tagErotic CouplingsAfter the Party

After the Party

byIrish Moss©

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn't be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don't expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

As I lay there, not even half awake, I was surprised when, instead of slipping quietly into bed and turning off the lamp, my wife decided to try to engage me in conversation. It was late and I was tired after our annual holiday party. I'd slipped off to bed after our guests had departed while she'd remained up chatting with her friend Susan, who was spending the night in our guest room downstairs. They hadn't seen each other in a while and Susan was going through a divorce, so I was surprised that she'd even made it to bed at all. As I woke a bit more, I could only assume that she wouldn't be waking me up if she didn't want something, which I hoped was sex. It turns out that she did, but not for herself.

"I want you to go downstairs and have sex with Susan," she said, once she was certain that I was awake.

"What?" was my reply, followed by, "How much have you had to drink?"

"I'm completely sober," she replied, "and I am asking you to have sex with my friend. She hasn't had any action since she and Jeremy split up. I promise you that she is okay with this and so am I."

I wasn't quite awake enough to formulate an argument against being given the opportunity to sleep with my wife's friend, not only with my wife's permission, but with her insistence. She had grabbed my robe as I slowly got up while trying to wrap my mind around how exactly this was happening. Susan wasn't bad looking, a bit on the voluptuous side but with impressive knockers. As I realized more what I was being asked to do, I certainly couldn't see a problem with it. I pulled on my robe and headed for the bedroom door.

"Thank you," my wife called after me.

By the time I was at the bottom of the stairs, I was fully awake and wondering what sort of reaction to expect from Susan. I headed down the hallway and stuck my head into the guest room where she was standing in a night shirt, apparently with nothing on under it.

"Hi," she said as I entered and closed the door behind me.

"Hi," I replied, "So, apparently there's some service I can perform for you?"

"Well, hopefully you will be getting something out of this, as well," she said with a smile.

I stepped over to her and caressed her tits through her nightshirt, feeling her hard nipples, before reaching for the hem and raising it up. I watched closely as her nicely-groomed, light brown bush was exposed, followed by the curves of her hips and abdomen. She raised her arms up and her luscious breasts were revealed as my cock started trying to peek out of my robe. My attention was on her large, light pink areolas and hard nipples as the night shirt slipped over her head. Once her arms were free, I tossed it aside and started to caress her tits before dropping to my knees.

I had her sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread as I kissed her soft inner thighs and lower abdomen before running my tongue up her slit. She was flowing with pungent juices which I eagerly lapped up as she held my head. She was moaning softly as I licked her pussy but, once I slipped a couple of fingers into her and focused my licking on her clit, she seemed to get a bit louder. She leaned back on the bed and started to rock her hips rhythmically so I glanced up because I knew her tits would be bouncing rhythmically, too. Sure enough, those beauties were moving hypnotically and all those times I'd seen a little cleavage and wished I could see more were beyond realized.

It seemed that, just as I'd assumed, because she was so sexually pent up, it wasn't going to take long before she came. My goal was to make sure that her orgasm was long and intense. It certainly appeared that she was experiencing some intense pleasure and I could feel her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged around my finger the longer I ate her. I fully intended for this to be just an appetizer, though; my wife had said to have sex with her and, like Bill Clinton, I wasn't counting oral as sex. Susan was tensing up a bit as I assumed she was getting even closer to cumming and I just kept up what I was doing since it appeared to be working. When she finally went limp with a low moan, her body trembled as she came.

I continued licking her clit and fingering her wet pussy until she went still, then slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth. I was still admiring her body, first from my knees then standing over her as she recovered. My cock was rigid, tenting out my robe so, when I'd cleaned her juices from my fingers, I started to untie the belt. She was looking up at me, her chest heaving and drawing my attention, until I started to open my robe. She sat up as my throbbing tool was revealed and reached out to stroke it. I enjoyed the feeling of her soft hand until my robe hit the floor, then I climbed onto the bed and lay in the middle of it. Susan briefly licked my balls and ran her mouth up and down my tool a few times before straddling me.

As she guided my cock to her pussy, I was fondling her luscious tits and caressing her hard nipples. She lowered herself onto my tool and we both moaned as I was engulfed in her hot, wet pussy. She started to slowly ride up and down on me but my attention remained on fondling her tits. There had been so many times where I would have been content just for a look at her tits so, to have them in my hands while she was naked and impaled on my cock, with my wife's permission no less, was more than I could have even hoped for. As such, I was going to enjoy them as much as I possibly could, assuming that this was not going to become a regular occurrence.

She started out humping my cock slowly with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face but gradually increased the pace and, eventually, leaned forward, planting her hands on either side of my head. At first, I continued to fondle her tits as started to lick and suck her hard nipples but my hands started wandering around to squeeze and caress her ass, as well. I was also able to push up into her each time she rocked backward onto my tool so that I was penetrating her as deeply as possible. Again, she was getting louder as her pussy became wetter and more engorged and she rode me harder. I could feel my own orgasm beginning to build but I didn't want to be done fucking her because I was not expecting to get another chance. Before I reached that point, however, she slammed herself back on me and froze momentarily while tremors coursed through her body.

I was still licking and sucking her nipples when she let out a sigh and began to move off of me, taking them out of my reach. I was only briefly dismayed because, kneeling beside me, she leaned forward, her tits swinging, and took my cock into her mouth again. I was admiring the profile of her dangling tits and round ass as well as my cock disappearing into her mouth, as I enjoyed her oral skills. With one hand, she was pumping the base of my cock as she was sucking it while the other hand gently massaged my balls. I let her know how much I was enjoying her cocksucking as my orgasm began building up rapidly and with significant pleasure. I tried to just relax and focus on the good feelings, which were considerable.

Her cocksucking left nothing to be desired and, as my cock swelled even more the closer I was to cumming, the more voraciously she was sucking me off. While I knew there was no way she was enjoying sucking my cock more than I was enjoying having her sucking it, she made it pretty obvious that it wasn't just about me. Based on the noises she was making and her enthusiasm, it appeared that she was appreciating having a hard cock in her mouth almost as much as she'd enjoyed having it in her hot pussy and experiencing a couple of highly pleasurable orgasms. As such, I was expecting that blasting my load down her throat wouldn't make her the least bit unhappy.

I was still murmuring encouragements right up to the point where I exploded into her mouth with a grunt. As I'd thought, she wasn't the least bit put off and swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off. Only after she'd nursed every drop of cum from me and my cock had started to soften did she let it fall from her mouth. She crawled up and lay beside me in the middle of the bed.

"Thank you," she said, "You may have figured that it has been a while since I've gotten any action."

"You're very welcome," I replied, "I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you did. It's probably good that you live down in the Springs because I think I'd be tempted to try to get together again if you lived nearby."

"Yeah, I don't think we'll be getting permission for you to continue helping me out until I find somebody else," she said.

"No, probably not," I replied, "but you can bet that I will remember tonight and will think about it often."

"So will I," she confirmed.

I was planning to head back upstairs once I was fully recovered but we both must have been more tired than we realized because we both fell asleep. When I woke up, the lamp was off, the covers were over us and Susan was snuggled up against me, still naked. I figured that, if we'd fallen asleep, my wife probably had, too, so she wouldn't have been waiting for me to return and I fell right back to sleep. When I woke again, it wasn't because it was getting light or because the covers had been turned back; it was because I felt a warm, wet, pleasurable feeling on my cock. As I blinked the sleep from my eyes, I saw Susan on all-fours, her ass close to my head, sliding her mouth up and down my cock, which was rapidly awakening.

I reached over and caressed her pussy, feeling the abundant juices she was producing, so I encouraged her to shift over. As she continued to suck my cock, she moved to straddle my head and her pussy was soon directly over my face. I gazed up at her trim, light brown bush before running my tongue along her slit, lapping up her nectar. I heard her moan as I felt the vibrations on my cock so I kept lapping at her slit for a few minutes before slipping a couple of fingers into her dripping pussy. It wasn't lost on me that this was an unexpected opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of Susan's body presumably one last time, so I was savoring the taste of her pussy as well as the warm wetness engulfing my fingers.

I don't believe I was fully erect when I woke up but it didn't take much of her oral stimulation to get me all the way there. It turned out that she hadn't started sucking me off with the intention of swallowing one more of my loads, but one of the results of that early-morning blowjob had been getting her even more aroused than she had already been when she'd awakened. Her pussy continued to get wetter and more engorged the longer she sucked me off and the longer I licked and fingered her. She removed her mouth from my cock at one point, though she continued to pump it, and I could feel her body tensing up right before she gasped and it started to shake. I kept licking and sucking her clit as she came, only slipping my fingers out of her once she'd gone completely still. As I was slipping my fingers into my mouth, Susan caught her breath for a moment, then started to crawl toward the foot of the bed.

My attention was on her ass and pussy as she straddled my cock, facing away from me, and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my throbbing tool and she just sat there for a moment with it inside her. I reached out to caress her soft, smooth ass as she started to slowly ride up and down on my cock. With the morning light filling the room, I could see very clearly her pussy lips sliding up and down my cock and I realized that I could also occasionally see her fingertips. I surmised that she was stroking her clit as she rode me, which I suspected was only going to make her pussy feel even better.

I couldn't reach her tits in this position but was determined that, since I was given one more opportunity than I had expected to be with her, I was going to spend some of that time appreciating those beauties. I was able, in this position, to hold onto her curvaceous hips and pull her down even harder while pushing my cock up into her for maximum penetration. I wished there was a mirror nearby so that I could see her tits, which were undoubtedly bouncing like crazy as she rode me hard in pursuit of yet another orgasm. I could feel her pussy becoming wetter and hotter again and assumed that her fingertips deserved some of the credit for that. I certainly couldn't fault her for that, especially if she, like me, was initially thinking that the previous night might just have been a quickie and hopefully an orgasm for her. For her to be on the verge of a fourth was definitely beyond what I had been expecting and I hoped it was the same for her.

She sat down hard on my cock as her body trembled and I think I felt her fingertips still moving as she came again. I just lay there, knowing what I planned to suggest next and expecting that, after two orgasms just that morning, she'd be more than willing. When the long, intense orgasm finally tapered off, she climbed off of me and turned, my attention going right to her tits. She knelt beside me and gently stroked my cock in her hand.

"I figured there was no point in wasting another opportunity," she said kind of sheepishly, "Now, though, it is all about you. Whatever I can do to make you cum, your wish is my command."

"Let's trade places, then," I said and I don't know if she got right away what I wanted to do.

I sat up, then moved onto my knees as she reclined in the spot where I'd been. I straddled her ribs and lay my cock between her tits, then squeezed them around it myself. My attention was completely on them as I caressed the smooth skin and her hard nipples while sliding my cock between them. Her attention was on them as well, though, presumably, she was watching my cock more than her own cleavage. Her hands briefly caressed my ass then may have actually gone between her own thighs as I was fucking her tits. This was the ultimate way to cap off an unexpected and highly pleasurable encounter with Susan. I was savoring the feel of her tits not only along my throbbing shaft, but in my palms as well. I was also committing this visual, including her pretty face watching intently, to my memory and knew that I'd be replaying it plenty in the future.

I'd like to have had more time to spend fucking her tits, but it felt too damn good and, combined with already having had my cock in both her mouth and pussy, I was very quickly building to another intense orgasm. I managed to maintain a slow and steady pace as I slid my cock between her fleshy beauties and was relishing the pleasure that I was feeling but, all too soon, I exploded with a grunt onto her sternum. Her eyes went wide and she jutted out her tongue, trying to catch some of my spew, but I think it fell a bit short. I continued fucking her tits until I was completely spent, then let them drop away and moved to lie beside her. She cleaned up my cum with her fingers and fed it into her mouth as I caressed her tits for what I assumed would be the last time.

"Thank you again," she said finally, "and I think you're right that it is good that I don't live nearby. I'd be jonesing for more orgasms like that in no time and probably wouldn't be thinking about it not being appropriate or acceptable."

"You're welcome again," I replied, "though I'm sure you realize there is another person you should thank and I might suggest that, since I don't expect that she'd give us this kind of freedom again, you acknowledge that and see if she might be up for a night of sharing me."

"Threesome?" she asked, with an expression that showed intrigue.

"Better than nothing, right?" I replied, "It could still end up being nothing, so feel her out first and make sure that it wouldn't be overstepping the boundaries of your friendship."

"I'll see if I can sell it so she knows that I just want to get fucked and I'm not trying to steal her man," she said.

"It'd make me happy and it'd make you happy," I said, "so you just need to convince her that it'd make her happy, too."

"I'll figure out a way," she said and we tracked down her nightshirt and my robe so we could go get some coffee.

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