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Alrighty. This is my first story, so if you like it, good! If not, that's ok.

I would like to thank jacuzzigal for her assistance and expertise as an editor. You are a doll!

I would also like to thank Aussie Bard, who tale "Who's Sorry Now' inspired this one. If you haven't read it yet GO NOW!

And thanks for reading!



"I'm Home!"

A simple statement. A statement said millions of times a day all over the world. But this day, in this house, Cindy Brock again said a silent prayer to God thanking him for the return of her husband of five years, Kevin.

"I'm in the kitchen dear. Make yourself comfortable. Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes!" Cindy looked over the meal she had prepared. Not complicated but he likes it. Nothing to make him suspicious of her actions.

"God I hope this works...I love him so much and I almost..." Tears start to form in her eyes but she stops them. "Can't ruin my make up, have to play it safe."

To understand why she has to play it safe we have to go back in time to last year. Last year Cindy's former best friend Carol caught her husband in an affair with a young intern at his business. Devastated she turned to Cindy and Kevin. They took her in and supported her.

That's when the trouble began. Carol came to Cindy one day and told her that she knew Kevin was having an affair. Cindy tried to argue but Carol brought up him coming in late, his recent cold attitude to her and then brought out the credit card statements. On them were charges for a hotel stay; a bill for delivered flowers, expensive lunches and the most damaging charge: a bill for an expensive necklace from a local store.

Cindy was crushed, but Carol convinced her to get even with Kevin before she confronted him. So they went out and got Cindy a lover, Ricky. Now Ricky knew his thing and he took advantage of the injured wife. Soon she was doing things for him that she would never do for her husband, anal, swallowing and more. A month after they started, Cindy made a tape of them and sent it to Kevin telling him she had been getting even with him, she didn't think she can get over his cheating, and she might be pregnant and in love with Ricky.

Kevin asked her to dinner to talk things over; Cindy brought Ricky and Carol along. They assaulted Kevin with their evidence but before Cindy could ask for a divorce, two of Kevin's coworkers showed up. They were an older couple and the woman, Susan, was not only his boss but also his mentor at work as well. They started talking to them all, thinking Carol and Ricky where an item. Cindy fumed there waiting for them to leave. Then the bombshell hit.

"Oh and Kevin thank you for that gift you gave me and Tom."

"Gift?" Carol and Cindy both asked.

"Yes, you know... For our twentieth anniversary Kevin sent us on a new honeymoon.... it wasn't far, only in the next town, but with all the work we've been getting it was a needed break. We even used new names and everything. It was so ...dirty, so secretive, so forbidden so ... wrong it was great! I even took my wedding ring off in front of that poor girl at the reception desk letting her think me and Mr. Jones here where having an affair!" The couple laughed as Ricky, Carol and Cindy sat speechless.

"You have a great husband here, and I am sorry that he had to stay late after work all those months. But I really needed his help and then after all of that, he arranged this wonderful gift.... did he think this up all himself or did you have a hand in it?"

Before Cindy could answer, Kevin said they had to leave to visit someone. They all said their goodbyes and left. Kevin would not let them say a word as he drove them all to a house in the suburbs; there they talked to one of the sales girls at his workplace and her husband. Then bomb number two hit.

"Thank you for the flowers. They where really appreciated," the sales girl's husband said.

"Does he like being cuckolded?" Cindy thought, and then saw the tears in the girl's eyes.

"We should leave," Kevin stated. As they went into the car, Kevin looked at Cindy and said, "She lost the baby a few months ago.... stillborn and 4 months premature."

Kevin's cold eyes tore Cindy's heart in two. In silence they drove back to Cindy's car. Ricky made a hasty retreat, and Cindy and Carol drove home together silently. When they arrived they saw another car in the driveway next to Kevin's.

Before they entered the booming laugh of Kevin's mother, Alice, could be heard. They came in to find the two of them laughing and making jokes. This confused them both; the fact that Kevin and Alice hadn't gotten along since his father died was no little family secret. Then two things struck both Carol and Cindy. The necklace around Alice's neck, and the fact her breasts were smaller, a lot smaller.

Noticing their stares, Alice laughed again. "Oh come on, the doctor did a great job...and they where giving me back pains anyway!"

"Nice to see you have such a good disposition on this Mom," Kevin said, slowly turning to look at Cindy.

"Well, your grandmother had this and so did your aunt Tweets! And if that little bore can beat this then so can I!"

"Beat what?" came the hesitant question from Carol, though both her and Cindy feared they knew the answer.

"Breast cancer."

Turned out Alice's doctor, who was an old family friend, had broke confidentiality and told Kevin of Alice's condition. Then one day he showed up at her work and asked her to lunch. There he gave her the necklace and told her he knew. That started the reconciliation between the two. No son wants to lose his mother.

Eventually Alice left, but not before filling Cindy's ears with praise for her loving husband and reminding him of their lunch date for Wednesday. Then the house went silent. Before either of the women could talk, Kevin told Carol to leave. When she headed to the door, he stopped her saying, "No I mean from here...permanently. Get your stuff and leave."

That night Kevin and Cindy didn't talk. Cindy was too embarrassed and confused. They didn't talk the next day either. Kevin moved into the guest room that Carol had been using. That Friday he told Cindy he was hurt but he still wanted to try and stay together. That was three months ago. They had tried to talk but the pain, guilt and anger kept getting in the way. Just as Cindy was losing hope, Kevin brought up going to a marriage counselor. She agreed and their appointment was set for Thursday.

Now, where did we leave off?

"Have a good day at work?" Cindy asked coming into the living room.

"Mondays are hell, especially now."

"What's different now?"

Kevin gave her a questioning look, then a flash of anger crossed his face, but both were replaced with a bit of sorrow.

"I forgot...While she was here we didn't talk much..."

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to help her."

"Now let's not start this, not today...lets just wait for Thurday," he sighed. "Susan left the company"

"What!? When?"

"A few days after our little dinner. Seems she and her husband felt they had reconnected and didn't want to lose that again. So she took an early retirement. Now we are short handed, and overworked with more work coming."

"Who's going to replace her?"

"So far management hasn't done anything, just sit and spin their wheels." He let out another sigh. "So I have stepped up and took over the department unofficially. No one complained. In fact, old Charles was wondering when I would jump in," Kevin laughed, "The only good thing is Amber, the head of human resources, told me today that they have stopped looking outside the company. In fact she said that I will be named acting head in a few days."

"Oh honey that's great! If they do that you will get the job! I know it!" squealed Cindy as she jumped up from her seat and came over to give Kevin a hug. But just before she could wrap her arms around him, he got up.

"Ah sorry ... I have to ... ah ...go to the bathroom and change." Kevin slowly exited the room leaving Cindy behind.

Damn, Cindy thought, this was such good news, but I... Cindy stopped herself. I can't cry now, she thought. She had a plan. A plan that formed in her head over the weekend and was determined to see it though. A plan to get her husband back.

Over dinner Cindy questioned him on his work, and what changes he was going to make in the department. Cindy really didn't understand too much of his work but was interested in his life. She'd been missing him for months. There was so much to catch up on; Susan's leaving only made this more apparent.

Later while Kevin finished watching the late news, Cindy got ready. Admiring herself in the mirror, she debated putting her hair up or down, deciding on down.

"A good choice," she said to herself about her outfit. Nothing too sexy. In fact she had gotten rid of all the clothes that she had bought for Ricky. All the sexy frilly ones and especially the outfit she wore in that tape. Tonight she was wearing a cotton dress shirt she bought for Kevin when they first got married. It said XL on the package but was really more of XXXL.

She still laughed remembering when he put it on the first time. He looked like a child in its folds. Cindy was totally engulfed in it. And the shorts. Boxers she had gotten from the same place the next week. They were too small to fit him. A little large on her small frame but she could still wear them.

Entering the living room Cindy saw the bikini clad antics of some enhanced blonde on the set, "What are you watching?"

" The miracles of modern medicine. And for only ten thousand dollars you too can be a famous actress!"

"You think I could look like that?" Cindy asked with a devilish grin on her face.

A smirk crosses Kevin's face for just a second as Cindy sits down with him on the couch. "I don't think so. Somehow I think you have to work out to get that way and we both know the most you work out is taking the credit card from your purse to the cashier - and you need to be spotted for that"

"Oh you ass!" Cindy screamed with a laugh. Just a few years ago she would have taken him seriously. But now she knew his sense of humor, his wicked style of verbal paring foreplay. "I'll show you a work out!"

With that, she ripped one of the decorative pillows off the couch and started to pummel him with it. It didn't take long before he grabbed his own and returned the assault.

"Wait, wait! We are going to tear..."

"I don't care I'm going to get you for that mister!"

Kevin dropped his pillow and started to struggle with his wife, eventually grabbing her wrists and pinning her down on the couch. They looked each other in the eyes, panting. A light laugh started between them. Then Kevin slowly, oh so slowly, lowered his lips to hers. Tenderly they started to kiss, the first real kiss they shared since that night months ago.

Slowly their kisses increased in number and intensity. Kevin released her wrists and traced her outstretched arms with his fingertips. Slowly he brought his hands to her sides and caressed her along the waist and the sides of her soft breasts. He broke their kiss and kissed the side of her face slowly, moving delicately across her flesh as he made his way to her neck, tasting her light perfume. There he licked, sucked and kissed her while his hand found the buttons on the shirt, opening them. With the last button released, he started to trace every curve on her body. Around her small pert breasts, down her small stomach and back up her slightly ticklish sides, causing small squeaking noises to escape her lips.

After a few minutes of this slow assault, he brought his right hand up to cup the back of her head, while his left snaked it way down to the boxers. As his hand passed the waistband on the shorts, he traced his kisses down to her breasts, slowly kissing the outline of them just as his fingers traced just a minute ago. His left hand entered her shorts and caressed the warm flesh on her thighs, fingers dancing along her smooth skin. Delicately he made his way to her sex; his fingers brushed their way through her brown pubic hair.

Good thing I let that grow out, Cindy thought to herself for just a second before the heat of his breath descended on her nipple.

"Oh God...."

Kevin cupped her groin, holding her while she slowly tried to grind herself into his hand. He massaged her, feeling her moistness, slowly spreading his fingers and, with them, her. Cindy spread her legs to give him better access as his tongue flickered over her now very sensitive nipple. Like a piano player playing the concert of his life, Kevin played his fingers around her clit, spreading her juices. Cindy panted and gasped under his touch.

"Kevin, don't torture me like this, please...Oohhh..." Cindy arched herself against Kevin, driving her breasts into his face as he slowly entered her with his fingers. He continued to play with her sex while his other hand rubbed her neck, and his mouth made a circuit from one breast to the next. This body assault continued until Cindy could take it no more. As the orgasm overwhelmed her, she wrapped her arms around him pulling him into her chest and spanned her legs around his body, pinning him. Slowly the waves of pleasure begun to slow and cease. She started to release her grip but not before kissing him on the top of his head.

"Wow.... oh wow honey...." Cindy panted. Kevin sat back trying to get his breath, then he caught the gleam in his wife's eye.

"Your turn." Cat-like Cindy stalked across the couch towards her prey.

"Ah, Cin-" His words were cut off by a kiss. Still kissing him, Cindy pulled his shirt up over his chest then kissed down his face, down his neck and then to his chest. There she ran her fingers trough his chest hair, while she started to kiss and lick at his chest.

"What are you-?"

"Just making my way, dear. Relax"

Cindy wanted to make this last but that could be for later...now she just had to return the pleasure that he gave her. She kissed her way down his body to his sweatpants, where she worked her fingers into them. Kevin raised himself off the couch allowing her to take off his pants, not expecting her to take his boxers with them. Cindy lowered her face onto his freshly revealed cock, letting her breath heat the space between them.

As a moan came from Kevin she took him in her hand and placed her mouth over the head of his cock. She didn't close her mouth yet. She let him get used to her heat, and the moistness of her mouth. Looking up she started to wrap her tongue around his head, but was disappointed to see that he had laid his head back. She wanted to look into his eyes as she made love to him with her mouth. After watching him for a while and knowing that he couldn't take it much longer she took him deeper into her mouth, slowly letting him into her depths. Her head started to bob up and down, as she took more and more of him into her mouth on each descent. Cindy grasped the sides of his hips as she moved on his manhood, slowly but hungrily increasing in speed. Soon she began to feel his cock flex in her mouth and she knew that he was ready.

"Oh, Cindy - " Kevin moaned. He lifted his head and looked at his wife, just as she looked up and into his eyes.

She saw that his eyes were filled with love and lust for a second, and then they flashed in anger, confusion and pain. A cold hand grasped Cindy's heart just a second before he pushed her off his member.

"NO!" The scream left Kevin's lip as Cindy fell into the floor. "No," he gasped again, pulling himself up off the couch before looking at her again. Before she could say a word, he pulled his sweats up and headed to the guest room.

Stunned, she lay there for a minute before scrambling to her feet and raced to the closed door of the guestroom. Before she could open it to explain, to talk, to plead, she was stopped by the sound that killed her heart and wounded her very soul. She heard her husband crying.



Cindy was awoken by the sound of Kevin's car leaving the garage. She opened her tear-encrusted eyes and looked at the clock at the bedside.

"Oh no, now he's going into work over an hour early."

The rest of the morning Cindy cleaned the house, wishing that she hadn't switched days at work to have today off. She had such dreams that today they could spend the day in bed, Kevin calling in sick to work, reconnecting with her husband.

But last night that came to a stop.

Around noon, as Cindy made herself some lunch, she heard a car pull into the driveway.

"He's back...." Cindy rushed to the door and opened it to get to her husband. But he wasn't there. It was her parents.

Retired early due to her father's investments, they lived in the next town, just twenty minutes away but she didn't get to see them much.

A week after Kevin's 'outing', Cindy went to them and confessed her sins. Both of them promised to get her a good attorney and to "stick it" to Kevin. Cindy's reply that she and Kevin were trying to make it seemed to depress them. They never liked Kevin. He was too laid back for her over-stressed and aggressive father and too 'lower class' for her status-happy mother.

But they put their feelings aside for the happiness of their daughter. Then when it seemed that she could 'be rid of' Kevin they were overjoyed. That just angered the despondent Cindy, and they argued. This was the first time that she had seen them since that night. They chatted on the phone but it was strained and uncomfortable for all of them.

"Mommy!" Cindy raced out of the door and wrapped her arms around her mother, tears staining her dark blue dress.

"So has he finally left?" her mother asked.

"Martha," came the stern reply from her husband. "We didn't come here to argue."

"It's an honest question, Thomas."

"Let's get inside," Thomas stated as he took his only daughter by her shoulders and led her in.

He sat Cindy on the couch as Martha gathered some drinks together from the kitchen.

Returning she commented, "Honestly, they just need to divorce. I don't know what he is trying to do."

"He's tying to save our marriage after I fucked it up, Mother!" screamed Cindy. "I messed up. I am the problem, not him."

"No he's just getting revenge on you by dangling a carrot in front of you before he snatches it away."

"Why would you say such a thing? He loves me, he always has."

"No, he loves having an attractive wife that he can't hope to match. He loves being a lowly accountant with a bride that can turn men's heads, the little-"

"Martha, I am warning you," started Thomas only to be cut off by Cindy.

"An accountant? Accountant? He's not an accountant. He has a degree in business just like Daddy. Sure it's not from Harvard but it's from a good school. And for your information, he's not lowly. He's about to be promoted to the head of his department."

"How's that dear? That Mrs. Queensberry has been heading up that division for years," inquired Thomas.

"She retired recently to be with her husband. And Kevin has taken over running the department. And for your information, Mother," Cindy spat out, "when he does get promoted he will be making more money than Daddy was at his age."

"Impressive." Thomas seemed to be surprised by the developments at Kevin's work.

"Well, all I can say it is that still doesn't change a thing. Making you live here so far from us, from your friends, making you take a job, and not doing his duty and giving us grandkids. I understand exactly why you felt you had to look outside you marriage."

"Mom, what are you saying?" Cindy stammered. She sat for a second looking at her mother. "You want to know why you are not a grandmother by me? It's not because he has been neglecting me, Mother. It's because I didn't want children."

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