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Afternoon Affair


"This NEVER happened!!"

I can't quite wrap my mind around the last few hours. Somehow, a card game while waiting for my husband to get off work has led to... This.

I open my eyes and look over at you. The wicked grin you flash has me melting all over again. "Oh, my gods, you gotta be kidding me!" I laugh, "We only have about an hour till he will be here, and this would not be a good way to be found."

"Oh, but so many things can happen in an hour." How well I know that to be true. I can't count the number of times I have came in the last two hours. Everything is a fog, except one thought - I am in sooo much trouble! (Ok, two thoughts... The other being "please let time stop right now").

When I left the house this morning, my only goal was to break the boring monotony of being a stay at home mom and wife. This afternoon, I find myself tangled around my husband's best friend. Well, goal achieved, I suppose.

From the first time I met him, there was instantly an electricity between us I could not understand. Though he was my husband's friend for years before we met, he and I have become rather close as well, so there was nothing odd about my dropping in to hang out today. Grabbed lunch, finished the movie that was on, and set into a game of cards. Both of us being shamelessly flirtatious, the conversation turned dirty rather quickly, and before I knew what was happening, I was bent backward across the kitchen counter, his mouth on my breast, and his hands ranging wildly across my body.

One hand makes it's way beneath the waist of my jeans and between my thighs, where he slowly teases me for endless moments before finally starting to slowly stroke my clit. As the first wave hits me, I bite down on his shoulder and he gasps. "Well, that was quick, but I think we can do better. And now you owe me."

He grabs my hand and leads me down the hall to his room, both of us shedding clothing as we go. By the time we make it to his bed, we are both ready in every way. He grabs a fistfull of my hair and drags my head backward, kissing and nibbling the base of my neck. Just as I begin to moan, he roughly shoves me back onto the bed.

Anticipating what is to come, I let my legs fall open to allow him easier access. "Oh, no... Not yet." He comes around to my head, "You owe me, remember?" Flashing the evil smirk that had caught my attention from the beginning, he runs his fingers down my face, closing my eyes. A second later, I feel the head of his massive cock brush my lips. I gladly open my mouth for him, and start moving along his shaft, ready to give him the best head of his life. He, however, has different ideas. Grabbing my hair again, this time with a hand on either side of my face, he pins my head on the mattress. As he re-enters my mouth, I realize there is much more to my friend than I could have ever imagined.

After only a few moments, his thrusts deepen and become more insistent. When I feel him at the back of my throat, I shift under him, and his cock slides all the way in with very little resistance. At his surprised groan, I chuckle a bit to myself. There are certainly perks to missing one's gag reflex...

Soon, he thrusts a bit faster, harder, and I feel him tense and start to pump his load down my throat. I scoot away a bit, allowing myself to taste him as he finishes.

Satisfied I have "paid my debt", I sit up on the edge of the bed and begin looking for my pants. I glance up and notice him watching me intently. "Can I help you?" I ask innocently.

"I don't know what you think you are doing. I am just getting warmed up."

Sliding onto the bed next to me, he rolls me onto his body. As I move to take him inside of me, he catches a nipple between his teeth. At the sensation his bite shot through me, I shove my hips down sharply to meet his. "Fuck!... You might as well take your time. I don't plan on letting you go any time soon."

I slowly start to ride him, moving up and down his thick cock with no discernable rhythm. Quick, hard thrusts followed by very slowly sliding in and out, then swiveling my hips to create friction without letting any of his considerable length leave my body.

Suddenly, he digs his fingers hard into the flesh at the back of my thighs and pulls me to him and away, setting a frenetic pace that leaves me quivering and gasping as I feel him come hard inside me. As his orgasm subsides, he pulls me tight against him, holding me there until he has gone completely soft. As he pulls me off of him, he pushes my head downward. "Now, you are going to clean me off, and get me hard again, so that I can fuck YOU."

I love to suck cock just about more than anything, so I happily set to my task. To my great surprise, within seconds I feel his erection begin to return. I work my way along his cock, stopping once in a while to nip at his hardening flesh. Soon, he again has a raging hard on, and pushes me to the side.

Standing, he grasps my waist and pulls me backward until my knees are barely resting on the edge of the bed. The head of his cock brushes teasingly across my already well-fucked pussy. I try to push back onto it, earning a sharp slap on my ass. "Oh, no, this is all on my time."

He grabs my hands, pulling them behind me making me fall with my face in his pillow and ass in the air. One arm he bends behind my back, the other hand is placed against my clit. "I am going to watch you play with yourself while I decide just how I want to do you this time."

As I run my fingers over and between the dripping lips of my cunt, he begins running his own hands over my body as well. Across the small of my back, along the curve of my hip. When he brushes across my asshole, I involuntarily shutter and groan. "Well, I guess that settles that, then," he snickers, with that same wicked smile.

Now, I have always been one to enjoy anal, but the thought of getting fucked in the ass by something that size is a little disconcerting. He works one, then two fingers in my ass, while I continue rubbing my clit. Then, the fingers are gone, and a freezing cold blob lands on my ass. At least he's prepared...

Knowing what's coming, I start to rub faster and harder on my clit and attempt to relax. I barely register the feeling of his head before half his cock is shoved roughly into me. Squealing, I attempt to pull away. He tightens his grip on the wrist behind my back, forcing me to hold totally still. Neither of us move for several seconds, then he slowly withdraws until he is nearly out of my ass, and just as slowly moves back in. With each stroke he makes in this fashion, he slides a bit deeper.

Just as he pushes the full length of his cock into me, I feel my climax building. One more time, he pulls nearly out, then thrusts his full length into me in one motion. As my orgasm breaks, he starts thrusting into me hard enough that his bed begins to move across the floor.

Letting go of my arm, he wraps his hands around my hips and digs his fingertips into the bones of my pelvis. This seems to give him either the leverage or the angle he needs, and the pounding my ass is receiving intensifies.

I feel his body stiffen and arch backward, as he growls and fills my ass with come. Finally seeming to be spent, he rolls us both to our sides and lays behind me, his cock still in my ass. A while later, I wake up laying on my back, with his fingers tracing circles on my stomach.

"This NEVER happened, and can absolutely not happen again. I love my husband, and our marriage is a good one."

You just grin at me. "Ok, whatever you say... I know you will never say a word, and why should I? I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and I see no reason to lose two friendships because of it."

You start to run your hand over a breast, and I grab it. "Oh, no. No way. I have to grab a shower and be dressed and dry before my husband shows up."

"Well, alright, I suppose I can let you go." You stretch languidly, and sit up on the edge of the bed. "I will round up our clothes, you go take your shower."

When I finish cleaning myself up, I find my clothes neatly deposited on the counter and dress quickly. I just click the hair dryer off and step out of the bathroom as my husband opens the door.

The three of us chat for a few minutes before my husband says he would really like to get home and relax after his days' work. He and I start out the door, but you call my name. I stop, but don't turn.

"So, you're coming back over tomorrow to finish that game we had started, right?"

My head snaps around, and I find myself staring into your flaming eyes and that damned smile.

"Of course."

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