started the evening so well. He had noticed the jersey dress Amy wore especially for the occasion. Flattered and complimented her make up and hair. Made promises to mess up her immaculate look at the end of the evening. Amy knew he would keep his promise. Amy would ensure he did. First he had to learn. Amy smiled inwardly to herself. She had planned this moment so well. She could almost predict the look on his face. To imagine and to witness were two different things. The moment would be priceless. His attention would improve.

Amy watched the waitress bring across the bill on a silver platter. She headed automatically towards Jack. A welcoming smile came to his lips as her eyes flashed his way. Amy clicked her fingers. Everyone stopped talking. The waitress halted, turned and smiled politely, placing the platter at Amy's bare setting. Amy grasped gently the waitress hand.

'Is there anything else you would you like?' she asked.

Amy looked into the lively coal black eyes. They were vibrant with the smoulder of Latin passion. Amy guessed the waitress had Mediterranean origins. The olive skin and tumbling dark tresses veiling her face adding to her suspicions. Amy glanced at the bill on the platter.

'Maria' Amy said reading the name on the waitresses' badge. 'You need to add the price of your body for the night. My husband wants to fuck you.'

About the table there was uproar. Jack immediately questioning Amy's senses. She ignored everything, just continued to look into Maria's dark eyes. Her eyebrows raised for a moment forming a question then they dropped to emphasise the dark glow of submerged Latin heat. An understanding passed between them no one else saw. A feminine intuition of the request and how she had come to be chosen. Maria returned Amy's gentle squeeze of the hand to confirm her collusion with whatever she had planned.

The soft wisp of Maria's hair brushed against Amy's cheek as she bent taking up a pen. It was like bunched silk caressing her face. Maria wrote a figure on the bill. She brushed her hair back from her face looking up to Amy for confirmation. Amy took the pen. She crossed the amount through and doubled it.

'Cash! Don't worry you'll earn it.' Amy said giving Maria's hand a final squeeze.

Maria stood watching as Amy counted from a rolled bundle of notes she had concealed in her purse.

'Stop this is madness.' Jack protested. 'You can't joke with people like this.'

Amy halted her counting.

'Who is joking Jack? I bought her for you. You've wanted her all evening. So now you can have her.' Amy resumed placing the notes onto the platter, as the rest of the party looked on.

'This is preposterous. Where ever did you get the idea from?'

'Your face Jack. Where else?' Amy continued counting. Watching Jack from the corner of her eye. He tried to reason with the waitress.

'Maria, look. My wife has a somewhat extreme sense of humour. I think she is trying to shame me because I have an eye for a pretty girl. You don't want to do this with me. No offence. You are very attractive, but I might have a bit of a problem myself.' Jack tried to indicate a certain lack of ardour in his trousers. Gemma one of the party leaned over and grabbed at his crotch.

'I don't think there's a problem there Jack. You just don't want to admit you fancy her. Not in front of Amy anyway. You've been rumbled. Come on Jack don't be a wimp. Not when your wife is willing to pay.'

Jack snatched Gemma's hand away. His face was crimson with the shock and the embarrassment. Amy passed the money to Maria. Already enjoying the scene and the look of horror on Jack's face. She knew he would remember this evening. Amy would ensure it. She looked at the remaining guests who divided into two camps. Those who mirrored Jack's indignation were heading for the door, whilst the curious and more sporting were ensuring a full view of the promised performance.

'Where would you like me to do it? Here or the little restroom we have upstairs?' Maria asked

'I think here where everyone can see.' Amy said indicating the excited audience and the agitated benefactor.

'I'll be back. I need to finish off. We do not wish to be disturbed. It is alright if someone gives me a lift home afterwards?' Maria queried as she turned to clear the remains from the tables.

'No problem. I'm sure we will be able to sort something out.' Amy said looking at the eager faces. Someone would most certainly want to take her home.

As Maria left the room Jack tried once more to talk to Amy.

'I'm sorry darling,' he began.

'You don't need to be. Not yet.' Amy rose and cleared the surface of the table leaving only the white linen cloth covering.

'We could leave now. Let Maria have the money as a tip. I can't help looking. You know that. It doesn't mean anything. It just confirms you still are the most beautiful woman I know. We'll go home now. I'll prove you are the only woman for me.' Jack came towards Amy his arms outstretched. She side stepped him.

'I have heard it all before Jack. Until you have experienced the truth for yourself you will keep on looking. I don't look. I don't need to look I know you are the man I want. I'm buying you this one chance for the same. Take her. Enjoy her. Do whatever you want. When you've finished with her you are mine. Mine until I am completely satisfied Jack. This is not any easy get out. I am going to fuck this out of you once and for all.'

Jack confused turned to the two remaining couples for inspiration.

'You don't want to embarrass our friends. They didn't come out to witness a sordid peep show. They are very loyal to us waiting like this. I know they are just being polite. Hoping you'll put an end to this drama now.' Amy saw the devilment rising in the eyes of her friends. Her reply to Jack was unnecessary.

'I quite like a little spice to my evening Jack. The sight of your bottom pumping up and down seems an excellent idea.' Gemma smiled playfully reaching out for Jack. ' Why don't you entertain us while we are waiting. Give us a little peek of your manly physique.'

Jack edged away from them. Amy was pleased by the salacious nature of her friends. It was exactly the atmosphere she had hoped for. Charles, Gemma's partner stood up.

'Are you going to oblige us with a little routine Charles?' Amy called strolling about the table making sure everything looked right.

'Not likely. But if we're having a bit of a stag do, I thought some more wine might be in order.' The party agreed and he sauntered off quickly returning with glasses and two bottles of wine. He went to place them on the table, but was quickly ordered to find another. With wine in hand the chant began for Jack to strip. Like a little boy he slunk sulkily into his chair. Amy solicited the help of Gemma and Caroline, together they began to disrobe his protesting body. Amy decided to reveal another of Jack's secrets.

'He shouldn't be this shy with you. You should hear the fantasies he has about you.'

Jack squirmed as Gemma began loosening his trousers. Caroline from behind had unbuttoned his shirt. She grasped his nipples in a pinching clasp between thumb and finger.

'Pray do tell. As it is a night for intimate revelations.' Caroline said squeezing harder as Jack exhaled a pleading protest.

'Gemma dear is very close to giving him his prize. He love's her mouth. Her painted lips. He imagines them sliding along his shaft. Nibbling at his cock head and drinking down his come. You my dear Caroline would suffer a far more unpleasant fate. He has always considered you very reserved. A little cold perhaps, too lofty for Jack's taste. He'd like to take you down from your pedestal. Somewhere muddy dirty all slimy and wet making you roll in it till you were slippery all over. Then he would take you like a beast in the field.' Amy enjoyed the colour drain from Jack's cheeks. The flush rising and spreading across his pulsating chest. She knew Jack made quick assumptions. It was time he learnt to pay attention. Not just to Amy but her friends as well.

Caroline pinched hard on Jack's nipples. Making him cry out again. She pressed herself into his back, biting hard into his neck. She was no ice maiden. Amy was pleased by the response of her hedonistic friends. She watched them strip Jack to his underwear. He continued to protest his innocence. He fell silent as Gemma pressed her face pressed close to his crotch mimicking fellatio. Jack despite the indignity was responding to the attention. Exactly as Amy intended.

Whilst Jack was being undressed, Amy had rearranged the tables into a circle surrounding their own. Their table would become the central stage. Leaving a gap Amy created a walkway by which Maria would make her entrance. She re-lit the candles on the ring of tables throwing an amber light into the space. Finding the light console Amy reduced the surrounding room into flickering shade.

Maria walked in. The teasing and the chatter ceased. Caroline and Gemma returned to their seats. Within the circle of light Maria's dark tresses shone. Orange and red dappled the black. The flame dancing within her eyes. Jack remained seated his arms folded shielding his erect phallus. Amy waited for Maria by the temporary stage.

'Your husband does not seem so interested in me. Perhaps you should have your money back.' Maria indicated towards Jack. He was trying to disassociate himself from the gathering. Amy saw him pretending to look away.

'Jack has a problem with attention. Sometimes it is not always easy to attract. I know he wants you. It is just a matter of persuasion.'

Amy slid her hand beneath the heavy weight of Maria's hair. Beneath the softness, she pressed against the upturned collar covering Maria's neck. She pulled her close parting her lips as the dark tresses fell forward to cover her. The kiss was warm, firm, like pressing her lips against ripe summer fruit. Maria's mouth parted. The wide fleshy mouth encircled Amy's lips. The soft exchange brought their bodies closer. Breast to breast, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. Amy pressed her pelvis against the firm thigh. Their bodies trembled as the first tingles of excitement passed through them. Breathless each pressed against the other's mouth. Tongues exchanged probing caresses as fingers mapped the others body.

Amy cast a glimpse to her audience. They sat enraptured. Each couple huddled against the other. Hands held tight as the excitement took them. She looked to Jack. Her plan was working. His hands had fallen away from the front of his pants. He was sitting tall attentive in the chair, unconcerned by his visible erection. The heat and lust flickered across his face.

Amy ran her hands up under Maria's hair. Making it tumble and fall between her hands. Maria traced the lines of Amy's cheek, fingering the line of her jaw the rise of her eyebrows the soft pad about the eyes, the slender straight line of her nose. Returning each other's gaze they parted slightly each tracing the line of the other's body. Amy felt the cool linen of the white blouse, the stiff starching growing warm over the circle of Maria's breasts. She squeezed feeling the firm shape beneath. Amy's breasts tingled against the fine jersey as Maria repeated the compliment. Her fingers circling the halo of her stippled aureole, as they pressed outlined against her dress. Bodies stirred fractionally within seats. The room seemed to be filled with the sound of stifled breathing.

Amy unbuttoned Maria's blouse. Slipped the garment to the ground. Turning the waitress around, she pulled her back into her breasts, pressing the round of the buttocks into her groin. Maria's hair pressed against Amy's cheek, as her hands encircled the cups of her captive breasts. She stroked Maria's nipples through the sheer pink fabric of her bra. She felt the gyration of the girls hips brushing the round of her abdomen. Amy was enjoying the heat from the woman, and the power she was exercising on Jack. His whole body was pulsing with the want for her and the woman she manipulated in her hands. Amy's left hand slid down over Maria's belly. Her long fingers spreading over the black skirt, pressing against the lower belly, above the rise of her pubic mound.

As Maria's hands reached behind for Amy, stroking her thighs the indent of her back, Amy continued her exploration across the black skirt. Her palm slid over the hips down the thigh. Traced the line of the girl's panties, touched her hidden heat. Amy continued the slow languorous strokes till it seemed her body had melted into Maria's. One united body urging, teasing the man she loved. Around her she heard the sounds of repressed passion, as her friends watched, not daring to move and miss the show.

Amy prolonged the tease, cupping and kneading Maria's flesh through her clothes. Insinuating intercourse, by wriggling her hips against the girls bottom. The excitement and the hunger was growing within Maria's body. Amy could feel she would soon loose control. She felt her own sex begin to flower, spreading damp warmth inside her panties. Maria's body was increasing in its pressing demand. Amy pulled up the black skirt, exposing the olive skin of the bare thighs. Jack's eyes fixed upon the edge of the skirt, she could see him willing it to rise. Amy tantalised him with the length of limb keeping Maria's panties hidden.

'Come along darling. What's the problem? Maria's waiting for you. She wants you. Don't try and deny it you want her too. Take her, show her what a fine man you are.' Amy slid her index and forefinger beneath the gathered hem of Maria's skirt. Her finger tips seeking the soft source of Maria's hidden heat. She pressed against the flimsy fabric beneath the skirt. Felt the flesh part, welcome her inside. Maria gave a low gasp. Her torso sinking onto the inquisitive digits. Amy explored the widening seam. Her fingers becoming damp and sticky as they were drawn deeper inside, till her knuckle felt the touch of course hair, guarding the entrance to the fount of Maria's sex. Amy pressed herself against the waitress as she rode against her fingers.

'This has gone too far. You've got to stop now. I can't take someone like this. It's fine now. You offer this girl to me. How will you feel if I do take her, there across the table? What will you think of me then?' Jack crossed his legs, wincing as he tried to hide his bulging erection.

Amy kept on working her hand inside Maria's pants. Riding in rhythm with the writhing body. It felt good. It felt so very good to be so in control.

'I'd think you were a man Jack if you take her. Not a coward, or a liar. Just be honest Jack. She feels beautiful inside. Hot wet, full of juice. Just like me Jack. Will you let us both down. Will you deny your body. To prove a false pride.'

Amy closed her lips onto Maria's neck. The flesh was warm, smooth. Delicately she traced her lips along the throbbing vein. A vampire waiting to strike. She had no need to bite. The touch of her mouth transferred the life from Maria's rocking body into her own.

Maria twisted within her grasp. Amy's hands fell away. Lush lips closed over hers. Passionate vibrant lips, peppered her face. Amy felt the fastening on her dress loosen, The lips which had peppered her face launched down her body preceded by the clinging jersey dress. Amy stood in her black lace knickers, as Maria's hands caressed the fine black denier covering her legs. She raised her stilettoed feet and stepped out of her dress. She rocked slightly as the dark tresses tickled her navel, a probing tongue snaked over her thighs. The thrill shot into her spine like a thunderbolt. She teetered, seeing stars appear amid the shadows as briefly she fought for control. Her senses were reeling with the pleasure. If Jack didn't take Maria she would. Shame him into the bargain. Until tonight she had never considered the comfort of another woman, the soft sensuous delight.

The candle heat seemed like a furnace. Amy watched the silhouette of she and Maria playing upon the wall. She watched the two bodies ebb and flow. Felt the rhythm of passion flow through her. Then the chant started. Amy regained control. Resumed her power over the two bodies.

'Jack. Jack. Jack.' They chanted as her husband rose to his feet. He slipped out of his pants. His phallus a shadowy prow bobbing before him as he advanced , circling Amy and Maria with a low animal prowl. Openly he stared at the two passion locked bodies. Amy did not need to speak, to offer Maria's body. His shoulders had broadened, his face set firm. This was the Jack Amy loved. The man, the hunter, the beast. His lips were already parted, looking for flesh on which to feast. Flesh to satiate his lust.

Amy positioned Maria onto the centre table with her thighs supported, her limbs dangling freely. She laid her down onto her back, her hair billowing black in luxurious swirls across the brilliant white cloth. Amy kissed the tanned face. Her lips pulling gently at the lush mouth. Her hands stroked the swelling contours of Maria's breasts. Her fingers straying beneath the pink covering, teasing the hidden nipples stiff and erect. Easing herself onto the cloth to sit at Maria's head, Amy bent forward, dangling her breasts over the succulent mouth. Maria raised her head capturing the proffered breast. Amy felt the tingle pass through her body as Maria's tongue lapped at her swelling nipple. Amy raised herself before offering her other breast to the welcoming mouth. Maria's arms came up to capture her. Amy held them softly pinning them back against the table. Maria was now the captive prize to be used on the table.

Jack positioned himself between Maria's legs. He parted them with the palms of his hand. Pushing up along her thighs he forced the black skirt up to her waist. His phallus nudged against her thigh as he fingered the elastic of her pastel pink knickers. His hands spread out across the surface of the fabric. Soothing, smoothing, her lower abdomen, till his thumbs rested over the head of her vagina. His thumbs slid down each side of her crevice. Rubbing the concealed lips. He plucked a stray hair, poking out from under her pink knickers. Amy felt Maria buck. Heard the gasp. Noted the writhe of pleasure following.

Jack's face fell onto Maria's belly. His shoulders flexing whilst he continued to rub her covered sex. Amy saw the prickles of hair standing tall on his neck. His closely cropped head swept in sweeping motions across their captives body. He moved up towards her breasts his hands sliding out from between her legs. He gripped the tanned body below the breasts sinking his face into the valley of the cleavage. As a reptile gathering food, he flicked his tongue into every crevice between flesh and bra.

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