tagLoving WivesAfter the Renaissance Fair

After the Renaissance Fair


The gentle autumn rain continued to fall and showed no sign of letting up. Megan and Glen casually strode from the deserted battle field past the shops on their trek to the entrance to the park. It was 8:30 and dark but much of the area was fortunately still lit up enough to see where everyone was going. The grounds were by now almost completely empty except for a few groups of people heading toward the various parking lots or performers and workers closing up and packing their stuff up.

As Megan and Glen talked on their casual walk across the grounds, Megan's bladder felt close to the breaking point, scanning the park, both looked for restrooms or signs indicating where the next one was.

Picking up their pace, Megan was elated to see some restrooms just ahead of them. Excusing herself, she darted off toward the dark wooden structure.

Approaching the back of the building, she went around the corner past the Men's Room and toward what was obviously the Women's. Arriving at the door, she was annoyed to see that the women's room door was closed with yellow tape across the entrance and a closed sign hanging from a hook. Desperate and unable to wait for another she reconnoitered the area and not seeing or hearing anyone in the area quickly turned around and entered the men's restroom.

It was fairly dark inside but she really didn't need much light to do what needed to be done. Finishing her 'business' and dropping the toilet paper in the bowl, she sat up and held her breath when she heard the door open and footsteps approach. Entering the stall next to her, even though there several available further down, she felt like a kid about to get caught doing something she wasn't supposed to. Looking down, the stall walls went down to the floor, so she couldn't see if it was Glen's shoes next to her or some stranger's. She did notice that the floor was wet and dirty, hopefully from the rain, but knowing men ...

Remaining motionless, she listened as the person closed the stall door next to her, unzipped his fly and proceed to relieve himself. Looking toward the sound she noticed a hole cut into the side of the stall. Leaning slightly she tried to glance and see who was next to her, but the room was poorly lit and she was too nervous to get too close for fear being seen.

After he finished, she heard him moving around. Leaning back on the toilet she watched the side of the stall wanting to say, "Hey Glen, that you?" but didn't. She sat motionlessly, then to her surprise a semi hard penis poked its head into her stall. At first she was relieved because it had to be Glen. He'd often surprised her in unusual situations and at unusual times for a quick blow job or perhaps more if they were able. Because of the poor lighting, it looked a little darker than usual. Leaning, she squinted her eyes to get a better view and to be sure it was hers. Suddenly, she let out a giggle and grabbed the penis and began stroking it.

"Glen, you're such a pervert."

Stuffing it in her mouth she rocked back and forth on the toilet while taking Glen as far into her throat as she could. It was a warm, humid night and he smelled unusually musky, but that only made the situation hotter. Moving up and down his shaft she pulled off a few times to lick his hard staff and head.

Pushing her panties off with her free hand she got off the toilet and squatted in front of the hole continuing to lovingly suckle and nibble the hard shaft. Holding him with one hand, she began fingering herself with the other.

Needing more, she removed her mouth but held onto Glen with her hand and whispered, "I need you in me".

Propping her leg up on the dirty toilet tank, she hiked up her dress over her shoulders and let it hang from her neck like an incredibly thick necklace. Fortunately, she had worn a simple peasant dress rather than more bulky Ren Fest garb, so it allowed for easy access. Placing her left hand against the corner of the stall, she guided Glen into her waiting pussy. Glenn wasted no time pushing in and out. Even though they were separated by a wall and she was in an awkward position, it felt like he was able to push into her further than he'd ever gone before.

Trying not to be too noisy in case others were nearby, she didn't do very well as several low grunts escaped her throat as Glen pulled almost out then thrust himself back into her as she pushed herself onto him.

Megan was suddenly jerked somewhat back to reality when she heard one of the urinals across from where they were flush. Biting her lip she listened as footsteps walked past her stall and out the door. She really didn't need to bother because Glen, did not slow down, in fact he began grinding into her harder as his buckle clanked against the wall.

Fingering herself as she met his thrusts with a push onto him she felt an orgasm erupt from within her. The fact that a stranger was just in there only made her climax more intense. She lost the battle to keep quiet as she grunted with pleasure while wiggling and pushing towards him and bumping hard against the stall.

Though her legs felt like rubber bands, she was able to remain in her position as Glen sank his cock deep inside her. He responded to her grunting earlier with his own as he thrust deep into her. As his hot liquid poured into her in several spurts, she also felt some run down her leg. Pushing into her again and letting the last few spasms shoot out from him, they remained in the position for what seemed like minutes.

As Glen removed himself from her and then proceeded to zip up and open the stall door, Megan slowly moved back to the toilet and plopped down on the seat. As she heard his footsteps head toward the exit, she said, "That was wonderful hon."

Glen didn't reply as he opened the door, then let it shut behind him.

Megan then cleaned herself up, stood up and let her dress fall back down from her shoulders over her. Seeing her panties on the nasty floor, she decided to leave them there.

Exiting the bathroom, she saw Glen standing under the overhanging roof of the closest shop and she trotted over to him.

Hugging him and kissing him she whispered, "Let's hurry and get home "

Smiling he replied, "So, you heard them too?"

"Yeah," she said, playing along, "I heard them."

She wrapped her arms around his waist as he draped his arm around her shoulder.

"I thought about surprising you in the Women's Room, but with my luck I'd pick the wrong one and get some gross weirdo or something."

As his words sank in, the color drained from her face and once again her legs felt weak. Holding onto Glen she was thunderstruck as she replayed everything in her mind. Arriving at the car, Glen opened her door and after she sat down closed it and walked around the back to the driver's side. Watching him as he entered the car, she waited for a smile or some sign. When she didn't get that sign she leaned back into the seat and stared out the window as the rain continued to fall.

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