tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAgainst Her Will

Against Her Will


She just got off a frustrating eleven hour shift of putting up with the bullshit of managing someone else's business and all that it entails; employee conflict, client dissatisfaction, broken equipment, and financial responsibilities.

" I need to go to the gym and work this off or I am going straight to my favorite watering hole to drink off the stress," she thought to herself. Favorite watering hole sounded more enticing, but she chose the gym reluctantly. Two years before she had gotten out of a very horrible, long-term relationship. Not only did it leave her probably incapable of having another "real" relationship, it also left her quite fat. She didn't realize that in her unhappiness, she was letting herself go. She had been working on this and was very close to her goal weight, but still needed a lot of toning.

After a great, stress relieving weight lifting session she was sweaty and ready to go home and crack open a beer to finalize the relaxation. She decided to shower at home later. She grabbed her bag out of her locker and headed out the door to her truck dressed in her shorts, tank top, and a sports bra. Her thong just made it more uncomfortable to work out.

It had just gotten dark and it was nice out and cooler finally. She got into her truck and drove the few blocks to her house, cranking the tunes all the way. Music was one of her forms of 'therapy'. She turned onto her street and backed into her driveway just the way she did everyday. She dialed down the volume so it wouldn't scare the shit out of her in the morning, turned off the truck and got out. She had more than an armload of stuff to carry in. A workbag, her work clothes, her gym bag and purse. She got out of the truck trying to juggle it all and make her way to the house fumbling for her house key.

"NNNNUUUUGGGGHHHH," she involuntarily let out as she felt the intense pain her mid back and fell to the grass of her front yard face first. It was surreal she thought as she felt it all happen in slow motion, her face hit the bristly grass as a large person straddle her from behind on her lawn and heard a sound she faintly recognized. It was the sound of duct tape ripping off the roll. As she became semi aware of what was happening, a stream of urine escaped her and soaked her shorts and her lawn.

"This can not be happening to me," she thought, helpless and in distress. Her mind started to race trying to find it in herself to fight back but she couldn't, everything was happening faster than her mind could process. She was no match for whatever monster had accosted her.

She felt the tape being placed over her mouth despite her feeble attempt to control her own body and fight back. She knew if this went any further she was doomed. She had to try to gain control or she could end up very hurt, or worse.

Just as she started to regain some feeling to her extremities, it hit her again! The two bites on her mid back struck again.

"NO," she thought as she realized it was a stun gun paralyzing her.

The electricity ripped through her body like a freight train as another stream of urine escaped her and slobber dripped down her face just before the world went dark.


She came around to consciousness and felt her self very bound. Tape over her mouth and over her eyes; her fingers were touching her ankles. Hands bound together, feet bound together, hands and feet bound together. She was hogtied!

She could hear the purr of a motor and the stereo playing as she was lying on her left side with not much room to move.

"I am in a car," she thought.

She listened intently for clues as to her whereabouts, but there were none. The driver was silent. She dare not move. She was beyond scared. She could picture the headlines tomorrow, 'Local Mom Goes Missing'. She was a girl with fight, but the fight was buried deep in the terror of this.


After what seemed like forever, she felt the vehicle come to a stop. She tried so hard to listen to everything to try to figure out what was going on. Where was she? Who was kidnapping her? Why in the hell did they do this to her?

Her thoughts were quashed as she heard the door close to her head being opened and felt hands on her body. She froze with fear. Suddenly she felt a finger invade her pussy. Immediately she felt like throwing up. No one was allowed to touch her there but 'him'. The thought of another man touching her there repulsed her. This was on another level of grossness however.

Her captor removed his finger and grabbed her under the arms to take her out of the backseat and carry her off to her demise, she imagined. He threw her over his shoulder in a fireman carry. She was helpless, hog tied and very, very terrified. His strong hands balanced her effortlessly on his shoulder. He never broke his stride.

Suddenly he stopped walking and she felt his hand on her back, forcing her off his shoulder as gravity took over and she lay on the grass again. She pulled her knees up as far as she so could try to assume the fetal position. It made her feel safe. She was sure this was the end. Her life flashed before her eyes. Her favorite fuck, her kids, her parents, her pets, and every memory she ever had, everything she loved.

She felt this beast get on top of her and cut off the tape binding her hands and feet before he cut off all her clothing. She lay there trembling and naked, still with tape over her mouth and eyes.

He picked her sobbing body up and stood her upright against something very rough. She felt something digging into her back as he put her hands behind her and wrapped them around something round before securing them with rope.

"It is a tree!" she thought. " This crazy bastard has me bound around a tree!"

Her ankles were jerked out form under her one by one as she felt her capture slip what felt like a rope around them and pull them far apart, securing them to the point she could not move them. A rope was placed tightly around her mid section and one around her neck, totally immobilizing her against the tree. Then it got silent as she heard him walk away.

"Maybe I will be ok," she rationalized, "Maybe I will get lucky and get out of this just fine." She prayed.

Her hope soon faded as she heard the sound of a motor coming towards her. She cringed. It sounded really close. She braced herself for what she was sure to it. She waited for the vehicle to obliterate her as she was helplessly bound.

Just as she thought her heart was going to beat out of her chest she heard the vehicle stop, shift gears and turn off. She felt very close to passing out again as a wave of relief washed over her.

She heard someone walking towards her again. Before she knew it she felt the fingers invade her pussy again and wiggle around forcefully deep in her. Another flash of nausea came to her, but she could also feel herself getting wet from the attention her box was receiving. She immediately felt very ashamed of herself.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" She thought to herself as her as her traitor of a pussy betrayed her and became wetter.

RIP! The tape was ripped from her mouth.

"OOOOWWWW," she screamed, as she was sure part of her lips was torn off.

Quickly the finger slid out of her and a ball was placed in her mouth filling it up and a strap was fastened behind her head.

She tried unsuccessfully to protest, pulling at her binds.

RIP! The tape was ripped from her eyes.

"NNNNNNUUUUGGG," came out of her inaudibly through the ball gag. Out of reflex she opened her eyes only to be blinded by very bright lights. She could see nothing of her surroundings. Suddenly her subjugator disappeared. She was petrified.

She heard what sounded like someone turning on a garden hose seconds before she felt the cold wetness between her legs. Adrenaline flooded her as what felt like thousands of tiny water streams pulsated against her clit, ass, and spread open fuck hole. Once her body acclimated itself the coldness, she started to enjoy the feeling of the jets hitting her. Once again her body was revealing its treacherous nature.

Suddenly her kidnapper entered her line of vision. He was a big man dressed in jeans, boots, a black leather jacket and a ski mask. She had always been very afraid of ski masks for some reason. The sight of him scared the shit out of her.

He exited her vision as quickly as he had appeared right before she felt the very painful bite to her stomach.

CRACK! A whip of some kind was being used on her.

"OOOOHHH," she cried out through her gag.

CRACK! The whip slapped across both nipples at once. As much as it hurt, she couldn't help but be turned on. The pain of the whip and the pleasure of the water streams massaging her were making her almost forget she was in the hands of a total stranger that was probably going to kill her when her was done torturing her. She tried to fight the feeling of pleasure. She was starting to feel like a slut and almost like she was cheating in a strange way.

"Please stop," she tried to say but it came out sounding more like" Pppppssss ooooopp."

Crack! Was his response as her inner thigh was lit on fire by the whip. Several more cracks of the whip followed in quick succession striking her everywhere except where the water was hitting her. Every so often the bastard doing this to her would enter her sight momentarily as he skillfully maneuvered the whip, furiously covering her body with welts.

She could no longer deny what her body was feeling and started to cry as she let go and enjoyed the pain of the whip and looked forward to the ecstasy the water was sure to bring on soon. She apologized to her man in her head for enjoying someone else doing this her as she felt herself getting close to squirting.

She tried to grind her pussy to the water but was barely able to move. Suddenly her hostage taker gave her the money shot her body needed.

CRACK! To her clit.

CRACK! To her gaping fuck hole.

The water splashed up onto the rest of her body as the whip broke the streams.

Her body became rigid and the whipping came fast and furious on her sex. She sobbed uncontrollably as she was forced off the cliff and came brutally. Her body shook violently with each wave of euphoria. She had never experienced such forceful, repeated orgasms.

The whipping stopped but the orgasms did not. The feeling of the water hitting her as she came kept her cumming over and over. She wished it would stop on one hand, yet she had been taken to a place she had never been before and was relishing in it.

Suddenly she felt herself coming down and her body leave the pleasure place it had enjoyed so much. Reality smacked her in the face as she was brought back to fact that this dickhead was probably done with her and going to dispose of her now that he got his thrills. The water she had enjoyed so much now seemed very painful on her sensitive pussy. It was almost like ancient Chinese water torture. The water stopped and her pussy dried up instantly.

She felt the ropes securing her neck, midsection, and arms fall to the ground. She would have run if her legs weren't still bound. The gag was taken out of her mouth, but she was too scared to scream. She was paralyzed with fear.

"This is it. This is how I am going to meet my maker," she thought to herself as she prepared for the worst.

The figure appeared from nowhere in front of her and kicked at the rope that was attached to a stake in the ground holding her right foot tightly, freeing it. Powerfully he pushed her to the ground so she was on her knees, her left foot still roped and staked to the ground.

He moved in close and unzipped his jeans quickly pulling out his rock hard member and rammed it without delay in her mouth and down her throat.

She choked and gagged uncontrollably as he grabbed her long hair and face fucked her sadistically. Her scalp was stinging and she was gasping for breath as her face was forced repeatedly to take his ginormous cock deep in her throat void of any mercy. She wanted to relax so it would hurt so badly but she could not. Tears streamed down her face and fell over her breasts as she was put through this tremendous humiliation.

She felt the unknown cock start to throb, as she tasted the saltiness of his cum being shot in her mouth. He rammed it down her throat as far as he could and pinched her nose shut forcing her to swallow his wad.

She felt so violated and dirty she couldn't stand herself. He removed himself from her mouth and she heard him walk away. She was free except for the one leg that was still staked. This man was crazed and she knew she didn't dare try to get away. Besides she still could not see very far with the blinding lights shining on her.

She felt something hit her and realized it was a blanket. Apparently her captor wanted her to sleep like this. She was exhausted, humiliated, scared, and actually thankful for the consideration of the blanket. She was one broken woman. She curled up with the blanket and fell fast asleep on the ground hoping that if she was good and did what he wanted, her life might be spared.


She woke to the sounds of birds chirping and slowly opened her eyes to see the sun starting to come up.

"Where am I?" She wondered as the memories of her kidnapping came flooding to her. Tears welled up in her eyes and the fear returned to her. She groggily tried to focus her eyes to get a clue about where she was.

"Shit that is my house! I am in my own backyard!" she said aloud as she spied her familiar surroundings. "That is my truck parked in front of me." As she remembered the bright lights blinding her the night before.

She rolled over to see her garden hose and sprinkler lying at the base of her tree. "The water!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly she looked to the right of her truck and spied HIM sitting in a lawn chair next to a sleeping bag smoking a cigarette looking very satisfied with himself. IT WAS HER FAVORITE FUCK! He was her captor? Why would her put her through this? Why did her want to hurt her like this?

He put his smoke out and came to her side and stroked her hair.

"You ok?" he asked in a low voice.

"It was YOU?" she asked still a little confused. She wanted to be pissed but he looked so hot and seemed lovingly concerned.

"Yeah, I knew you had always had a kidnapping fantasy and I wanted to be the one to make it come true for you. And I have to admit I was getting pretty turned on planning it, but when it actually went down, I was beside myself. The fear on your face and the way you were trying for so long not to enjoy it really, really turned me on." He admitted.

"I know I should be mad at you for this. I went through hell last night, but I just can't. My sick mind thinks it is very sweet that you went to all of this trouble for me. Kiss me stupid." She said as he laid his big strong chest across hers to kiss her deep and long.

Their hands explored each other as the sun rose above them until they were panting and wanting very much to feel each other intimately as an expression of their shared twisted tendencies.

They gave themselves to each other in a beautiful way under that sunrise. Focusing on nothing other than making each other feel good. Their bodies and souls connecting as they were in perfect rhythm together reaching climax simultaneously and the rest of the world disappeared in the distance.

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