tagRomanceAfter Hours with Vanessa

After Hours with Vanessa


With it being just past Valentine's Day, it reminds me of what happened around the same time last year.

There is a girl named Vanessa who I work with. She is a kinda cute girl, with long blonde hair, green eyes and a nice slim body. She's known for being very energetic and friendly, always laughing. She moved into the area to live with her then boyfriend, but as soon as they began living together, the relationship went south and she moved out after only a few months.

During this time I got to know her. While we were amiable at work, we never really hung out outside of it. I never even thought of her much nor was attracted to her particularly, just friends. I did texted her a few times about work stuff and such, but really nothing more. But all that eventually changed.

It was Valentine's Day and I was bored. Usually when I am, I text my friends, if only to see how they are battling their own boredom. I texted a few people, telling them happy V-Day and asked what they were up to. One of those people was Vanessa. A few hours after I had texted her, she responded she was doing pretty much nothing for V-day. I asked her why not and inquired if she had a new boyfriend or anything. She answered that she was still single and hadn't even been on a date in a long time to which I responded very much the same. I believe eventually she went out with one of her girlfriends while I figured out something to pass the time by.

The next time I saw Vanessa, everything was pretty much the same. We did talk more and texted each other on occasion but still never went out together besides lunch during work breaks. Eventually Vanessa asked me if I wanted to hang out outside of work sometime. Now I rarely fraternized with people from work, usually keeping work and my social life mostly separate but I said sure, and while we didn't make plans, we both agreed sometime if we got bored we could go out for a drink or dinner or something.

One night, we were both closing the store. It was a weekend so the store closed around 7pm and it took only an hour to clean up and close the registers. Vanessa then asked me as we were walking out the store if I had any plans for the rest of the night. I didn't, and she proceeded to ask if I was hungry. I told her I was, and we decided to go to a a Mexican restaurant a few minutes from the store.

Over dinner it was just mostly small talk, finally straying to the subject of relationships. We both were currently single and she went on how she broke up with her prick of a boyfriend. The conversation continued, and we briefly hit upon the subject of sex. That subject seemed to hit a chord with her, and we exchanged stories about how pathetic our sex lives had become, with her not getting any action in months and me right around the same.

As we left the restaurant and I walked her to her car, it was still relatively early in the evening but I figured I'd just go home and watch TV until I fell asleep. To my surprise, Vanessa asked if I wanted to come over and maybe have a drink or two. I was down with that, and I followed her car to her apartment which was only a quick 10 minute drive.

When we got to her place, she took of the jacket and her cardigan she had on. Underneath was just a thin shirt and the first thing I noticed was her nipples were poking through like darts. I tried not to stare, while Vanessa acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Finally, I think she followed my line of sight and she noticed that her nipples were erect. She played it off, and joked that she had been really horny lately. I admit it was funny, and laughed it off as it cut the tension. She then handed me a small cup of some rum she had. She took a sip of her glass then looked me dead in the eye and asked if I was horny as well.

I was once again caught off guard, and didn't answer, just kind of laughed it off. She then asked again, this time with a nudge and a smile. For some reason I didn't answer the question, instead asked her if she was asking me this question because she wanted to have sex. She laughed slightly and shook her head yes. She then went on a bit about how she had been pent up for a while and had some sexual tension she wanted to release. I totally understood where she was coming from. We then continued talking but were basically teasing each other back and fourth without either of us just taking the initiative. Finally, Vanessa, in the softest voice I've ever heard her speak in, said "Let's fuck".

My loins were aching since it had been so long that I didn't even care that I didn't even desire Vanessa that way. I wanted to get in between someone's legs. I coughed up a yes, and she got up. She then motioned me to join her in her bedroom. I quickly pulled out my wallet to check if I had protection. Sadly I didn't have a single condom in any of the pockets, but Vanessa opened her dresser and tossed me a pack of Trojans. I then broke one off the pack and held it up to light, showcasing it for her.

She then laid back on her bed and began to pull her shirt off. Meanwhile, I pulled off the button up I was wearing and was not standing there in basically my pants around my ankles, boxers still on. She then pulled off the skinny black jeans she was wearing and now she was just in her lingerie. I then joked that I couldn't believe we were gonna do this, and she said that we had to keep it secret from our other coworkers, for obvious reasons. I totally agreed, and I crawled on her bed, approaching her. I then slowly pulled of her panties as she unhooked her bra with a few flicks of her right hand.

She then began to rub her pussy with one hand and her pink perky nipples with her other, while I quickly began to put the condom on. I was kind of hard, but not hard stiff enough to enter her yet. She noticed this, and offered her hand out to me. She then began to rub my rod up and down and after only a minute minute, I was a rock. I then crept closer to her, with the tip of my penis touching the inside of her thigh. She then began to spread her legs, and I could see she was smooth and bare as baby. The wrinkles of her pussy lips opened up, as if curtains, inviting me to enter.

I approached her and slowly slide in. Vanessa inched closer to me until she was up to the hilt, full of me. We then fucked very slowly, all the while I was caressing her body, rubbing my hand up and down her chest and stomach as she clung to the sheets. We never kissed, instead keeping our eyes almost locked the whole time as our bodies intertwined. After a bit of fucking, we switched positions, with her now on top and me beneath her. While I was on top I was doing very slow but long motions in and out of her with my penis, just leaving my head inside her pussy before pulling out all the way, while she was on top, I was filling her up completely and she never moved more than an inch off my waist.

She would move ever so slowly, and finally I could see she was trying to get me deeper into her. I helped her out by putting my hands on her shoulder, and as gently as I could, pushed her down on top of my penis. Slowly I got every bit of me inside of her, until it was firm and I couldn't fill her up any more. When she got the final centimeters of me in her, she let out a ecstatic groan, her lips curling in pleasure.

Vanessa then jiggled on top of me, grinding from north to south and then from east to west. She pushed my dick around like a joystick with her vagina, her pink lips flush with blood so they were firmly wrapped around the base of my member. It looks like a flower petal folded gently on a finger, so sensual and erotic. It was also amazing to look up at Vanessa, her tits swaying and her eyes opening and closing with each gyration of her hips. Her blonde hair was in her face, and ever so often she would run her hands threw them, brushing them to the side, then look down at me and grin.

Like all good things, it had to end. While I did cum once while I was above her, I was cumming yet again below her, and she quickly realized this. As I motioned for her what was happening, she sped up her rhythm, and with every ejaculation into the condom I was wearing, her breast bounced up and down.

After my orgasm had finished, Vanessa stood there, with me still inside me. She leaned down, and whispered a gentle thank you. We actually continued to talk in our post coital conditions, with an air of relaxation in our voice, all the while, still united by our genitals. Finally she got up, and I disposed of the protection we had used. We then had a quick drink before I fully got dressed and left for home.

The next time we both saw each other at work, we exchanged naughty glances but never really talked about it. While it wasn't a one time thing, I don't think either of us really ever expected to hook up with each other that one night.

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