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After The Game


The aftermath of a Ravens vs. Steelers NFL game is very hectic, to say the least. The rivalry between the fans of both teams can turn vicious at times. I can't count how often I have seen fights break out among fans in parking lots, bars and in the stadium.

We had just left the stadium and walked to a nearby bar to join in on the after parties; the Ravens had won, for the second time this season, against the Steelers. The bar was packed with people in Baltimore jerseys, my friend Katie and I included. I had on my black #87 jersey with the name "Logan" on the back. Colby Logan was the number one tight end in the NFL this season and by far my favorite player on the team.

I sidled up to the bar and ordered Bud Lights for both myself and Katie and then we walked over to the dance floor. There were a few Steelers fans interspersed throughout the crowd and about six of them were women on the dance floor. I began to dance with Katie, shaking our asses to the remix of the song "Black and Yellow"... except for in Baltimore, the song was called "Black and Purple".

We had been dancing for a while when we heard cheers erupting from the crowd closer to the door. Confused, I stood on my tiptoes to see what the chaos was over, and my heart skipped a beat in my chest. Walking through the doors were none other than, Ray Rice, Ed Reed, Joe Flacco and Colby Logan.

"Oh my GOD!" Katie squealed when she caught sight of them. "Let's go try to get their autographs" she said and I eagerly agreed.

Nothing would make me happier than having Colby Logan's signature on my jersey. We elbowed our way through the crowd laughing as we saw a few dejected Steelers fan walking out of the door.

There was already a swarm of people asking for autographs so we decided to wait for a bit and grab another beer before attempting to get our own signatures. I pressed through the crowd and walked up to the completely empty bar. Everyone had rushed towards the players.

"I'll take two Bud Lights please" I told the bartender who nodded.

"Make that three," came a deep voice from behind me. "And put 'em on my tab, Barney".

Confused, I spun around and came face to face with none other than Colby Logan. I gasped involuntarily and a slow smile slid over his face. There was a crowd of girls climbing the walls behind him, trying to get his attention but he was looking directly at me.

He reached out to take the three bottles, handing one to both Katie and I. "Nice jersey" he said and I smiled.

"Oh this old thing?" I said plucking it away from my body and shrugging. "Just an old rag I found hidden in the bottom of the closet".

I tried to keep from laughing out loud. Colby's eyes lit up and he busted out laughing at my comment.

"Nice, I like that," he said softly before holding out his empty hand. "I'm Colby," he said and I gratefully shook his hand, introducing myself as Erin and my friend Katie.

"I'm pleased to meet you both," he replied before making a gesture to Ray Rice, who came up to us, introducing himself as well.

My head was swimming. I couldn't believe I was sitting here chatting idly with Colby Logan and Ray Rice. Ray seemed to have taken an interest in Katie who was flirting shamelessly with him.

"Look, we were just coming in here to pick up some food from the kitchen, then heading back to my apartment. Uh, would you like to join?" Colby asked me.

I couldn't believe my ears. I heard Katie graciously accept an offer much like Colby's from Ray.

"I, uh, I mean sure, I'd love to," I stammered, blushing when I couldn't form the sentence properly. Colby chuckled softly.

"Barney, is the food ready?" he yelled over the crowd's noise. Barney nodded and disappeared into the back.

People were still pushing in trying to get autographs, which Colby signed politely. Five pizzas appeared on the bar behind us and Colby tossed a fifty dollar bill down before picking them up and gesturing for me to follow. We were also followed by Katie and Ray, as well as Ed and Joe who we had been introduced to as well.

We left out a back door and it was almost eerily quiet, the difference between the noisy bar and the deserted parking lot was extreme. Colby nodded towards a huge black Chevy Silverado and we headed that way. After placing the pizzas carefully on the floorboard in the middle of the front seat Colby held out a hand to me.

"Sorry, you'll have to sit with your legs to one side, we weren't planning on having extras joining us," he said with a wink and I blushed again.

I reached up to steady myself in order to climb in the huge truck before I felt two large hands wrap around my waist and lift me easily up. I scooted from the driver's seat to the middle just as Joe climbed into the passenger seat. Colby then climbed into the driver's seat as Katie Ed and Ray piled into the back seat. My thigh brushed Colby's as he got in due to my position, in order to avoid stepping on the pizza.

Soon we were on our way back to Colby's apartment and I was breathless with anticipation. What was it going to be like? I couldn't imagine what tonight had in store.

"Hey dude," Ray said from the back seat, "Why don't you drop Katie and I off at my place on your way?"

I turned and looked at Katie who grinned and gave me a thumbs up. Laughing I turned back around.

"Well if you're gonna do that then you might as well drop Ed and I off at Lewis' house too" Joe said.

My mind began to race. That would leave only Colby and me alone in his apartment. Shivers of anticipation ran through my body at the thought.

"If that's what y'all want," Colby replied easily.

He looked utterly relaxed, one arm draped across the steering wheel, the other casually across the back of the seat where he was lightly playing with my hair, which was dark brown with bright purple highlights in it.

Fifteen minutes the truck had cleared out. I hesitated, wondering if I should move over to the passenger seat or stay where I was, which is where I wanted to be. Before pulling off, Colby turned to face me in the dim cab.

"Look if you don't want to go back to the apartment alone, I understand," he said quietly.

I was impressed by his chivalry. I shook my head no.

"I don't mind a bit," I said with a small smile, and he grinned back before tugging lightly on my hair and turning to put the truck back in gear.

He answered my seating question by putting his arm around my shoulder and tugging me close to him. His fingers lightly traced intricate circles on the side of my neck as he drove, sending shivers down my body and causing goosebumps to form. My hand rested lightly on his thigh, which was encased in jeans. I could feel the hardness of the muscle there as he moved, pressing the gas and brakes.

"So do you live in Baltimore?" he asked quietly, breaking the silence.

I shook my head no.

"Actually I live on the eastern shore," I replied and he glanced my way. "These big cities just can't quite cut it for me," I shrugged. "I prefer open fields and woods to buildings".

A smile crossed his face at my words. "I understand completely, I own a place over there as well, did you know that?" he asked casting me a sideways glance and I shook my head no.

"Oh well its just outside of Crumpton... you know where that is?" he asked.

I nodded and told him I lived south of that.

Soon we were pulling up to a high rise full of condos. Colby eased his truck into the parking garage, I winced as we went in, his truck barely fit; it only had a few spare inches!

Colby got out of the truck when we parked and reached his hand out to me; I took it and slid down out of the truck. As I did, Colby stepped closer and my breasts rubbed his hard chest as I slid down. I landed on my feet not even an inch away from his hard body. My own body hummed in delight. I looked up (he was at least a foot taller than I was) into his smoky grey eyes and smiled. He smiled down at me before leaning down and lightly pressing his lips to mine.

My pulse kicked into overdrive at the pressure of his lips on mine. His hands were settled on my hips and I placed my hands on his chest. His muscles were firm beneath my palms and they jumped slightly at my touch. I could feel my panties growing damp and my nipples straining against my black silk bra.

Slowly, reluctantly it seemed, Colby broke the kiss and backed away, taking my hand in his. He reached into the truck and grabbed the remaining pizza before pulling me in the direction of the entrance.

We entered into a hallway just doors down from Colby's own condo. He unlocked his door and gestured for me to go in. I was impressed, for being a bachelor's pad it was decorated nicely, in neutral tones with soft looking leather couches. To my utter surprise a huge chocolate lab came bounding around the corner and leapt up onto my chest, pressing me back into the wall.

Caught off guard I stumbled back, laughing and petting the monster's head.

"RENEGADE DOWN!" Colby shouted, placing the pizza on a table in the hallway and grabbing the dog's collar.

"Man I'm sorry; Ray must not have locked him in the crate before the game!" Colby said with a grimace.

I merely laughed and crouched down to pet the dog some more.

"I love him already," I said with a smile up at Colby as the dog attacked my face with a long slobbery tongue. Eventually I stood up and faced Colby who was smiling at me with an odd look on his face.

"Most girls would be put off by being attacked by a monster when they first walked in the door," he said and I laughed outright.

"Please! I have three labs, a rottweiler and a pit bull at home" I said rolling my eyes. "He's not anything new for me".

Colby grinned at this and stepped up to me.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, brushing my hair out of my face and tucking it behind my ear.

I shook my head no; I wasn't hungry, for food at least. Colby grinned.

"Yeah, me either" he said as he lowered his head to mine again and kissed me deeply.

I twined my arms around his strong neck and his hands grasped at my hips again. Colby backed us up until my back was placed against the wall. He ran his lower until he grasped my thighs in them and lifted.

I automatically wrapped my legs around his hips and I could feel his arousal pressing against my jean-clad mound. I moaned softly as I felt one of his hands come up to rub on my hard nipple through my jersey and bra. Without breaking the kiss Colby turned and carried me into his bedroom, laying me down on the bed.

He shrugged out of his black Ravens t-shirt and I watched in awe as the muscles of his upper body rippled. He was utterly gorgeous and I couldn't believe I was here with him. I reached for my jersey to pull it off but he reached out and stopped me.

"I like seeing you wearing that jersey," he said with a self-conscious smile.

I couldn't believe this god could be self-conscious about anything and I smiled back. He then leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, as I ran my hands over his amazing pecs and abs. His gentle hands slid up under my jersey and rubbed against my stomach before moving lower to the waistband of my jeans. I arched my body up off of the bed in a welcome invitation and he chuckled softly.

He easily opened my jeans and slid them off of my toned, tan legs. As he climbed onto the bed with me his body slid between my spread thighs and he kissed his way up my leg, pausing and placing a gentle kiss on my silk thong covered pussy. I moaned out loud and this and he smiled up at me before using his tongue to trace a path along my slit through my underwear. My hands clenched his Egyptian cotton sheets in my fists as he did this. I reached down and tugged his hair softly until he moved up my body laughing. One he was thoroughly kissing me again I reached down and ran my hand along the hard edge underneath of his jeans.

It was Colby's turn to moan as I undid his jeans and took his straining erection into my hand. I stroked his length up and down, caressing the velvety head of him with every stroke. Colby's hips involuntarily bucked at my touch and I smiled. His hands worked at my underwear, sliding them off and then flinging them to the ground. I felt his fingers lightly pressing into my cunt and groaned. My slick, wet heat grasped at his fingers, sucking them into my depths.

"Oh, God, baby, you're so wet..." he murmured in my ear and I nodded.

I wanted him horribly. I gave him a final stroke with my hand before sitting up and flipping him over. I saw an amused glint in his eyes as I straddled him. I could feel his rod pulsing against my inner thigh and I wiggled my ass a bit, drawing a moan from deep in his throat.

"Wench," he muttered with a smile before positioning his cock at my entrance.

I sank down onto him in one smooth thrust and cried out in pleasure, my head falling back exposing my throat. Colby's hand came up and wrapped gently around my throat, barely exerting any pressure but in this gesture he expressed to me who was truly in control here. I began to move on his cock, feeling it slide in and out of my wet heat. Colby began to thrust upwards, drilling his cock into my pussy causing me to cry out in pleasure. His fingers tightened a bit on my neck as he increased the tempo and intensity of his thrusts. My own fingers were digging into his thighs as I was bent backwards a bit as he pounded into my body.

I felt Colby reach up with his other hand and flick at my clit, causing me to instantly climax. I screamed out his name as my pussy spasmed around his beautiful cock. Without any warning he flipped me over onto the bed and continued to drill me from above, his cock pounding relentlessly into my tender pussy. I reached above my head and grabbed a hold of the headboard in an attempt to keep from writhing about beneath him.

My world was full of blinding colors as he fucked me. I couldn't think straight from the pleasure of it. I was mumbling incoherent sentences as I heard Colby murmur in my ear.

"You like this baby?" he asked breathlessly.

All I could do was nod and bite my lip. If I tried to talk I knew I would end up screaming.

"Are you ready to cum again?" he asked and I nodded helplessly again.

I felt his finger once again stroke my clit, only once, and I rocketed off into oblivion again. This time I felt Colby stiffen above me.

Three more drilling thrusts and Colby's cock erupted within my canal. I could feel his sperm being forced into my body and he let out a hoarse guttural cry as he emptied himself in me.

He collapsed on top of me, rolling a bit so as not to crush me, and pulled me into the strong embrace of his arms. Our bodies were covered in sweat and we both were panting for breath as he looked into my eyes.

All he had to do was mutter one word and I was lost.

"Incredible," he murmured and I nodded in agreement.

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