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After Hours Surprise Party


Hi my name is Tiffany and I'm 23 years old. I've been told I'm hot and well, to be honest, when I get all dolled up for clubs, I do turn heads. I have long black hair down to the middle of my back. Men seem to like my shapely body. My measurements you wonder? 34D-24-32, so yeah I guess they have a reason to stare and I love it when they do. As a matter of fact I've always made sure I am the center of attention. Perhaps a cock tease to an extent.

So the club I help run went through some MAJOR overhauling in the past few months. New Booths, Sound equipment, DJ Booth and a ton more. People seem to LOVE the new dance floor. We found some flexible strips of material that was made to act like one way mirrors and lined the dance floor completely with them. People can see in, dancers can't see out, and the lighting bouncers on the reflects all over the dance floor. It's really made a huge difference, especially when we do some BDSM shows for the patrons, participants are less nervous when they can't see everyone looking at them. The only thing that makes me sad is, I can'' see the guys drooling over the girls dancing anymore. However, the patrons come first and they love it.

So that brings me to the start of this story. The "Detention" Night we ran , school girl themed with some nice bondage gear used up on the stage for a finally to the night. They actual brought in a sexy bondage bench to the club, you know the ones, the girls is put down straddling it, plenty of padding, I tested it out really quick, on my hands and knees but so comfy. To bad another girl was the star attraction tonight since I had other work to do. Ok, I THOUGHT another girl was the star attraction, and that is how the club night ended, but mine had just begun.

My husband had decided to drive a few patrons home that were to drunk to drive safely. Leaving me to clean up, and it was a mess, a group of men showed up and were rowdy as hell. It was a group of black guys, no big deal we've never ever had issues before, they were just a tad to excited about he girls and got a little to "hands on" if you know what I mean. I had to ask them to leave, they were PISSED. To be honest could have been any group of guys, white, Hispanic, it's not about race, it was the "Girls dress like that to get fucked attitude." Seemingly my school girl outfit, you know the kind, plaid skirt that was far to short to actually cover my ass properly. Tight fitting button up top, sadly my 34D's kept it from buttoning up all the way and left my cleavage very visible. I varied from the standard with my thigh high fishnets and knee high black leather boots.

Back to my mess now. I had just finished clearing off all the tables and said by to the bar tender, all that was left was the dance floor, so I popped on some music and grabbed the mop and broom and put then up on the floor, looking around I had to admit the mirrors were incredible, nothing outside of the dance floor could be seen. Porn Star Dancing came on and I put down the broom for a minute to get a bit of dancing out of my system, watching myself in the mirrors was actually making me rather wet. That did not last long, I have a habit of always closing my eyes when I dance, left overs form when I was a nervous shy girl years ago, I could only dance with them shut. Which, might have been what led to my issue of the night, or issues.

If the music was not on so loud. I might have known I was not alone. I might have noticed the group of men from earlier, slip back into the club. Fucking bartender must have left the door unlocked. If my eyes had been open I would have noticed the men coming onto the dance floor, instead I head nothing. I saw nothing, and thanks to the props left over form the show, I'd remind blinded for the coming attraction, ME! I was swaying my hips to the music and suddenly I felt something being shoved over my head, I opened my eyes but saw blackness and tried to reach up and remove it, but my arms where grabbed from both sides as soon as I moved them. I felt the object covering my head was tightened, I could smell leather and knew what it was right away, the bondage hood that was left on the stage. I could feel the laces come down tighter as they positions the nose holes to my nostrils, tighter still as I felt the mouth opening slide around my mouth. I opened it to scream, only to have the gag shoved in place and snapped onto the hood.

I yanked my arms trying to pull away, but it was no use, whoever had me was far stronger them I was and I could not budge them. They could move me, like some rag doll and I found myself tossed onto the bondage bench. My arms still held, and my legs pinned by knees, I think. I felt restraints going around my wrists, and something tightening around my boots, near my ankles. More restraints I thought. My head was spinning, "what was happening? Who was in the club? How many where there? I knew my arms and legs were pinned but someone put the restraints on quickly, to quickly to be just one guy. But most important What did they want? The money was dropped at the bank already."

Then I heard a voice over the music "Well, Well , the loudmouth cocktease."

I knew the voice right away, it was one of the men I threw out, my heart stopped there where 7 of them earlier, I tried to yank harder not knowing if they all had come back, but not wanting to find out. I tried to scream, the gag muffling my screams to a low "MMMMMPHHH"

The man speaking must have been the leader as the others stayed quiet, or merely agreed with him. "Well well well, she is not to bad with something stuffed in that slutty mouth of hers is she boys. Guess we'll have to keep it busy that's all" I yanked harder and harder my arms and legs sore, knowing they planned to keep my mouth full with their cocks. I heard ripping before I actually felt the tug, my underwear torn off me, the tiny skirt not providing any type of protection to my lower regions, my bald pussy and ass staring at them.

"Hmmmmm, looks like this ones a bit tight boys, no wonder she teases so much. Probably can't handle a real cock, lucky for her after tonight she'll be able to handle anything."

I again tried to scream into the gag, muffled tones barely escaping, until the gag was torn away then I managed to scream out "HEL....." before I could even finish the word my mouth was stuffed with a sweaty cock, swollen, thick, stretching my lips open around it.

"You bite we beat you, simple bitch." was all they said as it started to fuck my mouth. He shoved it in deeper and deeper, it wasn't only think it was long, finally I felt his balls hit my chin, as I fought back gagging. Sadly, the only relief I could take was that it was not much longer then hubbies, he started thrusting harder , just as I felt the tip of another cock brushing my pussy lips, before I could even react it was shoved in me, tearing me open and impaling me on his cock, a loud moan came form behind as they bragged about how tight I was.

I felt my pussy contracting around the cock in it, I could not resist, one of the things my husband loved so much was also something I had no control over. I started to convulse as I came to an orgasm, my pussy gripping at the cock in me as I did. I started moaning hard into the cock pumping my mouth, suddenly it was yanked out and the room was filled with my cries of pleasure as my pussy was being pounded, followed by laughter.

"Ohhhhh.... My..... fucking .... goddddddd" I cried out before my mouth was stuffed with the cock again, guessing my orgasm really excited this guy. Soon as he popped his cock back in my mouth I felt it starting to twitch as he shoved it down my throat. His cum gushing down my throat as he bucked back and forth in my mouth. I sucked harder on it as the cum filled my mouth, gulping it down still coming down form my orgasm, but I felt another coming as my cunt was pounded harder and fast. As the cock was pulled from my mouth another replaced it, starting to pump into my mouth as I felt the man fucking my pussy buck and start to cum, he yanked out and sprayed ny back with his cum, I couldn't hold it in as I started to moan into the cock again, cumming as the sperm landed on my backside.

I was panting hard now on the cock in my mouth as the leader laughed "Well little cocktease, shows she's nothing but a fucktoy after all." He could see how horny I was, for all my bravado, once I came, I was putty and needed more. "You ready to fuck us all now whore? " he barked out.

I have no clue why, maybe my pussy took over but the thought of it almost made me cum as I nodded my head yes hard. MY pussy was pulsing and my clit harder then ever, I actually wanted these men to fuck me hard.

My arms and legs were released and I was pulled down to the floor, straddling one of them, he was thicker then the last one, extremely thick I could feel my pussy stretching, the pain shooting though me as he yanked down on my shoulders and made me impale myself on his cock, I swear I thought it was going to come out of my throat, I convulsed in pain , then came loudly as he started making me ram myself down on him, using my hips to lift then drop me on his hard cock. As I cried out, another cock found my mouth.

Perhaps I started pushing to hard into him, perhaps the arching of my back gave me away. All I heard was "Stop" and suddenly I was empty, my pussy still throbbing, aching as I was about to cum again, I caught myself wiggling my ass like a cat in heat as I was left on my hands and knees. I felt a cock press up to my pussy lips, I pushed back and it pulled away, only to move back in teasing my lips.

"You want that cock there?" the leader asked, his tone was level, inquisitive and as he asked I felt the head slide across my pussy lips again, I pushed back, once again it pulled away and my clit throbbed harder. "I asked if you want us to fuck you, just say Yes and we'll all start fucking you, got it?"

Again the cock grazed my pussy lips, again it pulled away and I whispered out "yes".

He spoke louder "Louder this time, and tell us you want us all to fuck you. Tell us you want to be a fucktoy."

I bit my lip, but my body was tingling, my pussy aching for more, I had to say it, my pussy wanted it.

"Yes," I said louder and clearer "Yes, I want you all to fuck me like a fucktoy."

The leader clarified "Are you saying you want all seven of us to gangbang you, fill you up fully, fuck you til you can't walk anymore."

I hesitated, but then again the cock brushed on my lips "Yes.... Yes fucking gangbang me." I begged.

With that the cock that had been teasing me positioned itself beneath me and I shoved myself down on it this time. I moaned in relief as my pussy filled back up, the throbbing emptiness replaced with a thick hard cock. The leader spoke up as someone else grabbed my hair and pulled me down on my hand, kneeling over one cock as it pushed up inside of me another one pushed in my mouth.

The leader spoke up "You heard her fans, she wants to be gangbanged, used like a fucktoy and who are we to argue."

I suddenly realized they were taping me being raped, wait, no.... no one will believe that now. Then it happened I felt a hand press down on my back, pushing my front down a bit lower making my ass raise. I felt the tip of a cock on my ass, I felt the pressure. Then when I cried out in pain yanking my head of the cock fucking my mouth, my head was ripped back forward, only this time two heads where waiting my wide open mouth as they both pushed inside of me.

I started to rock my hips back and forth trying hard to make the cock in my pussy take away the pain in my ass. As the cock worked deeper in my ass, loosening me up, I started rocking faster and harder, my head bobbing harder. My hands reaching up, grasping, finding two more hard cocks waiting for attention. Pulling on them, closer so I could swap my mouth between the three near my face now. Her hips grinding as she keeps swapping from cock to cock with her mouth, taking in one in and slamming her mouth down the shaft before switching to another.

The men starting to fight over my mouth, yanking my hair to get me back onto their cock, gasping for air as they keep my mouth busily working their cocks. The man pounding my ass, starts to buck harder, I hear the moaning, then the warm liquid splashing up my back as he unloads all over it.... One of the cocks is pulled away from my hand as he gets behind me and remounts my ass. The rest is a blur, swapping cocks, taking turns with my mouth, ass and pussy, the only thing I recall was the morning light shining under the crack beneath the door.

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