tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfter the Party

After the Party


I was at this party. Things were winding down. There was a girl there that I sorta knew from class. We had always exchanged "hi's" when we saw each other, so I was a friendly face in the crowd. She had been drinking WAY too much. I asked if she was ok. She said she just needed to lay down and she would be fine. I knew she lived in the neighborhood so I offered to walk her home. She accepted the offer and we were on our way.

As we walked, she kept grabbing me and holding on for balance. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra. This really started to turn me on, hoping I could get a peek later. We got to her apartment and I opened the door for her and we went inside. I helped her to her room and sat her on the bed and offered to remove her shoes. (Hoping she wasn't wearing panties either...) I got an upskirt shot, she was wearing some nice silky blue ones.

When I helped her lay down, I "accidentally" brushed her breasts. She didn't seem to notice. I did it a few more times and she never said anything. She was fading fast. I got bold and cupped her breast with my hand through her shirt. No protest from her. I gently started to massage it. Then I went a step further. I slowly and carefully raised her shirt. Her breasts softly moving as she breathed. I once again reached out to touch her, but this time it was her bare breasts. Mmmm... So nice, her nipples hardening as I teased them.

She seemed like she was still out of it. I decided to take a bigger chance. I carefully parted her legs a little bit. Hoping just to get a little feel. I slid a hand up her thigh, feeling her panties. I started to rub her between her legs. After a few minutes of this, she let out a barely audible moan. I paused, waiting to see if she was waking up. She continued to sleep. I pulled her panties to the side, revealing a very trimmed bush. I carefully started rubbing her clit and opening. I parted her legs a little more for a better view.

I took another chance. I held my breath as I slowly pushed my finger into her. Damn, she was hot and wet. I fingered for a few minutes, slowly at first, making sure she stayed asleep. Once my finger was totally soaked from her juices, and I knew she was totally passed out, I decided to take it to the next level. I stopped fingering her so I could remove my pants and boxers. I got on the bed, lifting her skirt all the way up, then pulling her panties to the side. I was so hard and horny by now.

I fully parted her legs and climbed between them. I started rubbing her opening with the tip of my cock. I could feel her wettness on the tip of it. I could not stand it any longer, I carefully pushed the head in and watched for a reaction. She laid there perfectly still. I pushed deeper into her, feeling her body accepting my intrusion. I pushed as deep as I could into her moistness. I started to slowly move in and out of her, every once in awhile, hearing a faint whimper or moan slip from her lips.

After a few minutes, I felt her tighten around my cock. This, plus the feeling of doing this to her, caused me to cum way sooner than I wanted to. I pushed as deep as I could and shot my load into her womb. When I finished, I cleaned her up the best I could. I slipped her panties back where they should have been. Pulled her skirt and shirt down. Then I covered her with the blanket. I quickly got dressed, closed and locked her apartment door, and left.

I didn't see her until class on Tuesday. I was wondering if she remembered anything that had happened. I exchanged the normal "hi's" with her and started to walk away. She stopped me. She asked if I was the one who walked her home. She seemed relaxed when she asked, so I told her yes. She gave me a hug and said thanks for being such a gentleman.

If she only knew...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/29/14

Bit close to reality for me...

I normally like non-con stories but this is a bit too similar to a real life experience for me this time...

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