tagErotic CouplingsAfter Hours

After Hours


It had been a long week in the office. The Quarterly figures had to be compiled, and inevitably meant me working late every night. Still, they were done now so I could relax and go home and treat myself to a beer.

As usual I was the last one in the office, and locked away before heading downstairs to the exit. Just as I went for the door handle I noticed that there was still a car in the car park. It belonged to Jenny, one of the Admin team . I decided to go and say goodnight and check if she was OK. As I walked down the long corridor I could see that the only light in downstairs was in her office. As I got near I could see through the glass panel in the door that she wasn't working in the conventional sense!

She was sitting in her Typists chair, with her back to me but slightly side on. Her head was tossed back and her long auburn hair flowed down her shoulders. It looked as though her eyes were closed, and she was breathing very heavily. The best of it all was that her skirt was hitched up around her waist and her long tanned legs were spread wide apart whilst she was rubbing her silk panties furiously. Her legs were clad in stockings – but I couldn't quite see if they were worn with suspenders or hold ups. Whatever they were, they looked damn good.

At this point I didn't know whose heart was beating faster. I stopped dead in my tracks. She was astonishingly good looking. I'd been out with her at various office parties and it was amazing the effect she had on men. Wherever, whatever pub or restaurant we went into – all the guys would have only eyes for her. And that was when she was being perfectly respectable. Not just downright filthy as here!

My dick began to get hard in my pants – this was a first class porn show in the office. How many times had I looked at her and imagined having dirty sex with her, and here she was doing it, albeit without me, but Boy, was I enjoying myself. In the silent building I could hear her breathing heavily, and her sighs of pleasure. It looked as though she was getting close to coming. Her breaths were getting faster and faster, and one hand was now up inside her white blouse caressing her breasts as the other one was making frantic circles on the front of what I imagined to be a very very wet pair of knickers.

Without realising it, I found my hand inside my pants and was stroking my cock. More than anything I wanted to release it from its confines and let it play over the golden skin of Jenny in front of me.

She'd now unbuttoned her blouse completely, and I could see she'd left her bra at home. I'd never seen such perfect breasts before– I could see her toned stomach, and the tits were the icing on the cake. They wouldn't look out of place on a porn star, twin golden orbs, finished off perfectly with two very dark and very erect nipples. I wanted them in my mouth. To suck on, and bite, they were too good to resist.

She tweaked the nipples with her left hand, twisting and pulling, and letting them fall back again. Each nipple looked as hard as my cock felt, standing out proud form those magnificent tits, that bounced so seductively as she ground her pussy into the chair. I was dying to give those nipples and tits a bloody good suck just for starters. Her right hand played with her clit, circling, and rubbing alternately. I could see her long red nails flashing away in her crotch – this really would have done Amsterdam proud! She began to pant very heavily. By now I was pressed up against the glass of the door, and she was too engrossed in her impending orgasm to notice anything else. Her right hand was now like a blur as she rubbed her slit, and her head was being thrown back in the throes of ecstasy.

Her panting was getting louder and I was almost afraid that someone would come out and discover us – me playing with my dick and Jenny coming. Stupid really – the entire staff had long since left. With one final sigh she arched her back and ground her pussy up and against her hand. Her whole body stiffened for what seemed a lifetime and then she slumped back in her chair. I could already see the sex-flush on her chest she had obviously enjoyed it.

After seeing that I was so turned on I had to have her. I took my hand from my pants, and my cock felt unbelievably solid as it strained against my waistband. I pushed open the door – Jenny turned like a startled rabbit caught in the headlights. The shock on her face was immeasurable. But when she realized it was me, and saw the horny look on my face – she relaxed. Then her face turned into a picture of lust. The girl obviously wanted more – she'd only just begun.

'Richard – it's you – come and fuck me now – on the desk' her eyes blazed. I almost ran at her and kissed her lips hard and deep. By now she was standing up, and I could feel her nipples rubbing at my chest. I wasted no time in losing my shirt and feeling her warm skin against mine.

We were both so turned on it was untrue – the kissing was feverish and we explored each other's mouths with our tongues that seemed to be everywhere at once. Jenny had her hands over my back and I could feel her long sharp nails digging into my flesh. I didn't care – I just wanted to be naked and have her. . I broke away from the kissing and my mouth went straight to her breasts – they tasted as good as I'd imagined – I sucked her nipple hard and she groaned – she liked it. I now had both my hands round her tits as I sank to the floor on my knees, I could hardly contain my excitement – I sucked like crazy and looked her in the eye – Jenny was so hot for all this. Her eyes were just begging me to fuck her. I was now teasing her - first one nipple between my teeth, then the other, and squeezing the breasts together hard.

'Oh Richard - I've been a bad girl haven't I?' she whispered in between sighs.

'Yes Jenny – you have – and I'm afraid I'm going to have to make you suffer for being so naughty in the office. Get on your desk and take your knickers off!'

Jenny needed no further instruction – she hoisted her skirt up to reveal a white silk thong that barely covered her pussy. I could see the dark wet patch where she had been wanking herself before. She turned around so I could see her perfect ass and leaning forwards, gently slipped the thong off her, slowly easing it away from her wet cunt, and down her legs and over her black stilettos. She looked every inch the Porn Queen now. I got my first look at her pussy –it was barely inches in front of me – I could see its neat lips glistening with her juice, and the dark tuft of hair above it – just pointing the way to where the action was.

'Lean over the desk Jenny' I barked. She did willingly and I saw her hard nipples rest on the shiny surface. Her legs were open, but she was begging me to get closer to her wet cunt and she edged her legs ever wider. The curves on her arse were perfect – it was firm, with just the slightest hint of a tan line. My hands sank into her arse cheeks as I started to lick her sweet wet slit. Her body shivered with excitement as my tongue ran down towards her clit. She tasted so good and was so wet. This girl was ready for a hard fuck.

'You have been a very bad girl – now I'm going to have to punish you – I'm going to eat your pussy, and you are just going to have to put up with it- whether you want it or not – OK Jenny?' I told her after I'd tasted her warm juices. 'Yes Richard – I understand' came the meek response. My hands gripped her ass firmer and I dived back into her pussy. I was licking away and enjoying the wonderful warm taste of this dirty dirty girl. My tongue found its way in between her ever so neat and tidy pussy lips and I began to fuck her with my tongue. I wanted the whole pussy in my mouth – I wanted to fuck this lovely cunt with my mouth. I withdrew my tongue from her hot hole, and played it round her clit. She began to grind her ass into me and as she did the intensity of feeling in her clit was growing – 'Put your fingers inside me' she hissed. I was only too willing and slid two digits into her cunt. It was tight, but oh so welcoming and so hot. I was licking and playing with her clit with my tongue whilst finger fucking her pussy at the same time. This just drove her wild, and within a moments she came violently. I could taste her juices getting more and more as she came, and as soon as she did I whipped my fingers out to get my tongue in there and lick up every last drop. I buried my mouth deep in her pussy lips, as though I was fucking her with my face.

She lay there exhausted on the desk – and I peeled off her blouse and unbuttoned the skirt that was merely acting as a belt around her waist. Now she was naked apart from the stilettos and her hold up stockings. They really showed her legs off to good advantage and the height of the heels meant that her arse was ever so slightly turned up to me – allowing perfect access.

'OK Jenny – you've had your fun – now it's my turn – I'm going to fuck you – doggy style.'. I unbuttoned my belt and let my pants and trousers fall to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and socks too – I didn't want any piece of clothing getting between her body and me – I wanted full flesh to flesh contact. I needed to feel the heat of her body.

My cock was as hard as its ever been, and it was big. I couldn't wait to get it into that pussy that was still wet and open from my finger fuck. The lips just begged for a hard cock inside them. I pressed the head of my veiny cock up against the lips of her pussy. I could feel the wetness and the heat coming through, and it felt so good I wanted to come then and there. I paused just to savour the moment – the tight wet pussy, stretched around the head – I wanted to remember it forever. - A deep sigh came from Jenny, and I eased it into her, inch by inch. It was pretty thick, as hard as steel, and her pussy was tight, but as she was so wet, it wasn't much of a problem. The feeling as I went deeper and deeper into her was unbeatable. I'd longed to do this to her for years, and at last it was a reality. Some things are worth waiting for. I felt my balls touching her legs as she took my full length, As I stopped, she let out a deep sigh and arched her back. This gave me access to her tits freed as they were from the desk. Each tit fitted just about into the palm of my hand and as I began to thrust my cock in and out of her, I was pulled and teasing her nipples.

'Remember Jenny – this is my turn now – you have been bad and I'm punishing you by using you' I said cruelly. You aren't allowed to come – I shall be cross if you do' She groaned in dismay. I grabbed her hips for extra leverage and really started to pump her hard. My balls were bouncing off her pussy lips now, and they were already wet from her pussy . I could tell Jenny was enjoying it, but she was working hard at stifling her pleasure. She was biting her lip, and her eyes were closed in a mixture of exquisite pleasure and pain. She tilted her ass up higher in the air, as an invite to just fuck her that little bit harder and deeper and I could tell she was close to coming again. I grabbed her hair, and pulled her hair hard. It was like reining in a wild horse – and what a ride she gave!

As I did this she started to come – forcing her ass and pussy onto me as far as was possible. I could feel her bucking getting more and more desperate – and then as she reached the top of her orgasm, the tremors through every muscle she went rigid for what seemed a lifetime, before she nearly collapsed on the desk – with my cock still deep in her cunt.. By now her back was wet with the sweat from our bodies, and gleamed seductively under the light. I dipped my fingers in the little pool that had formed in the small of her back and massaged it into the cheeks of her ass – and giving her a small smack just for good measure. I really couldn't take much more of this though – I had to come, and come hard – we could always continue the sex back at her place later. I pulled out of her and she relaxed on the desk.

'Jenny – what did you do wrong then?' I asked. She turned round and looked up at me with her green eyes sparkling – a mixture of perfect sweetness and lust at the same time. 'I'm sorry – I couldn't help it – I came' she said apologetically, with just the faintest smirk on her lips revealing her real feelings.

'Well then – now you must pay the price for your disobedience. Get on your knees.' I told her.

This she did, and with my cock standing proud, just inches from her mouth – she knew what she had to do. I could feel her breath on the end of my cock – it was slippery and wet from her pussy. She knelt forwards, and let me run my cock around her lips – circling her mouth – teasing her face like you would her pussy. Then, without even touching my dick with her hand she opened her lips – still wearing her ruby red lipstick and swallowed the head of it. She never broke eye contact at all and as she started to suck and lick me she looked me deep in the eyes. I'll never forget that face of an angel staring up at me as she gave such an expert blowjob – it was so unexpected this behaviour that it was as horny as hell.

She took almost my entire length in her mouth, her nose almost nuzzling up against my stomach. Then she took me all the way out and my cock sprang out of her mouth, bouncing into her cheek. She held it in her hands and started to wank me off as her tongue licked my balls, and ran up the shaft, God it was good. I was starting to cover her tongue with my pre-cum now. She had licked her own juice off my shaft already. She then teased the end with her teeth – nibbling and sucking, just prolonging my agony – so many times I wanted to come, but she could just tell that I was close and she let the feeling subside before starting back up again.

'I'm going to come all over your face any minute now Jenny – I hope you like spunk 'cos you are going to get a mouth full of it!' I told her. 'I deserve it – come all over me - I need to feel your hot come trickling down my skin' came the reply.

And with it – she took my full length in her mouth. It was now hard to tell what was happening. Was I fucking her face – was she blowing me? Her tongue swirled round the end and underside of my dick like a whirlwind – feverishly trying to coax my spunk out. I got hold of her hair and was using that to make sure there was no chance her mouth was going to leave my dick until I was ready. It was absolute ecstasy! The sweat was rolling off me, and my balls were desperate to despatch their load all over Jenny's tanned face and body. I could feel her long nails digging into the cheeks of my ass, and her hard nipples were brushing against my legs. It was all too much for anyone to take.

'Oh God!' I groaned as my balls went into spasm. Jenny felt the spunk beginning its journey and pulled her mouth off my shaft. She wanked me off with her right hand, with her open mouth inches away from my penis aiming to shoot the creamy liquid mostly down her throat. It shot out of my cock, and she did a good job to get as much of it into her mouth and onto her tongue as she did. I've never shot so much come in all my life as I did then – there was enough to coat about half her body! I was so turned on and hot for her that I almost expected the spunk to sizzle as it landed on her face – her cheeks, lips, nose – just about all over.

Then she directed more spunk down to her breasts, to give her a chance to gulp down the load in her mouth. Her creamy face was looking up, her red lips in a delicious grin. I was still trying to recover from my climax, and had to lean back against the desk, so much had she exhausted me. She grabbed my cock, and used the end of it to work my spunk into her nipples. All the time, looking me deep in the face, fucking me with those beautiful green eyes of hers.

I could tell this was just the start of a very late night in the office!

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