After Hours


My first job after High School was as a cashier at a local franchise of a major clothing chain. I enjoyed the work, but the hours were horrible, most nights I would end up re-stocking in preparation for the next day, tagging sale items, doing returns, and processing defective items. Boring but honest work that kept me in cool clothes and shoes. Just what I needed before shipping off to Albany U in August.

This night in particular I was working with my manager Scott. He was a man in his early thirties, a little balding, not in great shape, but a descent guy who was always willing to help me out. We had been stocking the shelves for the transition to the fall line, putting up the sweaters and putting the bathing suits on the 50% off sale rack. As the night wore on people's shifts ended and the clocked out. I had the last shift, 4:00 to 10:00 PM. I didn't have much time with the customers, but I had to close. Scott and I were putting the finishing touches on the new line of denim jackets when we ran out of hangers.

"Beth, do me a favor and grab a few jacket hangers?" Scott asked me.

"Yeah, no prob." I said as I walked over to the front counter. The counter was long and instead of walking around I sort of tiptoed up and leaned over the counter to where I knew the jacket hangers were kept in bins. I grabbed a handful, and made a big mess which I cursed quietly about know I would be cleaning it, and stood up...only when I went to stand and turn I bumped into someone.

I felt Scott's hands on my hips, seemingly to keep me from falling over, but hold me longer and tighter than he needed to.

"You have to be more careful Bethany". he said in a low almost monotone voice.

"I'll try." I said with a nervous laugh. He was really squeezing me tight and sort of pulling me back into him. Then I felt his erection. Through his jeans and the back of my khakis I felt his member growing hard as my butt pressed against it. Scott leaned forward and lightly smelled the nape of my neck.

"You smell really nice Beth."

"Thanks Scott, can you let go of me now?" I asked with a sort of whimper. I was really getting scared and freaking out about the way Scott was acting. I didn't know what to think.

"You're leaving soon Beth, this might be my last chance to tell you how I feel."

"And how is that?" I asked while sliding my hands down to his to try and release them.

"I think you know how I feel." he said as he pressed me into the counter. I pushed back trying to get him to let me go, but it didn't help. He was strong, and I couldn't leverage myself out from between him and the counter. His left hand released my hip but before I could think to escape I felt him grab my ponytail and yank my head back.

"Ouch!" I yelled. "What the fuck are you doing Scott?" I screamed more than asked.

"What I've wanted to do all summer Beth." He said now with his face right next to my ear. He pressed his crotch tight behind me and with his right hand slowly and firmly ran it down my chin, neck throat and to my chest. I tried to scream but he was pulling my head back so hard I couldn't yell very loud. He groped my breasts each in turn, pinching the nipples and making them hard under my "Staff" button down shirt.

"Please Scott, don't do this?" I asked.

Without warning he pulled my head back then shoved me forward into the counter bending me over it. His left hand was now pinning me to the table. He ground his engorged cock into my ass and pulled my hips towards him with his right hand. Grabbing my pony tale again he pulled me back to standing and began to unbutton my shirt. I felt the cool air from the ceiling vents hitting skin on my chest as he undid each button in turn. When it was unbuttoned as far as it could be he let it hang from the waistband of my pants. His free hand was on the red lace cup of my bra grabbing my little tit and squeezing hard. I winced and tried to free myself, but couldn't. He then grabbed my bra and yanked it hard, pressing my breasts into my chest until the bra snapped. His hand started to pinch my nipples and twist my breasts. It was rough and angry, but stimulating on a merely physical level, my nipples became hard and sensitive.

"I knew you wanted this". He hissed in my ear right before he licked the side of my neck up to my ear.

"Scott, don't hurt me." I pleaded.

Without a word, he spun me around, grabbed my throat just hard enough to keep me from screaming, and took my nipple into his mouth. His lips pursed around my little bud and his teeth scrapped over it and he ravenously sucked on my abused tit. As much as it hurt, the warmth of his breath on that sensitive skin felt arousing in a small way.

His free hand went to my belt and undid it, followed by my button and zipped on my pants. To this moment I still don't know why, but I moaned in a way that conveyed more pleasure than fear. He was taken back by this, and looked at me. I was wet. I can't believe it, but I was wet. He was going to fuck me anyway, maybe this was a subconscious defense against being raped, but I was really wet, and I figured if I am getting fucked I might as well enjoy it. His grip on my throat loosened just a little, and I smiled at him.

"What the fuck?" he asked...not to me mind you, just in shock. He let go of my throat and was staring at me when he saw I didn't run, or scream. He pulled my khakis down to my calves, and tore off my red lace thong. Then he did something no guy has ever done before...he went down on me. He was not gentle about it, but it felt good. His tongue lapping at my vulva and clit, his lips separating mine. His tongue probed deep into me. I could feel his warm breath against my wet pussy and I felt a surge run through my body. His tongue flicked my clit up and down faster and faster. I whimpered, grabbed my tits and finally moaned out loud as I came.

He stood, pulled down his pants, and then turned me over. His hands pressed down on my shoulders pinning me to the counter. The head of his cock prodded my thighs once or twice before finding my slippery opening. With one strong deliberate stroke he buried himself inside of me. I felt his head expand and his cock throb. It hurt, but not badly enough to make it unbearable. My breasts were being mashed into the could counter-top and the stark contrast between the warmth of his tool inside of me and the cold lacquered table-top was a bit of a thrill. I let out a moan/scream from the pain in my violated flower, but did not resist. He did not make love to me, he did not ravish me, or screw me...he fucked me! He fucked me in a way I never have been fuck before or since. It was animalistic, urgent, and felt amazing. His engorged member sliding in and out of me, going deeper into me than my boyfriend ever had. The shock and pain/pleasure feeling when his head bumped my cervix was a new thrill. His balls slapping into my clit every time he thrust into me drove me to another climax. I screamed and moaned in ways that I never felt compelled to before. I felt him stiffen, and his rigid cock twitch as he came deep into me.

He pulled out and a final squirt of his semen hit my butt-cheek. He zipped up, and started walking to the back office.

"I'm sorry Beth. Take new underwear from the racks."

I stood there with his sperm running down my thigh thinking that this was the most confusing thing I have ever been through.

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