tagLoving WivesAfter The Dinner Party

After The Dinner Party


My wife Jan and I invited some of our closest friends over to the house for one of our regular evening dinner parties. Most weekends we would meet up at one or other of our homes for some food and drink. We hang-out as a group of three couples all of the time. Simon and Nina have been our good friends for years. Ian and Sue moved into the house two doors down at the end of last year. We have lots in common and are all of a similar age, no kids yet, all in our early 20's.

That particular Saturday evening the six of us had enjoyed a spicy chicken, sitting around the kitchen table at our house and we all drank a little more wine than we should have. By late evening we were feeling the effects of the wine and we moved from the kitchen into the den room, carrying our glasses with us. Even though the two sofas and three chairs are comfortable, they are all inhabited by Jan's collection of large stuffed toys; she has a Big-Bird, a few teddies, some fat cats and various other unknown creatures. We all chose to sit on the deep pile carpet, with our backs against the chairs.

The conversation wandered to a planned holiday in Ibiza (a small Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea) later in the year. We were all going to share a large self-contained, beach-front villa with private pool we had found via an internet villa rental site.

Nina put the cat amongst the pigeons with her comment, "All the beaches there are topless, you know! Some are even bottomless!"

My wife, Jan, was normally shy, maybe even a little reserved. She pulled over the nearest stuffed toy from the sofa and hugged it tight, shielding her chest with this large, fluffy blue cat. "Well that's fine if you guys want to, but these boobs are staying all covered up".

"Spoil sport!" I quipped. Jan pulled her tongue out at me and continued to hug Blue Cat to her chest, crossing her arms over it to reinforce the point.

Nina, who had been sitting on the floor next to Jan, moved closer saying, "You know Jan, you may feel pressure to conform if everyone else on the beach is showing a little more skin that you're used to. Anyway, you've got a great bod and you know what they say: when in Rome..."

Jan shook her head. "No way!" and squeezed Blue Cat tighter.

Nina looked over to Sue and they both began to grin, hatching a plot. Nina flicked her eyes sideways, in Jan's direction. Sue got the message. She padded slowly over, cat-like, her knees and hands sinking into the thick carpet pile as she approached, saying "Oh really!"

Sue pretended her interest was in Blue Cat and began to stroke its belly, "Hello pussy."

Nina pounced, hopping onto the sofa behind Jan. She grabbed Jan's arms away from the toy cat and pulled them above her head, holding them there. "Get her!" she shouted. Blue Cat rolled away. Sue made her own move and began tickling Jan's sides, making her laugh and wriggle while I sat back, sipping my wine, smirking.

Nina called for reinforcements. "Hold her arms while I tickle her feet." Simon and Ian set down their wine glasses and moved to take an arm each, holding Jan very firmly. Nina pulled Jan's trainers off and tossed them into the corner before attacking Jan's sock covered feet in earnest. "Stop it!" Jan half shouted, but with a little too much of a giggle to be taken seriously.

Sue took hold of the bottom of Jan's white sweatshirt and, teasing Jan, stared directly at her chest. "Do these trapped puppies want to come out and play in the sunshine?"

Nina had not let up on Jan's feet. Jan could hardly speak for laughing. "No those puppies are staying put!. Let me go", she managed to splutter, in broken language interspersed with giggles. Sue looked over to me and paused. I think she was checking to see if I disapproved. I just grinned.

Quick as a flash, Sue yanked Jan's sweatshirt up and to her chin, exposing the pretty white, lace bra framing her firm breasts for everyone to see. The boys cheered and I must admit that I joined in. Jan shut her eyes and let out a mock scream.

One after the other, Nina slowly pulled Jan's socks from her feet, tossing them lazily over her shoulder, and continued the tickling assault. Jan was laughing so hard she had tears running down her cheeks. Sue placed her hands over Jan's bra-covered breasts and gave them a playful squeeze saying "Oh, Jan. These beauties are far too nice to keep locked up. You need to show them off!"

Up until that point, I'm pretty sure that Sue was about done, as she started to turn away. Jan pushed her face forwards towards Sue and with a comical pout mouthed quietly, "Bitches!"

Even though Jan meant it in a light hearted way, that particular word put Sue over the edge. "I'm a bitch, am I?" she said. "I hate that word and I'm sure Nina does too". Nina gave a solemn nod of agreement.

On a mission now, Sue firmly took hold of the ruffled edge of Jan's sweatshirt with both hands and started to pull upwards. It lunged from left to right over Jan's face, muffling her scream and cries of "Sorry! Sue, I didn't mean it. Really!"

Sue continued, dragging the sweatshirt up to the wrists of her outstretched arms. "You won't be needing this on the beach," said sue, laughing. She temporarily released one arm at a time from the boys grip and pulled the sweatshirt up and off completely, tossing it into the corner. The cheering started up again from me and the boys and Jan's wriggling intensified.

"Or these!" added an equally incensed Nina before popping open the button and unzipping Jan's jeans. Nina grabbed tight hold of either side of the waistband of Jan's jeans and took up the tension, ready to pull.

"I mean it!" said Jan, and then looking over to me for help, "Tell them, John! Tell them to stop."

There was a pause. Sue and Nina turned their heads away from their victim. All eyes were on me as I slowly, thoughtfully set down my wine glass on the side table and rose to my feet, standing tall with my right arm outstretched. I stood up straight, making a fist with my thumb sticking out to the side and waited until I had everyone's attention. I saw a roman emperor do this in the amphitheatre during a recent movie gladiator scene to build tension at the end of a fight, with the victim lying helpless on the ground. Thumbs up from the emperor was the signal to let the victim go free. Thumbs down meant the end.

I was intending to signal a 'thumbs up' release for Jan, but she again poked her tongue out at me and then mouthed, "Pig!" I hesitated for a moment, looking quizzically into her eyes. The little minx was enjoying this! A grin started to spread over Jan's face and I returned it. I changed my mind. My thumb jerked down!

Cheers erupted from Simon and Ian. Nina and Sue turned back to the job in hand. Nina immediately began to pull, edging Jan's tight jeans slowly down, tugging first one side then the other. Jan shrieked again and tried to push all of her weight down to trap her jeans between herself and the carpet. It was no use. Her white panties started to come into view. As soon as Nina had the jeans below Jan's butt cheeks, they began to slide down her legs more easily. Jan began to furiously kick her legs, but to no avail. Laughing victoriously and encouraged by our cheering, Nina dragged the jeans the rest of the way down Jan's legs. They briefly bunched around her feet before a last yank pulled them first inside out and then completely off. They were tossed across the room, leaving my lovely Jan sitting on the carpet in just her bra and panties.

Jan was still smiling, although looking a little less comfortable and a little red faced. "That's enough. Let me up", you pair of bitches!"

Sue, obviously tweaked up about the 'bitch' comments, moved her face right up to Jan's. She reached around Jan and placed her hands either side of Jan's bra catch, I think more as a threat than with any real intent.

Sue leant forward so she was nose-to-nose with Jan. "Say sorry!" she said, in a neutral, calm voice.

Nina, sitting on the carpet at Jan's feet, reached up to take hold of either side of the waistband of Jan's panties. "Yes, and show us that you mean it!"

Jan turned to me again for help. "John, make them stop now." And then added with a coy smile, "If you loved me you would!"

I could tell by the last comment, that Jan was not too distressed. Besides, I was enjoying this and I could tell from the growing bulges in Simon and Ian's pants as they continued to hold Jan's struggling arms that they were too. "I'm sorry darling, but I'm Switzerland in this particular war -- I really shouldn't get involved."

For the next few seconds Sue and Jan stared each other out, expressionless. Sue broke the stare first, curling her lips into a grin. Nina took up the tension on Jan's panties and gave them a little tug, pulling their sides outwards, rather than the panties down, more as a final warning than anything else.

"No, stop! I'm sorry. I am really, really sorry" spluttered Jan. "I promise that I will never call either of you any bad names ever again. I'm so, so sorry." That was that. I reached over to collect Jan's Jeans and top to hand back to her, as peace seemed to have broken out. Nina released the tension on Jan's panties. Simon and Ian started to allow Jan's hands to lower. They looked a little disappointed.

Jan then sealed her fate with a phrase that would often be repeated in jest amongst our group in the future: "But you two really are a couple of bitches, though!"

All hell broke loose! Quick as a flash, Sue popped open the catch of Jan's bra causing Jan to struggle and thrash around so hard that Simon and Ian let go of her arms. The three of us fell into tucks of uncontrollable laughter as we watched the tumbling threesome giggling, rolling and cat-fighting around the carpet. Sue managed to keep hold of Jan's bra and dragged it down her flailing arms and off, baring her magnificent breast to renewed cheering. Jan made a last jumping grab for her bra, causing Nina's tight hold on her panties to partly pull them down, exposing the top of Jan's trimmed sandy coloured bush. The three girls tumbled around the carpet, laughing, slapping and struggling. With the bra off and tossed away, Sue joined Nina in a second front, attacking the panties. Jan kept hold of them with her left hand while slapping away at her two attackers with her right. There was no way she was going to lose this last shred of dignity. Nina and Sue pulled at each side of the panties until the waistband gave way on both sides and the panties tore completely off to tumultuous cheering.

Nina and Sue jumped up and paraded around the edge of the room, in a comical slow-motion victory lap, holding their trophy above their heads while we all laughed and cheered. All except Jan who, with a single bound, jumped onto the sofa and curled up into the corner scooping various fluffy toy animals around her. She did her best to cover up by raising her knees and covering her breasts with her arms. The remaining gaps were pretty much covered by her toy friends.

Jan was red faced and breathing heavily. With modesty almost restored and a sexy, sulky face, she wagged her outstretched index finger around the room, pausing on each of her attackers in turn. "I will have my revenge."

I sat down onto the sofa joining her amongst the pile of protective fluffy friends and slipped my arm around her bare shoulders, moving in for a kiss. Jan reached her hand from under the pile of toys and squeezed my hard-on through my tented pants.

She leaned over to accept my kiss, pausing to whisper, "And on you too, you big pig!"

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