tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAfter Gym Class Ch. 04

After Gym Class Ch. 04


Previously: In part 1, Candy had learned of Sara's "special secret" as they showered after working out. Later in part 2, they had gone to Candy's house, where playtime continued in Candy's bedroom. In part 3, Candy's brother caught them in the Jacuzzi and ended up taking Sara from behind while Candy played with her as well.

My brother drove off while Sara and I were still relaxing in the hot tub. "Oh God, I have to get home before my parents freak out," said Sara. She leaned across the water to me, and we kissed passionately.

"Oh Sara, I don't know what to say. Today was wild, crazy, and oh-so-fucking sexy!"

We both giggled. Then I felt the need to get serious. "I don't want this to end, Sara."

"I know hon," Sara said softly, caressing my hair. I closed my eyes at her soft touch.

"We need to get together again tomorrow?" she asked. I thought she sounded hopeful.

"Yes, for sure," I said.

I watched as Sara stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her sexy body. Sara's cock was soft now, looking smallish as she enclosed it with the towel, wrapping it in the front between her perky breasts. She pulled her hair back and wrung out the water.

"My God you are beautiful," I whispered.

Sara held her hand out to me and helped me step out of the hot tub. I now enjoyed Sara's eyes taking in my body. I didn't hurry to cover it with my towel. I wanted Sara to see all that she wanted; all that I wanted her to have. I stood with my legs slightly spread. I knew Sara could see my slightly swollen pussy lips under my shaven mound, feeling a little tender from all of the day's activity.

Sara sucked in her breath, her eyes moving up on my body, pausing at my breasts. I could feel my nipples harden just from her gaze. Finally, her eyes focused on mine. She smiled.

"You can have all you want," I said in my sexiest voice.

"Ohh baby, you have no idea!" Sara giggled.

We ran across the yard back into the house and up to my room. Sara quickly got dressed again, pulling on her jeans and buttoning them quickly. I decided just to pull on a robe over my naked body.

I'll call you later, ok? Sara leaned in to kiss me. I pulled her close, not wanting to break the kiss.

"Oh Candy," Sara whispered as she reluctantly broke the kiss. "Don't tempt me again! I gotta go. Mmmm, awesome day!"

We both giggled. She waved as she ran to her car and drove off.

I stood at the door, staring at the spot where her car was, my mind racing. What the hell just happened? A few days ago I was "in love" with my jerk boyfriend, now I'm the happiest I've been in a long time with him out of the picture, and a girl... er... well... Sara, now in my life. I thought back to the gym class where it all started.

It's true, I've been curious about girl/girl relationships for a while. Whenever Josh and I would watch porn, we'd both look for the lesbian scenes. We had the best sex after watching them. I had wondered about the softness and gentle curves of a woman for a long time. Never in my life did I expect to actually do anything about it. Well, I guess I really didn't right? But everything about Sara was womanly. Well, almost everything.

I sighed. I walked back up to the bathroom, and started the shower. Dropping my robe, I stepped into the warm water. It felt good to close my eyes and let the water run down my body. As I took the liquid soap, I ran my hands over my body, cleansing. With my eyes still closed, my mind went back over the day. Again, I felt my arousal increasing. God, could I ever get enough?

I remembered feeling Sara's body for the first time. Her soft hands on me, leaning back into her breasts. Then the shock and pleasure feeling her amazing cock pressing against me, so hard, but so soft. I thought back to kissing her. Licking her breasts, biting her nipples. Feeling her hard penis with my lips and tongue. Tasting her cum in my mouth.

I hadn't even realized it, but I had been rubbing my clit with my left hand and caressing and pulling on my nipple with the right. In my mind, I saw Sara's face so full of pleasure while my brother was fucking her hard. With the water still cascading over my body, I was close to orgasm again. Then it hit me hard. My legs started to shake, and I came close to losing my balance. I felt the tingling wash over my body, almost in slow motion, starting with my clit, my pussy, moving in all directions outward as it covered my body. I quickly grabbed the towel bar so I wouldn't fall as my legs went limp.

The next week in school was a blur. Sara was in only three of my classes, including gym, but we didn't sit together to make it too obvious so we barely said a word. Our glances at each other could have told the tale, however. Each time they turned to broad smiles and finally eyes down toward the floor for fear of giving away our secret.

It was harder to find time alone together too, since my parents were back and Brian seemed to be around more often. Sara came over to "study" with me often in my room. We also snuck in a couple late nights hot tub fun too, but had to be careful to hide Sara's special bulge when my mom or dad came by to chat. I couldn't help myself; I teased her as often as I could so she was usually hard around me, as much as I was in a constant state of arousal around her. We snuck as many kisses in as we could, her tongue feeling so good in my mouth with our bodies pressed together.

One evening we decided to meet at the mall to do some clothes shopping. I liked shopping for Sara's clothes; she was so feminine and enjoyed showing her curves. She was about two sizes larger than me, but we liked many of the same styles. We had just come out of Learner's with a new swimsuits for us both.

"Let's go to Victoria Secrets," I said. "I want to get some lingerie for us!"

"Oh yeah, that would be great!" giggled Sara.

We went right for the lingerie section. There was a black lace babydoll on a mannequin that made me stop. "You would look so sexy in this!" I exclaimed.

Sara frowned. "I don't know..."

"Come on, let's see it." I found her size and held it up to her. She looked around, slightly embarrassed. "Mmm that's perfect. You have such an awesome body, black looks great with your blonde hair too. I'm getting you an early birthday present!"

Sara giggled. "Hmm is it my present or yours?"

I laughed. "Both for sure." I knew what she meant. It really was for me to enjoy.

We went to the checkout. The girl had her back turned to us and I cleared my throat to get her attention. As she turned, I caught my breath. She was stunning. Deep blue eyes, dark hair to her shoulders, and a body to die for. She wore a low-cut blouse that hugged her C-cups and thin waist. Her very short skirt barely covered her curvy ass. "Would you like to try it on first?" she smiled at me.

"Uh, well, yeah. I mean it's not for... I mean its..." I stammered, making no sense at all. Her gorgeous eyes looked into mine, inquisitive.

"She means it's for me," Sara broke in, saving my embarrassment. "But yeah, maybe I should try it on first Candy?"

I nodded.

"I'm Jessy," said the brunette salesgirl. "Let me show you to a changing room."

We walked toward the rear of the store. Since it was getting late, there was only one other customer in the place. Jessy opened the door for Sara. "Let me know if you need help with anything," her smile was naturally beautiful.

"Thanks Jessy, I will," Sara smiled back. She gave me a wink as she slipped into the changing room, leaving Jessy and me outside.

"I think she'll love it," said Jessy. I looked over at her, that smile so intoxicating.

"I think I will too," I said, finally coming to my senses. It was a bold statement, but I wanted to see what reaction I got.

"Oh, I'm sure you will," smiled Jessy. This time the smile was a knowing one. I thought I saw her wink slightly. I caught her eyes glancing down at my body this time.

"I'm not sure Candy," came Sara's voice from behind the slotted door. "I don't think I fill it out enough." There was a pout to her voice.

"Let me see," said Jessy and my own voice in unison. We both laughed as Sara opened the door.

I gasped as she stepped outside into the hallway. "Oh, that's perfect!" said Jessy.

I think my jaw hit the floor. Sara looked beautiful. Jessy was walking around Sara, checking the fit in her waist and adjusting the strap behind her. Sara stood, one leg in front of the other in her best modeling pose. Her breasts filled the top perfectly, just a hint of cleavage showing. Her sexy legs looked great in the very short lingerie. I knew I would like this one!

"Well, Candy?" Both Sara and Jessy were looking at me, expectedly.

"Oh, um yeah, wow. I love it!" I finally found my voice. "We'll take it."

Jessy smiled at us both. "Are you sure? I have some others you might like too."

Just then the lights flickered. A voice called from the store. "Jessy, are you back there? Time to close!"

Jessy glanced at us both. "Hey, I can close up Sandy. You go ahead." Turning to us, she said, "Take your time, I'll be right back." She went toward the front of the store.

I couldn't take my eyes off of Sara. Sara smiled at me. "I think she likes you," she said.

I must have blushed as I felt the heat in my face. "Well, I think she likes you!" I replied.

I reached out to touch Sara's waist, pulling her closer to me. "And I just love you, especially when you're wearing this sexy outfit for me!" We kissed lightly, but I didn't let her go. We kissed again, more passionate this time.

"That's what I love about lingerie!" we heard a voice next to us. Jessy had returned. I pulled away from Sara, embarrassed.

"Oh, I'm sorry, don't be embarrassed. I'm just saying, that's why I love working here. It's all about turning your partner on while feeling sexy!"

Sara smiled at me. "Well, I do feel sexy, I must admit."

Jessy smiled as she looked at us both. "Look, I locked up the store, Sandy's gone home. If you want, we can spend a little more time looking at some other outfits you might like. Interested?"

Jessy was leaning back slightly, one hand on her hip. She looked amazing, her blue eyes sparkling. I glanced over at Sara, and I knew she was also taking in the delicious view. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but only for a moment. After all, I was drooling too!

"Well, I think Candy needs something now too," Sara smiled, looking at me. "What do you suggest?"

Jessy smiled, looking over my body. "Size four, right?" she asked, her eyes not looking into mine, but at my figure.

"Um, right," I stammered.

"Be right back."

"Oh my God," Sara gasped. "She's hot."

"No shit. Wow, what a body. And those eyes!"

"I know. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sara looked at me. I looked at her, searching her eyes. Seeing her standing with her legs slightly spread, her babydoll hugging her body, I felt that familiar twinge.

"We're such perverts," I whispered. We both giggled.

"That's what I love about you!" Sara breathed. Just then, the curtain opened and Jessy walked inside. She was holding a black outfit.

"Do you like corsets?" she smiled at me. It had clasps up the front.

"I do!" said Sara excitedly. "Try it on Candy!"

Jessy giggled. "I think your girlfriend wants you to," she said. "Here, nobody's around, you can just hand me your clothes so we can help you with it. It takes a while to do up the buckles."

My inhibitions were quickly disappearing in front of Jessy. I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of them. Lucky I was wearing my black silk thong panties, so at least I would match, I thought. I lifted my tank top off and handed it to Sara.

"The bra too," said Jessy, matter-of-factly. "It's got built-in cups, so it supports very well."

I unbuckled my bra, feeling a little embarrassed again. I was undressing in front of a stranger. But my intoxication with Sara and curiosity about Jessy overcame my reluctance. I handed my bra to Candy. Naked now except for my thong panties, I felt very exposed. And excited.

Jessy moved behind me and helped me into the corset. It did feel good against my skin. She reached around my waist to adjust the buckles in front. I felt her hair against my neck. Her perfume smelled so good. I relaxed.

Sara and Jessy both helped with the buckles. It was tight, but fit pretty well. My C-cup breasts filled the top pretty well, it seemed to me. The waist was tight. As I looked at the mirrors, I thought it hugged my curves just right.

"Hmm, all she needs now is a dominatrix whip," Sara giggled.

"I can probably find one of those," Jessy smiled. They were both looking at me. I was getting more excited. Their attention was welcome. Sara reached out to touch the material. Her hand brushed over my breast, down then around my waist. It felt so good to feel her touch through the fabric. I could feel my body literally heating up.

Jessy was standing back, her legs apart, inspecting the fit. Her skirt hiked up almost to her crotch. She looked sexy as hell. Glancing over at Sara, I saw she was also looking at Jessy. She looked back at me and we both smiled.

"I like it," I said, running my hand over the material up and down my waist. I purposely brought them up slowly over my stomach, up caressing my breasts through the material. Jessy smiled her approval.

"You are beautiful," she said. It really brings out your body.

Sara had moved behind me. I felt her hands around my waist. She caressed me. She pressed her body against my back. Oh my God, I thought. She's getting hard. Her cock had become untucked, and pushed outward in her panties. There was no way to hide it under the babydoll.

"She is beautiful, isn't she," said Sarah. Jessy, still standing in front of me, nodded. She shifted herself over her long, tanned legs. Sara's hands wandered all over my body, including my breasts. She squeezed them together. I was so excited now. I knew I would be dripping wet.

Sara pressed harder into my back. I could now feel her hardness against my ass. There was no way to hide it now. I wondered what she was going to do. Then I found out.

Sara moved around to my side, her hands still roaming my body. The three of us stood just a few feet apart, facing each other in a triangle. I watched Jessy's eyes looking at me, then over to Sara. She seemed to focus on our breasts. Then I watched her eyes drop lower on Sara's body.

Jessy gasped. I looked at Sara. Her cock was rock hard, poking up toward her belly, the head outlined against her sheer panties under the babydoll. Jessy couldn't look away. I knew the feeling.

Finally she managed a sound. "Oh my God, you... you're... oh my God."

"It's OK," I said soothingly. "I know how that shock feels." Sara and I both giggled as our eyes locked on each other. I knew Sara was excited about the situation, not just me. She wanted Jessy to see.

Jessy stammered. "But you're so beautiful. Oh shit, I'm sorry," she was trying to make a sentence. "Oh my God."

"She is beautiful, isn't she," I said, moving closer to Sara. I kissed her, and my hand moved down her waist to touch her hardness through her silk panties. Mmm, I love that feeling.

Jessy was staring to come out of her shock. "Yes." She was watching us intently, especially as I stroked Sara's cock. She licked her lips and swallowed hard.

I looked at Jessy and saw the shock in her eyes turning to lust.

"Don't you want to touch?" I smiled at her.

"Uh, well," Jessy wasn't sure. This wasn't what she was expecting. These two sexy girls had been turning her on and she was ready for anything. Anything but this. Not that she wasn't excited about it; it was just so shocking.

"Can I please?" she whispered.

"Come here," said Sara. She held out her hand. Jessy took her hand and moved closer to us. "Touch me."

Sara guided Jessy's hand to her breast. She caressed it through the fabric, moving beneath her tit and lifting it. She rubbed her nipple through the material, feeling the hardness of it.

Sara then pushed Jessy's hand lower. I let my hand move from Sara's hardness and allowed Jessy to touch it. I heard her gasp as she felt her cock through the material.

"Ohh," Jessy managed to moan.

Jessy rubbed it harder. I reached to Jessy's waist, pulling her even closer to us both. Her body felt so firm. I caressed her waist, letting my hand move lower over her ass. I squeezed gently.

"Do you want to kiss her?" I whispered into Jessy's ear.

"Yes," she whispered back.

Sara leaned down and their lips touched. As I watched them kiss, I licked my own lips. I was so turned on. Two beautiful women, kissing and caressing, right in front of me. My hand moved below Jessy's skirt and back up to caress her bare ass. I wondered if she was wearing panties.

Sara and Jessy's kissing became more passionate. I stepped back to give them more room as I watched them. Sara didn't let me go, however. Her hand pulled me back toward her. She turned to me, and we kissed. Now it was Jessy's turn to watch us. My hand moved over Sara's breast, caressing it. Moving lower, I felt Jessy's hand still caressing Sara's hardness. We both rubbed her together.

"There's a big couch in the back room," Jessy said. "Do you want to get more comfortable?"

Sara and I followed Jessy to the employee room. We both watched her perfect ass swaying in front of us. Her skirt was still pulled up on one side, and her ass cheek was beautifully visible. We glanced at each other, smiling. We kissed.

The couch was big. Sara and I sat down. Jessy stood in front of us. "I hope you don't mind if I get more comfortable," she smiled at us. With that, she lifted her top over her head. Her large breasts were barely held by her bra. She reached around and unsnapped it. I helped her remove it, tossing it to the side. Her nipples were pink and huge. So hard, they had to be a half inch. Sara and I each grasped one with our hands, caressing them. Jessy leaned closer to us. Together, Sara and I leaned out and kissed her breasts, one for each of us. I licked and sucked her nipple, enjoying the sensation in my mouth. Sara was doing the same, and from the sound of Jessy's moans, she was enjoying herself.

Finally, she pulled back and knelt in front of us. Searching Sara's eyes, Jessy reached to Sara's panties, and began to pull them off. Sara shifted on the couch, letting Jessy undress her. Sara held her hard cock in her hand as the panties slid off, uncovering it. Slowly, Sara moved her hand away from her hardness, exposing her delicious cock to us. Jessy licked her lips, staring at the head. I watched, mesmerized by them both.

Jessy leaned in and kissed Sara's cock. I watched, leaning in to caress Jessy's breasts as she began to take Sara in her mouth. Sara turned to me, a look of pure pleasure in her eyes. Sara and I kissed deeply while Jessy's head moved up and down, taking Sara's cock all the way in her mouth.

I watched as Jessy expertly stroked Sara, licking up and down the hard shaft, moving lower to kiss and lick her shaved balls too.

I moved to my knees next to Jessy. She looked at me, smiling. I leaned in, now taking my turn with Sara's hardness. I loved the feel of her cock in my mouth. Being next to another beautiful woman with the same feelings about it only added to my excitement.

I felt Jessy's face near mine, and we started to take turns. Jessy held Sara's shaft, licking, sucking her, then moving away slightly to allow me to do the same. Then we both licked up and down either side of her cock. I could feel Jessy's tongue touching mine as we both greedily licked Sara. As we both came up the side of her cock, reaching the head together, we kissed. I tasted Jessy's tongue and lips. She felt so good, her breath sweet. We both went back to Sara's hardness, licking up and down, then stopping at the head to kiss again. As we kissed, our tongues exploring each other, we could taste some of Sara's precum.

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