After Match Encounter


"The girl I had at my friend's stag do, the prostitute..." Steve gasped as his breathing continued to get deeper and more laboured with each thrust.

"She let me take her roughly, by pinning her down. Well I tied her down and just went at it with her." Slowly pulling almost all the way out of my pussy and then sliding deeply and fully back in made me gasp as he continued.

"I have always want to take a woman against her will ever since." I could tell this was something Steve had never told anyone else and that it must have taken a lot for him to tell me, although I was a little scared about what I could get myself into I felt like I could trust Steve and knew what I wanted.

"Pin me down Steve and take me against my will."

"What did you say, are you sure?" Steve said as he pulled back and stood still, partly in shock and partly to make sure I meant what I had said.

Nodding I took a deep breath and asked him again to take me roughly.

"What are you asking me Dee, do you want me to fuck you?" It was a word I never thought I would hear Steve use, he had always been a gentleman and I had never heard him swear let alone say the word 'fuck!' Nodding I couldn't bring myself to say the words, letting he continue.

"You want me to pound your cunt hard Dee?" I was shocked to hear him call my pussy a cunt and as he picked up speed a little and moved deeper inside of me, taking a deep breath I spoke.

"Yes Steve, I want you to fuck me hard." And to make the point even more clearly I told him what I wanted.

"I want to you pin me down, take me against my will and fuck my cunt hard and fast!" As Steve picked my legs up and wrapped them tighter around his waist he picked up pace and speed as he did as I asked of him, as each thrusting movement became quicker and harder Steve held my hands down above my head and moved deeper inside of me.

"Oh God Steve, fuck me harder." I called out as he took his free hand and gripped the side of the boardroom table, banging away at my soaking wet cunt which longed to be taken in this way.

As Steve picked up the pace and was now almost franticly pounding my willing pussy, knowing he wanted to be rougher but sensing he was afraid he would hurt me I spoke again.

"Steve, I want you to rape me. Take me against my will, hold me down and be rough with me." I knew he wanted to but was unsure and after making sure I meant it, and taking me back over to the sofa continued to get rougher with me. Laying me length ways on the sofa, Steve asked me how rough he should be.

"As rough as you want, just take me Steve." With that he took his hand and again held my hands down, while climbing in between my legs and after thrusting hard and deeply into me continued to pin my pelvis down with all his weight holding me down. Faster and harder Steve thrust into my pussy as I did my best to act like he was taking me against my will.

"No please Steve, you mustn't do this." I pretended to beg.

"You want this don't you, you know you want me fucking your cunt like this!" Steve's eyes were dark and full of passion and his words were just as dark and cold, I surprised myself as to how turned on this was making me and pleaded with him once more to stop.

"Come on bitch, take my full length." Steve said as he roughly pushed my legs further apart and thrust deeper into my hot tight little cunt. I was begging more and more now for him to stop, and he was telling me how much he wanted it and knew how much I wanted it too.

"I want to fuck your ass!" Steve's words almost made me come there and then, his passion was evident and as he pulled out of me and took something from his pocket that looked like lube I knew both of us had wanted this all along. Leading me by the hand Steve took me back over to the boardroom table and while turning me around pushed me so I was leant over the table griping the sides, I could tell he was in two minds as to if this was really what I wanted and held back for a moment while he asked if I was sure.

"Fuck me in my ass Steve." After applying loads of lube to both his cock and my asshole Steve started my inserting his finger in my ass and as I started to buck against his hand and enjoy it Steve started to fuck my pussy from behind while fingering my tight little asshole.

"Oh God Dee, I want to fuck your ass so much." Steve's finger disappeared into my ass easily while he gently took my pussy with his still rock hard cock.

"Fuck my ass Steve, fuck my tight little hole hard." I never thought in a million years I would be talking like this let alone talking to Steve like it, it surprised me as to just how turned on I was. Taking hold of my hips Steve picked up the pace and started to fuck my more than willing pussy harder and faster, with every thrusting movement I could feel myself getting lost in raw animalistic passion and as Steve became stronger and rougher I could feel my orgasm rising deep inside me again. As the sweat starts to run down from his forehead while banging my cunt as hard as he can, I'm begging him to fuck me harder I scream out for him to fuck my ass again.

"Steve, please fuck my ass now." I am pretty much begging him now and as he pulls his cock out of my pussy I feel like he's going to do this forever, until I feel his cock rubbing between my ass cheeks for a moment. As Steve rubs his hard cock against my asshole he asks me what I want in a cold dark deep tone.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass Dee, tell me what you want?" As he rubs a little harder now against my asshole I push myself up towards him and almost plead with him to fuck me.

"Fuck my ass Steve; please I want you in my ass!" Taking hold of my hips with one of his hands and spreading my ass cheeks with the other Steve pulls back slightly and in one swift movement thrust into my waiting ass.

Although I wanted him to fuck me I wasn't expecting Steve to slam into me with such force and passion, it didn't hurt I just felt full.

"Oh Dee your ass is so nice and tight, I am going to enjoy fucking you." Steve said as he slowly and gently fucked my ass, and as the night drew on his pace picked up. Steve firmly and gently fucked my ass harder and deeper and with each thrusting movement I felt things I never thought I would feel. Reaching down to his trouser pocket I could feel how he removed something from it and then moved his hand to my pussy and started to rub my clitoris gently, as he rubbed me I became even more aroused and when he moved the object to my pussy lips I could feel it was something long thick hard and cold. Gently inserting it inside me full I could tell it was something like a dildo and as he fucked my ass I felt him slowly start to dot the same with this dildo, picking up speed and pace as he went and continued working me up into a frenzy. As Steve became faster and harder fucking my ass and pussy he franticly rubbed my clitoris, sensing both of us were nearing the point of no return I couldn't stop myself from bucking harder and faster with each of his thrusting movements.

"Oh God Dee, I'm going to cum!" Steve cried out as he gripped my hips and thrust into my ass harder, needing to cum I had to push myself over the edge and moving my free hand to my pussy and clitoris, I pushed the dildo deeper inside my pussy and continued to rub my now swollen and very sensitive clitoris. Faster and faster I would rub as Steve fucked my ass harder and harder, letting out a deep long moan he spoke.

"Let me cum deep in your ass."

"Oh God Steve, don't stop. Cum in my ass!" I almost screamed out at him, moments later I felt my pussy tighten and my orgasm come. I moaned and called out his name as I came, moments later he was franticly coming closer and closer to reaching his peak he felt his balls tighten and as I tighten my asshole around his cock he can feel it swell. As he cums hard I can feel him pumping his cum into my asshole, tightening my ass muscles harder I can feel every movement Steve makes filling my ass with his hot cum. Moments later he is letting out a long and loud audible moan of pleasure, collapsing upon my back just as exhausted as I myself am. After a few moments of silent rest Steve pulls from my ass and turning me around kisses me, passionately upon the lips.

I feel on such a high, like ones I have never experienced before and as we pull apart I am slightly pleased and relieved to see that Steve is looking just as exhausted as I am, with his body glistening with sweat and heartbeat racing I can tell both of us need the rest! Leading him over to the sofa, picking his and my shirt up as we go we both lay on there and while cuddling into each others arms slowly start to relax and come down from this high. Slowly I feel him shrinking and with it his shyness kicks back in, I can see the worry and guilt filling his eyes and the distance that had been there start to grown again. Although I was feeling a deep sense of pleasure and fulfilment I was also starting to feel something else, deep guilt and regret. I had wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone else in my life, I had let him take me against my will, almost rape me and fuck me in my ass. But he was married and I still had to face him at the football, every time I walked past him or one of his colleagues the thoughts of what happened that night would be evoked inside of me. I couldn't explain to him what I was feeling as I could tell he was having just as much problems; he too felt a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction. But he too felt an enormous amount of guilt and fear at what he had just done.

Silently we dress and clean ourselves up, both knowing we should say something but neither of us knowing what that should be we continued in silence to tidy the room up, not wanting to leave any trace or evidence that we had been there that evening. As the silence becomes uncomfortable I take a deep breath and speak, sealing my fate and making my mind up what I wanted.

"I know what you feel inside Steve, I feel the same. But I can't deny the fact that I want to see you again." Wanting to add more but not sure what I should say I move to the door of the boardroom, closely followed by him and as he turns the lights off we leave and head for the car park and our cars. Walking out of the ground we are both silent but I can sense Steve's silence is deeper than my own, worrying that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life I could hardly stop myself from worrying. Reaching his car I found it was parked next to mine and as he saw me to my car door I felt like my life was over, taking my hand in his Steve spoke.

"I want the same thing Dee." In a moment of deep relief he plants a soft kiss on me cheek and before I know what is happening he has got in his car and driven off, leaving me with a shocked and surprised expression on my face and knowing I would not stop smiling for a little while.


Written with thanks and help from Bob.
Couldn't have done it without your help and guidance.

And to "Steve." Thank you for giving me the best fantasy I have had in a long time!

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